Alabama Inmate Search

Alabama has one of the highest incarceration rates in the United States, with over 25,000 people in state prisons alone. Locating information on Alabama inmates has always been a challenge for victims, families, lawyers, bondsmen, journalists, and the general public.

This complete guide covers different ways to search for Alabama prisoners across various state facilities like the Alabama Department of Corrections, federal institutions, and Alabama State Prisons using online tools and databases providing access to inmate details, Alabama Inmate Search Mugshots, release information, etc.

Inmate Search - Alabama Department of Corrections

The Alabama DOC inmate search portals, as well as localized lookup sites for cities like Montgomery, Alabama inmate search, offer crucial information to find and track Alabama incarcerated individuals.

Alabama Prison Inmate Lookup

The Alabama Department of Corrections (Inmate Records, Alabama Department of Corrections) maintains an Alabama inmate lookup portal that allows you to find basic details on someone currently under their custody.

To search for convicts in Alabama state prisons:

  1. Go to the ADOC Website.

  2. Click on the “Search for an Inmate” link.

  3. Enter the AIS Number (Alabama Institutional Serial Number) if known.

  4. Alternatively, you can search by:

    • Alabama inmate search by name
    • Alabama inmate search by county
    • Alabama inmate search by booking date
    • Alabama inmate search by case number
    • Alabama inmate search by an offense
  5. Select the appropriate facility from the dropdown list to narrow your search, if needed.

  6. Hit “Search” and the system will display inmate details like:

    • Latest mugshot
    • Convicting county
    • Admission date
    • Projected release date
    • Alabama inmate search by parole eligibility
    • Sentence information (Alabama inmate search by sentence)
    • Detainer information, if any.

However, this database only covers those incarcerated in state prisons and does not include county jails, federal prisons, or formerly imprisoned individuals.

Alabama Inmate Search Mugshots

Mugshots provide visual identification of incarcerated individuals. The Alabama Inmate Search Mugshots databases offer booking photos of prisoners held in various state and county facilities.

Alabama DOC Mugshot Search

The Alabama Department of Corrections inmate lookup portal displays the latest mugshot image along with vital stats like name, race, age, height, weight, etc. However, it only covers state prisoners.

County Jail Mugshot Databases

Most Alabama county jails provide booking photos of local inmates online. Websites of county sheriff’s offices under their inmate rosters allow mugshot lookups by:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Booking number
  • Booking date range

Photos are typically available for arrests made within the last 30-90 days.

Alabama Arrest Records Mugshots

The statewide Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center offers mugshot searches as part of their free public arrest records. You can view inmate booking photos by providing:

  • First and last name
  • Approximate date of birth
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Arrest date range

So using the various Alabama Inmate Search Mugshots repositories provides images needed to visually identify prisoners across state and county correctional facilities.

Find Inmates in Alabama Jails

Those awaiting trial or serving short county sentences are housed in local city/county jails across Alabama instead of state prisons. Each facility maintains its own Alabama inmate lookup roster online.

To locate Alabama prisoners by name in county jails, follow these steps:

  1. Identify the holding facility using statewide inmate locators.

  2. Visit the official website for that county sheriff’s office.

  3. Look for an “Inmate Roster” or “Inmate Lookup” page.

  4. Search by:

    • Full name and date of birth
    • Alabama inmate search by booking date
    • Booking number

The information available varies by county but typically includes:

  • Latest inmate photo
  • Age, gender, race
  • Arrest details
  • Projected release date
  • Bond amount (Alabama inmate search by bond status)
  • Mugshots

So you must search each facility one-by-one to find inmates in Alabama jails.

Alabama Inmate Search County Jails

Here are some tips for searching for inmates in Alabama county jails:

Each county in Alabama operates its own jail system, so you’ll need to search the website or contact the jail directly in the specific county where you believe the person is being held.

Many county jails have inmate search tools on their websites, allowing you to search by name for current inmates. Try searching “[County Name] Sheriff’s Office” to find the website.

If an online search doesn’t provide the information you need, you can call the jail directly. Explain who you are looking for and ask if they can confirm if that person is in custody.

You can also visit the jail in person and ask at the front desk about an inmate. You may need to provide identifying information or details about their case to get information.

Resources like the VINE system (Victim Information and Notification Every Day) can allow you to register for updates on an inmate’s status if you have their name and ID number.

Be aware that county jails may have different policies on things like visiting hours, so be sure to check their website or call for details.

If you still can’t find the information you need, consider contacting an attorney or private investigator who may have access to additional resources.

Alabama Offender Search

I do not have direct access to Alabama’s offender search database. However, the Alabama Department of Corrections has a public website where you can search for inmates:

The Alabama Department of Corrections Inmate Search allows you to look up current and past inmates who are or were in Alabama state prisons. To use it:

  • Go to the Inmate Search page on the ADOC website:
  • Enter the inmate’s first and last name. You can also enter their AIS number if you have it.
  • Select the search button to run the search.
  • If the inmate is found, their basic information will be displayed including current facility, release date if applicable, etc.

You can also call the Alabama DOC at 334-353-3883 for assistance with locating an inmate.

Some basic information may be provided over the phone, but they may direct you to use the online search for additional details.

Mobile Alabama Inmate Search

I do not have access to current inmate records for the Mobile County Jail in Alabama. However, here are a few suggestions for finding information about inmates there:

The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office website has an inmate search page where you can look up current inmates by name or booking number.

You can also call the Mobile County Jail directly at 251-574-2477 to inquire about a specific inmate.

Local newspapers like The Mobile Press-Register sometimes publish inmate arrest reports which are another source of information.

There are some third-party websites like the Mobile County Inmate Search site that compile inmate rosters, but be aware their information may not be as timely or accurate as official sources.

Legal services providers like attorneys or bail bondsmen may also have access to current inmate databases.

Always check official public county jail and sheriff’s office resources first when looking for the most up-to-date information on current inmates. Private third-party sites may have errors or out-of-date data.

Alabama Federal Inmate Search

The Federal Bureau of Prisons maintains records of all inmates serving time in federal prisons across the country, including federal facilities in Alabama.

Their online inmate locator allows you to search for federal prisoners by:

  • Full name
  • Register number
  • Age, race, sex
  • Facility location

To Lookup federal inmates from Alabama specifically:

  • Select “By Name” on the inmate locator.
  • Enter the full first and last name of the prisoner.
  • Optionally pick the federal correctional institution from Alabama in the facility dropdown.
  • Click “Search”.

This will display the federal registration number, projected release date, and current facility along with other information on Alabama federal inmates matching the search criteria.

So using the Federal Bureau of Prisons inmate search site offers a reliable way to find prisoners serving federal sentences from Alabama.

Search for Convicts in Alabama Federal Prisons

To locate Alabama prisoners by name held in federal correctional institutions:

  1. Check the Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator.
  2. Select “By Name” and enter the first and last name.
  3. Optionally, pick a specific facility from the dropdown menu.
  4. Hit “Search”.

This national inmate finder provides information on those serving Alabama federal sentences including:

  • Prisoner register number
  • Age and date of birth (Alabama inmate search by birth date)
  • Race, sex, ethnicity
  • Projected release date
  • Offense details
  • Prior convictions
  • Court documents
  • Detention status

However, it does not cover inmates in state jails, prisons, and detention centers.

Alabama Sex Offender Search

The state of Alabama provides a specialized web service to help anyone interested in discovering registered sex offenders. Communities must be aware of sex offenders in their midst, especially if they are restricted from living near schools or parks.

To conduct a sex offender search in Alabama, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Sex Offender Registry of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.
  • If you search by name or location, the database will return information about the offender, such as their current residence, offenses, and images.
  • When accessing and acting on this material, always use caution and discretion. It is intended for public safety, and misuse may result in legal ramifications.

Montgomery Alabama Inmate Search

Montgomery County houses inmates in the following jails and correctional facilities:

  • Montgomery County Detention Facility
  • Montgomery Municipal Jail

To search for prisoners held in Montgomery, Alabama:

Montgomery County Inmate Search

  1. Visit the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office website.

  2. Click on the “Inmate Roster” section.

  3. Search by:

    • Full inmate name
    • Date of birth
  4. Specify criteria like gender, race, etc to filter further.

This provides booking details along with mugshots for county inmates.

Montgomery Municipal Inmate Lookup

  1. Go to the Montgomery Municipal Court website.

  2. Click on the “Inmate Search” link.

  3. Lookup prisoners by:

    • Full name and year of birth
    • Booking number

So using the above Montgomery, Alabama inmate search resources helps find individuals jailed locally in the city’s correctional system.

Birmingham Alabama Inmate Search

Birmingham inmates are primarily held at:

  • Birmingham City Jail
  • Jefferson County Jail

To Lookup prisoners in Birmingham city jails:

  1. Visit the Birmingham Police Department City Jail website.

  2. Scroll down and click on the “Inmate Roster” tab.

  3. Search inmates by:

    • First or Last Name
    • Date of Birth

This provides booking details and mugshots of Birmingham city jail inmates.

To find Jefferson County jail inmates:

  1. Go to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office website.

  2. Click on the “Inmate Search” link.

  3. Lookup inmates by:

    • First and Last Name
    • Date of Birth

So using the above Birmingham, Alabama inmate search options provides details on those jailed locally in the city and county correctional system.

Alabama Inmate Booking Information

Arrest records offer crucial information like physical details, mugshots, case numbers, and courts. They facilitate targeted searches when the holding facility is unknown.

Statewide Arrest Data

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency provides a free arrest records search interface. You can lookup Alabama mugshot images and details by:

  • Full name and date of birth
  • Arrest date range
  • Alabama inmate search by case number
  • Charges/offense

While this covers arrests made across the state, booking data availability varies based on individual agency participation.

County Arrest Records

Each county sheriff’s office maintains its own inmate booking database locally. So you need to access them individually via:

  1. Respective County Sheriff’s website
  2. County court public records search
  3. Online inmate booking aggregators

Search filters usually include:

  • Inmate first, middle and last names
  • Booking date range
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Date of birth
  • Arresting agency

So using county repositories allows comprehensive Alabama arrest records search.

Current Inmates in Alabama County Facilities

The ADOC Inmate Bed Rent Program allows certain counties to rent space for excess prisoners. You can contact individual Search Alabama prisons by facility to check if they host inmates from other jurisdictions.

Some statewide inmate locators like VineLink also search multiple county jails and may offer information like:

  • Alabama inmate search by contact information
  • Upcoming court events
  • Alabama Inmate Visitation Rules
  • Prisoner transfer and release alerts

Alabama Prison Statistics

Total correction population (2019, an except 2013 and b is 2020)
Total incarcerated 36,175
Prison population 20,595
Jail population 15,580a
Prison incarceration rate (per 100,000) 419
Jail incarceration rate (per 100,000) 410a
Probation population 55,349
Parole population 9,296
Life sentences 4,946
(% of prison population) (24.0)b
Life without parole 1,533
(% of prison population) (7.4)b
Juvenile life without parole 13b
Private prison population 122
Imprisonment by Gender (2019)
Men in prison 19,192
Women in prison 1,403
Imprisonment by Race/Ethnicity (2019)
White imprisonment rate (per 100,000) 421
Black imprisonment rate (per 100,000) 1132
Racial/Ethnic Disparity in Imprisonment (2019)
Black: white ratio 2.7
Hispanic: white ratio
Juveniles in Custody (2015)
Total juveniles in custody 804
Committed 387
Detained 309
Diverted 96
Juvenile custody rate (per 100,000) 96
White custody rate (per 100,000) 115
Black custody rate (per 100,000) 279
Latino custody rate (per 100,000) 64
Asian custody rate 33
Felony Disenfranchisement (2020)
Disenfranchised population 328,198
(% Disenfranchised) (8.94)
Disenfranchised African Americans 149,716
(% Disenfranchised) (15.55)
Corrections Expenditures (2019)
Corrections expenditures (in millions) 659

Track Criminal Cases and Incarceration in Alabama

You can lookup public court dockets to monitor any new developments in an Alabama inmate’s case like upcoming hearings, release orders, convictions secured, etc.

  1. Begin lookup using the Alabama inmate search by case number.
  2. Alternatively, search by defendant name across courts.
  3. Check proceedings, minutes, orders, and docket entries.
  4. Sign up for email/text alerts on future case events.

Court records also provide other useful information like:

  • Alabama inmate legal resources
  • Attorney details (Alabama inmate search by attorney information)
  • Probation officer contacts
  • Latest mugshot
  • Scheduled release date
  • Ongoing restitution

So court records lookup offers a reliable option to track criminal cases and incarceration in Alabama.

Alabama Inmate Search Contact Info


Finding people held in Alabama prisons, jails, and correctional facilities often requires checking multiple systems depending on the defendant’s criminal history and current case processing stage. This guide summarizes the best statewide and county-level inmate lookup resources along with related criminal records.

Using name searches supported with alternate details like date of birth, booking dates, case numbers, etc. provides the most effective way forward. Comprehensive searches across different databases using these search filters offer the highest probability of successfully locating Alabama incarcerated individuals.

FAQs – Alabama Inmate Search

How do I find someone in an Alabama jail?

You can search for Alabama jail inmates using the state Department of Corrections website if they are in state prisons or search the website of individual county jails if they are held in county facilities. Most jails have an online inmate lookup or roster search where you can find prisoners by name and other details.

What online services are available in Alabama to locate inmates?

Alabama provides a few online statewide inmate locators like the Alabama Department of Corrections Lookup, VineLink, and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s JICS arrest lookup. You can also search individual county jail websites that maintain local inmate rosters.

Does Alabama allow you to visit an inmate online?

No, the Alabama Department of Corrections discontinued online visitation services for inmates due to technology challenges. You have to schedule in-person visitation by contacting the facility authorities directly. Each facility has its own visitation policies.

Is there a free inmate search website for Alabama?

Yes, the Alabama Department of Corrections offers a free online inmate lookup service on their website at You can search for state prisoners by name, number, date of birth, facility, county, and other details. Some county jails also provide free searches of their local inmate roster.

Where can I find mugshots of inmates in Alabama?

You can find Alabama inmate mugshots by searching the state Department of Corrections website if the person is held in a state prison. For county jail booking photos and mugshots, visit the specific county sheriff’s office website which provides access to local inmate rosters and booking photos.

How can I Lookup Alabama parole information and records?

You can find information on an Alabama inmate’s parole status by searching their name on the Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Paroles website which maintains a Parolee Lookup section. This resource provides parole details such as hearing dates, eligibility, etc.

What information is provided in Alabama inmate records?

Alabama inmate records available online provide information such as full name, inmate ID number, race, age, gender, admission date, projected release date, current facility, mugshot photo, convicting county, sentence details, parole eligibility date, and detainer information if any.

Where are federal inmates housed in Alabama listed?

You can find federal Alabama inmates listed on the Federal Bureau of Prisons online inmate locator available at This national inmate search provides information on federal prisoners housed across Alabama facilities based on name, register number, or facility.

How can I Lookup Alabama death row inmates?

Alabama death row inmates are listed under the Alabama Department of Corrections website’s Death Row section which provides an inmate’s name, number, age, conviction details, sentence date, and facility housed along with other information about prisoners on death row.

What services help locate released Alabama inmates?

Vinelink offers an Alabama Victim Information and Notification service that can provide alerts when an inmate is released or transferred from an Alabama correctional facility. This helps locate released Alabama inmates.

Alabama Counties

County Jail Roster Phone Address
Autauga County Inmate Search Click Here 334-358-3417 136 North Court Street, Prattville, AL, 36067-3049
Baldwin County Inmate Search Click Here 251-937-0202,


200 Hand Avenue, Bay Minette, AL, 36507
Barbour County Inmate Search Click Here 334-775-3434,


24 Robertson Airport Drive, Clayton, AL, 36016
Bibb County Inmate Search Click Here 205-926-9581,


183 SW Davidson Drive, Centreville, AL, 35042
Blount County Inmate Search Click Here 205-625-4133,


225 Industrial Park Road, Oneonta, AL, 35121-2758
Bullock County Inmate Search Not Available 334-738-2222,


217 North Prairie Street, Union Springs, AL, 36089
Butler County Inmate Search Click Here 334-382-3321 800 Walnut Street, Greenville, AL, 36037
Calhoun County Inmate Search Click Here 256-241-8030,


400 West 8th Street, Anniston, AL, 36201
Chambers County Inmate Search Click Here 334-864-4336 Sheriff James C. Morgan Detention Facility 105 Alabama Avenue West, Lafayette, AL, 36862
Cherokee County Inmate Search Click Here 256-927-6435,


100 Cedar Bluff Road, Centre, AL, 35960
Chilton County Inmate Search Click Here 205-755-1053,


500 2nd Avenue North, Clanton, AL, 35045
Choctaw County Inmate Search Not Available 205-459-3937 217 South Hamburg Avenue, Butler, AL, 36904
Clarke County Inmate Search Click Here 251-275-8132 149 Clark Street PO Box 913, Grove Hill, AL, 36451
Clay County Inmate Search Click Here 256-354-7713 41771 Highway 77, Suite 2, Ashland, AL, 36251
Cleburne County Inmate Search Not Available 256-463-7336 140 Lambert Drive, Heflin, AL, 36264
Coffee County Inmate Search Not Available 334-894-6200 4 County Complex, New Brockton, AL, 36351
Colbert County Inmate Search Click Here 256-386-8550 107 West 4th Street, Tuscumbia, AL, 35674
Conecuh County Inmate Search Not Available 251-578-1260 104 Liberty Street, Evergreen, AL, 36401
Coosa County Inmate Search Not Available 256-377-2211,


1 School Drive PO Box 279, Rockford, AL, 35136
Covington County Inmate Search Click Here 334-428-2640 290 Hillcrest Drive, Andalusia, AL, 36420
Crenshaw County Inmate Search Not Available 334-335-3860 186 Justice Avenue, Luverne, AL, 36049
Cullman County Inmate Search Click Here 256-735-2400 1900 Beech Avenue SE, Cullman, AL, 35055
Dale County Inmate Search Click Here 334-774-5402 100 Court Square PO Box 279, Ozark, AL, 36361
Dallas County Inmate Search Not Available 334-874-2585 988 Sellfield Road, Selma, AL, 36703
DeKalb County Inmate Search Click Here 256-845-8565 2801 Jordan Road Southwest, Fort Payne, AL, 35968
Elmore County Inmate Search Click Here 334-567-5546 8955 US Highway 231, Wetumpka, AL, 36092
Escambia County Inmate Search Click Here 251-867-0304 316 Court Street, Brewton, AL, 36426
Etowah County Inmate Search Click Here 256-549-5410,


827 Forrest Avenue, Gadsden, AL, 35901
Fayette County Inmate Search Click Here 205-932-3205 113 1st Avenue NW, Fayette, AL, 35555-2627
Franklin County Inmate Search Click Here 256-332-8820,


111 Limestone StreetPO Box 400, Russellville, AL, 35653
Geneva County Inmate Search Click Here 334-684-5670 101 Commerce Street, Geneva, AL, 36340
Greene County Inmate Search Not Available 205-372-3152 111 Greensboro Street, Eutaw, AL, 35462
Hale County Inmate Search Click Here 334-624-1517 70 Corrections Drive, Greensboro, AL, 36744
Henry County Inmate Search Not Available 334-585-3131 166 East Williams Street, Abbeville, AL, 36310
Houston County Inmate Search Click Here 334-712-0762 901 East Main Street, Dothan, AL, 36301
Jackson County Inmate Search Click Here 256-574-1884 545 Parks Avenue, Scottsboro, AL, 35768
Jefferson County Inmate Search Click Here 205-481-4160 1822 2nd Avenue North, Bessemer, AL, 35020
Lamar County Inmate Search Not Available 205-695-7470 1118 County Road PO Box 770, Vernon, AL, 35592
Lauderdale County Inmate Search Click Here 256-760-5771,


653 S Seminary St, Florence, AL 35630
Lawrence County Inmate Search Click Here 256-974-2550 242 Parker Road, Moulton, AL, 35650
Lee County Inmate Search Click Here 334-737-3581,


PO Box 2407, Opelika, AL, 36803-0688
Limestone County Inmate Search Click Here 256-232-0111 101 West Elm Street, Athens, AL, 35611
Lowndes County Inmate Search Click Here 334-548-2222,


653 State Hwy 21 South PO Box 157, Hayneville, AL, 36040
Macon County Inmate Search Not Available 334-727-2503,


246 County Road 10, Tuskegee, AL, 36083
Marengo County Inmate Search Not Available 334-295-2257 101 Dunn Street, Linden, AL, 36748-0698
Marion County Inmate Search Click Here 205-921-7433 280 Winchester Drive, Hamilton, AL, 35570
Marshall County Inmate Search Click Here 256-582-2034 423 Blount Street, Guntersville, AL, 35976
Mobile County Inmate Search Not Available 251-574-1450 2315 Costarides Street, Mobile, AL, 36617
Monroe County Inmate Search Click Here 251-743-2502,


215 North Mount Pleasant Avenue, Monroeville, AL, 36460
Montgomery County Inmate Search Click Here 334-832-1386,


250 South McDonough StreetPO Box 4599, Montgomery, AL, 36103-4599
Morgan County Inmate Search Click Here 256-351-4800,


119 Lee Street Northeast, Decatur, AL, 35601
Perry County Inmate Search Not Available 334-683-6636 202 Pickens Street, Marion, AL, 36756
Pickens County Inmate Search Not Available 205-367-2006 202 Cemetery Street PO Box 226, Carrollton, AL, 35477
Pike County Inmate Search Not Available 334-566-4360 120 East Church Street, Troy, AL, 36081
Randolph County Inmate Search Click Here 256-357-4546,


1 Main StreetPO Box 347, Wedowee, AL, 36278
Russell County Inmate Search Click Here 334-298-8621 307 Prentiss DrivePO Box 640, Phenix City, AL, 36868-0640
Shelby County Inmate Search Not Available 205-669-3990 381 McDow Road PO Box 736, Columbiana, AL, 35051
Sumter County Inmate Search Click Here 205-652-2841 115 Franklin Street PO Box 773, Livingston, AL, 35470
Talladega County Inmate Search Click Here 256-761-2000 150 East Renfroe Road, Talladega, AL, 35160
Tuscaloosa County Inmate Search Not Available 205-349-3131 5941 12th Avenue East, Tuscaloosa, AL, 35405
Walker County Inmate Search Click Here 205-384-4874 2001 2nd Avenue, Jasper, AL, 35501
Washington County Inmate Search Click Here 251-847-2202 403 Court Street PO Box 307, Chatom, AL, 36518
Wilcox County Inmate Search Click Here 334-682-9394,


240 Highway 265 South, Camden, AL, 36726
Winston County Inmate Search Not Available 205-489-5205 11 Blake Drive PO Box 10, Double Springs, AL, 35553