Dallas County Inmate Search

If you need to find someone in Dallas county jail or look up Dallas County arrest records online, there are a few options available for a Dallas County inmate search. Dallas County operates the Dallas county jail system with multiple facilities housing over 7000 inmates.

Here’s how to check Dallas County jail inmate mugshots, search for inmates, look up release dates, and visitation policies, make deposits into inmate accounts, and more.

How to Do a Dallas County Inmate Lookup

The easiest way to search for a Dallas County inmate is by using the Dallas County Sheriff’s online Dallas County jail inmate search portal. Here you can look up inmates by:

  • First and last name – Search by full or partial inmate name
  • Booking number – Each inmate is assigned a unique booking number when arrested and processed into the jail
  • SO number – The sheriff’s office number assigned to inmates
  • Date of birth – Search by full or partial DOB

If your search returns a match, you’ll be able to view details like the inmate’s:

  • Booking photo – Mugshot photo
  • Current housing location in the jail
  • Arrest details and charges
  • Bail and bond information
  • Upcoming court dates
  • Projected release date

The search will display inmates matching your criteria with mugshots, booking dates, anticipated release dates, bail amount, and basic charge information.

You can also call the Dallas County jail phone number at 214-653-6026 for inmate information.

Dallas County Jail Inmate Search

The Dallas County Jail Inmate Search portal allows you to search the inmate database by first name, last name, and middle name or initial.

Enter the information you have and click “Search” to see matches. If unsure of the spelling, try alternate spellings as the search requires an exact match.

Dallas County Mugshots Online may be available by clicking the mugshot icon for each inmate returned in search results.

Dallas County Warrant Check

To check for outstanding Dallas County arrest warrants, visit the Dallas County Warrant Search site. Enter the first and last name to search active warrants. If a warrant exists, details will be displayed including issue and expiration dates.

To confirm the warrant applies to the correct person, it’s recommended to contact the Dallas County Sheriff at 214-653-3450 with the warrant number.

Dallas County Inmate Lookup By Booking Number

Every inmate booked into the Dallas County Jail system is assigned a unique booking number. This number stays with the inmate for the duration of their detention and can be used to look up their information.

To search by booking, enter the 8-digit booking number on the Inmate Search site. Details like name, mugshot, bail amount, and release date will be shown for number matches.

If you don’t have the booking number, try searching by name first to find it.

How to Obtain a Dallas County Booking Number

If the inmate was recently arrested or booked, a family member or friend may be able to provide the Dallas County booking info including the 8-digit booking number. This number should be provided at the time of booking.

You can also call the Dallas County Sheriff inmate search phone number at 214-653-6026. Provide the inmate’s name and any additional information like birthdate or previous booking number for assistance.

Dallas County Inmate Records Search

Beyond the online inmate search portal, additional Dallas County inmate records can be requested from the Sheriff’s office.

Dallas County Jail Records

The Dallas County Sheriff maintains records on all jail bookings and releases. Records may contain details not available online such as city or origin, employer name, aliases or tattoos, FBI identification numbers, and more.

To request records, file an Open Records Request by mail or in person. Be sure to include:

  • Inmate name and booking number (if available)
  • The date range for requested records
  • Your contact information

Allow up to 10 business days for processing. Fees may apply depending on the scope of records requested.

Dallas County Arrest Records

Arrest reports and records for Dallas County can also be obtained by request by open records laws. The request should specify “Arrest Records” and provide details on the arrestee’s name along with the approximate arrest date.

Reports generally include the arresting agency, location, charges filed, bond amount set, mugshots taken, and officer notes or narratives.

There may be fees associated with printing or photocopying extensive records if approved for release. Allow up to 4 weeks for complex arrest record requests.

Dallas County Criminal Background Check

For a complete Dallas County criminal records history outside what’s available online, submit fingerprints for a statewide background check. This detailed report includes all arrests and dispositions, warrants, mugshots, and incarceration records from Dallas County and throughout Texas.

Follow the instructions on the Texas Background Check site to schedule fingerprinting and receive your criminal record. The fee is $39.95 per request.

Dallas County Mugshots & Booking Photos

Many people search for Dallas County mugshots online out of curiosity or to identify someone who may have been arrested.

The best free source of booking photos and Dallas County mugshots by name is from the previously mentioned Dallas Morning News Crime Blog. Mugshots are frequently published along with local arrest news reports.

Some websites charge fees to lookup Dallas County inmate or arrest mugshots, so use free sources whenever possible.

Checking Dallas County Jail Inmate Status

Beyond looking up inmates in the Dallas County system, you may want to check their custody status, bail amounts, release eligibility, and more. Here’s where to find that additional info.

Dallas County Inmate Bail and Release Date

When searching inmates on the Dallas Sheriff’s site, any bail amount set by the court will be listed. This is the release amount that must be paid, or “bonded out”, for the inmate to be eligible for release.

The anticipated release date is also provided, assuming bail requirements are met and no other holds exist. Note this date is an estimate and subject to change.

Inmates must also go before a judge within 48 hours of arrest to have formal charges filed and confirm bail requirements. Until this hearing, bail status may be “not available” or “under review”.

Dallas County Inmate Court Dates

A crucial aspect of the inmate’s status is upcoming court dates. The online search does not provide court dates, but families can call 214-653-6026 to give inmate info to find out.

Inmates should know their next court date too. Advise them to contact their assigned lawyer or public defender before hearings.

To look up an inmate’s entire Dallas County criminal court case history including charges, pleas, and dispositions, request full records using the Open Records process. Court records are public information.

Dallas County Inmate Release Schedule

While the online search provides an estimated release date assuming bail terms are met, the actual release times for the Dallas County Jail follow a regular schedule:

  • Releases occur every 4 hours
  • Day release times: midnight, 4 AM, 8 AM, noon, 4 PM, 8 PM
  • Inmates must be released before midnight each day
  • Weekend releases may be delayed until Monday

Call 214-653-6026 to confirm the upcoming release date and time for specific inmates before arrival. You’ll need the name and booking number.

Inmates being transferred to prisons after sentencing will follow a separate release process.

Visiting an Inmate in Dallas County Jail

To maintain safety and security, the Dallas County Jail has strict policies for jail visitation information. Rules apply to both social visits and professional legal visits.

Dallas County Jail Visitation Hours

All visitors must schedule an appointment ahead of time. Walk-in visits are not allowed.

  • Social Visits – Up to 2 visits per week, 30 minutes each
  • Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 8 am – 5 pm
  • Sunday: 8 am – 11 am
  • Legal Visits – Attorneys and professional staff
  • Monday – Friday: 8 am – 8 pm

Visits are first come, first served. Try to call early in the week to increase availability

Dallas County Jail Phone Calls

Inmates can make phone calls to approved numbers at designated times. Calls are limited to 20 minutes each.

Friends and family must set up pre-paid accounts with third-party vendors like Guardian Tel or IC Solutions before receiving calls. No collect calls are accepted.

Inmates are given phone access based on the housing unit schedule. The best times to receive calls are typically evenings and weekends.

Jail Phone Number

If you cannot find the information you need online, you can call the Dallas County jail phone number to inquire:

  • Main Jail: (214) 653-6090
  • Lew Sterrett Justice Center: (214) 653-3548
  • Henry Wade Juvenile Detention: (214) 698-4350
  • Kays Tower Jail: (214) 653-6026
  • Decker Jail: (214) 653-6032

Explain who you are searching for and a representative may be able to provide status or location details over the phone.

Dallas County Jail Address and Map

The Dallas County Jail complex has facilities located across the city. The main buildings are:

  • Dallas County Jail (S.Z. Rozar Building) – 107 South R.L. Thornton Freeway, Dallas, TX 75207
  • Dallas County Detention Center (Kays Tower) – 600 Commerce St., Dallas, TX 75202

Use online maps to navigate to the appropriate address and locate available parking areas if visiting. Expect airport-level security checks upon entry.

Dallas County Jail Locations

Several detention center locations house Dallas County jail inmates:

  • Lew Sterrett Justice Center – Main county jail facility located at 111 West Commerce Street, Dallas TX 75207
  • Kays Tower Jail – 401 South Industrial Boulevard, Dallas TX 75201
  • Decker Jail – 899 North Stemmons Freeway, Dallas TX 75207
  • Henry Wade Juvenile Detention – 2600 Lone Star Drive, Dallas TX 75212

Sending Mail, Money, and Care Packages

Inmates rely on outside assistance for their basic needs, medical care, supplemental food, and personal essentials. Here’s how friends and family can help.

Dallas County Jail Medical Care

All inmates have access to medical professionals and services while incarcerated. Families with concerns over an inmate’s treatment should call 214-653-6026 for assistance or advice on additional resources allowed inside the jail (e.g. prescription eyeglasses).

Inmate health and medication information is protected by privacy laws and cannot be released directly to outside parties without explicit consent.

Dallas County Jail Money Deposits

Money can be deposited into commissary accounts for inmates to purchase approved items. Accounts are tied to the inmate ID number.

Deposits can be made online for up to $200 using credit cards and checking accounts. Cash deposits up to $300 are accepted at lobby kiosk stations.

Money orders sent via mail are also accepted but can take over a week to be processed and appear in the inmate account balance.

Dallas County Jail Commissary List

Allowed commissary items that can be purchased include snacks, food, hygiene products, stationery, postage, headphones, and more. The items change regularly – call to request the most updated commissary list and pricing.

Suggest inmates use money deposits judiciously as requests for money are restricted. Basic hygiene and writing items take priority over luxury goods.

Care Packages for Inmates

The only packages allowed are paperback books and magazines mailed directly from publishers or authorized retailers. No custom care packages from individuals are permitted.

Review the facility rules on allowed mail and publications before sending so materials are not rejected. Magazines may require pre-approval.

Dallas County Jail Inmate Programs

To occupy time positively while incarcerated, inmates can enroll in educational, vocational, self-help, faith-based, and recreational programming. Topics include:

  • Parenting classes
  • Basic adult education
  • Computer skills
  • Job interview prep
  • Substance abuse meetings
  • Bible study
  • English as a second language

Contact jail staff for current program calendars. Inmates must request participation by submitting application forms available in their cell blocks. Space may be limited.

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Searching for Dallas County inmates can be done quickly online through the Sheriff’s Office or Clerk’s portals. Understanding the jail’s operations, contacts, and resources allows friends and family to support incarcerated loved ones.

With the tips provided, anyone can now look up critical inmate status details, arrest records, mugshots, criminal charges, court dates, and projected release dates for those housed or recently released from the Dallas County jail system.

FAQs – Dallas County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Dallas County jail?

You can search for Dallas County jail inmates using the online inmate lookup portal at www.dallascounty.org/government/sheriff/inmate-info/inmate-lookup.php. Enter the person’s first and last name, booking number, SO number, or date of birth to search.

Is Dallas County jail search free?

Yes, searching for Dallas County jail inmates through the Sheriff’s Office website inmate lookup and Dallas County Clerk’s case records search are free public records searches.

Where can I find Dallas County arrest records online?

You can find recent Dallas County arrests published on the Dallas Morning News Crime Blog at crimeblog.dallasnews.com. Search by name, date, charges, or arresting agency.

How do I find a Dallas County jail mugshot?

Dallas County mugshots are frequently published along with local arrest news reports on the Dallas Morning News Crime Blog at crimeblog.dallasnews.com. But mugshot access requires a paid subscription on most websites.

What time are visiting hours at Dallas County Jail?

In-person visitation hours at Dallas County jail locations are weekdays 8 am-5 pm at Lew Sterrett, 8 am-11 am and 1 pm-5 pm at Decker Jail, and by appointment only at Henry Wade Juvenile Detention.

What is the phone number for Dallas County Jail?

The main Dallas County Jail phone number is (214) 653-6090. Specific facility numbers are Lew Sterrett at (214) 653-3548, Henry Wade Juvenile at (214) 698-4350, Kays Tower at (214) 653-6026, and Decker at (214) 653-6032.

How do you put money on an inmate’s books in Dallas County?

To deposit funds into a Dallas County inmate’s account for commissary purchases, phone calls, etc., you can pay by phone at (866) 232-1899 or online at JailATM.com. Cash deposits require visitation to on-site jail lobby kiosks.

Can Dallas County inmates get released early?

Yes, Dallas County jail inmates may qualify for early release through bail/bond payment, sentencing credits for good behavior, participation in rehabilitation programs, or overcrowding relief policies.

How can I visit an inmate at Lew Sterrett?

To visit an inmate at the Lew Sterrett Justice Center, go during visitation hours of 8 am-5 pm daily (closed 12-1 pm). Bring a valid ID, arrive early to pass security screening, and follow the dress code and permitted items rules.

Where is the commissary list for Dallas County jail?

The Dallas County jail commissary list of items available for inmates to purchase is published as a PDF document available here: www.dallascounty.org/Assets/uploads/docs/sheriff/CommissaryListEnglishSpanish.pdf.

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