Conecuh County Inmate Search

Have you ever wondered how to find someone in Conecuh County jail or access Conecuh County inmate lookup information? Conducting an Alabama inmate search can be confusing if you don’t know where to look.

This guide provides instructions for searching for prisoners as well as details on contacting and supporting incarcerated loved ones in Conecuh County and throughout Alabama.

How to Perform a Free Conecuh County Inmate Search

Performing an inmate search in Evergreen, AL, and accessing records from the Conecuh County jail is easier than you might think. The Conecuh County Sheriff’s Office website provides a public inmate lookup tool you can use to find current and recent prisoners.

To use the Conecuh County inmate search:

  1. Go to This is the official Conecuh County jail page.
  2. Click on the “Who’s In Jail” link to open the inmate lookup tool.
  3. Enter the first and/or last name of the person you are searching for. You can also search by booking number if you have it.
  4. Select whether to search current inmates only or include recent releases.
  5. Click “Search” to conduct your search by name or booking number. Any matches will be displayed along with booking info.

The Conecuh County inmate search is completely free to use and available to the public 24/7. It provides arrest information like mugshots, charges, and bail/bond amounts for prisoners held in the Conecuh County jail in Evergreen, AL.

Keep in mind only current and recent arrestees will be listed. For longer-term state prisoners from Conecuh County, you’ll need to check with the Alabama Department of Corrections. We’ll cover that process later in this guide.

Look Up Inmate Details on the Jail Roster

The Conecuh County Sheriff’s Office also provides public access to its complete jail roster, listing all inmates currently housed in the Conecuh County Detention Center.

The inmate booking information available on the jail roster includes:

  • Inmate name
  • Age
  • Race
  • Assigned cell
  • Booking date
  • All criminal charges

You can also click on an inmate’s name to view additional details like mugshots, bail amounts, and next court dates.

So if your Conecuh County inmate search isn’t returning the expected results, cross-check the jail roster which contains detention center records on every individual currently detained.

Expand Your Search with Conecuh County Arrest Records

If your search target has been transferred or released already, they won’t show up in the Conecuh County inmate lookup or jail roster. In that case, you’ll need to access full arrest records by case number or name.

Conecuh County maintains public criminal history search portals with Alabama arrest records spanning decades:

  • Online Court Records – Contains official court documents from cases heard in Conecuh County.
  • Conecuh County Circuit Court Records – Direct access to circuit court documents including dispositions.

Alternatively, specialized sites like SearchQuarry let you look up Conecuh County arrest records by case number or defendant name going back over 50 years.

These public record archives can help locate previous charges even if the arrestee has been released. Just keep in mind that access fees and usage restrictions may apply to some third-party websites.

Determine Conecuh County Inmate Release Dates

Worried if an incarcerated loved one will make it home for the holidays? Unfortunately, Conecuh County doesn’t have post-release dates for pre-trial detainees or short-term inmates. But you still have options to find inmate release dates:

  • Check bail status – If you know the inmate’s charges and bail amount, you may be able to estimate or facilitate their release.
  • Contact jail administration – Call the Conecuh County Detention Center at (251) 578-5921 to inquire about release eligibility or upcoming court dates related to possible discharge.
  • Hire a lawyer – A criminal defense lawyer with access to case files can provide discharge expectations based on typical sentencing.
  • Stay updated on court events – Use Conecuh County court records websites above to monitor upcoming proceedings, plea deals, or dismissals that could allow release.

In serious cases resolved in state penitentiary terms, Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) records will list parole dates and exact release timing down to the hour. We’ll explain how to access ADOC inmate records next.

Search Alabama Dept of Corrections Records Online

The Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) manages felony convicts sentenced to long-term state supervision. Currently, over 20,000 such inmates are housed in ADOC facilities across Alabama.

If your search target has committed a more serious Conecuh County crime, they may have been transferred from the county jail to formal Alabama prison system custody.

Fortunately, ADOC provides the same public inmate lookup options – a web search portal plus downloadable roster access:

When searching ADOC records, note that results will only include current state prisoners sentenced to 1+ years of incarceration. Short county jail terms resolved by the Conecuh County justice system won’t appear here.

Lookup Conecuh County Inmate Mugshots & Charges

Inmate mugshot photos can help confirm a prisoner’s identity and custody status when searching Alabama incarceration records. As we detailed earlier, Conecuh County mugshots get posted with the public inmate roster on the official county jail site:

  • Conecuh County Jail Inmate Roster

However, these jail bookings only contain fresh arrest mugshots. For historical shots you’ll need to dig into archives of Conecuh County arrest records:

Finally, when searching the Alabama Dept of Corrections for long-term inmates, full-size prisoner mugshots can be accessed on third-party sites like:

  • MyMugShotSearch – ADOC mugshot archive
  • Offender Tracking System – Official ADOC lookup portal

Having trouble finding booking photos and charges? A licensed private investigator can run in-depth record searches to locate elusive case files and mugshots if needed.

Send Money to an Inmate in Conecuh County

Would you like to send money to an inmate in Alabama to finance their life behind bars or support family needs? Depositing funds into a prisoner’s account is easy. Here are the approved options at the county and state levels:

Conecuh County Jail

To send money to a loved one or friend held at the Conecuh County Detention Center in Evergreen:

  • AccessCorrections – Deposit online sums under $200
  • Western Union – For larger wire transfers and cash pickup
  • Money orders – Mail-in payments made out to the inmate’s name

Call (251) 578-5921 to get the recipient’s inmate ID and booking number to include on any financial instruments for clear processing.

Alabama Department of Corrections

For inmates serving longer sentences under ADOC custody, AL allows the deposit of funds through:

  • JPay – Fast online deposits to any ADOC prisoner
  • MoneyGram – Wiring services direct to inmate accounts
  • Lockbox deposits – Mail checks/money orders payable to “Inmate Name and AIS#”

No matter the provider, all monetary gifts are subject to 15% administrative fees. There are also daily spending limits in AL prisons ranging from $40-$360 depending on security level.

Contact Conecuh County Jail Inmates

Maintaining ties with incarcerated friends and family through phone calls and written correspondence provides vital emotional support. Here are approved Conecuh County inmate communication methods:

Phone Calls

To arrange phone conversations with someone held at the county jail in Evergreen:

  • AccessCorrections – Create a prepaid phone account to receive calls
  • Telmate – Web portal for booking outbound calls
  • Jail Phone – Another service for inmate calling accounts

The Conecuh County inmate handbook imposes a 15-minute limit on live phone sessions. Note phone fees in AL average $2-$7 for a 15-minute call.

Mail Guidelines

To send letters or care packages to individuals housed in the Conecuh County Detention Center:

  • Address envelope to Inmate Name, Cell Location, 104 Liberty Hill Drive, Evergreen, AL 36401
  • Only send letters, photos, books, and magazines – no food items
  • Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope to receive a reply
  • Legal mail marked “Approved by Sheriff” may warrant extra privileges

Mail additional questions regarding Conecuh County jail visitation hours or send guidelines to the Evergreen administrator at (251) 578-5921.

Perform an Alabama Inmate Search by Date of Birth

Lots of online jail roster sites let you filter or look up inmates by attributes like race, age, and date of birth (DOB). This helps isolate likely record matches from thousands of irrelevant prisoners.

To search by DOB across different Alabama detention sites, try these advanced search portals:

  • Vinelink Inmate Locator
  • BAMA FAM – Filter inmate results by age
  • Offender Tracking System – ADOC lookup by date of birth

However, beware that prisoners frequently lie about or omit accurate DOB figures to conceal their identity. So always double-check additional identifiers when filtering. An experienced investigator can utilize various strategies to uncover bogus or omitted personal details on inmates.

Research Alabama Inmate Rights & Resources

The Alabama prison system faces national scrutiny for overcrowding and preservation of basic human rights like healthcare access.

If you have concerns about the treatment of an incarcerated loved one in Alabama, these organizations provide inmate advocacy services:

Additionally, AL state law grants all inmates the right to file formal grievances over perceived neglect or discrimination. The ADOC Form 403 facilitates submission of complaints which detention staff must address promptly.

Perform a Free Conecuh County Background Check

If you need to vet someone’s full public records beyond just criminal history search data, use our online record scanner:

This tool aggregates public data on Conecuh County residents from all 50 states. It can uncover previous arrests, court judgments, bankruptcies, marriages/divorces, properties, business filings, and much more.

Results display instantly with convenient analysis flags to highlight records of special concern like felonies or possible financial risks. Searches cost just $39.95 for unlimited access to all records found.

Find Legal Help from Conecuh County Defense Lawyers

Facing detention or criminal allegations yourself in Conecuh County, Alabama? These local defense attorneys offer free case reviews to assess your charges plus identify options to secure evidence exclusionary, dismissal, or bail release:

  • Marcus Allen Law Firm – Evergreen criminal defense lawyer
  • Preston Presley Law – Former district attorney represents individuals and businesses
  • Alabama Defense Blog – Statewide network of award-winning defense attorneys

An experienced local lawyer can request court record expungements or pardons to restore your reputation after conviction. Consultations often cost nothing to identify your best path forward.

Summary: How to Find Conecuh County Jail Inmates

We hope this guide provided the details you need to successfully search for prisoners held in Alabama jails and state prisons. Finding incarcerated loved ones and accessing Conecuh County inmate records is easy using the public lookup tools listed here. You can also leverage arrest data to estimate release timing or make deposits into prisoner accounts.

For immediate legal help or private investigation assistance related to a Conecuh County case, don’t hesitate to call one of the law firms or licensed investigators referenced here. They have experience locating elusive inmate files, surveilling parole violations, and fighting questionable convictions.

Thanks for reading our guide on how to perform a Conecuh County inmate search from top to bottom!

FAQs – Conecuh County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Conecuh County jail?

Use the Conecuh County Sheriff’s Office inmate search site or call the jail to check if someone is currently incarcerated. Search recent releases on the jail roster.

Is the Conecuh County jail roster online?

Yes, the CCSO publishes a public online jail roster with details on all current inmates.

What is the address of the Conecuh County Detention Center?

104 Liberty Hill Drive, Evergreen, AL 36401

How do I put money on an inmate’s books in Conecuh County?

You can deposit funds into a Conecuh County inmate’s account online via AccessCorrections or JPay or mail in a money order.

How can I visit an inmate at Conecuh County Jail?

In-person visits must be scheduled ahead of time by calling the jail at 251-578-5921 during posted visitation hours.

How do I find mugshots for Conecuh County?

Historical mugshots for Conecuh arrests can be found on sites like BustedMugshots. Fresh booking photos come on the public county jail roster.

Where do they send prisoners from Conecuh County?

Long-term inmates may go to an ADOC state prison like Holman Correctional Facility. Short-term offenders stay in the county jail.

Can you get bonded out of Conecuh County jail?

Yes, paying the set bond amount for your charges can facilitate release from Evergreen detention pending trial.

How do I find court records from Conecuh County online?

Conecuh County court records can be searched online via portal sites like and

How do I look up inmate release dates in Alabama?

The ADOC publishes online records with parole/release details on sentenced state prisoners. Call the jail for county detention release estimates.

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