Lawrence County Inmate Search

Keeping track of inmates and accessing inmate information for those detained in Lawrence County can be vital for various reasons.

Whether you want to find inmates in Lawrence County, look up jail records and mugshots, check upcoming court dates, or even send money to an incarcerated loved one, using the proper Lawrence County inmate search tools and understanding the booking process is key.

This guide provides all the details you need to search for and contact current and past inmates in Lawrence County, Alabama.

Read on to learn about available online resources, as well as procedures for on-site visits, phone calls, and other jail services.

Lawrence County Jail

Operated by the Lawrence County Sheriff, the Lawrence County Detention Center in Moulton houses inmates who have recently been arrested as well as those already convicted locally in Lawrence County or waiting to be transferred to state facilities. Like most county jails, it houses inmates charged with misdemeanors as well as those facing felony charges.

The address and contact information for the jail is:

Lawrence County Detention Center
14365 Market St
Moulton, AL 35650 Phone: (256) 974-1441

In addition to using the Lawrence County inmate search options covered below, you can call the detention center directly if you need information about an inmate, have questions about sending mail scheduling visitations, or want to add money to an inmate’s commissary account.

Search for Lawrence County Jail Inmates Online

Searching for inmates online is usually the quickest way to find arrested individuals in Lawrence County and look up critical stats like booking dates, bail amounts, next court appearances, inmate IDs, and more. Here are the best options for an instant Lawrence County inmate lookup:

1. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Search

For the most up-to-date inmate roster at the Lawrence County Detention Center, go straight to the official Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office site. Here you can search the current inmate’s database by first and last name to view the booking date, expected release date, all pending charges, bond amounts, and other details. Mugshots are not available through this free search.

What You Can Find:

  • Inmate full name
  • Booking date
  • Anticipated release date
  • Current charges
  • Bond amount

2. Lawrence County Jail Public Records Search

For access to inmate mugshots and more extensive criminal records, the best online option is through third-party sites like VineLink.

These public record aggregators compile data from various law enforcement sources to provide a single portal for finding Lawrence County jail mugshots, full arrest records, pending charges, upcoming court dates, and past booking information across Alabama.

Most sites will allow you to search for inmates using parameters like:

  • First, middle, and last names
  • Booking date ranges
  • Inmate ID numbers
  • Select filters like gender, race, age, etc.

While some domain-specific sites may offer their jail roster search for free, full criminal background check reports usually come with a small fee. However, the fee-based search gives you access to additional data like:

  • Inmate mugshots
  • Previous arrest records
  • Felony vs misdemeanor charges
  • Past convictions
  • Court case numbers
  • Fines owed
  • Probation details

Booking & Release Processes in Lawrence County

Now that you know where to find Lawrence County booking records and inmate rosters online, it’s also helpful to understand the key processes and policies that dictate how long individuals are detained at the county jail.

Booking Process

The booking process involves checking an arrested individual into jail and collecting basic information including fingerprints and photos.

According to Lawrence County protocol, all arrested persons must go through the following booking procedures before being formally placed into a detention cell:

  • Medical screening – Interview covering medical history, current prescriptions meds needed, and emergency contacts
  • Inventory of personal property to be stored until release
  • Record of tattoos, scars, or other distinguishable marks
  • Criminal background checks through state and national crime information databases
  • Photographs and fingerprints collected and logged

After booking, detainees receive an assigned inmate ID number and orange uniform. They can then be transferred to general population housing units if deemed eligible.

Release Process

There are a few main avenues that can lead to an inmate’s release from the county detention center:

Posting Bail – If bail has been granted, detainees can coordinate with a bonds company, pay the set bail bond amount, and, once processed, authorities discharge them from custody.

Sentencing or Transfer – Inmates who plead guilty or receive a sentence during their trial will either serve their adjudicated sentence at the county jail or prepare for transfer to a long-term [Your State] correctional facility.

Expiration of Sentence – Inmates completing their misdemeanor sentence term will go through standard discharge processing on their release date provided there are no other pending cases or warrants.

No matter the release method, the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office completes all necessary paperwork, returns personal belongings, and processes any remaining cash balances the inmate has in their detention center account. Released persons are picked up at the jail by family/friends or transported by sheriffs to local bus stations if needed.

How to Locate and Contact Inmates in Lawrence County Jail

If you or a loved one has been detained in Lawrence County Detention Center, maintaining communication with family and your legal counsel is paramount. Here are the key methods available for contacting and staying in touch with inmates at the county jail.

Sending and Receiving Mail

Sending postal mail is the most traditional way to keep in touch with incarcerated individuals. All incoming and outgoing postal mail is inspected by detention center staff before distribution for prohibited materials. Make sure to adhere to the facility’s mailing policies when contacting inmates:

  • Send letters, cards, and photos to inmates via standard mail using the jail’s posted address
  • Do not try to send cash, checks, or money orders which will be confiscated – use commissary account deposits instead
  • Mark all mail clearly with the recipient’s full legal name and inmate ID
  • No mark mail as “legal mail” if it does not meet restricted criteria – misrepresentation will have it opened

Inmate Phone Calls

While inmates cannot receive inbound calls, they can easily place outbound calls to approved numbers that have registered and set up prepaid accounts. Friends and family members have two options:

Collect Call Billing – Recipients of collect calls from Lawrence County inmates shoulder full costs and bills from the third-party communication provider. Rates for collect calls tend to be higher.

Prepaid Accounts – Called parties can set up prepaid phone accounts to receive calls at cheaper per-minute rates, avoiding collection charges. Deposits to prepaid accounts can be made online or via lobby kiosks.

Inmates are afforded access to phones regularly to place calls. All calls made and received are subject to monitoring and recording by the detention center.

On-Site Inmate Visitations

For those who want to meet with incarcerated individuals face-to-face while they serve out their sentence, the detention center offers two main visitation programs:

General Population Visiting – Visitors register and schedule sessions via video service online or through lobby kiosks according to facility guidelines

Professional Visits – Special accommodations for legal counsel and other certified parties with valid credentials/documents

Before visitations, all guests must consent to search procedures for prohibited items. Visitors should carefully review posted guidelines regarding appropriate dress codes, authorized items, session lengths, etc.

Inmate Commissary Accounts & Permitted Purchases

Family members also have the option to deposit funds into an inmate’s trust account for commissary purchases and other approved expenses. Permitted commissary items that Lawrence County inmates can purchase include:

  • Food, snacks, and drinks
  • Stamps and envelopes
  • OTC medicine, soaps, and hygiene items
  • Basic clothing items
  • Tablets/media devices and credits
  • Writing materials

Friends and loved ones can easily add money to an inmate’s account online or via on-site kiosks that take cash or cards. Inmates manage their funds through internal accounting systems. Unused balances are returned at the time of release via debit card or similar instruments.

Adding funds online involves:

  • Visiting the agency’s website to register an account
  • Providing the inmate’s ID number
  • Making deposits instantly via bank account, card, or other platform

For walk-in deposits, head to the main Lawrence County Detention Center lobby which has user-friendly kiosks for fast account funding. Bring a valid ID.

Lawrence County Contact and Support Options

Beyond self-service public records lookups, Lawrence County provides several methods for additional information and support services regarding current inmates. These options help simplify tasks like:

  • Scheduling on-site visits
  • Phone communications
  • Commissary fund deposits
  • Mail correspondence
  • Checking on medical care

Contact Information:

  • Lawrence County Detention Center – 724-656-1416
  • Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office – 724-656-2186

General inmate rules, fees, and other policies are also listed on the official Lawrence County government website. Concerned citizens can call or email the county jail administration for clarification or details on:

  • Approved care packages
  • Inmate complaint processes
  • Lawrence County public defenders

The Lawrence County inmate handbook also outlines all standard procedures, rights, responsibilities, and resources on topics ranging from:

  • Housing unit protocols
  • Medical requests
  • Hygiene expectations
  • Disciplinary guidelines
  • Access to legal counsel
  • Grievance processes

Staying well-informed on these policies can greatly assist friends or family members in supporting an incarcerated loved one.

Sending Money to Lawrence County Inmates

Sending money to inmates in Lawrence County can help support them while they’re incarcerated. Inmates can use this financial assistance to purchase commissary items, make phone calls, or cover other approved expenses.

1. Identify the Facility:

Lawrence County might have multiple detention centers or correctional facilities. Determine where your loved one is housed to ensure accurate information on sending funds.

2. Research Accepted Payment Methods:

Each facility has its policies regarding money transfers. Research the accepted methods at your chosen facility. Common options include:

  • Money Orders: Purchased from authorized retailers like Western Union or MoneyGram. Ensure they’re made payable to the inmate’s full name and facility address.
  • Online Deposits: Many facilities partner with third-party vendors like JPay or AccessCorrections for online deposits using credit/debit cards. Fees may apply.
  • Kiosks: Some facilities have self-service kiosks where you can deposit cash, credit/debit cards, or checks.
  • Phone Deposits: Certain facilities accept phone deposits using toll-free numbers and automated systems.

3. Gather Required Information:

To send money, you’ll typically need the inmate’s:

  • Full Name
  • Booking or Inmate ID Number
  • Facility Name and Address

4. Choose Your Method and Send Funds:

Once you have the necessary information and have chosen your preferred method, follow the specific instructions provided by the facility or chosen vendor. Ensure accuracy in all details to avoid delays or errors.

5. Track the Transfer (Optional):

Some online platforms and kiosks offer tracking options for your transfers. Check with the chosen service provider for details.

Additional Resources

Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office Website: Look for inmate information pages or contact them directly for specific details about their facilities and sending money procedures.

Inmate Aid Organizations: Non-profit organizations like the National Sheriffs’ Association or local community groups may offer guidance and resources for sending money to inmates.


  • Sending money to inmates often incurs fees, regardless of the chosen method. Be prepared for these additional charges.
  • Only send money through authorized channels and avoid unofficial methods or third-party intermediaries.
  • Respect the facility’s rules and regulations regarding inmate funds and communication.


Performing a quick inmate search in Lawrence County no longer requires traveling down to lockup and sorting through paperwork. Modern public records access from home computers coupled with convenient phone and on-site support makes the process much simpler.

Whether looking to locate a recently arrested friend, screen a potential employee, or keep tabs on a formal case, transparent access options exist. Make sure to leverage user-friendly online inmate records platforms for most typical background checks. Then follow up with county jail administration if you have any additional unanswered questions or require further legal clarification.

With so many self-serve and automated convenience features now available, there’s no reason for hit-or-miss efforts. Reliable Lawrence County inmate searches are easy by knowing the proper public access channels.

FAQs – Lawrence County Inmate Search

How do I search for inmates in Lawrence County for free?

Most Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office websites offer free inmate search capabilities. Look for links titled “Inmate Roster,” “Current Inmates,” or “Booking Information.” Search by name, booking number, or charges.

Can I search for mugshots of Lawrence County inmates?

The availability of mugshots varies depending on the specific Lawrence County facility. Some websites include mugshots alongside inmate information, while others may require a separate public records request.

What information can I find on a Lawrence County inmate search?

Typically, you can find details like name, booking number, charges, booking date, and bond amount. Some searches may also show court dates, release dates, and physical descriptions.

How do I find out if someone has a warrant in Lawrence County?

Some Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office websites offer warrant search capabilities. Look for links titled “Warrant Search” or “Wanted Persons.” You may need to provide the individual’s name and date of birth.

How do I contact an inmate in Lawrence County?

Contact options vary depending on the facility. Some allow phone calls, emails, and video visits. Check the specific facility’s website or contact the Sheriff’s Office for details.

How do I send money to an inmate in Lawrence County?

Accepted methods differ between facilities. Common options include money orders, online platforms like JPay, kiosks, and phone deposits. Check the chosen facility’s website or contact them for specific instructions and fees.

What are the visiting hours for the Lawrence County Jail?

Visiting hours vary by facility and day of the week. Check the specific facility’s website or contact the Sheriff’s Office for current visiting schedules and regulations.

What is the address of the Lawrence County Jail?

There may be multiple detention centers in Lawrence County. Identify the specific facility where your loved one is incarcerated and then look for its address on the Sheriff’s Office website or contact them for directions.

What are the rules and regulations for the Lawrence County Jail?

Each facility has its own set of rules for inmates and visitors. Check the specific facility’s website or contact the Sheriff’s Office for detailed information on allowed items, prohibited behaviors, and disciplinary procedures.

How do I file a complaint about the Lawrence County Jail?

Most Sheriff’s Offices have procedures for filing complaints. Look for links titled “Internal Affairs” or “Complaints” on their website. You can also contact the Sheriff’s Office directly to inquire about the process.

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