Limestone County Inmate Search

Obtaining information about inmates incarcerated in the Limestone County jail system can be valuable for various reasons.

This article provides details on conducting an effective Limestone County inmate search, accessing public records, and learning about the county’s policies and procedures related to its detention facilities.

Limestone County Inmate Search Process

Searching for information on current and former Limestone County jail inmates is fairly straightforward.

The county provides an online public inmate lookup tool on the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office website that allows you to search for individuals by name.

This lookup tool can be used to find basic details such as inmate ID numbers, current housing unit assignments, bail/bond amounts set, and booked/release dates.

For more comprehensive data like full mugshots, specific criminal charges filed, court dates scheduled, fines owed, sentencing details, incarceration histories, and related records, you will need to contact the sheriff’s office or access Alabama’s statewide criminal records database.

These additional lookup tools and background check services typically require a small administrative fee.

How to Search for an Inmate in Limestone County

You can search for current Limestone County jail inmates using the online lookup tool provided on the website of the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO).

This search requires the first and last name of the incarcerated individual to conduct an initial scan.

More specific identification details may be needed to confirm a match if common names generate multiple hits. Helpful additional filters to apply include gender, age range, and booked date range.

The online tool searches the central Limestone County inmate search database that provides real-time updates on the status and cell assignments for prisoners housed in the two county jails.

Limestone County Jail Roster

When an incarcerated individual is entered into the inmate management system upon booking, their record in the Limestone County Jail becomes publicly viewable.

The main information displayed on the search results from the online Limestone County inmate lookup tool includes:

  • Inmate ID number
  • Mugshot photo
  • Current housing unit assignment
  • Bail/bond amount set
  • Booking date
  • Projected release date

Tips for a Successful Limestone County Inmate Search

Follow these tips to ensure your Limestone County inmate search returns accurate, up-to-date results:

  • Have the individual’s full first and last names spelled correctly before searching
  • Try searching common nicknames or abbreviated names
  • Use filters like gender, age, or booked date range to isolate the likely correct identity
  • If needed, call the LCSO Records Division for assistance locating a hard-to-find inmate
  • To access additional records beyond the basic roster info provided, submit public records requests

Online Lookups via the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office

The most convenient way to perform a quick Limestone County inmate search is by using the public online lookup tool provided by the sheriff’s office website. This database covers all individuals currently detained or recently released from the county’s two jail facilities.

To use this lookup tool, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “INMATE INFO” link near the top of the homepage
  3. Click on the “Who’s In Jail” link to open the inmate lookup tool
  4. Enter the first and last name of the inmate in Limestone County you are searching for
  5. Select any other filters to narrow your search, such as gender or booked date range
  6. Click the “Search” button to display matches

If your search returns a match, you will see the inmate’s ID number, current housing unit assignment, bail amount set, and booking/release dates. From this basic info, you can telephone the detention center to inquire about visitation signups, bail coordination, making account deposits, and related assistance.

Accessing Inmate Details and Background Checks

While the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office provides quick lookups to find basic details on current inmates, additional records on arrests, bookings, charges filed, mugshots, incarceration history, court dates, fines owed, and related data can be obtained via:

  • Contacting the LCSO Records Division in person or by phone
  • Using paid subscription online background check services
  • Searching Alabama criminal records databases (also fee-based)
  • Making public records requests under FOIA/open records laws

These options give you access to documents like full arrest records, detention center inmate accounts, phone/visitation logs, court documentation, and other relevant files. Common types of records available include:

  • Inmate booking reports – Details on intake process, health screening, charges
  • Mugshots – Photographs from the time of arrest and processing
  • Criminal rap sheets – All previous convictions, and charges filed
  • Court and sentencing records – Trial transcripts, judgments, attorney info
  • Incarceration records – Facilities detained at, behavioral records, programs enrolled in
  • Probation/parole reports – Supervising officer, conditions imposed, progress reports
  • Warrants – Active warrants, prior warrants served, warrant requests from prosecutors

Limestone County Incarceration Records and Mugshots

If someone you know has been detained in a Limestone County correctional facility, you may want to retrieve their full incarceration records and mugshot photos taken at booking.

What Do Incarceration Records Include?

Incarceration records provide a comprehensive profile of an inmate’s stay in the county jail system. These records typically contain:

  • Initial intake screening forms
  • Inmate classification assessments
  • Housing unit and cell assignments
  • Incident reports
  • Disciplinary actions taken
  • Rehabilitative programs enrolled in
  • Commissary purchase logs
  • Health and medication logs
  • Work duties assigned
  • Transportation records to court dates or other facilities

Obtaining Inmate Mugshot Photos

Mugshot photos are taken for identification purposes when an individual is first booked. These photos can be accessed by:

  • Submitting a public records request to the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office
  • Searching online mugshot database websites that have requested and published the photos
  • Contacting local or regional media outlets if they have covered a particular arrest

Typically a fee is charged for printing official inmate mugshot photos. They may also be published online by third-party sites.

Getting Full Inmate Incarceration Chronologies

All inmate incarceration documents and data are accessible by submitting formal public records requests to the Limestone County jail administration. Fees can apply depending on scope.

Limestone County Inmate Population Statistics

The average daily population of inmates incarcerated in the two Limestone County jail facilities is typically between 300 to 400 prisoners. Both jails have experienced consistent overcrowding in recent years.

The two detention facilities are:

  1. Limestone County Detention Center – 216-bed capacity, houses pre-trial detainees and those serving short sentences. Opened in 1996.
  2. Limestone County Jail – 192-bed capacity, increased from 84 beds in 2007. Houses overflow with pre-trial detainees.

According to analysis by the Vera Institute and profile data published by the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC), key trends and figures related to the county’s inmate population include:

  • The average daily detention center population increased by 25% from 2014 to 2018
  • Over 65% of local jail detainees held pre-trial and not convicted
  • The average length of stay declined from 38 days in 2014 to 27 days in 2018
  • 70% held for drug/alcohol or weapons offenses in 2018 vs 62% in 2014
  • White detainees comprise 87% of the population; Black detainees 13%

Bail and Bond Information for Limestone County Inmates

The initial bail amount set when an alleged offender is booked into Limestone County Jail depends on the charges filed and the person’s criminal history. Courts use standardized bail schedule templates to calculate appropriate bail by the offense.

Inmates who can’t afford to post their full bail amounts or don’t qualify for release without posting bond have the options to:

  • Use a commercial bail bond agent – Typically 10-15% fee charged
  • Post cash percentage bond directly – Refunded if attend all court dates
  • Request bond reduction hearing – File motion with evidence of inability to pay
  • Apply for no-cost release on recognizance – Must demonstrate community ties

Family and friends can call the Limestone County Detention Center at 256-232-0111 for info on their loved one’s case and arrangements for providing bail assistance. Payment must be made in person at the jail.

Inmates with set bond amounts may also qualify for pretrial monitoring programs as alternatives to paying bail while their cases progress.

Sending Money to Limestone County Jail Inmates

If your friend or family member is currently incarcerated in the Limestone County jail system, you have options for depositing funds into their inmate trust account.

These accounts are used by prisoners to purchase items from the commissary, pay certain fees, or send electronic messages.

How to Send Money

  1. Access the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) Website
  2. Locate the JailATM link and click on it
  3. Either sign up for a free JailATM account or continue as a guest
  4. Enter the incarcerated individual’s LCSO Booking Number
  5. Enter deposit amount (minimum $25, maximum $300 per day)
  6. Enter your payment information to complete a transaction

Money Order/Cashier’s Check

If you prefer sending funds via money order or cashier’s check, you can mail a properly addressed envelope with the inmate’s name and booking number to:

Limestone County Sheriff
Attention: Jail
101 West Elm St.
Athens, AL 35611

Note that mailed payments take longer to clear into accounts (48 hours) compared to electronic transfers (2 hours). Cash is not accepted.

Limestone County Inmate Visitation Guidelines and Hours

To schedule in-person visits with friends or family members detained at Limestone County jails, visitors must follow all posted regulations and book appointments in advance through the detention center administration.

Scheduling Visits

  • Visits must be requested online or by phone at least 24 hours before the desired visitation time slot
  • Children under 18 may visit only with parental supervision
  • Visitors should have photo IDs and arrive 30 minutes early to clear security screening

Visitation Hours

The visitation hours and days at each Limestone County jail location are:

Limestone County Detention Center:

  • Days: Saturday, Sunday
  • Hours: 9 AM – 11 AM; 1 PM – 4 PM

Limestone County Jail:

  • Days: Wednesday, Friday
  • Hours: 9 AM – 11 AM; 1 PM – 3 PM

Conduct Rules

  • All visitors subject to recorded video monitoring
  • Appropriate attire is required (no revealing clothing)
  • No bringing prohibited items past a security checkpoint
  • Visitors must present a valid ID, sign in, follow all staff instructions

Inappropriate conduct can result in immediate termination of visits and suspension of future visiting privileges.

Alternatives to In-Person Visits

Options for remote visitation include:

  • Video visitation sessions are scheduled online for a $20 fee
  • Photo printout service for digital images sent via

Abiding by these guidelines ensures inmate visitation can be smoothly facilitated based on schedules and resources available at each Limestone County jail.

Limestone County Inmate Contact Information

Official Mailing Address:

Limestone County Jail
101 West Elm Street
Athens, AL 35611

Official Phone Number:

  • General Inquiries: (256) 232-0111
  • Inmate Information: (256) 232-0111

The Official Email: [email protected]

Official Website: Limestone County Jail, AL


Locating comprehensive information on both current and past Limestone County jail inmates requires accessing public records databases or submitting formal data requests to the sheriff’s office.

While online lookups offer quick searches, full incarceration chronologies, mugshots, court/sentencing details, criminal histories, and related records are only provided through paid services or via public records requests.

For family assistance needs like visitation, phone contacts, or depositing money into commissary accounts, contacting the Limestone County Detention Center administration is the necessary starting point.

Be sure to follow all posted policies and book appointments in advance for maximum security and convenience.

FAQs – Limestone County Inmate Search

How do I search for an inmate in Limestone County?

Use the online inmate lookup tool on the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office website, or submit a public records request to obtain more detailed incarceration records.

What info is available on the Limestone County Jail roster?

The online inmate search provides basic data like inmate IDs, housing assignments, bail amounts set, and booking/release dates. More comprehensive records require records requests.

How can I visit someone in Limestone County Jail?

In-person visits must be scheduled online/by phone at least 24 hours in advance. Follow all visitation rules posted for dress code, items allowed, and appropriate conduct.

How do I look up someone’s arrest records in Limestone County?

To retrieve full arrest details, mugshots, and related records, you can search Alabama criminal record databases or submit public information requests to the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office.

How do I find court dates for Limestone County inmates?

You can find upcoming court dates for incarcerated individuals by searching online court calendars or by contacting the Limestone County Circuit Clerk’s office directly for case information.

How do I send money to a Limestone County inmate?

Follow the deposit instructions on the LCSO website using JailATM electronic transfers or by mailing properly addressed money orders/cashier’s checks made payable to the inmate.

How can I search active warrants in Limestone County?

The LCSO does not provide an online warrant search tool publicly. To look up active warrants, contact the Records Division or access Alabama’s criminal justice portal by paying an account subscription fee.

Where are Limestone County arrest records located?

The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office Records Division or Alabama criminal record background check systems offer arrest records and mugshots for a fee.

What jails are located in Limestone County?

The two Limestone County jail facilities are the 192-bed Limestone County Jail and the 216-bed Limestone County Detention Center, both located in Athens, AL.

How can I look up Limestone County recorded documents?

Recorded real estate transactions, court cases, bonds, liens, maps, warrants, and other public documents are available via the Limestone County public records search portal online or at the Clerk Records office.

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