Cherokee County Inmate Search

If you need to find an inmate or lookup Cherokee County Jail Records, there are several options available. The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office and Cherokee County Detention Center provide an online inmate lookup to search for people who have been arrested in Cherokee County. You can also use third-party sites that compile county inmate records into an easily searchable database.

Knowing where to find accurate and up-to-date information on Cherokee County Inmates, including mugshots, recent arrests, and the Cherokee County GA mugshots for 2024, can be useful for various reasons. Loved ones may want to locate family and friends who were recently booked into the county jail.

Attorneys may search for clients who need legal representation. Bail bond companies use the inmate finder to assist with posting bail. The public can also use these free online resources to search for mugshots and other details on those arrested.

Additionally, for those interested in jail inmate mugshots in Gaffney, South Carolina, or seeking information on the Cherokee County Jail roster in Rusk, TX, it’s essential to explore these specific keywords.

The Dekalb County Inmate Roster is another valuable resource for individuals looking for comprehensive information on detainees. Overall, these resources offer transparency and accessibility to Cherokee County Jail records and inmate details.

Ways to Search for Inmates in Cherokee County

If you believe someone was recently booked into the Cherokee County Jail, there are a few ways to search for them:

Cherokee County Jail/Detention Center Website Search

Most sheriff’s offices and county jails now have an online inmate search function on their websites. The Cherokee County Detention Center and Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office websites allow you to search by first and last name to see if someone is currently incarcerated. These official inmate searches provide mugshots and list charges, bond amounts, and other booking details.

Third-Party Inmate Lookup Websites

Several independent sites compile county jail rosters into online searchable databases. These inmate lookup sites gather public booking information from hundreds of county jails nationwide. When searching for a Cherokee County inmate, these websites can supplement a search on the official county inmate finder.

Popular third-party inmate lookup websites include:

  • Vinelink
  • JailBase
  • ArrestFacts

These sites are free to use and allow you to search inmate rosters by first and last name or booking number.

Calling the Cherokee County Jail

If you cannot find inmate details through the online search tools, calling the Cherokee County jail is another option. Explain you are looking for information on an incarcerated person and provide the intake officer as many details as possible like their name, age, date of arrest, etc. The representative can then search the Cherokee County inmate database and let you know if the individual is in their custody.

In-Person Search at the Jail

Visiting the county jail facility is the last resort to locate an inmate. Go to the Cherokee County Detention Center at 150 Chattin Dr # A, Canton, GA 30115, and speak to jail staff about locating a prisoner in their custody. You may need to provide official identification and documentation to get inmate information in person.

Information Available in Cherokee County Inmate Records

When you search for inmates in the Cherokee County Jail System, some details on their arrest and booking may be available:


If found in the inmate search, mugshots provide photo identification of the Cherokee County arrestee. Mugshots are typically front-facing and profile-view camera shots.

Booking Information

Details on precisely when and where the person was arrested in Cherokee County resulting in their detention. This includes the arresting agency and the exact booking date and time.


The criminal allegations brought against the defendant led to their booking in the Cherokee County jail. Specific penal code citations may also be listed describing the nature of charges.

Bail/Bond Information

Details on whether the inmate has been assigned monetary bail/bond, whether it has been posted, and who posted it (i.e. bail bonds company). This information indicates if the person is eligible for pre-trial release from the Cherokee County jail.

Inmate Location

Where the inmate is being housed within the county jail system. For larger jails, this specifies the exact cell block or housing unit. Knowing an inmate’s location is useful for in-person visits.

Release Date

The earliest date the inmate may be eligible for release from the Cherokee County jail, whether on own recognizance (O.R.), posted bond, or completion of sentence.

Court Dates

Upcoming dates the defendant is scheduled to appear before a Cherokee County judge, usually for an arraignment, bail review hearing, plea hearing, trial, or sentencing.

Additional Resources

In addition to inmate lookup websites and search tools, Cherokee County offers other relevant information for those involved with the local criminal justice system:

Cherokee County Arrest Records

The Cherokee County Clerk of Courts maintains official arrest records filed by the arresting law enforcement agency. These records contain charges, mugshots, and other data on individuals arrested in the county.

Criminal Records from Courts

The Cherokee County court system has databases to search local criminal and civil court case files. These include future court dates, charges filed, case outcomes, and final dispositions.

Cherokee County Warrants

The Cherokee County Warrant Search lets you look up information on outstanding bench warrants, arrest warrants, and search warrants issued in the county.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Those charged with crimes in Cherokee County can hire a criminal defense lawyer for their case. The Cherokee County Public Defender’s Office also provides legal counsel to defendants who cannot afford private representation.

Sending Money to Cherokee County Inmates

If your friend or family member is incarcerated in the Cherokee County Jail, you might be wondering whether you can send them money during their imprisonment.

Most county jails provide commissary or trust accounts that allow inmates to purchase additional food, hygiene supplies, phone cards, stamps, etc beyond what is provided for free. Family, friends, or other outside supports can deposit funds into these accounts.

To send money to an inmate in Cherokee County jail, follow these steps:

  1. Set up an account with the jail’s approved money transfer service. Cherokee County works with Access Corrections to handle all monetary deposits into inmate accounts.
  2. Provide the inmate’s name and identification number assigned by the jail. This ensures the funds go into the proper inmate account.
  3. Select the amount you would like transferred and pay any transaction fees. Access Corrections accepts payments online or over the phone.
  4. The money will now be available to your incarcerated loved one on their commissary account to make approved purchases in the Cherokee County jail.

Be sure to reference Cherokee County’s inmate handbook for the most up-to-date policies, pricing, and restrictions on money transfers and commissary spending.

Let jail staff know if you have any trouble depositing funds for a Cherokee County inmate. They can guide you in successfully sending monetary support to your imprisoned friend or family member.

Contacting a Cherokee County Inmate

If you need to get in touch with someone incarcerated at Cherokee County Jail, there are several communication options available:

In-Person Visitation

The easiest way to speak directly to a Cherokee County inmate is to schedule a visit at the jail. Keep the Cherokee County Jail visitation schedule in mind – visits are typically allowed a few days per week for one hour.

Prior sign-up may be required and visitors must adhere to the jail’s strict dress code and security policies. Visitors should bring valid photo IDs and know the incarcerated person’s first and last name or inmate ID number to facilitate processing for the visit.

Phone Calls

Inmates at Cherokee County Jail can also make phone calls to approved numbers if the recipient has set up an account with the jail’s contracted phone service provider. Friends and family must register their phone numbers with ICSolutions to receive calls from the incarcerated individual.

Phone call lengths and frequency are limited to a few minutes per day, per inmate. All Cherokee County jail calls are recorded except for privileged calls with attorneys.

Video Visitation

For those unable to visit the jail in person, Cherokee County offers remote video visitation. Sessions must be scheduled in advance online for a small fee. Visitors use their smartphone, tablet, or computer webcam to video chat through the ICSolutions portal.

Before trying to call or visit an inmate, be sure to reference the Cherokee County Jail handbook for the latest policies, pricing, registration procedures, and hours. Reach out to staff with any other questions on contacting incarcerated individuals at the county jail facility.

Cherokee County Inmate Security Classifications and Housing

The Cherokee County Jail uses an inmate classification system to designate appropriate housing within the detention facility. Security classifications help separate violent inmates from low-risk populations for safety and security. The jail may consider factors like pending charges, criminal history, behavioral issues, and special needs when classifying prisoners.

Common housing designations at Cherokee County Jail include:

Minimum Security Housing – For inmates classified as low risk with non-violent charges and minor criminal histories. These cell blocks typically allow increased privileges.

Medium Security Housing – General population inmates with mid-level offense severity and moderate flight/safety risk factors. This is the most common prisoner classification.

Maximum Security Housing – Higher-risk inmates with violent alleged crimes, disciplinary problems, or escape attempts. Strict confinement protocols and loss of jail privileges.

Administrative Segregation – Isolated confinement for the safety of the inmate or jail personnel and operations. Often used as punishment for major rule violations.

Medical Housing – Special units equipped for inmates with health conditions requiring treatment, assisted care, or close monitoring.

Mental Health Housing – Segregated housing for inmates suffering mental illness, volatility, and suicidal risk necessitating extra precautions.

In classifying inmates, Cherokee County aims to maintain security and order in the jail while allowing appropriate privileges based on conduct and rehabilitation efforts demonstrated during incarceration.

Cherokee County Inmate Population and Jail Statistics

The Cherokee County Detention Center in Canton, Georgia houses both pre-trial detainees as well as inmates serving short county sentences. Here are some key stats on the jail:

  • Average Daily Inmate Population: Approximately 600 prisoners
  • Total Jail Capacity: 817 beds
  • Jail Type: County correctional facility with various security classifications
  • Average Length of Stay: 25 days
  • Inmate to Officer Ratio: Around 3:1
  • Annual Bookings Over 8,000 bookings per year
  • Population Gender Breakdown: Typically 80-85% male inmates, 15-20% female
  • Juvenile Offenders? No, juveniles are sent to regional youth detention centers
  • Prisoner Health: Medical unit plus onsite healthcare and mental health staff
  • COVID Protocols: Testing, quarantining, increased sanitization efforts
  • Rehabilitation Services: Education and vocational programs, counseling, addiction treatment, discharge planning

Cherokee County Jail houses over 600 adult inmates on average with complete services and security classifications based on conduct and needs demonstrated in the facility.

The jail population metrics provide an overview of those incarcerated in Cherokee County and can inform loved ones about inmate living conditions and available resources during imprisonment.

Cherokee County Inmate Visiting Hours

Day Visiting Hours
Monday 7:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Tuesday 7:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Wednesday 7:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Thursday 7:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday 7:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday 7:30 AM – 2:30 PM
Sunday 7:30 AM – 2:30 PM


There are various ways to look up current and former Cherokee County Jail Inmates through official inmate searches, third-party lookup sites, phone calls, and in-person jail visits.

These public resources can provide mugshots, booking details, criminal charges, bail amounts, release dates, court appearances, incarceration locations, and other useful information on those booked and held in the local county jail.

FAQs – Cherokee County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Cherokee County jail?

Use the online inmate lookup tool on the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office website or third-party sites like Vinelink. You can search by first and last name for anyone currently detained in Cherokee County Jail.

Does Cherokee County have an inmate search?

Yes, the Cherokee County Detention Center and Sheriff’s Office provide an online jail roster searchable by inmate name on their websites. Third-party inmate lookup sites also compile Cherokee’s records.

Is Cherokee County Jail search free?

Yes, the official Cherokee County inmate search tools and third-party lookup websites offer free access to jail records and inmate locator services.

Where do you find mugshots for Cherokee County?

Mugshots for individuals arrested in Cherokee County are available on the Sheriff’s Office website inmate search results as well as third-party sites like BustedMugshots that compile booking photos.

Can you visit an inmate in Cherokee County Jail?

Yes, Cherokee County Jail allows in-person visitation a few days a week for approved friends/family members. Visitors must schedule appointments and follow security clearance procedures.

What is the Cherokee County Jail phone number?

The phone number for general inquiries at Cherokee County Jail is 1-877-998-5678.

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