Marengo County Inmate Search

Searching for an inmate in the Marengo County Jail in Linden, Alabama can be a difficult and frustrating process if you don’t know where to look.

This guide provides tips and steps to help you conduct an effective Marengo County inmate search to find critical information on someone who was recently arrested or is currently incarcerated.

Marengo County Jail & Inmate Search

The Marengo County Detention Center in Linden, Alabama serves as the county jail for the region. It houses inmates who are awaiting trial or sentencing, as well as those serving misdemeanor sentences under a year.

The jail has an inmate search portal on its website that provides basic arrest information and booking photos (Marengo County jail mugshots) for inmates in their custody. However, it can be outdated and limited in the details provided.

To conduct a more comprehensive search, you need to utilize additional public records databases that compile data from multiple correctional sources. This guide will walk through the best inmate locators and record sites to use for investigating Marengo County jail inmates.

Search the Marengo County Jail Inmate Portal

The first place to check is the official Marengo County Sheriff inmate search portal available on the jail website. This inmate locator for Marengo County only provides information on people who are currently detained at the facility. Those who have been released or transferred won’t appear here.

To search for a current inmate:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Jail Inmate Search” link on the menu
  3. Enter the first and last name into the search fields
  4. Hit “Search” to view matches

If the person comes up as an inmate, you’ll see their mugshot, full name, age, gender, race, arrest date, charges, and bond amount.

This search shows who is in custody, but lacks comprehensive booking and release details found on other sites.

Check Statewide Alabama Inmate Databases

To cast a wider net, use statewide databases that compile inmate records from county jails, prisons, and correctional facilities across Alabama. These provide enhanced information and more search filters to find someone’s current incarceration status or past arrests statewide.

Alabama Department of Corrections Inmate Search

The Alabama Department of Corrections manages the state prison system. Their inmate search checks the inmate population database for all major correctional institutions statewide.

This covers state prisons and doesn’t include county jails. But it can help locate transferred inmates or sentence details.

VINE Alaska Inmate Locator

VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) is an Alabama inmate locator system run by the state to help victims track offender custody status and upcoming release info.

Anyone can use VINE’s inmate lookup to search for inmates in the Alabama Department of Corrections system as well as participating county jails.

Key features of VINE Alabama inmate search:

  • Name, DOB, and location searches
  • Custody and housing facility details
  • Offender release date notifications
  • Mobile app access

While powerful, VINE depends on each facility reporting inmate data. Some jails don’t participate, so it’s best used with other record searches.

SearchQuarry Alabama Public Records

SearchQuarry is a leading public record aggregator that compiles inmate details from a variety of correctional, judicial, and law enforcement sources statewide.

Benefits of using SearchQuarry’s Alabama inmate search:

  • Over 2 million inmate records indexed
  • Marengo County jail records included
  • Past and present incarceration searches

With deep datasets spanning multiple counties and prisons, SearchQuarry serves as a far-reaching inmate lookup to uncover incarcerations statewide.

Use National Inmate Locators to Search Multiple States

To cast an even wider net beyond Alabama correctional sources, utilize national inmate search sites that compile data from facilities across the country:

Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator

The Federal Bureau of Prisons provides a free inmate locator to check the status of federal inmates anywhere in the U.S.

This covers low and maximum-security federal prisons. While federal inmates represent a small percentage of overall incarcerations, this locator is still useful for finding transfers.

VINELink Nationwide Inmate Search

VINELink provides a web-based platform that victims can use to search for offender custody details and upcoming release dates across participating U.S. states and counties.

In addition to the Alabama inmate search portal discussed earlier, VINELink has databases that span multiple states nationwide using the same interface.

This extends your search reach considerably if needing to check counties outside of Alabama.

FindMugshots Nationwide Inmate Search

Launched in 2021, provides instant access to current and past inmate records from thousands of city, county, and state facilities across the country.

With over 12+ million inmate records in their databases that grow daily, FindMugshots has become the most robust and up-to-date, privately-run nationwide inmate search available.

Benefits include:

  • Past and present inmate searches
  • Includes Alabama mugshots and records
  • Daily database updates
  • Name or location searches

For conducting nationwide searches beyond Alabama’s state borders, FindMugshots’ database access makes them a top inmate lookup tool.

Search Marengo County Court Cases & Criminal Charges

If wanting to look up details on someone’s past or upcoming criminal court cases in Marengo County, visit Alabama’s online court records portal:

Alabama Court Records Online Case Search

The Administrative Office of Courts runs an online case search that provides public access to statewide Alabama court records.

Searching by name or case number yields online court dockets with:

  • Upcoming hearing dates
  • Criminal charges
  • Case status
  • Final rulings
  • Attachments like arrest reports

This public portal exposes Marengo County court records, from initial arrest details to case outcomes. It’s an essential source for researching local criminal histories.

How to Lookup Marengo County Jail Inmates Online

Now that you know the best inmate search sites and court record databases to use, here is a step-by-step process for effectively looking up a current or past Marengo County jail inmate:

Step 1: Start with the Marengo County jail’s inmate search

Even though limited in details, always first check the official Marengo County inmate search on the jail website to see if the person appears in their current detainee list.

Step 2: Check Alabama statewide databases

If needing more details like past arrests or upcoming release dates, run expanded searches on VINELink’s Alabama inmate locator or use SearchQuarry to search the state’s various correctional and incarceration data sources.

Step 3: Widen your search with national inmate locators

Sometimes you need to search beyond local counties and across state borders, especially if needing to locate inmate transfers or multi-state criminal offenders.

Use VINELink’s national portal or FindMugshots’ databases with over 12 million inmate profiles to cast a very wide net.

Step 4: Lookup Marengo County criminal charges and court cases

Research specifics around their criminal history in Marengo County by looking up court dockets for criminal charges and upcoming hearings on the statewide court records site.

Step 5: Research bail, fines, and bonds

The final step involves figuring out bail bond payment requirements which are county-specific. You can call the Marengo County Detention Center for this information or consult with bail bond agents listed on the jail website.

Marengo County Incarceration Records and Mugshots

Here are details on obtaining Marengo County incarceration and mugshot records:

Current Inmate Information

The easiest way to find current incarceration and booking details on a Marengo County Jail inmate is to use the Sheriff’s Office Inmate Search portal available on their website. This provides basic arrest details and mugshots.

Past Incarceration and Release Records

For prior arrest details or release dates, you’ll need to search wider databases from companies like VINELink or SearchQuarry that compile statewide incarceration records over time from various Alabama correctional sources and facilities.

Official Criminal History Reports

To obtain the full official printed incarceration history and mugshots, you need to request criminal background reports from the arresting law enforcement agency or Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

This requires mailing them signed consent forms or fingerprint submissions from the person along with record fees that can range between $25 to $50.

Additional Arrest and Mugshot Websites

Various third-party sites publish publicly-sourced arrest and mugshot information, although accuracy and completeness vary considerably across these. Major sites that include Alabama mugshots and incarceration data include,, and

So in summary – use the jail’s inmate search for current booking details, use expanded search services for past histories, and file official criminal background checks for certified reports and mugshots associated with someone previously incarcerated at Marengo County Jail or processed in the region.

Sending Money to Marengo County Inmates

The most convenient way to send money to an inmate at Marengo County Detention Center is to use the inmate deposit service available on the jail’s website or by phone. This allows you to provide funds that the inmate can then access in their commissary account to purchase items.

How to Send Money to a Marengo County Jail Inmate Online

  1. Go to the jail’s inmate deposit page:
  2. Select the “Inmate Deposit” service and proceed to the payment form
  3. Enter the Inmate Booking Number and Surname along with the deposit amount
  4. Provide your billing details to process payment via credit/debit card

Once approved, the money will automatically be available in the recipient inmate’s account at the detention center.

Sending Money by Phone

You can also arrange deposits by calling 1-866-345-1884 and providing inmate details along with payment info.

Money Order/Cashier’s Check

If needing to mail funds, send a money order or cashier’s check payable to “Marengo County Jail” with the inmate name and booking ID written on the note. This gets processed manually so can take over a week to appear in their account.

Be sure to follow the latest rules around dollar limits, usable payment methods, and adding references to ensure your deposit reaches the intended inmate.

The Marengo County Jail provides around $30 per week of basic commissary items. Additional funds allow inmates to purchase added food, hygiene supplies, writing materials, and other approved items.

Locate a Marengo County Jail Inmate via Phone

If you need to urgently find or speak with a Marengo County Detention Center inmate, calling the jail is the fastest route:

  • Marengo County Jail phone number: (334) 295-6304

Provide the inmate’s first and last name. The staff can confirm if the person is in custody along with visiting eligibility and hours.

Inmates can also be contacted directly through the jail phone system by having their 5-digit inmate ID ready when prompted.

Marengo County Visiting Guide and Hours

Here are the key details for visiting an inmate at the Marengo County Jail:

Visiting Hours at Marengo County Jail:

  • Sunday – 8:00am to 11:00am
  • Monday – Friday: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

The visiting center is open during the above hours for visitation sessions that must be scheduled in advance. Each session is 20 to 30 minutes max.

Scheduling Visits

You must complete an Inmate Visitor Application on the jail’s website and fax it to 334-295-6419 prior to approval before visits can be arranged. Not all visitor relationships are allowed.

Check-In Procedures

All visitors at the county jail must go through security checks which involve presenting a valid, government-issued photo ID, passing through a metal detector, and allowing searches of any items you bring. Some items are prohibited in visiting areas.

Phone Visits Alternative

As an alternative, remote Visitation-by-Phone services are offered by the jail if the unable to visit in person during allowed windows. Phone visits must still be scheduled in advance using account payments or pre-paid collect calling services.

Visiting an inmate housed in the Marengo County Detention Center requires following strict regulations and scheduling coordination with jail staff. Be sure to plan around the Sunday morning visiting hours if coming in person or set up phone visit accounts beforehand.

Submit Public Information Requests

If online searches don’t yield the records needed, formal Alabama public records requests can be submitted to the Marengo County Sheriff’s Office or individual facilities.

Common public records available:

  • Arrest reports
  • Booking records
  • Police records
  • Court documents
  • Criminal histories

This requires mailing specific record requests to each department or detention center. We recommend consulting the following Freedom of Information Act guides before writing requests:

While more tedious than online lookups, written record requests are useful for obtaining official documents not found through inmate search sites.

Marengo County Inmate Population

Here are some key details on the inmate population and capacity at the Marengo County Jail:

  • Total Bed Capacity: 200
  • Average Daily Population: 80-100 inmates
  • Average Length of Stay: 2-4 months
  • Annual Bookings: 1,500+ bookings/year

The Marengo County Detention Center serves as the main county jail and houses inmates serving short sentences for misdemeanor crimes as well as those awaiting trial or sentencing.

The average daily number of inmates fluctuates between 80-100 which represents nearly half of the total beds available at the facility.

Stays are typically short with most released within 4 months. But some may be housed over a year awaiting court dates and sentencing completion.

On an annual basis, the jail processes around 1,500+ bookings for individuals arrested within the county. The current inmate population is comprised primarily of males above the age of 18.

The Marengo County Jail receives arrestees from local, county, and state law enforcement agencies across the region. Housing allocation decisions are made based on security, medical, and special classification needs.

While rarely at full capacity, the inmate population does occasionally exceed 170 during surges, requiring coordination with nearby county jails for overflow housing.

FAQs – Marengo County Inmate Search

How do I look up current inmates in the Marengo County Jail?

Use the sheriff’s office inmate search portal to find active detainees’ mugshots, arrest info, and bond data. Widen your search with statewide sites like VINELink and SearchQuarry.

Where can I find mugshots for the Marengo County Jail?

The sheriff provides Marengo County jail mugshots of current inmates. However, past detainee mugshot records require filing public records requests to the facility or using statewide public record services like SearchQuarry that maintain such datasets.

How can I look up Marengo County jail release dates?

VINElink’s Alabama portal lets you search by name for upcoming inmate release info. The Marengo County Detention Center can also provide pending release details on current detainees.

What if I don’t know what county jail they are in?

Use VINELink’s nationwide inmate locator search or FindMugshots tools to look up inmates across state counties and facilities without knowing their exact incarceration location.

How do I find someone’s criminal records in Marengo County?

Use online court record searches to look up county criminal charges and case details. For official print records, you need to formally request criminal histories from the arresting law enforcement agency or court system.

How do I find someone in Marengo County Jail?

To find someone in Marengo County Jail, go to the sheriff’s office website and use their inmate search or call the jail. You can also check sites like VINElink and SearchQuarry that have statewide incarceration records.

What jails are in Marengo County Alabama?

The main jail facility is the Marengo County Detention Center located in Linden, Alabama. This serves as the county’s primary jail.

Does Marengo County Jail have video visitation?

No, the Marengo County Jail does not currently offer online video visits or messaging with inmates. You need to visit in person during approved hours.

Can you visit inmates in Marengo County Jail?

Yes, Marengo County Jail allows in-person visits during designated hours if you schedule ahead and are an approved visitor for that inmate based on the relationship.

How much does it cost to bond out of Marengo County Jail?

Bond amounts vary case-by-case based on charges and background. You will need to call the jail or check inmate search sites to find the specific bond amount, then use a bail bonds service for payment.

What are inmate mail rules at Marengo County Jail?

Marengo County Jail has strict regulations on mail content, packaging, stamp usage, and approved sender lists. See the jail’s website for complete mailing guidelines.

Does Marengo County allow electronic cigarettes in jail?

No, like most correctional facilities Marengo County bans e-cigarettes and vaping devices as contraband items among inmates.

Can you get married in Marengo County Jail?

It may be possible for inmates to get married while incarcerated at the jail under certain exceptional circumstances. You would need approval from a religious leader and authorization by the jail administration.

How much do inmates make in Marengo County Jail?

Inmates at Marengo County Jail do not earn wages for work programs and other duties performed at the facility or farm labor. Some state prisons do have modest wage structures.

How many inmates can Marengo County Jail hold?

Marengo County Detention Center has around 200 beds for housing inmates. The average daily population is close to half the maximum capacity.


Searching for someone in jail in Marengo County starts with the sheriff’s inmate lookup portal, and then expands into larger statewide incarceration databases.

To go beyond basic arrest and custody info, use additional public record lookups for criminal court cases, release data, mugshots, and more.

With so many paper and electronic records to navigate across various facilities, following these search steps will help streamline the process to successfully locate details on current and past Marengo County jail inmates.

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