Autauga County Inmate Search

Wondering how to do an Autauga County inmate search? Looking to locate a friend or relative being held in the Autauga County Jail?

This complete guide offers tips for using online tools and public records for tracking incarcerations in the Autauga County, Alabama area.

Get information related to current and past jail bookings, inmate case files, conviction records, release dates, visitation policies, communication options, and more.

Whether you’re looking up minor offenses or major convictions, this article details multiple approaches for examining the background and custody status of detained individuals in Autauga County.

Learn best practices for utilizing area law enforcement and statewide Department of Corrections networks to access needed incarceration records.

Use official search platforms run by local Sheriff’s Offices and courts or third-party inmate locators that aggregate publicly available jail data. If you’re asking “How do I find someone in the Autauga County jail?” or want resources for locating Alabama arrestees, start with this guide!

Autauga County Jail

The Autauga County Jail, located in Prattville, Alabama (the county seat), houses inmates who are awaiting trial or serving short sentences. The jail is operated by the Autauga County Sheriff’s Office.

In addition to the county jail, some Autauga County inmates may be held in surrounding county jails or Alabama Department of Corrections facilities.

How to Search for Autauga County Inmates

There are a few free online resources to utilize when performing an Autauga County inmate lookup:

  • Autauga County Jail Inmate Search – Search by inmate name for info like booking date, expected release date, bond amount, and charges
  • Autauga County Arrest Records – Find recent arrests with mugshots and details like date of birth and last known address
  • Alabama DOC Inmate Search – Check statewide records including Autauga County transfers
  • Third-party Websites – Sites like Vinelink allow you to track incarceration in Autauga County and sign up for custody status notifications

Locate Someone Detained in Autauga County

If you need to find inmates in Autauga County like a friend or family member, follow these steps:

  1. Check the Autauga County online inmate roster
    • Search by first and last name
    • Note their booking date and cell location
  2. Lookup their mugshot in the Autauga County arrest records
    • Identify any aliases they may be using
  3. Search the Alabama DOC inmate search
    • Includes inmate transfers
  4. Try looking up their inmate booking number
    • A unique ID is assigned at booking
  5. Setup notifications on third-party websites
    • Receive updates if they are released

Autauga County Jail Visitation Guidelines and Hours

If you are planning to visit an inmate at the Autauga County Jail, be sure to follow all guidelines:

Visitation Hours

The Autauga County Jail has visitation hours every day of the week:

Day Hours (Morning) Hours (Afternoon)
Monday 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Arrive early and check in at least 15 minutes before your scheduled video visitation time slot.

Dress Code

There is a strict dress code for jail visitation:

  • No revealing clothing  No shorts or mini-skirts
  • No sleeveless shirts
  • No see-through garments
  • No ripped jeans
  • No gang colors or logos

Approved Items

You can only bring necessary documentation like IDs or paperwork regarding the inmate’s case. No personal items are permitted.

Special Instructions

Comply with all instructions from the visitation officers during check-in and video call connection. Failure to adhere to guidelines will result in denied visitation privileges.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with these policies ahead of time to avoid issues visiting your incarcerated friend or family member at the Autauga County Jail.

Inmate Communications at Autauga County Jail

If you need to communicate with an inmate at the Autauga County Jail, you have several options:


Inmates can receive and send physical mail at the jail. Ensure you address it using their full name, and ID number, and specify their cell block or housing unit. Photos can be sent but no other items, cards, cash, etc. Mail is distributed and picked up once a day.

Phone Calls

Inmates can make outgoing calls on the shared inmate phones. Remember that all calls (except privileged ones) are monitored and recorded by jail authorities. You can set up a prepaid phone account to receive calls.

Video Visitation

By appointment during visitation hours, you can connect over live video with incarcerated loved ones. Interaction is through an LCD screen with built-in cameras and speakers.


Email-to-inmate messaging services from third-party providers are available with paid subscriptions. They scan all content for security purposes. Emails are printed and distributed with regular jail mail.


Add money to an inmate’s account to allow the purchase of approved items like snacks, writing materials, hygiene products, etc. from the facility commissary. Orders are fulfilled weekly.

Communicating with incarcerated individuals aids their overall mental health and rehabilitation efforts while awaiting trial or serving short county jail sentences at facilities like the Autauga County Jail.

Access Inmate Details

When you have found an Autauga County inmate, several types of details may be available:

  • Booking Status – Date and time booked into jail
  • Housing Location – Specific cell and cell block
  • Visitation Schedule – Days and times visitation is allowed
  • Charges – Current charges and bond amounts for each
  • Court Dates – Upcoming dates to appear before a judge
  • Release Date – Expected date to be released from custody
  • Mugshots – Booking photos and previous arrest photos
  • Criminal History – Previous arrests and convictions

Sending Money to Autauga County Jail Inmates

If you need to provide funds to an incarcerated individual at the Autauga County Jail, you have a couple of options:

Commissary Account Deposits

To allow an inmate to purchase items from the commissary, you can deposit money into their facility account. Send postal money orders via mail or visit the lobby kiosks to add money. Be sure to reference the inmate’s name and ID.

Prepaid Phone Accounts

Setting up an advance pay phone account allows inmates to call approved numbers to collect. You fund the account and then receive calls which are automatically deducted per minute. Arrange accounts online, over the phone, or at on-site kiosks.

Third-Party Apps

Specialized mobile apps like JailATM, AccessCorrections, FixPays, and more act as middlemen to transfer money to inmate accounts. These provide convenience but may charge higher fees.

Always follow the Autauga County Jail policies and inmate ID number formats to ensure transferred money successfully reaches your incarcerated contact.

Autauga County Jail Inmate Commissary

The Autauga County Jail offers inmates access to a commissary where they can purchase approved items weekly using personal funds in their facility accounts:

Commissary Schedule

  • Inmate commissary orders are processed once per week
  • Order forms are distributed to inmates on Sundays
  • Orders must be submitted to jail staff by end-of-day on Mondays
  • Purchased items are delivered on Thursdays

Items Available

The inmate commissary stocks a variety of goods including:

  • Snacks: Cookies, candy bars, chips
  • Drinks: Soda, juice, instant coffee
  • Food Items: Noodles, tuna packets, peanut butter
  • Hair/Hygiene: Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant
  • Clothing: Underwear, socks
  • Other: Books, cards, pens, paper, stamps

Note that quantities and selection may be limited and commissary offerings can change week to week depending on availability from vendors.

Inmates at the Autauga County Jail appreciate deposits to their accounts to fund these commissary purchases that help improve daily life while incarcerated.

Obtaining Autauga County Incarceration Records and Mugshots

If you need to acquire records related to an inmate’s current or past incarceration in the Autauga County Jail, there are a few options:

Jail Booking Records

For current arrests and bookings, search the online Autauga County Jail Inmate Roster which provides:

  • Booking number
  • Arrest details
  • Mugshots
  • Expected release dates
  • Bail amounts

Arrest Records

The county clerk’s office and local law enforcement agencies maintain arrest reports which may contain additional details like police narratives of the arrest incident.

Mugshot Websites

Many third-party sites aggregate booking photos from county jails including Autauga. These can provide past and present inmate mugshot galleries.

Autauga County Court Records

Case documents, sentencing orders, and calendars held at the courthouse provide information related to an inmate’s incarceration and release conditions.

Retrieving these incarceration-related records and mugshots surrounding an Autauga County Jail inmate requires finding the right authoritative source – whether the public online system, government agency, or third-party website – that houses the specific records sought.

Autauga County Jail Security Levels

The Autauga County Jail maintains custody of inmates with minimum to medium security classification levels. This includes:

Minimum Security

Inmates classified as minimum security pose a very low risk for behavioral issues. They exhibit good conduct and non-violent histories. At the jail, they may be afforded extra privileges or job assignments.

Medium Security

Medium security inmates or those with questionable backgrounds undergo closer supervision and monitoring by jail staff. Their inmate counts and cell checks occur more frequently.

The Alabama Department of Corrections typically transfers higher-risk or maximum-security detainees to specialized prisons or security wards because these facilities implement more stringent containment protocols.

Assigning standardized security levels allows the jail to streamline cell housing, supervision, transport procedures, visiting policies, and other protocols for the spectrum detainees held at the Autauga County correctional facility.

How to Obtain an Inmate’s Criminal Background

Part of understanding an inmate’s current incarceration is getting insight into their criminal history details. Here’s how to find out about an Autauga County inmate’s past charges:

  • Search official Autauga County arrest records
  • Lookup their case files at the Autauga County Courthouse
  • Perform a wider Alabama criminal background check
  • Contact the Autauga County Sheriff’s Office for records

This can provide extra context into current charges and can aid legal preparations if you plan on communicating with the inmate.

Tips for Searching Autauga County Jail Records

Keep these tips in mind when performing an Autauga County inmate lookup:

  • Check multiple data sources to confirm the housing location
  • Call the jail to validate that an inmate is in custody
  • Search by first name, last name, booking number, and known aliases
  • Check statewide DOC records for potential transfers
  • Setup alerts on third-party sites for automatic updates
  • Understand that some sensitive case info may not be public

Compiling details from various systems helps paint a fuller picture of an inmate’s situation.

How to Communicate with an Inmate

If you need to get in touch with an incarcerated person in Autauga County, here are communication methods to use:

  • Send physical mail with their ID number, housing location
  • During visitation, speak over video call or through a glass divider
  • Schedule phone calls from the detention facility
  • Email via third-party inmate messaging services
  • Send money for their phone account or commissary

Be sure to follow all Autauga County jail visitation rules including dress code, approved items, etc. Not adhering can result in denied visitation.

Obtain Autauga County Jail Records and Reports

In addition to inmate lookups, you can request administrative records regarding the Autauga County Jail operations:

  • Annual reports
  • Population statistics
  • Programs and services
  • Staff information
  • Facility policies
  • Budget details

File an official public records request to the Autauga County Sheriff’s Office for access.

Autauga County Jail Location and Contact Details

The Autauga County Jail’s official contact details are below:


Performing an Autauga County inmate search is possible using online jail rosters, arrest records, statewide DOC checks, and third-party lookup tools. Identify critical inmate details like booking date, expected release, court dates, charges, housing, mugshots, criminal history, and more.

Follow tips like checking multiple data sources, calling for confirmation, searching by aliases, and setting up status alerts. Lastly, communicate via mail, phone calls, video chats, and email.

FAQs – Autauga County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Autauga County jail?

You can search the Autauga County Jail inmate roster on their website or use third-party sites for locating individuals in custody. Search by first, and last name and booking number if known.

What jail is Autauga County using?

The Autauga County Sheriff’s Office operates the main county jail located in the city of Prattville. Some inmates may be transferred to nearby county facilities.

Does Autauga County have an inmate search?

Yes, the Autauga County Jail provides public inmate lookups on its website to search for people in custody by first name, last name, and other identifiers.

Is there a way to look up inmates for free?

Several jail and arrest record databases provide free public lookups to search for inmate details. Autauga County offers free access to its inmate roster online.

How can I send money to an inmate in Autauga County?

You can deposit funds into an inmate’s account remotely online or through jail lobby kiosks to allow commissary purchases. Another option is adding money to phone prepaid accounts for calling.

What are inmate conditions like in Autauga County?

The conditions for inmates in a medium-security county jail are standard, including multi-person cells, communal facilities, limited recreation time, and other imposed restrictive protocols.

When can I visit an inmate in Autauga County Jail?

The Autauga County Jail has open video visitation hours 7 days a week. Be sure to schedule appointments in advance online or by phone.

What is the capacity of the Autauga County Jail?

The main Autauga County Jail has around 300-bed spaces but experiences occasional overcrowding above official capacity.

Can Autauga County inmates make phone calls?

Yes, inmates can make collect calls from shared jail phones to approved numbers registered on prepaid accounts funded by friends and family.

How do I research an inmate’s background from Autauga County?

You can find past case files, convictions, mugshots, sentencing details, and other records through Autauga County court records or background check services.

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