Fayette County Inmate Search

Fayette County in Kentucky operates the Fayette County Detention Center, which houses inmates who have been arrested by county law enforcement or who are awaiting trial, sentencing, or transfer to state facilities.

This guide provides information on how to search for and locate current and former Fayette County jail inmates.

How to Perform a Fayette County Jail Lookup

There are several methods available to perform an inmate search in Fayette County:

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office

The easiest way to find an inmate in the Fayette County jail is by using the official Fayette County Sheriff’s Office online inmate search. This search allows you to look up inmates by:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Booking date
  • Booking number

To access the inmate lookup visit the Fayette County Detention Center website and click on the “Inmate Search” link.

Third-Party Websites

Several third-party websites aggregate jail and inmate data from around the country. These sites compile public arrest and inmate records from county jails and detention centers. Most offer free and paid inmate lookups.

Some reputable third-party Fayette County inmate search websites include:

  • Vinelink
  • JailBase
  • Lookup Arrests
  • Arrest Facts

These sites will let you search for current inmates in Fayette County jail as well as those who have recently been released or transferred.

Finding Inmates in Fayette County Jail

Once you have selected an inmate search method, you can look up inmates using the following information:

Inmate Name

At a minimum, you typically need the first and last name of an inmate to perform a search. However, searches can sometimes be inaccurate if searching by name alone if the inmate has a common name.

Booking Number

Every inmate booked into the Fayette County jail is assigned a unique booking number. This is the most accurate way to search for an inmate. You can typically get the booking number from the Sheriff’s office or arrest records.

Arrest Date

If you know the approximate arrest date, you may be able to locate an inmate by searching by the date they were likely booked. However, arrest dates alone may yield multiple search results.

ID Number

Inmates have identification numbers assigned by the Fayette County jail. If you have this number for an inmate, you can enter it into inmate search sites to quickly find the person’s record and lookup information.

No matter what inmate search method you use, pay attention to details such as age, location of arrest, full inmate name, and other identifiers to ensure you locate the correct person. Fayette County inmate searches by name can sometimes produce multiple results.

Fayette County Arrest Records Search

In addition to inmate lookup sites, you can also search Fayette County arrest records through websites such as:

  • Fayette County Court Records Search
  • Fayette County Circuit Court Access
  • Kentucky State Police Criminal History Search

These sites compile information on Fayette County criminal charges, arrest dates, warrants issued, scheduled court appearances, and other data related to a person’s arrest in the county. This information can supplement a Fayette County inmate search to provide additional context such as:

  • Details on the crimes, charges, or warrants leading to arrest
  • Mugshots
  • Future court dates
  • Sentencing information
  • Probation status

Arrest records searches sometimes include personal information about a person such as date of birth, aliases used, or prior arrests.

Accessing Public Inmate Records Fayette County

Certain Fayette County inmate information is considered public record and can be accessed through official websites and open records requests:

Inmate Booking Reports

Booking reports list an inmate’s name, ID number, housing location, arresting agency, date admitted, expected release date, charges, and bond amount set.

Inmate Mugshots

Mugshot photos taken after arrest are public records. Mugshots can be viewed on many inmate lookup sites.

Court and Arrest Records

Details of an inmate’s specific court case and arrest records are public. This includes arrest reports, warrants, charges filed, court schedules, and case dispositions.

Jail Rosters

Daily inmate rosters listing all current jail occupants are public information. Rosters include basic inmate details and housing locations.

While certain inmate information is public, other records such as medical history, disciplinary records, and juvenile records are kept confidential.

Searching Fayette County Mugshots

Fayette County mugshots provide photo identification of arrested individuals. Mugshots are taken at the time of booking as part of the intake process.

You can find Fayette County jail mugshots by:

  • Checking inmate lookup sites that compile booking photos
  • Searching online arrest news publications and galleries
  • Submitting open records requests for specific mugshot photos
  • Contacting local media outlets that may publish mugshots

Photos are typically available for inmates currently housed in the detention center as well as recently released inmates.

Mugshot galleries can provide visual confirmation that you have located the correct person in an inmate search. The photos also shed light on the inmate’s appearance, demeanor, and physical characteristics.

Booking Information Fayette County Jail

When an individual is arrested and processed into the Fayette County jail, a booking record is created that documents key intake information including:

  • Inmate name
  • Age
  • Date and time of admission
  • Arresting agency
  • List of charges
  • Bail amount set
  • Housing unit assigned
  • Mugshot photo
  • Fingerprints
  • Distinctive marks or tattoos

Booking details provide official documentation of the reason for incarceration. The reports typically list precise information on criminal counts or outstanding warrants leading to arrest.

Booking data can be used to research an inmate’s background or confirm the accuracy of charges listed in an inmate search.

Looking Up Bond Information Fayette County Inmates

The bond amount set for Fayette County jail inmates determines if pre-trial release is possible and any amount required to bail someone out of jail.

Bond amounts are set based on factors such as:

  • The severity of criminal charges
  • Pending sentencing status
  • Previous failure to appear in court
  • Prior criminal history

The bond is paid as a guarantee that the defendant will show up for future court proceedings. Upon release, the bail money serves as collateral if the person does not appear.

Standard cash bail amounts must typically be paid to the court by the inmate or a third party to process release. However, some may use a bail bond agent and pay a smaller percentage instead.

You can look up an inmate’s bond information in Fayette County through the inmate search sites detailed earlier. Bond data usually includes the monetary amount established and whether it has been posted or not.

Court Dates Fayette County Inmates

Those researching a Fayette County jail lookup may also want information on upcoming court hearings.

Inmates incarcerated while awaiting trial or sentencing will have court events scheduled to resolve their pending criminal cases.

You can lookup court dates Fayette County inmates have on the docket by:

  • Checking case records online
  • Calling the Fayette County courthouse
  • Searching third-party court date lookup tools
  • Contacting a bail bond company handling the case
  • Speaking with an attorney involved in the defense

Having details on scheduled hearings, case management conferences, plea hearings, sentencing dates, and so on can aid those assisting incarcerated individuals or monitoring cases.

Court events may occur at the district courthouse or inside secured courtrooms at the Fayette County Detention Center.

Visitation Information Fayette County Jail

To maintain visitation information Fayette County jail inmates, family, and friends can:

  • Call the visitation office
  • Check the facility’s website
  • Email questions to the visitation staff

Visitation policies dictate:

  • Hours available
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Approved visitor rules
  • Number of visits allowed
  • Permitted items brought in

Visitors should confirm the guidelines and have the required identification. Inmate visits typically occur behind a glass partition or on recorded video feeds rather than face-to-face open contact.

The Fayette County Detention Center offers both on-site visitation for approved visitors as well as remote online video visitation sessions. Visitors face certain dress codes, identification, and security screening requirements.

Options to Contact Fayette County Inmates

While visitation allows some contact, there are also options for those outside a facility to communicate with incarcerated inmates in the Fayette County jail:

Phone Calls

Inmates can make collect calls or calls billed to a prepaid account to approved numbers. Calls are time-limited, recorded, and monitored.


Inmates can receive postal letters and correspondence. Rules exist on items allowed.


Some systems permit emails sent to inmates that are printed and distributed with physical mail.

Video Service

Secured third-party video chat and messaging services are available requiring a user account and a per-minute fee.

Inmate Tablets

Some facilities now provide monitored tablets allowing recorded video messages, email-style text, eBooks, music, and more. Usage requires prepaid accounts.

Checking Release Dates Fayette County Inmates

Those checking Fayette County inmate search records often want to know release dates indicating when incarceration ends.

Inmates may be released upon:

  • Making bail
  • Completing sentence term
  • Release on own recognizance
  • Charges dropped/dismissed
  • Transfer to other facilities
  • Payment of fines
  • Plea deals or pre-trial agreements

Checking an inmate’s case file provides the most reliable release data based on sentencing status, scheduled court events, and related factors.

Jail rosters also note remaining detention time for current occupants awaiting release.

Websites may display projected release dates that are estimates only and subject to change. Dates shown as “unknown” indicate pending case resolutions preventing definitive release scheduling.

Crime Records Fayette County Background Checks

Beyond current inmate status, much can be learned from an individual’s past crime records in Fayette County.

Criminal background checks and searches access information on a subject’s history including:

  • Previous arrests and convictions
  • Felony or misdemeanor counts
  • Traffic citations and DUI offenses
  • Active warrants
  • DNA samples
  • Sex offender registration
  • Parole or probation status

Searches typically compile data from law enforcement databases, court files, corrections records, and more.

Background checks aid in public safety screening, employment decisions, rental housing applications, and assessing overall risk factors.

Perform a Criminal History Search in Fayette County

A variety of options exist for those needing to perform a local criminal history search in Fayette County including:

  • Kentucky State Police Background Checks
  • Fayette County Court Records Search
  • Private Background Check Companies
  • FBI Identity History Summary Checks

Different searches can produce unique records on a subject’s past criminal offenses, convictions, incarcerations, or questionable behavior.

Typically a small fee is charged to cover access and records processing costs. Some searches may have eligibility requirements as well.

Conducting periodic checks offers visibility into a person’s unfolding rap sheet and contacts with the legal system. This data aids in determining reliability, public safety considerations, and other trust factors.


I hope this guide has helped explain the various methods and strategies to lookup current and former Fayette County jail inmates. Performing an accurate search ensures you have complete data on incarceration status, upcoming court events, outreach options, and release planning. Routine monitoring provides visibility into changing case factors over time.

Supplementary arrest and criminal history searches also shed light on subjects’ records, convictions, and questionable backgrounds. Compiling a complete picture from multiple sources allows for properly assessing situations and relationships.

FAQs – Fayette County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Fayette County jail?

You can search the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office website for inmate lookup, or use third-party sites like Vinelink to find inmates by name, booking date, or number.

Is Fayette County Jail full?

Yes, the Fayette County Detention Center has faced serious overcrowding issues in recent years. It was over capacity by nearly 300 inmates as of fall 2023.

Who runs the Fayette County jail?

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office oversees and administers the Fayette County Detention Center jail operations.

What is the phone number for Fayette County jail?

The phone number for the Fayette County Detention Center administration is 859-254-4458. This main number can transfer you to various jail departments.

Can you visit an inmate in Fayette County jail?

The Fayette County Detention Center offers on-site and online video visitation to approved visitors who pass screening and follow rules.

How much does it cost to bond someone out of Fayette County jail?

Bond amounts vary case-by-case based on charges and court-ordered amounts ranging anywhere from $100 to $100,000 or more requiring 10%-100% payment to a bail bond agent.

What can you send inmates in Fayette County jail?

Rules limit mail to paper letters, photos, and magazines. You cannot send packages. Third-party services also enable the sending of e-cards or tablet messages.

How often are inmates fed in Fayette County?

Inmates at the detention center receive three meals per day meeting basic nutrition guidelines, with options for special medical and religious diets.

Does the Fayette County Detention Center have accreditation?

Yes, the Fayette County Detention Center meets accredited standards for policies, operations, conditions, and inmate rights protections from national organizations.

Where do arrested juveniles go in Fayette County?

Juveniles arrested in Fayette County go to a youth development center, not the main adult county jail. Youth are kept separated from adult inmates.

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