Blount County Inmate Search

Searching for an inmate in the Blount County jail system can be a frustrating process. With the right tools and information, however, finding accurate details on inmates in Blount County detention centers is possible.

This guide provides key resources for conducting an effective Blount County inmate search and understanding the county jail system.

Blount County Jails

Blount County operates a few key detention facilities that house inmates arrested within the county and awaiting trial or serving short sentences. The main jail is located in Maryville, TN, and is operated by the Blount County Sheriff’s Office. This facility houses the majority of the county inmates.

In addition to the central Blount County jail, there are a few smaller municipal detention centers that hold inmates arrested by city police departments before transport to the main facility. These include jails in Maryville, TN, Alcoa, and Townsend. Despite separate city police forces, all individuals arrested in Blount County end up as part of the central Blount County inmate population sooner or later.

Inmate Search in Blount County Jail

Conducting an effective inmate search in Blount County detention facilities requires following a few key steps. This guide outlines the process in an easy-to-follow format:

Check the Blount County Sheriff’s Inmate Lookup

The primary search option is through the online lookup tool on the Blount County Sheriff’s Office website. To access:

  • Go to
  • Click on the “Jail inmates” link
  • Enter first name, last name, or booking number
  • Review results and inmate details

This provides the most up-to-date information on custody status, bail, release dates, court events, and more.

Online Inmate Search Resources

Supplement the sheriff’s search by checking supplementary sites like:

  • Blount County Arrest Warrants database
  • Tennessee Felony Offender Search
  • Blount County Court Calendar
  • VINE Notification System

These provide related documentation like warrants, statewide records, court schedules, and custody alerts.

Search by Specific Parameters (if known)

For targeted results, apply filters on the sheriff’s inmate search like:

  • Booking date range
  • Arrest location
  • Charges filed (felony, misdemeanor, etc.)

When details on the arrest context are known, add these filters to remove irrelevant inmate results.

Request Offline Inmate Records from the Sheriff

Certain records and services related to an inmate require direct request or process through Blount County Sheriff’s Office administration, including:

  • Booking reports beyond online summaries
  • Official mugshot copies
  • Visitation registration/scheduling
  • Inmate account funds for commissary, phone, etc.

Formal signed release forms are needed for the inmates in some cases.

Contact the Facility Holding the Inmate Directly (if needed)

Get in touch with staff at the specific jail location housing the inmate in question for needs like:

  • Scheduling visitation
  • Phone communication
  • Record clarification
  • Release verification

Knowing the right facility to call prevents delays.

Following this step-by-step process allows anyone to conduct efficient inmate searches in the Blount County jail system and secure needed records and information related to arrests and detentions.

Searching for Blount County Jail Inmates Online

The easiest way to find information on a specific inmate in Blount County is by using the online lookup tool provided by the Blount County Sheriff’s Office. This free public search allows you to search by inmate name or booking number to find details including:

  • Mugshots
  • Arrest details
  • Bond amounts
  • Projected release dates
  • Court dates

To access this search, go to and click on the “Jail inmates” link. From there, you can enter a full or partial first or last name to lookup individuals. Make sure to try multiple name variations to account for nicknames or spelling discrepancies.

This Blount County inmate lookup provides the most up-to-date information available without needing to call or visit the jail in person. Checking this site frequently is key to getting current status updates on release dates, transfers, and court dates.

Inmate Roster in Blount County Jail

Here is a version of the article structured around explaining the inmate roster and records available from Blount County Jail:

Reviewing the Inmate Roster in Blount County Jail

Blount County Jail maintains various records and an inmate roster containing information on people detained at their facilities. Here is an overview of these inmate records available and how to access details on individuals incarcerated in Blount County.

Blount County Jail Inmate Roster Contents

The Blount County Sheriff’s Office provides a searchable inmate roster online containing key information including:

  • Inmate names
  • Mugshot photos
  • Arrest details
  • Housing location
  • Bail/bond status
  • Projected release dates
  • Upcoming court events

Additional inmate details like full booking reports, processing forms, incident reports, and property receipts may be available upon formal records request in some instances.

Searching the Blount County Jail Inmate Roster

The primary avenue for searching the inmate roster is through the Blount County Sheriff’s Office website:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Jail Inmates”
  3. Enter first name, last name, or booking number
  4. Review search results

Inmate matching the query details will be displayed along with their booking mugshot, assigned housing unit, bail amount set, and other key records.

Supplementary Roster Search Resources

In addition to the Blount County Sheriff’s inmate roster, supplementary sources provide related inmate information:

  • Arrest Warrants – Details recent warrants from all Blount County police agencies
  • TN Felony Offender Search – Statewide felony arrest data
  • Court Calendar – Tracks court events impacting inmates
  • VINE System – Custody status change alerts for inmates

Checking these sources casts a wider net for possible matches and arrest events tied to an individual in custody.

Using every resource available provides the most robust inmate roster results when tracking someone held in Blount County Jail or retrieving related records from their period of detention.

Benefits of Inmate Search Tools and Rosters

Having public access to inmate search engines and rosters provides important transparency, awareness, and ease of use for finding critical information. Here are some of the main benefits these services offer:

Find Incarcerated Friends and Family

Inmate searches let loved ones quickly locate arrested friends/family. This helps kickstart communication, visitation, and getting legal/bail support underway. Access to inmate rosters that include booking dates, housing units, booking numbers, and other data makes this process easier for locating a recently processed detainee.

Structured Directory of all County Inmates

A complete inmate roster allows law/advocacy groups to understand the full picture of the current inmate population makeup—age, gender, special needs, the severity of charges—to better address jail conditions, programs, and responsible reform. Aggregate-level data helps drive change.

Understand Facility Space and Use

Updated inmate rosters help administrators align staff levels, manage housing assignments, handle intake/release pace, provide medical resources, and schedule court transports based on real-time occupancy. Roster visibility enhances logistical readiness.

Verify Inmate Status for Court Cases

For pending court cases, inmate rosters confirm status details that matter—location, disciplinary events, continued detention, and release date accuracy. Easy access prevents legal snags.

Transparency Around Arrests and Detentions

Public-facing, frequently updated inmate data fosters community transparency around law enforcement actions. Arrest patterns can be analyzed, progress tracked and power checked through an open, shared roster.

Inmate search tools and rosters contain a wealth of instantly accessible inmate data for various uses. Public visibility into this information keeps incarceration processes checked while providing efficient access when needed.

Limitations and Risks of Inmate Search and Inmate Roster

Here is an article discussing some of the limitations and risks associated with public inmate search tools and rosters:

Examining the Limitations and Risks of Inmate Search/Rosters

While inmate search engines and public rosters offer clear benefits, they also come with certain limitations and risks that should be weighed. These cons include:

Maintenance Burdens on Jails

Developing and managing search tools plus compiling frequently updated roster data creates added staff workloads and tech overhead for jails. Manual inputs can lead to data discrepancies or outdated information. Resource strains are real.

Search/Matching Errors Cause Confusion

Too much reliance on these third-party systems brings matching and false positive risks too when duplicates or errors arise. Confirming identity and charge details directly with facilities is still vital.

Safety/Privacy Concerns for Some At-Risk Inmates

For sensitive cases like abused partners, at-risk juveniles, or gang-affiliated witnesses, broad visibility around incarceration via public rosters raises big safety issues that may outweigh transparency benefits for those select vulnerable inmates.

Data Compromises or System Hacking

Like all digital tools, search sites, and roster databases could experience cyber intrusions leading to data theft, ransomware attacks or manipulation. While rare, such events undermine integrity.

Misuse for Harassment or Discrimination

Open inmate data risks enabling community harassment of formerly incarcerated individuals trying to rebuild careers and lives if used vindictively by landlords, employers, creditors, or others instead of just informing worried families. The motive behind searches matters greatly.

While inmate searches serve communities well generally, the risks require ongoing safeguards too, from both a technical and social justice lens. Holistic oversight preserves positive use and protections amid the complexity.

Incarceration Records in Blount County Jail

Here is an article focused specifically on incarceration records available from Blount County Jail:

Accessing Incarceration Records from Blount County Jail

Blount County Jail maintains various documentation and records on individuals incarcerated at their facility. Here is an overview of key incarceration records available and how to access them for current and past inmates of Blount County Jail.

Online Incarceration Records

The most convenient incarceration records accessible online for Blount County Jail inmates include:

  • Inmate Roster Listings – searchable by first/last name for ID details
  • Arrest/Booking Reports – charges, arresting agency, intake forms
  • Mugshots – photos taken during the intake process
  • Court Events – schedule of upcoming hearings/proceedings
  • Release Date – projected timeframe for being discharged

These records provide overview snapshots of current and recent inmate cases, detention status, and backgrounds.

Offline Incarceration Records

Additional Blount County Jail incarceration reports and documentation require formal public records requests made directly to the facility, such as:

  • Full Booking Packets – complete intake documentation
  • Incident Reports – inmate behavior issues
  • Property Inventory Forms – belongings tracking
  • Health Evaluations – medical/psychological status
  • Communications Logs – a record of facility phone calls and mail

Offline data furnishes more case evidence details.

Requesting Inmate Incarceration Records

To pursue incarceration records on current or past Blount County Jail inmates beyond online queries, submit signed releases and written Public Record Act requests to:

Blount County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Records Division 940 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway Maryville, TN 37804

Provide specific inmate names/IDs and record types being requested. Allow reasonable processing timelines for responses. Fees or demonstratable causes may apply in some cases.

Casting a wide net using online queries first while turning to formal offline requests only for more niche record needs provides the most thorough approach to gathering Blount County Jail incarceration documentation.

Blount County Inmate Lookup Resources

In addition to the Blount County Sheriff’s lookup tool, there are a few other sites that index Blount County jail records and inmate information. These can supplement an official search:

  • Blount County Arrest Warrants – Access records on recent warrants issued in Blount County. Can help find very recent bookings not yet indexed in the main inmate search.
  • Tennessee Felony Offender Search – Search database from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for felony criminal records anywhere in the state, including Blount County arrest records.
  • Blount County Court Calendar – Lookup docket information and court schedules. Helps track upcoming court dates for inmates in Blount County.
  • VINE System – Register for notifications on changes to an inmate’s custody status, including release.

These supplementary options help cast a wider net when searching for a specific person or records related to a Blount County inmate.

Blount County Jail Records and Information

Searching for inmates in Blount County online provides access to various records and data related to arrests and bookings. Here are details on key information available:


Mugshot photos are typically included with individual inmate results in official Blount County jail searches. These help confirm identity when locating specific individuals.

Booking Details

Details like the date and time of booking, arresting agency, and formal charges are also displayed. This data gives context on what prompted the incarceration and where the person was arrested in Blount County.

Bail and Bond Amounts

Listed bond amounts must be paid for an inmate to secure release while awaiting trial. This indicates if bail has been set and if the inmate can pay for release or remains in custody.

Release Date

Expected release dates give an idea of how long the person will remain incarcerated. This factors in time served bail status, and court outcomes. Inmate release often occurs earlier than originally stated.

Court Dates

Upcoming court hearings related to the arrest charges are also included. Checking this data helps track the Blount County court schedule and case status for an inmate.

In addition to these basic details, individual inmate records may also show related civil filings, arrests in other counties, probation conditions, and venue information. Compiling these pieces helps form an understanding of the cases impacting a Blount County inmate’s status.

Lookup Blount County Jail Inmates by Search Parameters

The standard inmate lookup Blount County search allows finding individuals by first name, last name, or booking number. But there are a few other relevant search filters that can be applied to target results:

Booking Date Range

If known, narrow results by entering a range for booking dates using the tool’s advanced options. Include potential date uncertainties of +/- 2 days.

Arrest Location

Filter by specific arrest location if known – e.g. Maryville or Alcoa. Helps remove irrelevant results from other jurisdictions.

Charges Filed

Some searches let you filter by formal charges filed – e.g. felony, misdemeanor, non-moving violations. Adds specificity when known.

Using combinations of these parameters delivers more precise, relevant inmate matches without irrelevant results mixed in. Casting a wider initial search net and then narrowing along these lines helps hone in on the record needed.

Requesting Offline Blount County Jail Inmate Information

Online inmate lookup tools provide wide access to records for Blount County jail. But certain details may require direct requests made to the Blount County Sheriff’s Office:

  • Booking Reports – Full reports beyond the online summaries may need to be formally requested with Record Request forms.
  • Mugshot Copies – Officially obtaining copies of mugshot photos often requires formal requests.
  • Visitation Registration – To schedule in-person visitation appointments, registration and requests should be directed to the Blount County Jail Chief.
  • Inmate Account Funds – Adding money to an inmate’s account for phone calls, commissary, etc. requires processing through the jail administration.

Formal information requests require signed release forms by the inmates themselves when asking for personal records. Basic online access removes this barrier for broader searches.

Blount County Jail Commissary

The Blount County Jail commissary allows inmates to purchase approved food, hygiene, electronics, clothing, writing, and other items to augment standard facility provisions using personal funds added to their facility accounts. Family/friends can fund inmate accounts online or through lobby kiosks. Inmates then order items weekly.

Blount County Inmate Telephone Calls

Inmates at Blount County Jail can make collect or prepaid calls to approved numbers provided in visitor logs or legal call requests. Friends/family must set up prepaid accounts via ICSolutions for direct billing. Calls have time limits and are recorded (except legal calls).

Get full telephone policies and rate structures on the Blount County Sheriff’s Website.

Blount County Inmate Mail Policies

Postal mail can be sent to inmates directly at the facility for free but with restrictions on contents and processing delays for screening. Emails can also be sent via the TextBehind system for printed delivery.

Review full mail/email rules and address formats on the Jail Policies page.

Reaching Blount County inmates requires adherence to strict facility regulations given security considerations. Check policies closely to ease the connectivity process.

Sending Money to an Inmate in Blount County Jail

Friends and family seeking to send money to an incarcerated loved one in Blount County Jail have a couple of options to safely transfer funds that the inmate can then access.

Inmate Trust Fund Basics

Blount County Jail keeps an internal account, called a trust fund, for each inmate. Money deposited into this account can then be used for:

  • Commissary Purchases – Food, supplies, electronics
  • Medical Co-Payments
  • Phone Call Fees
  • Other jail financial obligations

Keeping money in this account provides valuable resources for someone detained at the facility.

Sending Money to an Inmate’s Trust Fund

To deposit money into a Blount County Jail inmate’s trust fund, two primary methods exist:

  1. Lobby Kiosks – Cash or credit card deposits can be made via the lobby kiosks located within the Blount County Justice Center at 928 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway in Maryville. You need the inmate’s first and last name and booking number to properly allocate deposits.
  2. Online Payments – Secure online payments to an inmate’s account can also be made by registered users using the Blount County Sheriff’s Office online system accessible here. Accounts can be funded using credit cards or bank account transfers.

Note that all jail money transfers are subject to small utility fees and can have maximum daily/weekly limits. Transparency regulations also apply to some cash transactions.

Following these approved methods allows efficient, convenient money transfers onto the prepaid accounts that Blount County Jail inmates rely on for daily functions and communicating with those outside. Reach out to the jail administration with any other questions.

Blount County Jail Locations and Contact

Sometimes verifying details on an inmate requires direct interaction with Blount County jail staff. The facilities below serve the county:

  • Blount County Jail
    920 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy
    Maryville, TN 37804
  • Alcoa Jail
    729 Sam Houston School Rd
    Alcoa, TN 37701
  • Townsend Jail
    7650 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy
    Townsend, TN 37882

Reaching the right location housing the inmate in question helps address needs ranging from visitation to phone contacts to records.


Effective inmate lookup options exist for accessing records on those arrested and detained within the Blount County jail system. Leveraging online search engines provides substantial self-serve access to details like housing location, bonding status, mugshots, criminal charges, and court events impacting incarcerated individuals. Supplementing these primary records with related searches delivers a fuller profile. Reaching out to Blount County Sheriff’s Office staff directly clears up any remaining questions.

With the resources outlined here, finding key data on current inmates housed in Blount County facilities is achievable for those persistent enough to utilize all search techniques available. Compiling these pieces provides visibility into everything impacting an inmate’s custody, case management, and ultimate release from lockup back into the public.

FAQs – Blount County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Blount County jail?

You can search for inmates in Blount County jail using the online lookup tool at Enter their first or last name to view booking details and custody status.

Is Blount County jail open for visitation?

Yes, Blount County jail allows in-person visitation but you must schedule appointments in advance by contacting the jail administration to register.

Can you visit an inmate in Blount County jail?

Inmate visitation is allowed at Blount County jail but visitors must be approved and added to the inmate’s authorized visitation list. Visits must also be scheduled in advance.

How do I put money on an inmate’s books in Blount County?

You can deposit funds into a Blount County inmate’s account using the lobby kiosks at the Justice Center or through online payments on the Sheriff’s website.

How do I send mail to Blount County jail?

Send postal mail for inmates to Blount County Jail, 920 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Maryville, TN 37804. Make sure to include the inmate’s name and ID. Emails can also be sent via TextBehind.

How much is bail at Blount County jail?

Bail amounts vary widely by the charges faced. Check the inmate lookup tool for case-specific bond amounts set or contact Blount County courts for details if pending.

How do I get an inmate out of Blount County jail?

You will need to arrange bail payment by certified check to the courts or jail to bond an inmate out in Blount County if bail was set and the inmate has not served their full sentence.

What are inmate rules in Blount County jail?

Blount County jail rules involve restrictions on contraband, conduct protocols for movements/housing, hygiene regulations, and disciplinary policies like solitary confinement for rule violations.

How do I send money to someone in Blount County jail?

You can deposit funds into their inmate trust accounts using the Justice Center lobby kiosks or through online credit card payments on the Blount County Sheriff’s website.

How much is a probation violation in Blount County?

Probation violations can face varying penalties but often result in re-incarceration to serve 30 days or more in jail depending on court determinations. Fines also apply.

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