Arizona Inmate Search

Searching for an inmate in Arizona can be daunting, but having the right information and utilizing the proper resources can make the process much easier.

This guide provides key details on conducting an Arizona inmate search using online lookup tools and government databases to access public records on prisoners and detainees statewide maintained by agencies like the Arizona Department of Corrections and county sheriff’s offices.

Arizona Inmate Search

Portal options allow searches by parameters like inmate name, date of birth, booking numbers, or biometric signatures to return real-time custody status details, mugshots, release dates, locations within the correctional system, visitation eligibility rules, and more from massive record systems like the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office inmate database or ADC inmate lookup system.

Understanding the capabilities and limitations of the free and paid inmate search tools available through the Arizona Department of Corrections, county jail networks, and third-party data services allows concerned citizens to unlock actionable insights on incarcerated individuals.

Overview of Inmate Search Options in Arizona

The Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) and county sheriff’s offices maintain records on all individuals incarcerated in the state prison system and local jail facilities. These agencies provide official online inmate locator tools to look up current and historical data on prisoners and detainees.

Some of the information available in Arizona inmate search portals includes:

  • Inmate data in Arizona like full names, vital statistics, mugshots, custody status, location within the correctional system, projected release dates, court case details, visitation eligibility, and disciplinary history
  • Access to downloadable Maricopa County mugshot images
  • Online verify incarceration status AZ checks through automated systems

Searches can be conducted by first and last name, ADC booking number, date of birth, race, gender, conviction county, or a unique ADC identification number assigned at intake. Users must provide personal details like name, email address or phone number, and reason for records request on most portals.

In addition to the official ADC and sheriff’s inmate lookup sites, third-party criminal record sources provide supplementary data not available on government inmate databases. Private search services offer expanded access to statewide and nationwide public prison records beyond just basic custody details.

Conduct Inmate Search by Official Sources

The most reliable avenue for an Arizona inmate search is through authorized online portals managed directly by custodial agencies like the ADC and county jails. These official record systems pull real-time data on all inmates in their custody and get updated immediately when status changes occur.

Arizona Department of Corrections

Arizona Department of Corrections Lookup

The ADC Inmate Datasearch provides public online access to details on prisoners sentenced to state correctional facilities across Arizona. Users can find information on nearly 42,000 current and discharged inmates using search filters like:

  • Inmate name or booking number
  • Date of birth
  • ADC number
  • Gender
  • Race/ethnicity
  • County of committing an offense

This find inmate by name or booking number search tool reports inmate location, release date, court case numbers, offense/conviction data, custody level, and parole eligibility details.

Visitation policies and schizophrenia donation options are also outlined for family members and friends. Users should click on the magnifying glass icon next to each result to access full rap sheets.

County Jail Inmate Search Sites

In addition to ADC prisoner lookup, online inmate searches are available directly through websites of county jail systems like:

  • Maricopa County Jail Inmate Search – Search for inmate data in Arizona on over 7,000 prisoners by name, booking date, or number. Details shown include mugshots, charges, bond amount, next court date, projected release date, and former arrests.
  • Pima County Adult Detention Center Inmate Lookup – Find incarcerated individuals by name or ADC/FBI numbers. Reports display arrest details, custody status, bond amounts, mugshots, probation status, and release or transfer dates.
  • Pinal County Inmate Search – Look up inmates by name or date of birth then click their unique ID number to view details like intake photo, charges, bond amount, and cell location.
  • Smaller county jail websites also offer online search applications to find persons incarcerated in AZ.

These localized lookup tools report hyper-local inmate data in Arizona from individual county correctional systems. Users can also call county jail facilities directly for arrest records and incarceration status verification.

Arizona Inmate Search By Name

One of the most common search criteria people use when looking up information on incarcerated individuals is the inmate’s first and last names.

Conducting an Arizona inmate search by name can provide quick confirmation of someone’s custody status and other important details.

There are two recommended options for maximizing the name search success rate:

Use the Arizona DOC Inmate Datasearch

The Arizona Department of Corrections provides the most reliable name search for inmates sentenced to state correctional facilities. Their online lookup tool allows searches by:

  • First, middle, and last name
  • Date of birth
  • ADC number
  • Gender, race, and ethnicity filters

When partial name spellings occur, use name pattern search tips like entering “jo” for “john” or “joh*” for “johnson”.

The DOC lookup searches over 41,000 current and past state inmates. If found, detailed records display sentencing information, custody classification, location, release date, mugshot, and aliases used.

Check County Jail Rosters

To locate inmates detained in county facilities awaiting trial or serving short sentences, search prominent sheriff’s office websites like:

  • Maricopa County JustThinkTwice – Search among over 7,000 inmates by first, middle, or last name with filters for gender, ethnicity, age range, and release date expected
  • Pima County Jail Lookup – Find inmates by first name, last name, or alias with filters for assigned cell location, gender, ethnicity, hair color, eye color, and age

If not found via name, expand the search by trying date of birth, booking date, charges, or other details recalled.

Using these official inmate search-by-name options provides the most reliable path to confirm someone’s incarceration status along with location specifics, booking images, and release date.

Arizona Inmate Search Federal

Arizona Inmate Search

Federal Inmates Housed in Arizona

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) contracts with a range of state correctional facilities and private prisons across the U.S. to house federal detainees. Several federal facilities exist in Arizona that hold inmates serving time for federal charges:

Search BOP Inmate Locator

The BOP Online Inmate Locator allows the public to search for federal inmates incarcerated at BOP-Managed facilities or third-party centers around the country.

To lookup federal inmates in Arizona options include:

  • Search by inmate name or register number
  • Filter by state – select “Arizona”
  • Leave the facility field blank to retrieve all sites

Currently, three federal correctional institutions exist in Arizona:

  • FCI Phoenix
  • FCI Tucson
  • FCC Florence Federal Correctional Complex

The locator provides custody details like location, release date, mailing address, and visitation guidelines.

Contact Facilities Individually

Family members can call federal facilities in Arizona directly to inquire about inmate housing or records:

  • FCI Phoenix – 623-465-9757
  • FCI Tucson – 520-574-7100
  • FCC Florence Federal Correctional Complex – 520-868-8000

Staff can provide real-time inmate data and location specifics within housing units not published online as well as confirm any transfer notifications that occur.

Checking both the public federal inmate locator and contacting facilities individually provides a multilayered approach to confirming housing details on those serving federal time within Arizona.

Arizona Inmate Search Mugshots

Find a mugshot

Arizona Inmate Mugshots and Booking Photos

Inmate mugshot photos provide visual confirmation that a background check has uncovered the correct incarcerated individual. Accessing booking images normally requires accessing county jail roster databases or paid inmate record services.

Here are the top options for finding inmate mugshot records in Arizona:

Maricopa County Inmate Search

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) inmate search portal provides the largest collection of booking photos with over 7,400 current detainee mugshots searchable online.

Inmates can be looked up by:

  • First or last name
  • MCSO booking number
  • Date of birth

Maricopa County mugshots are displayed alongside related intake details like charges, arresting agency, bond amount, next court date, projected release date, and former detentions.

Pima County Jail Records Search

The Pima County Adult Detention Center allows inmate searches by name, ADC, or FBI number and reports custody status, charges filed, probation level, bond amount, and intake booking photo.

Over 2,300 detainee mugshot records can be accessed directly without any login or fees.

Pinal County Inmate Photo Search

Pinal County Sheriff’s Inmate Search portal enables lookup requests by first/last name or dob to display recent intake photos alongside details like cell housing location, release eligibility, bond amounts, and days in custody.

Third-Party Criminal Records Databases

Private background check services like TruthFinder and BeenVerified provide access to historical and current booking photos as part of paid membership access to their proprietary inmate data files aggregated from thousands of correctional systems nationwide.

Using these search tools enables concerned citizens, friends, and family members to view Arizona inmate mugshots matched to up-to-date custody details all through self-service online lookups.

Uncover Inmates Records through Third-Party Lookups

While the ADC and sheriff’s office provide the best real-time Arizona inmate search options, third-party criminal record services expand data access to include richer background insights from diverse public sources statewide.

These private lookup tools crawl government open record systems daily to aggregate multi-jurisdictional data into comprehensive individual profiles. Most are subscription-based but offer limited free searches, report extracts, or trial access.

Among the most robust inmate search services are:

Vinelink by Appriss

Vinelink provides a free national inmate locator that consolidates data from a network of state prison systems, county jails, and other detention facilities. This service offers real-time verification of custody and release status across multiple jurisdictions.

It also has automated victim notification services AZ that proactively notify registered victims by phone, email, or text when status changes for an offender occur.


BeenVerified delivers comprehensive background checks covering criminal records, lawsuits, addresses, bankruptcies, property records, business registrations, and more. Paid members can access an Arizona inmate search tool to lookup jail and DOC prisoners statewide. Reports detail previous and current incarcerations with projected release dates.

Subscription plans are needed for full access without limitations.


TruthFinder provides unlimited searches of a proprietary national inmate records database compiled from multiple correctional systems. Paid members can conduct lookups by name or date of birth and then filter by state and/or county.

Reports outline previous and current incarceration details including current facility, custody status, booking date, expected release date, mugshot image access, and related court case numbers. Multiple other background history insights like cell phone numbers, email addresses, property records, and extended family trees are also included with subscription memberships.

Arizona Inmate Search Yavapai County

Here is a guide to searching for inmates located in Yavapai County, Arizona jails:

Performing a Yavapai County Inmate Search

Yavapai County manages a network of jail and detention facilities centered in Camp Verde and Prescott, Arizona. Performing an inmate search for these county correctional sites entails using the following online lookup resources:

Yavapai County Jail Inmate Search

The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Jail Inmate Search portal provides real-time access to records on all inmates housed at:

  • Yavapai County Jail in Camp Verde
  • Yavapai County Detention Center in Prescott
  • Prescott Valley Police Temporary Holding in Prescott Valley

Inmate lookups can be filtered by:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth

Full inmate detail reports list mugshots, offenses committed, bond amount, booking date, projected release date, court case number, and days in custody.

Yavapai County Courts Calendar Search

The county’s Trial Courts Online Search enables the lookup of court cases by defendant name to determine upcoming proceedings, charges filed by the ADA, and presiding judges related to an inmate’s detention.

Cross-referencing jail data with court records provides expanded insights on factors influencing custody like bail amounts, sentencing status, and probation conditions.

Using name, dob, and court case searches provides reliable access to Yavapai incarceration specifics and related records. Facilities can also be contacted directly as an additional verification method if online systems have outdated housing assignments.

Arizona Inmate Search Maricopa County

Arizona Inmate Search Maricopa County

Conducting a Maricopa County Inmate Search

Maricopa County operates one of the largest jail networks in Arizona with over 7 correctional facilities concentrated in Phoenix and the surrounding municipalities. Performing an inmate lookup for Maricopa facilities requires utilizing the following online search tools:

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Jail Information System

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Jail Information System provides real-time access to records on over 7,400 inmates currently detained including name, mugshot, booking date, charges, case number, bond amount, release date, former arrests, height, weight, age and aliases used.

Inmates can be searched by:

  • First, middle, or last name
  • MCSO booking number
  • Date of birth

Maricopa County Superior Court Calendar Search

The county Superior Court Online Search allows lookups by defendant name or case number to retrieve all official court documentation like criminal charges filed, police reports, motions, plea deals, judgments, sentencing reports, and calendar events.

Cross-checking jail booking details with court records conveys expanded case status insights that impact custody like upcoming probation hearings, plea submissions, and motions influencing sentencing.

Using name, dob, and court case searches provides the most reliable avenue to confirm Maricopa County incarceration details and release expectations. Facilities can also be contacted directly as an additional verification method if online systems have outdated housing assignments.

AZ inmate search Yuma

Here is a guide on searching for inmates located in Yuma County jail and detention centers:

How to Perform a Yuma County Inmate Search

Yuma County manages a small network of correctional facilities located in Yuma and San Luis, Arizona centered around the Yuma County Detention Center Complex. Performing an inmate search for Yuma facilities requires using the following resources:

Yuma County Sheriff’s Inmate Lookup

The Yuma County Sheriff’s Inmate Search portal provides real-time access to records on all inmates housed at:

  • Yuma County Detention Center
  • San Luis Detention Facility

Inmate searches can be filtered by:

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Booking Number

Reports display booking photos and details like incarceration location, expected release date, bond amount, charges, and days in custody.

Yuma County Superior Courts Calendar Search

The Superior Court eAccess System allows inmate lookups by name and case number to access all official court documentation like criminal complaints, sentencing minutes, plea deals, and judgments influencing custody status.

Using name, dob, booking number, and court case searches provides reliable access to Yuma incarceration specifics and factors influencing detention or discharge timing from their facilities. The sheriff’s inmate info line at 928-783-4427 can also provide inmate verification assistance.

Key Details Available in Inmate Search Reports

Conducting an Arizona inmate search through ADC, county jail, and third-party lookup tools provides access to a wealth of records that when analyzed can paint a complete picture of an inmate’s situation.

Some of the key incarceration details uncovered in these searches include:

Basic Inmate Information

All inmate reports start with fundamental identity particulars that positively confirm the correct individual is being investigated. These normally include complete legal name, vital statistics like date of birth and gender, race/ethnicity, fingerprints, and one or more photographic images like mugshots, driver’s license or ID photos, or incarceration intake shots.

Having photos and fingerprints ensures searches uncover the proper person without confusion caused by similar names or incomplete data.

Current Incarceration Insights

Whether researching online through the Arizona Department of Corrections site or calling county facilities directly, users can verify incarceration status AZ to validate if an individual is currently detained along with details like:

  • Name of housing correctional institution
  • Location within facility
  • Custody classification level
  • Duration of incarceration
  • Projected release date

These details can inform family and friends of institutional rules for communication, visitation, and sending money or care packages if permitted.

Criminal Charges

Inmate reports outline the exact charges and convictions related to incarceration with specifics like:

  • Initial arrest details
  • Booking dates
  • Applicable court case numbers
  • Presiding judges
  • Legal representation
  • Status of a criminal proceeding

These charge specifics coupled with conviction data give clarity on the crimes, sentences being served, and options like probation eligibility or early release that could impact actual time incarcerated.

Court case information by inmate name insights help locate additional facts from courthouse records on legal proceedings.

Custodial History Overview

Many inmate search reports generated also catalog an individual’s full custodial history across all previous periods of incarceration. This longitudinal snapshot can demonstrate if an inmate is a repeat offender with a string of prior convictions and increasingly punitive sentencing from judges.

Parole or Probation Status

Active community supervision statuses like parole, probation, or pre-trial release conditions will also be listed in inmate records. This signals special restrictions, geographic limitations, or mandatory regular check-ins that impact housing choices, travel freedom, employability, and public interactions for recent releases.

Statuses change fluidly so staying updated is vital for family members offering housing assistance upon inmate release.

Other Useful Resources Related to Arizona Inmate Search

Alongside the primary online lookup applications outlined above, several other relevant statewide criminal justice resources complement inmate searches or provide supplementary insights like:

Arizona Open Courts Records Access

The Arizona Courts Public Access Resource Center portal offers direct access to search and view electronic court records related to criminal and civil case proceedings across Superior, Municipal, Justice, and Appellate courts statewide.

Records can be searched by party name (inmate name), case number, or citation number then original court filings containing charges details, judgments, motions, resolutions, and other actions can be viewed online.

Arizona Criminal History Self Lookup

The Arizona Department of Public Safety permits Arizona residents to conduct a self-lookup of their complete state criminal history record from the central repository. Reports with documented arrests have info similar to inmate records.

Arizona Parole Board Information

The Arizona Board of Executive Clemency oversees parole and clemency matters statewide, conducting revocation and release hearings plus victim notifications. Their site outlines hearing schedules, contact information, and resources for incarcerated individuals around parole hearing processes.

Arizona Legal Aid Resources

Arizona Legal Aid Resources Guide – One-stop listing of legal services across Arizona that assist underprivileged groups, people with disabilities, vulnerable populations, and prisoners with counsel around their rights, pending charges, convictions, sentencing, or release support. Helpful for families to find an affordable lawyer for case support or advocacy around inmate rights.

Locating an Arizona Inmate via an Online Search

Conducting an independent inmate search in Arizona entails cross-referencing data from multiple online lookup tools for records not accessible through a single system. Typically the following search sequence delivers a high probability of inmate location success:

  1. Check ADC Inmate Datasearch for prisoners sentenced to state prisons
  2. Browse inmate rosters on Maricopa and other key county jail sites
  3. Verify recent releases using the Vinelink by Appriss free national inmate locator
  4. If needed run paid searches via BeenVerified or Truthfinder for historical incarcerations

Casting this wide initial lookup net catches inmates who may have transferred locations before their expected release date. By layering county jail data which changes more dynamically on top of statewide DOC records, users can pinpoint current location more precisely through cross-matched indicators.

Arizona Prison Statistics

Total correction population (2019, an except 2013 and b is 2020)
Total incarcerated 54,921
Prison population 40,951
Jail population 13,970a
Prison incarceration rate (per 100,000) 558
Jail incarceration rate (per 100,000) 270a
Probation population 78,214
Parole population 7,114
Life sentences 1,762
(% of prison population) (4.3)b
Life without parole 531
(% of prison population) (1.3)b
Juvenile life without parole 30b
Private prison population 8,291
Imprisonment by Gender (2019)
Men in prison 36,847
Women in prison 4,104
Imprisonment by Race/Ethnicity (2019)
White imprisonment rate (per 100,000) 428
Black imprisonment rate (per 100,000) 2105
Hispanic imprisonment rate (per 100,000) 742
Racial/Ethnic Disparity in Imprisonment (2019)
Black: white ratio 4.9
Hispanic: white ratio 1.7
Juveniles in Custody (2015)
Total juveniles in custody 531
Committed 207
Detained 288
Diverted 6
Juvenile custody rate (per 100,000) 6
White custody rate (per 100,000) 53
Black custody rate (per 100,000) 205
Latino custody rate (per 100,000) 69
American Indian custody rate (per 100,000) 63
Asian custody rate 12
Felony Disenfranchisement (2020)
Disenfranchised population 233,816
(% Disenfranchised) (4.86)
Disenfranchised African Americans 26,914
(% Disenfranchised) (12.69)
Corrections Expenditures (2019)
Corrections expenditures (in millions) 1,163

Free Inmate Search Resources in Arizona

While some robust criminal record databases charge for unlimited use, Arizona offers several truly no-cost self-service inmate search tools:

  • AZ DOC Inmate Data Search App – Comprehensive state-level prisoner lookup and records access entirely free yet still updated nightly.
  • Maricopa County JustThinkTwice System – Allows free search of all current and prior inmates from one of Arizona’s largest county jail systems. Present charges, release date expected, and mugshots are shown.
  • VineLink Inmate Locator – National database by Appriss that brings together county jails, state prisons, and Department of Corrections data across thousands of facilities all completely open to the public without charge.

These zero-cost online search tools empower families and friends to stay informed on custody status when budget constraints would otherwise be barriers.

Locate an Arizona Inmate via Phone Call

The most direct method for verifying incarceration status AZ or retrieving real-time inmate housing assignments and release dates is through a phone call directly to the facility suspected of custodianship.

Every state, county, municipal, or private correctional institution provides a published non-emergency admin phone contact on its website alongside authorized online lookup app options.

Calling directly connects families with front-line staff that has immediate access and can verbally relay inmate vitals not published online.

When phoning prison facilities request the inmate records office for the fastest routing. Have the inmate’s legal name, dob, and ADC/FBI identifier numbers ready if possible.

Arizona Inmate Search Contact Info

How do I find out if someone is in jail in Arizona?

Here are the best ways to find out if someone is in jail in Arizona:

  1. Search the Arizona Department of Corrections Inmate Database
  • Go to the ADC Inmate Datasearch website
  • Search by the person’s first and last name and date of birth if possible
  • If listed as “In Custody” it will provide the correctional facility location
  1. Check Major County Jail Inmate Search Portals
  • Search sites like Maricopa, Pima, and Pinal counties
  • These list all inmates currently detained in county jail facilities
  1. Use the VINELink Inmate Locator
  • VINELink Inmate Search consolidates county jail and DOC data across Arizona
  • Allows name and dob searches covering most correctional facilities
  1. Contact Local Jails Directly
  • Call county jails or municipal holding facilities directly
  • Provide the full legal name and DOB to have staff manually check roster lists

Using these search tools and phone verification methods will uncover if someone has been recently detained and booked into an Arizona correctional facility. Relying on multiple sources provides a wider perspective.


Whether online, by phone, or by visiting facilities in person, Arizona offers diverse inmate search options that relay actionable incarceration status details, projected release dates, location specifics, and background on related convictions.

Optimizing search methods using available free inmate search Arizona tools provided by state and county governments delivers reliable insights. Enhancing these results with sophisticated private lookup resources helps reconstruct a more comprehensive profile.

Frequent review of the latest inmate records using multiple access points informs critical legal, financial, healthcare, and housing decisions that families must weigh during incarceration and release transition periods. Proactively updating visitation eligibility, available communication channels, and community supervision expectations ultimately eases complex reintegration processes.

FAQs – Arizona Inmate Search

How do I find someone in jail in Arizona?

Use online search tools like the Arizona DOC inmate lookup, major county jail rosters, VINELink locator or call facilities directly to check if someone is listed as detained.

How do I search for an inmate in Arizona for free?

You can search for inmates within the Arizona Department of Corrections Inmate Data Search tool for free. This offers basic information like name, booking number, facility, and charges.

What jails are in Maricopa County Arizona?

Major jails in Maricopa County include Maricopa County Lower Buckeye Jail, Maricopa County Fourth Avenue Jail, and Maricopa County Towers Jail.

How do I contact an inmate in Arizona?

Each facility has its own rules for visitation and communication. Contact the specific facility for details on contacting the inmate you’re looking for.

How long do you stay in jail for a misdemeanor in Arizona?

Sentences for misdemeanors in Arizona typically run under 1 year with most only serving weeks or months depending on the charges and criminal history.

Who maintains jail records in Arizona?

Inmate records are maintained by housing agencies like Arizona DOC for state prisoners and various county sheriff’s offices for local jail detainees.

Where do you find mugshots in Arizona?

Mugshots can be found on Maricopa, Pima, and Pinal County jail sites and paid services like BeenVerified, and Truthfinder if available.

How much does it cost to use inmate search services?

It’s free to use the Arizona DOC and county jail search apps, but third-party background check services cost $30-$50+ monthly for unlimited inmate searches and reports.

How often are inmate searches updated?

Arizona DOC updates daily. County jails update in real-time as bookings and releases occur hour-to-hour.

What information do I need to search for an inmate in Arizona?

The more information you have, the easier it is to find an inmate. Ideally, you would have their full name and date of birth or booking number.

Are inmate calls recorded in Arizona?

Yes, all non-legal inmate calls are recorded in ADC facilities and most county jails with notices stating monitoring policies given to both parties.

Can I send money to an inmate in Arizona?

Most facilities allow sending money through approved vendors. Contact the specific facility for their preferred method and any limitations.

What are the victim notification services in Arizona?

The Arizona Department of Corrections Victim Services Unit can provide notifications about inmate release, parole hearings, and other relevant events.

What resources are available for inmates and their families in Arizona?

The Department of Corrections and various non-profit organizations offer programs and support services for inmates and their families. You can find information on their websites.