Barbour County Inmate Search

Searching for an inmate in the Barbour County jail or detention center in Alabama can seem daunting. However, there are resources to help find prisoners, lookup arrest records, get visiting details, and more.

This guide explains how to use the Barbour County inmate search, access mugshots and booking info for Barbour County inmates, check inmate release dates and charges, and find other Barbour County jail inmate information.

Free Online Barbour County Inmate Lookup

The easiest way to search for Barbour County jail inmates is using the free online inmate lookup search on the Barbour County Sheriff’s Office website. To use the Barbour County inmate search:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Jail Inmate Search” link
  3. Enter the inmate’s first and/or last name
  4. View matches in the Barbour County jail roster

This free Barbour County inmate search displays the inmate’s:

  • Mugshot
  • Booking date
  • Expected release date
  • Age, race, gender
  • Arresting agency and arrest charges

Not finding an inmate match in the search? Try searching without the first name or checking possible nicknames. The search works for current Barbour County jail inmates as well as some recent releases.

Barbour County Mugshots Online

The online inmate search includes Barbour County mugshots for each prisoner match. These booking photos help confirm an inmate’s identity.

Mugshots display the inmate’s name, age, gender, race, hair color, eye color, height, and weight. There may be front and side-view mugshots.

Barbour County Inmate Lookup by Name

What if you need to find inmates in Barbour County but don’t have the exact spelling of their names? Try these tips:

  • Search without the first name
  • Try common nicknames or initials
  • Check spelling variations

If unsure of the first name, start with just the inmate’s last name. This Barbour County inmate lookup by name search still brings up possible matches.

Nicknames are common in jail rosters. “William” may go by “Bill” or “Willie” for example. Checking one or two-letter initials is another option.

Finally, double-check name spelling variations. The inmate roster may list “Smith” when you expected “Smyth” for instance.

How to Find Someone in Barbour County Jail

If the Barbour County inmate search doesn’t locate the person, there are a few additional options to try:

Contact the Barbour County Jail

Call the Barbour County Sheriff’s Office at (334)-698-6450 to inquire if someone is currently incarcerated. Provide the inmate’s full legal name and any aliases.

The staff can check recent bookings or releases not yet updated online. They may also search by date of birth or check alternate spelling variations.

Check Arrest Reports and Police Logs

Local Barbour County arrest records listings may provide information on recent bookings. The Barbour County Sheriff’s Office may publish police logs, arrest blotters, or custodies on their site or social media pages.

These short arrest summaries usually include the person’s name, age, charges, bond amount, and date arrested. Cross-reference these against the online inmate roster.

Contact a Barbour County Bail Bond Company

Bail bond companies often have up-to-date arrest notification alerts. Providing a bond agency with the names of wanted persons means they’ll contact you if that individual gets detained.

Most bail agents can also run license or ID checks to see if someone has an active warrant or recent booking in Barbour County.

Hire a Private Investigator

As a last resort, hire a private investigator (PI) to search for incarcerated individuals in the Barbour County area. A PI has paid access to proprietary databases beyond public inmate lookups and expanded search capabilities.

Expect to provide the PI with any known aliases, addresses, license plate/vehicle information, and the last whereabouts of the person sought.

How to Contact an Inmate at Barbour County Jail

Once you confirm someone’s detention in Barbour County, how do you get in touch? The following are ways to contact Barbour County jail inmates:

Mail for Barbour County Inmates

Send letters or postcards to inmates at this address:

Inmate’s Full Name and Booking Number
Barbour County Jail
105 Court Square
Clayton, AL 36016

Put the inmate’s full name and booking number on all mail for quick processing. Letters must have a return address – don’t include cash, stamps, envelopes, etc.

Phone Calls from Barbour County Inmates

Detainees can make domestic and international phone calls from the Barbour County jail. Friends and family must set up prepaid accounts with approved Barbour County jail phone service providers.

With a prepaid account, charges for inmate calls, voicemail, texts, etc. deduct directly from the available balance. Accounts need to register online or through provider mobile apps.

Visitation at Barbour County Jail

To visit an inmate at the Barbour County detention center:

  • Visit during visitation hours – Saturdays from 1 pm to 4 pm
  • Bring a valid photo ID
  • Know the inmate’s full name and booking number
  • Follow the Barbour County jail dress code and facility rules

Phone ahead to ask any questions on restrictions for minor visitors, allowing visitors with pending charges, etc.

In-person visits are subject to cancellation per COVID protocols and disciplinary actions against inmates. Check the current visitation policy for the Barbour County Jail before arriving.

Inmate Services at Barbour County Jail

The Barbour County Sheriff’s Office provides various services to meet inmate needs during their incarceration period.

Barbour County Jail Commissary

Through the Barbour County jail commissary, inmates can purchase approved items like food, hygiene supplies, writing materials, postage, and over-the-counter medications.

Friends and family must deposit funds into an inmate’s commissary account online, by phone, mail, or at lobby kiosks. Orders are then deducted from the available commissary balance.

Medical Care

The Barbour County jail provides inmate medical care for health issues arising during confinement. This includes medical examinations, treatment by staff nurses, doctor visits, dental care, prescriptions, and emergency room transport if needed.

Inmates submit written requests (“sick call slips”) for non-urgent medical attention. The contracted medical provider screens requests and triages cases by priority.

Mental Health Services

The Barbour County jail offers counseling and therapy for inmates with mental health conditions. Psychiatrists and counselors assist detainees in managing diagnoses like depression, trauma, addiction, suicidal thoughts, etc.

Group and individual sessions aim to monitor inmate stability, reduce recidivism, and connect prisoners to community resources pre-release. Medications help treat underlying mental health symptoms as needed.

Barbour County Jail Visitation Hours

The Barbour County Jail allows visitation on:

  • Saturdays from 1 PM – 4 PM

Visits are limited to one hour per inmate. Visitors should arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled visitation time.

Always visit the website for the most current and accurate visitation schedule.

Visitation Guidelines

When visiting an inmate at Barbour County Jail, the following guidelines apply:

  • All visitors ages 18 and older must present a valid, government-issued photo ID
  • Minors must be accompanied by a parent or authorized guardian
  • A maximum of 2 adults and 2 minors may visit an inmate at one time
  • Appropriate attire must be worn – no revealing or provocative clothing
  • No firearms or weapons allowed
  • No narcotics or contraband permitted
  • Physical contact between inmates and visitors is prohibited
  • Visitors who appear to be under the influence may have their visit revoked
  • Loud, disruptive, or non-compliant visitors will be asked to leave

Additional rules include:

  • Visitors are subject to search at any time
  • Visitors can be denied entry with pending charges
  • Visit duration and privileges subject to inmate disciplinary status
  • The facility may cancel or terminate visits without notice

Visitors should review and understand the complete Barbour County Jail visitation policy before arriving. This helps ensure a smooth check-in process and enjoyable visit.

Barbour County Inmate Communications

Inmates at Barbour County Jail can communicate with friends, family, and others in the outside world through the following methods:

Phone Calls

  • Inmates can make domestic and international phone calls
  • Friends/family must set up prepaid accounts with Securus, ICSolutions, or other approved phone service providers
  • Accounts can be funded online, through provider apps, or lobby kiosks
  • Phone rates and fees are deducted from the available prepaid account balance

Electronic Messaging

  • Securus, ICSolutions, and other brands offer inmate text messaging, voicemail, and email services
  • Messages are transmitted through linked tablet devices in facility common areas
  • Friends/family can exchange brief texts and photo attachments with prisoners
  • Services subject to per-message or monthly fees

Postal Mail

  • Inmates can send and receive letters through standard postal mail
  • All mail must include the sender’s return address and the inmate’s name/booking
  • Rules prohibit cash, stamps, paper clips/staples, glitter, lipstick kisses, etc.
  • Legal mail marked as such receives special handling

Video Visitation

  • The Barbour County Jail may offer remote video visitation in the future
  • This allows friends/family to virtually visit inmates from home/mobile devices
  • Video sessions are scheduled in advance, and fees apply

Following facility communication rules ensures continuous inmate access. Exchanging letters, phone calls, and electronic messages helps inmates maintain ties to positive community connections.

How to Send Money to Barbour County Inmates

There are a few options for friends and family to send money to an inmate at the Barbour County Jail:

Inmate Commissary Account Deposits

The most common method is depositing funds into an inmate’s commissary account. Funds can be added:

  • Online through the Barbour County Inmate Commissary website
  • Over the phone by calling 1-800-574-5729
  • At lobby kiosks located at the Barbour County Jail
  • Through money orders and bank account deposits by mail

Money deposited into commissary accounts can be used by inmates to purchase snacks, personal hygiene items, stationery, stamps, over-the-counter medications, and other approved items from the jail commissary.

There may be fees and processing time associated with deposits to inmate accounts. Funds are immediately available once fully posted.

Inmate Phone Accounts

Many facilities also allow friends/family to directly fund an inmate’s phone account. This covers costs for phone calls, voicemail, text message fees, etc. without needing to transfer money from their commissary balance. Look for available options through Securus, ICSolutions, or other inmate communications providers at the jail.

Money Orders

Sending a money order made out to the inmate is another option. However, money orders may take longer to process and have higher fees. There’s also no way to guarantee funds get used for commissary or other beneficial purposes. For faster, lower-fee deposits, use electronic account funding options.

Following jail guidelines for sending funds ensures inmate receipt and proper use. Inmates depend on commissary accounts while incarcerated in Barbour County.

Barbour County Jail Commissary

The Barbour County Jail commissary allows inmates to purchase approved items during their incarceration. Friends and family can deposit funds into an inmate’s account for commissary spending.

Here are the details on the inmate commissary at Barbour County Jail:

Commissary Ordering

  • Inmates access commissary order forms in their housing units
  • Order forms list available food, hygiene, stationary, electronics, and hobby items
  • Inmates fill out order selections within their account balance
  • Orders are processed weekly and distributed to inmates

Commissary Fund Deposits

As outlined previously, deposits into an inmate’s commissary account can be made:

  • Online through third-party services
  • Via mobile apps
  • By phone
  • Using on-site lobby kiosks
  • Mailing in prepaid deposit envelopes

Cash is never accepted. Allow 24-48 hours for deposited funds to become available in the inmate’s account balance.

Commissary Purchasing Limits

To prevent abuse, weekly commissary order amounts have spending caps such as:

  • $60 for general population inmates
  • $30 for inmates in Administrative Segregation

Spending limits aim to reduce disparities and ensure fair access to commissary services. Inmates may also purchase approved items from their account balances as holiday gift packs twice yearly.

Families can contact Barbour County Jail to inquire about sending packages in special circumstances like a birthday. Follow all mailing rules and clear packages through the facility first.

Barbour County Jail Incarceration Records and Mugshots

Here are details on accessing incarceration records and mugshots for inmates at the Barbour County Jail:

Inmate Records

The Barbour County Sheriff’s Office maintains records on all individuals booked and processed at the county jail. Inmate records contain details such as:

  • Personal Identifiers – Full name, aliases, date of birth, fingerprints, photos
  • Physical Description – Height, weight, hair color, eye color
  • Arrest Details – Arresting agency, date arrested, charges, warrants
  • Pretrial Details – Bail amount, court dates, plea deals, trial verdicts
  • Sentencing Details – Incarceration term, fines, probation details
  • Release Details – Actual release date, release reasons, destination

Certain inmate record details get published publicly as part of the online jail roster. Full incarceration records containing confidential personal data require formal information requests.

Mugshot Records

As outlined previously, the public-facing Barbour County inmate search includes mugshots with the prisoner’s name, age, gender, race, hair color, eye color, height, and weight.

Additional inmate photos and mugshot records remain in the confidential jail file. Law enforcement agencies may access full mugshot galleries for identification confirmation.

Inmates can request copies of their records post-release, but access remains restricted for confidentiality reasons. Any public dissemination of official inmate mugshots requires a court order.

Barbour County Jail Inmate Population

Here are details on the inmate population and capacity at the Barbour County Jail:

Current Inmate Population

On average, Barbour County Jail houses 120-170 inmates daily. This local county jail houses pre-trial detainees as well as convicted individuals serving short sentences.

The inmate roster fluctuates regularly as arrests occur and prisoners transfer, get released, or move to state facilities. Check the public inmate lookup site for the specific count of current Barbour County jail inmates.

Facility Capacity

Barbour County Jail has an estimated capacity of around 200 inmates. The multi-story facility has male and female housing units with multiple occupancy cells.

If the inmate population nears full capacity, authorities may transport pre-trial detainees to neighboring county jails through inter-governmental agreements. Convicted individuals get reassigned to state prisons to serve longer sentences.

Inmate Population Statistics

According to 2022-23 reports, the average daily population at Barbour County Jail is:

  • 63% held pre-trial or pending investigation
  • 37% serving misdemeanor sentences under 1 year
  • The average inmate stay is 17 days
  • Majority of inmates aged 25-34 years old
  • Roughly 80% male, 20% female

These statistics on the Barbour County jail inmate population and demographics inform staffing, budgeting, programs, and capacity needs for the future.

Barbour County Jail Security Level

Barbour County Jail houses inmates of various security classifications. Here are details on the facility’s security levels and housing arrangements:

Minimum Security

Inmates posing little physical risk or flight danger qualify for minimum security housing. At Barbour County Jail this includes:

  • Non-violent, low-level offenders
  • Inmates with significant health issues
  • Those nearing release dates

Minimum security prisoners get housed in lower-risk dorm pods. They have more privileges, less restraints, and better inmate-to-staff ratios.

Medium Security

The majority of Barbour County detainees and sentenced offenders have medium security classification. Their crimes, history of institutional violence, and projected behavior deem them moderate risks.

Medium security inmates reside in the main open dorm units under regular supervision and restraint procedures. Their group interactions, movements, and activities face higher scrutiny.

Maximum Security

Maximum security classification applies to high-risk and high-profile criminals like:

  • Violent felons
  • Known gang members
  • Severe flight risks
  • Those with a disciplinary segregation history

At Barbour County Jail, these inmates likely endure solitary confinement with strict restraint policies. Their interaction with others requires armed guard supervision.

Proper inmate classification and housing improve overall safety, order, rehabilitation potential, and facility oversight. Barbour County Jail aims to isolate problematic detainees while providing opportunities to compliant prisoners based on assigned security levels.

Barbour County Jail Location and Contact Details

If you want to talk to or ask about something from Barbour County Jail, use these ways to reach them:

Official Mailing Address

Mailing Address For The Jail Is:

Barbour County Jail
24 Robertson Airport Drive
Clayton, AL 36016

Use this address when sending mail to someone in prison.

Official Phone Number

You can call the jail at (334) 775-3434. But don’t use this number to talk to inmates. Follow the rules when you contact the jail.

Official Website and Email

To get more info and updates, check out the Barbour County Sheriff’s Office website.

There isn’t an official email address for questions that everyone can use. If you want to email someone specific, check the website or call the jail for help. Remember to be respectful and follow the rules when you send any messages to the jail.

FAQs – Barbour County Jail

What are the conditions like inside Barbour County jail?

The Barbour County jail facility has dorm pods housing between 40-80 inmates each. Bunk beds line the walls with tables, phones, and TVs available.

Inmates get three meals daily, outdoor recreation hours, access to phones, mail, medical care, programs, religious services, and more. Rules prohibit fighting, contraband, gang activity, etc.

What is the Barbour County crime rate and common crimes?

Barbour County crime rates average just over 2,900 incidents per 100,000 people annually. Property crimes like burglary, theft, and vehicle theft occur most often. Other prevalent offenses include drug crimes, assault, fraud, vandalism, etc.

Where can I find the Barbour County court calendar?

The Barbour County Circuit Court Clerk posts weekly court calendars on their site. These list upcoming civil, criminal, and traffic cases by assigned courtroom and hearing start times.

The calendars help locate hearings for specific inmates. Check them to possibly view the individual’s court appearance.

Can I find Barbour County arrest warrants online?

No, Barbour County does not post active arrest warrants online. To check for outstanding warrants, contact the issuing law enforcement agency or check with the Barbour County Circuit Court clerk.

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