Perry County Inmate Search

Finding out whether someone is currently or has previously been detained as an inmate within the Perry County jail system is an important yet often difficult task.

An online Perry County inmate search provides friends, family members, legal representatives, researchers, and the general public with quick and convenient access to roster information, booking details, incarceration status, and release dates for individuals taken into county custody.

Complete and frequently updated jail inmate lookups on official law enforcement sites as well as informational databases offer transparency surrounding recent and current arrests, charges filed, holds placed, sentencing updates, and the ability to locate persons using varied search parameters.

This article outlines key resources available for conducting an effective Perry County inmate search, gathering supplemental data on new and existing arrests, understanding jail processes, and finding ways to connect with incarcerated individuals.

Ways to Search for Perry County Inmates

There are a few methods available for finding current and former Perry County jail inmates:

Perry County Inmate Lookup Free

The Perry County sheriff’s office provides a free online inmate lookup service to search for individuals in their custody. This lookup provides information like full name, age, expected release date, charges, bail amounts, and more.

To perform a search, go to the Perry County Sheriff’s Office website and look for the inmate lookup option.

Then enter the first and last name of the person to search for any matches in the system. If found, details on their status and charges will be provided.

Search Perry County Jail By Name

Instead of using the sheriff’s lookup directly, you can also perform general name searches on third-party sites that compile listings of jail rosters. These sites gather public inmate data from hundreds of facilities and make them easily searchable in one place.

To use this method, go to a site like Vinelink or JailBase and enter the first and last name and optionally the age or birthdate in the search fields.

If the Perry County detention center finds a match for an inmate, it will display their photo, charges, and booking details.

Some of these sites also allow searches by parameters like charges, date booked, expected release date, and more. Browse all search options to customize inquiries as needed.

How to Find Someone in Perry County Jail

Finding out if someone specific is currently jailed in Perry County can provide clarity and peace of mind. Some additional options for an inmate lookup in Perry County include:

  • Check the Perry County mugshot gallery online to browse recently booked individuals.
  • Search Google for the name plus “Perry County” and check news sites for mentions of recent arrests.
  • Call the Perry County jail or sheriff at the contact information provided online to inquire about a particular person. Staff can check the inmate roster and provide booking confirmation if found.
  • Hire a private investigator to run a complete background check and determine if the person is in custody.

Conducting name searches across various sites and sources can help determine if Perry County currently has someone detained as an inmate.

You can click on this link to learn how to find an inmate by name

Perry County Jail Inmate List Updated

The Perry County Sheriff’s Office updates its online jail roster regularly as bookings, releases, and transfers occur. The inmate list and lookup details are refreshed multiple times a day to provide the most up-to-date information.

In addition to the official roster, third-party sites also update their Perry County inmate data frequently.

Their information may lag slightly behind the real-time sheriff’s office system but still provides a good way to check for recent bookings.

Some things to know about the Perry County jail inmate list include:

  • Most online inmate lookups provide recent booking dates and times so you can see how current the information is.
  • Arrest records and mugshots are updated soon after the booking process is completed at the Perry County detention center.
  • Release dates displayed are estimates based on standard bail and sentencing guidelines that are subject to change.
  • Transfers in and out of the facility may cause temporary gaps before records are refreshed.

We keep the Perry County jail address and contact information current so that people can conveniently locate inmates.

Perry County Inmate Search Phone Number

To speak directly with staff at the correctional facility, use the Perry County jail phone number listed on the sheriff’s site. Some reasons to call include:

  • Verify if someone is in custody if they cannot be located in an online inmate search
  • Get updates on expected release dates, charges, bail amounts, etc.
  • Find out inmate phone calls and visitation policies
  • Ask procedural questions about making commissary deposits

The phone number will be provided along with the physical Perry County jail address. Be sure to call during normal office hours for the best response.

Staff can look up inmates by name and confirm their detention and case status. For privacy reasons, details may be limited, but general booking verification and public data can be given over the phone.

Locating Perry County Arrest Records and Mugshots

After locating an inmate in the Perry County system, you can find additional background information on their arrest and charges by searching public inmate records online.

Options for finding more details include:

Find Perry County Inmate Mugshot

Mugshot galleries on sheriff’s offices and third-party sites provide photo collections of new arrestees. Search for names to view associated mugshots for identification and visual confirmation of detention.

Perry County Arrest Warrants

Active warrants list individuals with outstanding orders for arrest in Perry County. Checking recent names can uncover charges leading to bookings.

Perry County Recent Arrests

News sites, police blotters, social media, and other sources often publish stories on recent Perry County arrests. Search names for related articles about bookings.

Perry County Criminal Records

Prior incident reports, convictions, and other Perry County public records provide criminal history context. Background checks or record requests yield previous offense details.

Accessing supporting arrest information leads to greater transparency on the reasons and circumstances behind Perry County bookings.

Perry County Inmate Release Date

The expected inmate release date is based on the standard length of stay guidelines for the associated charges and bail amount set. Some points on searching Perry County release dates:

  • Inmate lookups do not guarantee the accuracy of release dates, as case factors can change.
  • Authorities may release inmates earlier than the expected date if someone pays bail or if they drop charges.
  • Sentence requirements and inmate behavior influence actual release timing from the Perry County jail system.

As the date approaches, reach out to staff for confirmation on timing. Notify any required parties ahead of the scheduled release as needed.

Be aware inmates may be set free at any time if documentation and bonds are processed. Refer to updates right before and after release dates for changes.

Sending Money to Perry County Inmates

If your friend, family member, or loved one is currently in jail as a Perry County inmate, you may want to place money in their inmate trust account to cover expenses such as commissary items, phone calls, and fees. Here is how to go about sending funds:

How to Send Money to Perry County Inmates

To deposit money to a Perry County inmate, you can use one of the following methods:

  1. Set up an account and deposit funds directly into the inmate’s account through the sheriff’s authorized third-party payment vendor. Accounts can be funded online, by phone, by mail, or at select in-person kiosks and locations. Provide the inmate’s name and identification number during signup.
  2. Mail an approved money order or cashier’s check to the Perry County jail facility payable to the inmate’s name and identification number. Personal checks and cash are not accepted.
  3. Call the published Perry County jail phone number to understand all money transfer guidelines and get answers to questions about allowed amounts and frequency.

Inmate account deposits prioritize covering required medical fees and housing costs before making funds available in the trust balance for additional expenses, following facility policies.

Perry County Jail Commissary List

The commissary list shows various products and supplies inmates in the Perry County jail can purchase.

You may access updated commissary items catalogs by browsing the sheriff’s authorized vendor site or payment system.

Typical items include snacks and food, hygiene products, clothing, writing materials, postage, and more regional offerings at the discretion of the facility administration.

Usually, print catalogs are also available within the inmate housing units.

Understanding commissary policies like order schedules and restrictions helps manage purchases and available account funds.

Perry County Inmate Lookup Resources

Utilize these additional resources to supplement Perry County jail inmate searches and data access:

  • Perry County jail visitation schedule – Find policies, hours, and registration procedures for in-person visits
  • Perry County jail bond information – Search typical bond rates by offense type and get bondsman contacts
  • Perry County court docket – Lookup local case details like hearings, arraignment dates, and dispositions
  • Perry County sex offender registry – Identify incarcerated offenders and search records
  • VINELink by state – Sign up for custody and release alerts

Stay informed on inmate status changes, upcoming court events, bonds, administrative holds, transfers, and facility changes.


Searching for Perry County jail inmate details and records can provide critical information on arrestee status, background, and case factors.

Use the Perry County sheriff inmate lookup along with supplemental online jail data resources to gain transparency on current and former detainees.

Follow the various search methods, data sources, and facility access tips outlined here to conduct complete incarceration lookups.

Refer to updates frequently for changes to charges, release dates, transfers, and more inmate details during ongoing detention.

FAQs – Perry County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Perry County jail?

You can search the Perry County jail roster by first and last name through the sheriff’s office online inmate lookup or through third-party sites like Vinelink, Jailbase, or the Perry County online mugshot search to see if someone is currently detained in Perry County jail.

Can I visit someone in Perry County jail?

Visitation schedules, hours, and rules for seeing someone at Perry County Jail can be found on the sheriff’s website. You usually need to register online or by phone ahead of time before you can see a Perry County inmate in person.

What jail is Perry County using?

Perry County uses the Perry County Detention Center as its jail and inmate holding and processing facility. It houses county inmates from Perry County and is located at [insert address] in Perry County.

Can an inmate call me from Perry County jail?

Perry County inmates are typically allowed phone privileges. You may get calls from a Perry County jail inmate originating from the facility but note the number will show up as something other than the jail’s number. There are limitations and monitoring rules regarding inmate phone use.

How do I add money to a Perry County inmate account?

To deposit funds like commissary money to an inmate’s account at Perry County jail, you can use cash equivalents like bank transfers, money orders, or cashier’s checks through approved third-party self-service portals, by mailing bank checks or money orders to the inmate, or through account replenishments in person at select locations and kiosks that accept cash payments.

What is the Perry County jail address and phone?

The Perry County Detention Center is located at [insert address details]. The phone number for inmate information and staff is [insert primary phone contact here].

You can find more contact specifics, such as mailing address, general email, visitation desk number, and administration contacts, on the official sheriff’s website.

Who runs the Perry County jail?

Perry County jail operations, policy enforcement, and inmate processing are overseen by the Perry County Sheriff’s Department. The current Perry County sheriff is [insert sheriff name].

Administrative functions fall under the Perry County jail commander and appointed detention administration officials.

How do I email someone in Perry County jail?

The Perry County jail offers an inmate mail system that allows individuals to send letters during incarceration. To ensure proper mail formatting, individuals should check with staff via phone.

While some jails provide scanned mail options through official vendors for a per-use fee, it is necessary to contact Perry County to inquire about availability and policies. Direct email services are not available.

What can you drop off for a Perry County inmate?

Before attempting to drop off items for inmates at Perry County jail, contact staff to check approved items and quantities that the facility can accept based on current inmate mail and visitation safety policies, as well as list restrictions. The staff will confiscate or reject any materials violating these rules.

How do I look up Perry County jail mugshots?

Mugshots for recently arrested and booked individuals in Perry County jail may be available online via the sheriff’s public information site, regional news reports on arrests, or third-party lookup sites that compile booking photos from multiple area facilities. Faces and full names must match the roster to confirm identity.

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