Lauderdale County Inmate Search

Located in east-central Mississippi, Lauderdale County is home to the city of Meridian, MS. With a population of over 75,000 residents, Meridian serves as the county seat.

Like all counties, Lauderdale County has an incarcerated population held in the local county jail or detention centers. Getting details on these inmates can be difficult without the right resources.

This guide provides instructions on how to perform an inmate search for the Lauderdale County Jail.

Lauderdale County Incarceration and Detention Facilities

Lauderdale County operates a few key facilities related to the incarceration and detainment of individuals who have been suspected, arrested, or convicted of crimes. These include:

Lauderdale County Detention Facility

This is the main county jail and detention center located at:

Lauderdale County Detention Facility
2851 Highway 39 North
Meridian, MS 39301
Phone: 601-485-3801

In addition to housing inmates awaiting trial or serving short sentences, this facility offers inmate visitation and processes bonds and payments for release.

Lauderdale County Juvenile Detention Center

A separate facility for youth under age 18. Location and contact details are:

Lauderdale County Juvenile Detention Center
2951 Highway 39 North
Meridian, MS 39301
Phone: 601-485-4734

Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department

The county sheriff’s department makes arrests, transports inmates, and manages inmate data. They can be reached at:

Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department
410 Constitution Ave #100
Meridian, MS 39301
Phone: 601-482-9806

Mississippi Jail Records and Lauderdale County Inmate Population Stats

Like jails across Mississippi, the Lauderdale County facilities house three types of inmates:

  1. People awaiting trial who could not post bail/bond or were denied release
  2. People convicted of misdemeanors serving short sentences
  3. People temporarily moved from state prisons

At any given time, the Lauderdale County Jail houses approximately 300-400 inmates. With new arrests daily, the population changes frequently.

In 2020, around 5,000 bookings were recorded at the Lauderdale County Detention Facility. This works out to over 13 arrests per day on average.

Knowing these population statistics provides scope on how many records are maintained in the Lauderdale County inmate management systems.

Search for Lauderdale County Jail Inmates Online

The easiest and most efficient way to look up information on current and recent Lauderdale County Jail inmates is by using the online public inmate search portal hosted on the official Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office website.

This free inmate search resource allows you to search for inmates by:

  • First and last name
  • Age
  • Race
  • Date of birth
  • Booking date
  • Expected release date
  • Housing facility
  • Mugshots

This Lauderdale County Sheriff’s website provides the most up-to-date information available to the public on current and recent county jail inmates.

How to Find Inmates in Lauderdale County Jail

When making use of the Lauderdale County inmate search website, you have a few options on how to locate inmates by name or booking number:

Search by Inmate Name

If you know the first and/or last name of an inmate, enter this into the search fields. You can enter a full first name and last name, or just one or the other.


  • John Smith
  • John
  • Smith

Leave other fields blank for wider search results.

Search by Booking Number

Every inmate booked into the Lauderdale County Jail system is assigned a unique booking number.

If you have the booking number for a specific inmate, enter this into the booking number field to pull the record directly.

Search by Date of Birth

Adding an inmate’s date of birth together with name information can help isolate the correct person if common names are involved.

Format Date of Birth searches as MM/DD/YYYY

Search by Race

General race categories (B, W, H, ASIA, etc.) can also help refine name searches by limiting results only to inmates matching that race.

Inmate Release Dates and Charges – Lauderdale County

When searching for records on the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s inmate search website, results pages provide extensive details on each inmate found, including:

  • Booking date
  • Projected release date
  • Bond amount
  • Mugshot photo
  • Full list of active charges
  • Description of the arresting agency and address

The detailed charge descriptions allow you to understand exactly what crimes the inmate has been accused or convicted of.

Meanwhile, the release date gives an estimate of when the person may be released, whether on bail/bond, transferred elsewhere, or discharged at the end of a sentence.

Taken together, this information on release status and underlying charges is invaluable for those needing to find inmates in Lauderdale County Jail.

Mugshots and Booking Information in Lauderdale County

For all searches that successfully match an inmate’s identity and locate their record, the Lauderdale County inmate lookup tool provides the inmate’s:

  • Booking date
  • Arresting agency
  • Mugshot photo
  • Race
  • Date of birth
  • Housing location
  • Current status like “sentenced” or “released” etc.

The mugshot photos help confirm you have found the right person if you have an idea what they look like.

Meanwhile, the other booking details provide critical information on the inmate’s processing into the jail system after being detained or arrested.

How to Lookup Arrest Records of Lauderdale County Inmates

The inmate search website for Lauderdale County focuses primarily on people currently or recently housed in Lauderdale County jails or detention centers.

To expand your search for inmates further back historically, or to search more broadly for arrests that may not have led to incarceration, use these Lauderdale County arrest records search resources:

Lauderdale County Sheriff Arrest Log Archives

Alongside the active inmate search, the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s website also publishes searchable arrest records and daily logs, organized by:

  • Date range – view arrests in a given month
  • Defendant name

The arrest logs provide the names, charges, and booking agencies for all arrests whether they resulted in ongoing detention or not.

Lauderdale County Circuit Court Records

For charges and arrest cases that pass through the court and prosecution system, search for related records via the Lauderdale County Court System. Use case records to potentially uncover:

  • Court proceedings
  • Formal charges and indictments
  • Bonds and sentencing
  • Warrants issued
  • Plaintiff and defendant data

Court records are available directly from the circuit court clerk’s office.

Background Check Companies

Paid subscription criminal record lookup services access courthouse data nationwide while also compiling valuable information from:

  • State repositories
  • Correctional databases
  • Law enforcement datasets

They can search for Lauderdale County arrests based on name, date of birth, geography, and other identifiers.

However, fees apply when accessing their arrest records databases.

Sending Money to Lauderdale County Inmates

Here is an additional section on sending money to inmates in Lauderdale County:

Sending Money to Inmates at Lauderdale County Facilities

In addition to looking up facility information and searching for inmate records in Lauderdale County, a common need is sending funds to incarcerated loved ones to support their well-being while in custody.

Family and friends have a few options for depositing money for inmates held in Lauderdale County jails and detention centers:

1. Bank Account Deposits

Most facilities provide bank account numbers and transit codes so people can transfer inmate funds quickly online or over the phone. Processing fees of around $5 per transaction may apply.

Required recipient details are available from the facility or inmate communications services contractor.

2. Lockboxes at Facilities

For cash deposits, visit the lobby services window during public hours. Cash gets credited to inmate balances.

3. Mobile App Cash Transfers

Leading money transfer apps like CashDrop enable direct inmate account funding via mobile devices. Money is uploaded electronically using account numbers.

4. Money Orders by Mail

Completing U.S. Postal Money Orders made out to specific inmate accounts, then mailing to the postal address of the detention facility for secure processing and deposit.

Be sure to include the inmate’s name and ID with all financial instruments to prevent funds from being rejected or lost.

This covers the main methods for funding inmate accounts safely and quickly at Lauderdale County correctional institutions.

Tips for an Effective Inmate Search in Lauderdale County

Keep these tips in mind to help guide your inmate search efforts for Lauderdale County Jail:

  • Use Multiple Search Variations of Names – Try full middle names, shortened names, maiden names, etc. when looking for hard-to-find inmates
  • Search by Booking Date Range – Filter by year or specific date spans to isolate more recently jailed inmates
  • Lookup by Arresting Agency – Knowing the arresting entity, like Meridian Police, helps surface records
  • Check Court Dockets and Calendars – Court schedules reveal upcoming dates inmates must appear before a judge
  • Look Beyond Just the County Jail – Expand into state prisons, federal detention, out-of-state transfers, etc.
  • Check Multiple Sources – Don’t rely exclusively on one system or database, cross-reference across different sites
  • Follow Official Local Updates – Bookmark sites like the Lauderdale Sheriff’s Facebook page for potential alerts on missing inmates

Using these practical tips while leveraging the inmate search offerings highlighted earlier gives you an effective means to find incarcerated individuals in the Lauderdale County jurisdiction.

Online Resources for Mississippi Inmate Search Across State

While the focus to this point has been on locating arrest records and inmate details specifically for Lauderdale County, many online search tools provide similar insights for jails, prisons, and detention facilities across the state of Mississippi.

Here are some of the top online inmate lookup resources at the state level:

Mississippi State Records Online Inmate Search

Wide-ranging inmate lookup connecting jail rosters statewide:

Mississippi Sex Offender Registry

Public website for tracking convicted sex offenders living across Mississippi. Valuable for investigatory searches.

Mississippi Courts Records Online

Search for county-level cases, charges, warrants, and upcoming court dates. Useful for tracking inmate status against court proceedings.

Vinelink by Crime Victims

Allows crime victims to register for custody status updates and release notifications on offenders statewide.

Locating an Inmate being Held Outside Lauderdale County

When performing an inmate search, it’s important to remember that individuals may be transferred outside their original county to different facilities, including:

  • Other local county jails
  • Federal detention centers
  • State prisons
  • Private correctional facilities
  • Out-of-state prisons

If your search comes back empty on the Lauderdale County inmate lookup websites, some tips on expanding the search to locate inmates moved outside the county include:

  • Search state-level Mississippi inmate locators instead of just county jail rosters
  • Lookup records in Alabama, Tennessee, or other nearby states
  • Check listings of federal detention facilities in the region
  • Cross-reference relatives or known associates that may be linked/transferred together
  • Submit information request forms to facilities asking for confirmation on specific individuals

With extra effort, it’s possible to find Lauderdale County inmates and arrestees transferred to other jurisdictions.

Contact an Inmate in Lauderdale County via Phone, Video Visitation, Messages, Mail

Once you have successfully located an inmate in custody at a Lauderdale County jail or detention center, you may want to make contact via options like:

  • Phone calls
  • Video visitation
  • Text messages
  • Postal mail

Availability, schedules, and prices for communication vary across different facilities.

Phone Calls with Lauderdale County Inmates

Both the main Lauderdale County Detention Facility and Juvenile Detention Center offer phone systems for inmates to place collect calls or calls billed to a prepaid account.

Friends and family must set up pre-paid accounts with third-party vendors like Securus to receive calls. Accounts can be funded online.

Call rates average around $1/min but vary by the specific facility and call provider.

Video Visitation with Lauderdale County Inmates

In-person visitation is very limited, so video visitation provides a good alternative. Sessions allow face-to-face video chats on a schedule, with rates around $10 for 20 minutes.

Online accounts must be set up ahead of time at sites like icSolutions. Sessions are then scheduled based on the facility’s availability.

Send Written Messages to Inmates

Along with phone calls and video chats, most facilities enable people to send electronic in-house text messages. Prices are reasonable on a per-message basis, costing less than $1.00 generally.

Messages are subject to screening and security rules may restrict hours when messages can be picked up by recipients.

Postal Mail for Lauderdale County Inmates

Good old-fashioned snail mail remains an important way for family, friends, lawyers, etc. to make contact with those held in Lauderdale County correctional institutions.

Be sure to format envelopes properly with full inmate names and identifiers to avoid delivery issues. Expect mail to be inspected before distribution as well.

How to Schedule an Inmate Visitation at Lauderdale County

In-person visitation availability is very limited currently due to security protocols and the pandemic. However, some facilities do provide inmate visitation on a restricted basis.

Lauderdale County Detention Facility Visitation

To schedule visits with inmates held at the main county detention center, use the following process:

  1. Register online first as an approved visitor using the Lauderdale County Detention Facility Visitation Scheduling Site
  2. Pick an available date/time slot based on the online calendar schedules
  3. Attend the visitation in person with a valid photo ID
  4. Check-in using the provided user account

Visits may be denied or canceled last minute per security rules. All visitors are subject to searches and monitoring during visits.

Juvenile Center Visitation

The process for scheduling visits in the separate juvenile center has added requirements, given the sensitive population. Contact the Facility Inmate Services Manager at 601-485-4734 for guidance on the juvenile inmate visitation process.

Sign Up for Inmate Custody and Release Alerts in Lauderdale County

If needing to closely monitor a specific inmate during their custody lifecycle, consider registering with VINELink. This free service allows people to track inmates and get updates on:

  • Release dates
  • Transfers
  • Discharges
  • Escapes

Register a profile related to a particular Lauderdale County inmate and select alerts you wish to receive via:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • TXT message

This automated system taps into records from the Lauderdale County detention centers and sheriff’s offices to feed registered accounts with relevant notifications.

Sign up for alerts here:

Inmate Rights and Support Resources in Lauderdale County

While inmate searches allow for locating and contacting jailed individuals, it’s also important families and friends have resources to navigate issues like:

  • Legal aid
  • Reentry programs
  • Community support
  • Advocacy

Having access to orientation, counseling, mentorship, education, job readiness, and other support programs correlated to improved inmate outcomes and reduced recidivism rates.

Here are some good places in Lauderdale County to turn to for help with inmate challenges:

  • Meridian Housing Authority
  • Crossroads Mission
  • Care Lodge Domestic Violence Shelter
  • Salvation Army
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Boys and Girls Club of Meridian
  • Meridian Public Library

Consult these and other local non-profits for programs open to inmates, former offenders, relatives, and dependents. Services cater to needs like:

  • Legal counseling
  • Rehabilitation
  • Workforce development
  • Affordable housing
  • Addiction treatment
  • Childcare
  • Healthcare
  • Expungement assistance


This detailed guide summarizes the primary options available for conducting an inmate search in Lauderdale County, Mississippi using handy online lookup resources provided locally by the county sheriff and nationally via leading inmate data services.

Instructions outline everything needed from how to run a simple name search to advanced case monitoring with custody status alerts. Additional sections provide useful background on the Lauderdale County jail facilities with details on visitation, contact methods, communication channels, and inmate support programs.

With all these tools and information sources explained in one place, finding and assisting incarcerated individuals or criminal arrestees originating out of Lauderdale County becomes straightforward. Reach out via the comments form for any feedback or questions.

FAQs – Lauderdale County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Lauderdale County jail?

Use the online inmate search portal at or call the Lauderdale County Detention Facility at 601-485-3801 for assistance locating inmates.

What jails are in Lauderdale County Mississippi?

The main facilities are the Lauderdale County Detention Facility and the separate Lauderdale County Juvenile Detention Center. The County Sheriff’s Department also holds some inmates.

Does Lauderdale County have an inmate lookup?

Yes, Lauderdale County provides an online jail inmate search portal to look up records on their website at

Where do you find mugshots for Lauderdale County MS?

Mugshots for arrested individuals in Lauderdale County are hosted on the official sheriff’s office website alongside inmate search results.

How can I communicate with an inmate in Lauderdale County?

Communication options include scheduled video visits, phone calls, electronic messages, and postal mail, subject to security rules.

What is the capacity of Lauderdale County Jail?

The main detention facility houses around 300-400 inmates currently. The average daily population is 325 inmates.

How much does it cost to bond someone out of Lauderdale County jail?

Bonds vary case-by-case based on charges and risk, generally ranging from $100 to $50,000 or more for Lauderdale County. Inmates must pay the full bond amount set by the court.

How do I research if someone has an arrest record in Lauderdale County MS?

Arrest records can be searched online via or through the Lauderdale County Circuit Court records. Private background check services also search arrest histories.

Where do Lauderdale County jail inmates get released from?

Inmates who make bail or complete sentences are released from the Lauderdale County Detention Facility at Highway 39 North in Meridian, Mississippi.

How do I look up old mugshots in Lauderdale County?

Archives of old mugshot records are not available online but can be requested formally via courthouse records or area law enforcement agencies like Meridian Police.

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