Henry County Inmate Search

Performing a Henry County inmate search can provide valuable information, whether you are looking for a friend or family member who was recently arrested, monitoring a criminal case, or researching the background of someone in Henry County. This guide will walk through how to find inmates in Henry County and understand inmate records.

About Henry County and the Henry County Jail

Henry County is located in north central Indiana, with a population of over 49,000 residents. The county seat and largest city is New Castle, Indiana.

The Henry County Jail, located at 127 N. 12th Street in New Castle, is the main detention center for people arrested in Henry County. It houses inmates who are awaiting trial, awaiting sentencing, or serving short county jail sentences.

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office oversees and administers the jail. In addition to housing inmates, the jail provides programs and services like education classes, religious services, and substance abuse counseling.

Search for an Inmate in the Henry County Jail

To look up whether someone is currently incarcerated as an inmate in the Henry County Jail, you can use the inmate lookup tool on the Henry County Sheriff’s Office website. This free public search allows you to search by:

  • Inmate Booking Number – This unique number is assigned at booking. If you don’t know it, leave it blank.
  • Inmate Last Name – Enter the full or partial last name of the inmate.
  • Inmate First Name – Enter the full or partial first name of the inmate.
  • Inmate Middle Name – The middle name or initial if known.

When you perform a search, results will display current Henry County jail inmates matching your search criteria. Each result includes the inmate’s name, age, booking date, scheduled release date, and bond amount. Selecting the inmate’s name will show their mugshot photo, list of criminal charges, and booking number.

If the person you searched for does not appear in the search results, they are likely not a current inmate of the Henry County Jail. They may have been released, transferred to another facility, or never booked as an inmate in the first place.

Henry County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Search

Official local jail rosters and inmate details are available on the Henry County Sheriff’s Office website. Their online inmate lookup search can be accessed by clicking the “Inmate Search” link.

This public arrest information Henry County search allows website visitors to look up prisoners by:

  • First and Last Name
  • Date of birth (DOB)
  • Booking number
  • Age and gender

When using the Henry County inmate lookup tool, enter the known details of the incarcerated person to view their recent mugshot, full list of criminal charges Henry County against them, projected release date, and bond release date search Henry County status.

Click each prisoner’s name or photograph image to show their expanded record with extra details like:

  • Arrest dates
  • Projected release date
  • Total bond amount
  • Specific charges and case numbers
  • Active warrants warrant information Henry County
  • Court appearances Henry County
  • And more…

This official inmate lookup is completely anonymous and available for the public to use at any time. If you need to track down a recently booked or long-term inmate in Henry County custody, be sure to utilize their handy Sheriff’s Office web search.

Private Jail and Inmate Record Websites

Free Henry County Inmate Search

While local Sheriff’s Offices provide official jail population reports, private inmate lookup websites contain added data not available elsewhere. Top Henry County prison record sites offer powerful search capabilities combined with extensive criminal history details beyond standard booking reports.

With expanded Missouri and national criminal record access, public and private inmate locators can help users run Henry County background checks and quickly locate:

  • mugshots henry county
  • Complete list of past and current charges
  • In-depth case information
  • Felony and misdemeanor records
  • Sentencing details
  • Scheduled hearing and court dates court appearances Henry County
  • Missing Persons Henry County

Additionally, private prison research services may offer convenient alert and notification settings if changes occur to an individual’s incarceration status or legal proceedings. Automatic updates keep loved ones informed regarding release dates, transfers, court hearings, and more.

Henry County Jail Inmate Search by Booking Number

Using a prisoner’s booking number search Henry County is the most accurate and efficient method for finding their current incarceration records and detention status. This unique sequence assigned at the time of arrest links to all personal details, mugshots, charging papers, arraignment dates, and other important records.

As part of the booking and intake process, after an individual is detained, local Sheriff’s Office jail staff enters the prisoner’s fingerprints and other identifiable information into the law enforcement system to request previous Missouri criminal history and warrant sex offender registry Henry County hits. Once identity is confirmed, a new case file and inmate profile are created including:

  • Booking number (PIN identifier)
  • Inmate full name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Date/time booked into jail
  • Arresting details and detaining agency report
  • An itemized list of charges criminal charges Henry County
  • Photograph (mugshot)
  • Cell/housing unit location
  • The bond amount and payment status
  • Projected release date search Henry County
  • And others…

When an individual is released from incarceration for any reason, their record is updated to reflect this change but the profile and complete case history remain in the county arrest archive. All future bookings will append to the person’s permanent Henry County criminal file.

So while locating inmates by only name or other vague criteria can be difficult and prone to mismatches, a booking number search Henry County Find delivers precise results every time. The unique sequence leaves no doubt as to the status of an arrestee’s current detention and local background details.

Henry County Jail Records and Reports

In addition to searching current jail inmates, many public Henry County criminal records and jail reports are available to search and access. These can provide further details on both current and historical inmates, arrests, and bookings.

Inmate Mugshots

Mugshot photos taken of inmates during booking can be viewed on third-party sites like BustedMugshots.com. These can provide photo confirmation that someone was incarcerated but do not include booking details.

Full inmate mugshot records and booking reports with details on the arrest can often be obtained from the Henry County Sheriff’s Office by formal request.

Inmate Booking Reports

Inmate booking reports include details on the inmate’s processing at the jail, including full name, vital statistics, date/time of booking, arresting agency, and criminal charges. These records can confirm if someone was detained as an inmate and provide more details even if they have been released.

Inmate booking reports may be available by public records request through the Henry County Sheriff’s Office.

Inmate Release Information

The public inmate search only displays current jail inmates. But even if someone is no longer incarcerated, you can still research their past inmate status and time in the Henry County Jail.

Formal public records requests can also obtain logs and data on past inmates’ release dates and types of releases such as bail, acquittal, sentence completion, or transfer to prison after sentencing.

This release information can help confirm if and when someone was an inmate even if they have already been released.

Henry County Arrest Records and Warrants

Arrest reports and active arrest warrants can provide deeper information on persons booked as inmates and pre-trial detainees. These are available through both public inmate searches and records requests.

Arrest Reports

Arrest reports and probable cause affidavits describe the circumstances and narrative of an arrest incident leading to charges and jail booking. These documents indicate the date, location, arresting officers, charges, and initial bail amount.

While inmates’ current charges are viewable on the public inmate search, the official Henry County arrest reports and PC statements provide the full narrative context. These are accessible by formal records request in most cases.

Arrest Warrants

When the Henry County Sheriff’s Office or other agency issues a warrant for an individual’s arrest, the name and basic warrant details are available on the Henry County public arrest warrant search. No registration is required.

This search can indicate if someone has an active but unserved warrant, meaning they are still at large but face pending arrest and charges that could lead to jail booking as an inmate.

Henry County Warrant Search

Active warrant information Henry County hits against an individual can be uncovered through the local Sheriff’s inmate search system or more powerful online warrant finder services. Both free public sources and affordable paid web tools provide warrant lookups statewide using name and district court case numbers.

Dig deeper beyond standard warrant confirmations alone by accessing a complete assortment of public safety notices like:

  • Issued arrest warrants
  • Expired warrants
  • Bench warrants
  • Search warrants
  • Detainers/temporary holds
  • Traffic warrants
  • Recalls
  • Other pending legal commands

These combined justice alerts offer increased visibility over a person’s location and risk level for detainment should active warrants appear during a Fugitive Watch search.

Obtain Missouri criminal history extracts showing all arrest information on Henry County and Henry County bookings, sentences, probation events, failures to appear (FTA), and related court-ordered compliance matters.

Certain private warrant retrieval platforms also provide arrest monitoring technology and secure notification services keeping users automatically informed anytime fresh warrants, detainers, or wishes to apprehend are issued in a particular individual’s name.

Real-time warrant status and database refreshes ensure target individuals are located faster so that appropriate legal intervention steps are taken immediately once active warrants surface locally or elsewhere statewide.

Search Options for Federal Inmates and Other Facilities

The Henry County Jail houses inmates arrested within Henry County and does not include results for people incarcerated in nearby county jails, state prisons, or federal prisons.

To look up inmates housed outside of the Henry County Jail, use searches specific to each facility:

  • Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator – Find inmates in federal prisons across the U.S.
  • Indiana Department of Corrections Offender Search – Lookup state prison inmates convicted of felonies in Indiana.
  • Surrounding Indiana County Jails – Use locator tools specific to each county sheriff’s office such as Wayne County, Rush County, etc.

So when performing an inmate search in Henry County, be sure to use the right lookup tool for the specific facility where they are housed to get accurate, up-to-date results on their incarceration status.

Henry County Background Checks and Criminal Records

Even when someone is not currently an inmate, a background check accessing Henry County criminal records can provide their full history of charges, convictions, incarcerations, probation, and other documented contacts with law enforcement.

Henry County Criminal Record Search

The Sheriff’s Office provides official county-level criminal record reports going back 7 years, including felonies and misdemeanors. These comprehensive reports compile data from the courts, prosecutors, and law enforcement agencies.

You can order your own criminal background report or that of another person (with a signed release) for a $15 fee through the Henry County Sheriff’s Office.

Henry County Court Records Search

Historical criminal and civil court case records spanning beyond 7 years are available through Henry County court records lookup. This search includes charges, case events, convictions, judgments, probation history, and more.

Find Nearby Bail Bondsman Services

Bail Bonds Henry County

While not containing actual detention information itself, listings of professional bail bond brokers operating regionally around Henry County provide another useful public resource for families and friends of incarcerated loved ones seeking their release from behind bars:

  • Locate bail agent listings by city/county and agency names
  • Get complete office and agent contact information
  • Check the license/certification status of bondsmen
  • Learn bail financing options before jail release
  • Research bail bond practices permitted in Missouri
  • Read reviews and feedback from past clients

Evaluate many area bondsmen listings side-by-side when hunting for genuinely affordable county bail assistance achieving inmate pretrial release.

Compare all local jail bail options in advance of posting cash or collateral guaranteeing that suspects show up for court proceedings and probation appointments.

Find Legal Counsel and Defense Attorneys in Henry County Missouri

Attorney Search Henry County

Rounding out the due diligence pre-trial release process for Henry County inmates involves getting sound legal advice from qualified local defense counsel enlisted to represent the incarcerated through the remainder of their adjudication journey:

  • Search convicted offender databases by attorney names
  • Verify law credentials, educational backgrounds
  • Check disciplinary records

Taking time to research, screen, and retain competent criminal lawyers increases the chances of achieving real public safety rather than merely accepting immediate inmate freedom absent accountability.

The same advanced public records access and behind-the-scenes screening capabilities applied to uncovering hidden justice system conflicts also apply when vetting courtroom advocates fighting for offenders’ rights, early release, and dropped charges.

Henry County Jail Commissary and Prison Supplies

Henry County Jail Commissary

Like most jails, Henry County offers collect calling arrangements, video visitations, and commissary services/facilities where inmates can purchase approved supplies like:

  • Food and Drink
  • Clothing
  • Writing Utensils
  • Stamps
  • OTC Medicine
  • Electronics
  • Supplementary Toiletries/Hygiene Items

Funds get deposited into online advanced accounts accessible from kiosk terminals inside the jail. Friends/family members fund prisoner balances letting them buy permitted commissary products sent directly to their cells in the confines of the Henry County detention center.

Henry County Inmate Visitations, Calls, Voicemail, and JPay Email

How to visit an inmate in Henry County Jail

The Henry County confinement facility permits visitations during select days/times based on housing units, special permissions granted, and disciplinary status. The two main visitation formats are:

  1. Onsite Video Visits: Visitors use lobby kiosks to see/talk with inmates. Sessions get monitored/recorded.
  2. Remote Video Visits: Visitors conduct 20-minute video call sessions from home via the website portal with scheduling.

Additionally, friends and families fund prepaid phone calling accounts inmates use to contact approved numbers. The GTL phone system offers voicemail messaging and email transmittals through JPay. Schedule remote visits and check rules for sending postal mail to inmates in advance.

Henry County Offender Info Resources

Beyond current and past inmates of the Henry County Jail, be aware of these other local offender information sources:

Henry County Sex Offender Registry

Use the Indiana Sex and Violent Offender Registry to look up registered sex offenders residing in Henry County and statewide. This resource maps local registered offenders’ current home addresses.

Henry County Probation Office

The Henry County Probation Department supervises misdemeanor and felony offenders serving probation sentences instead of or after jail time. You can look up a person’s probation status through court records or by contacting the office.


I hope this detailed guide provides a helpful overview of the various resources available to search for current and past Henry County jail inmates, access arrest warrant information, perform criminal background checks, and look up sex offenders living in the community. Please use these search tools responsibly.

FAQs – Henry County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Henry County jail?

You can find someone in Henry County jail by using the online inmate search on the Henry County Sheriff’s Office website or calling them at (660) 885-2448 to inquire. Provide the full name and either the date of birth or booking number for accurate results.

What is the phone number for Henry County jail?

The phone number for Henry County Jail is (660) 885-2448. Call this number to directly inquire with jail staff about locating an inmate or questions regarding jail policies and procedures.

Can I visit someone in Henry County jail?

Yes, you can visit an inmate at Henry County Jail in person through onsite video visitation or remotely from home via scheduled video calls. Review visitation rules on days/times and confirm housing unit eligibility before attempting contact.

How do I put money in an inmate’s account in Henry County jail?

You can deposit funds in a Henry County jail inmate’s account for commissary purchases and phone calls by creating an online account with the third-party vendor GTL, adding money, and specifying recipient details to transfer account balances.

How much is bail at Henry County jail?

Bail amounts at Henry County jail vary case-by-case based on the severity of charges and flight risk assessments. Bonds can range from a couple hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. Inquire with jail staff for the bond status of a specific inmate.

Who runs the Henry County jail?

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office runs and operates the central Henry County jail facility located at 101 W Franklin St, Clinton, MO 64735, along with administering the inmate population.

Where do you find mugshots for Henry County jail?

Henry County jail inmate mugshots can be found by searching the Sheriff’s Office online inmate search tool or requesting records from the jail’s custodial agency. Third-party sites also compile public booking photos and details.

How do you search for an inmate?

To search for an inmate, use the online lookup tools provided by county jails and state departments of corrections. Enter the inmate’s first and last name or look up by booking number if available for the most accurate matching.

How long can you be held in jail without charges?

In Henry County, you generally can’t be held in jail without formal charges filed beyond 48 hours excluding weekends and holidays, before the detaining agency must release or arraign the arrestee on specific alleged violations of law.

Is Henry County jail a federal prison?

No, Henry County Jail is a local county jail administered by the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, not a federal prison system. It houses inmates detained or sentenced for municipal and county violations typically under 2 years, not long-term state or federal inmates.

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