Crenshaw County Inmate Search

Looking up information on inmates housed in the Crenshaw County Jail in Luverne, Alabama can be done through a few different methods. This guide provides details on how to find inmates in Crenshaw County jail, check the current Crenshaw County jail roster, access Crenshaw County arrest records, view mugshots of Crenshaw County detainees, and more.

Crenshaw County Jail Overview

The Crenshaw County Jail is located at 51 Government Plaza in Luverne, AL, and is overseen by the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Office. The facility houses inmates who are awaiting trial or sentencing as well as those serving misdemeanor sentences under a year.

There are a few ways for people to search for inmates in Crenshaw County and look up information related to arrests and bookings.

Crenshaw County Jail Inmate Search

The Crenshaw County jail inmate lookup online portal allows you to search for inmates by first and last name or booking number. From this search, you can access details on the inmate including:

  • Booking date
  • Expected release date
  • Bail amount and bond status
  • Charges and offense description
  • Mugshot photo
  • Age, race, gender, etc.

To perform an inmate lookup, visit Crenshaw County Jail Inmate Search and enter the first and last name or booking number if known.

This lookup shows all Crenshaw County inmates currently housed at the jail and provides booking details and mugshots for each.

Checking the Jail Roster in Crenshaw County

In addition to searching for a specific inmate, you can also browse the entire jail roster to see everyone in custody at the Crenshaw County Jail.

The roster changes daily as new arrests occur and inmates are released. It includes all current inmates with their:

  • Booking date
  • Expected release date
  • Total bond amount
  • Mugshot

Check the Crenshaw County Jail Roster for the most up-to-date list of who is in jail in Crenshaw County.

Accessing Crenshaw County Arrest Records

Crenshaw County arrest records include details on past and current arrests made by county law enforcement. These are considered public records in Alabama but typically do not include juvenile arrests.

Arrest records found online generally provide information on the following:

  • Defendant name
  • Date/time of arrest
  • Arresting agency
  • Offense committed
  • Bail amount

There are a few websites that compile Crenshaw County crime news and arrest reports including mugshots such as:

  • Busted Newspaper

These sites pull arrest data from law enforcement and publish the latest records and mugshot photos online for public view.

How to Lookup Crenshaw County Mugshots

Mugshot records provide photos of individuals taken at the time of their booking into jail after an arrest. These Crenshaw County mugshots are considered public information.

In addition to mugshots shown on inmate search and jail roster sites, dedicated mugshot websites compile booking photos from arrests and publish them online. These websites organize mugshots by state and county for easy lookup.

To browse or search recent Crenshaw County mugshots, visit sites like:

These sites provide mugshot galleries going back several years as well as recent bookings.

How to Find Inmates in Alabama by County

Rather than search individual sites for each facility, the Alabama Department of Corrections provides a free public Alabama inmate search by county. This centralized search compiles data from county jails statewide.

Enter a full first and last name to look up inmates. Matches will display associated counties to pinpoint where someone is being housed.

Search Alabama Jail Records by Name

In addition to the ADOC search, commercial inmate lookup sites like VineLink also let you search Alabama jail records by name. These compile data from federal, state, and county facilities in one spot.

Searches can be further narrowed by:

  • County
  • Offender ID
  • Booking date range
  • Facility

Get Information on Alabama Inmates

When searching for Alabama inmates via VineLink or the ADOC portal, results provide info such as:

  • Crenshaw County inmate release dates
  • Current housing facility details
  • Mugshots
  • Arrest records
  • Bond details

This data can give you a better picture of an inmate’s status if records aren’t available locally.

Can You Visit Inmates at Crenshaw County Jail?

If you need to visit an inmate at Crenshaw County Jail, you can schedule visitation online through TurnKey Corrections. Visitation policies and schedule information include:

  • Visitation Hours: Wed & Sun, 9 AM – 11 AM and 1 PM – 4 PM
  • Non-contact video visits only
  • One visit per inmate per week
  • Valid photo ID required
  • No weapons or contraband

Schedule a video visitation online or call the Crenshaw County jail at 334-335-4850 for more details on visitation rules.

Contacting Inmates at Crenshaw County Jail

In addition to scheduling in-person video visitation, you can contact an inmate at Crenshaw County Jail through phone calls, messages, and mail.

Phone Calls

To speak to an inmate over the phone, you will need to set up a prepaid account with ICSolutions, the platform used for Crenshaw County jail phone calls.

With an ICSolutions account, you can receive calls from inmates as well as pay for them to call out. All calls are recorded and limited to 15 minutes.

Electronic Messages

ICSolutions also allows you to send electronic messages to inmates through their Inmate Mail feature. This is the fastest way to communicate with someone in Crenshaw County Jail.

Postal Mail

To send physical mail and care packages to inmates, use the following mailing address:

Inmate Name & ID Number
Crenshaw County Jail 51 Government Plaza
Luverne, AL 36049

All mail is inspected for contraband before delivery to inmates.

Can You Bail Someone Out of Crenshaw County Jail?

If an inmate has been assigned a cash or surety bond amount, you may be able to bail them out of Crenshaw County Jail. The bond allows the defendant to be released while their case moves through the courts.

Most jails work with bail bond companies that will post the full bail amount for an inmate in exchange for a 10% fee. This fee is non-refundable even if charges are dismissed.

Some things to know about Alabama bail bonds in Crenshaw County include:

  • Bond amounts vary based on charges
  • 10% is usually required to bail someone out
  • The full bond is due if the defendant misses court
  • Bondsman may require collateral on high bonds

Search for bail bonds services in Crenshaw County to get someone released from jail until their court date.

Finding Release Date Information on Inmates

To see when an inmate is scheduled to be released from the Crenshaw County Jail, check their inmate record on the jail roster or inmate lookup.

This will provide their expected release date assuming they:

  • Serve their full sentence
  • Do not have holds or pending charges
  • Are not released early on parole

Keep in mind release dates may change if any of the above factors come into play or new charges are added.

You can also call 334-335-4850 to enquire about a Crenshaw County inmate’s release date or eligibility for early release programs.

Legal Help for Inmates

Inmates at Crenshaw County Jail have access to resources that can help them navigate the legal system if facing charges. These include:

Inmate Resources

  • Alabama Inmate Handbook – outlines prisoner rights and facility policies
  • Alabama Inmate Grievance Process – how to file complaints about jail conditions

Legal Assistance

  • Public Defender – court-appointed lawyer for inmates who cannot afford representation
  • Alabama Legal Help – online tool to get free legal advice and Q&A

Rehabilitation Programs

  • Drug and alcohol counseling
  • Mental health treatment
  • Job and skills training
  • Therapy and education services

Connecting inmates to these resources can help improve outcomes during and after incarceration. Those needing programs or services should consult their caseworker within the jail.

Searching for Inmates in Other Alabama County Jails

The Crenshaw County Jail houses inmates for the locality only. However, there are search tools available online to look up inmates within other county jails statewide.

If you need to find an inmate in Alabama by county outside of Crenshaw, sites like VINELink allow you to search for inmates by:

  • First and last name
  • Inmate ID
  • Housing facility name

This provides a centralized platform for checking jails across Alabama. Some facilities may have their inmate lookup sites as well.

How to Send Money to an Inmate in Crenshaw County Jail

To add money to a Crenshaw County inmate’s account, you will need to set up a prepaid account with TurnKey Corrections. Calling their toll-free phone number or visiting their website allows for deposits into inmate accounts that can be used for commissary items, phone calls, and other approved purchases.

When sending funds, be sure to have the recipient’s name and booking number.


I hope this detailed guide provides the necessary information on how to search for Crenshaw County jail inmates online, locate arrest records and mugshots, contact detainees, check release dates, and access Alabama statewide records. Let me know if you have any other questions!

FAQs – Crenshaw County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Crenshaw County jail?

Use the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Office online inmate search to look up inmates by name or booking number. You can also check sites like Vinelink and JailBase that compile statewide records.

What is the address for Crenshaw County jail?

The address for the Crenshaw County Jail is 160 Courthouse Square, Luverne, AL 36049. This address can be used for mailing letters to inmates.

How do I visit an inmate in Crenshaw County jail?

Visiting an inmate at Crenshaw County Jail requires getting approval and scheduling visits in advance. Consult the jail’s Visitation FAQ for policies on hours, dress code, identification needs, and other rules.

How do I send money to an inmate in Crenshaw County?

Set up an account with TurnKey Corrections to deposit funds into a Crenshaw County inmate’s account. Have the recipient’s ID number ready when arranging transfers.

Is Crenshaw County jail overcrowded?

While many county jails face overcrowding issues, no reports are indicating major capacity constraints in the Crenshaw County jail at present. The facility appears able to handle the local inmate population.

How can I get released from Crenshaw County jail?

To seek early release from Crenshaw County jail, options include posting bond or bail, requesting a plea deal, or petitioning for pretrial supervision programs as alternatives to incarceration. Consulting legal counsel is advised.

How can I communicate with an inmate in Crenshaw County?

Phone calls, video visits, sending mail, and scheduling in-person visits when permitted are ways to communicate with someone jailed at Crenshaw County. Set up accounts with TurnKey Corrections for media communications.

What are inmate rights in Crenshaw County?

All inmates at Crenshaw County Jail have basic rights to necessities like food, clothing, and health care. They can file grievances and contact a lawyer if these rights are violated. An inmate handbook outlines specific policies.

How often are inmates fed in Crenshaw County jail?

Crenshaw County jail policy is to provide three meals daily to all detainees. Special medical or religious diets may also be accommodated under facility guidelines.

Do Crenshaw County jail inmates get released early?

While early releases are uncommon, Crenshaw County jail inmates can get released before full sentences in some cases by posting bond, through plea deals reducing charges, or by parole if partially transferred to state prisons. Checking inmate records online provides release status.

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