Lowndes County Inmate Search

When a friend, family member, or loved one gets arrested, it can be stressful and confusing trying to locate them in the Lowndes County jail system.

This guide provides comprehensive information on how to search for inmates detained in Lowndes County jails, understand inmate records, locate mugshots and criminal charges, find release dates, send money for commissary, and schedule visitations.

With resources like the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office inmate lookup tool and guidelines for accessing public records, this article aims to make the inmate search process straightforward. Read on to learn the ins and outs of navigating Lowndes County incarceration data.

Lowndes County Inmate Search

Lowndes County is located in southern Georgia, with the county seat and largest city being Valdosta. The main jail and detention facility is the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center, operated by the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office.

This jail houses inmates who have recently been arrested, those awaiting trial or sentencing, and those serving misdemeanor sentences under 24 months. Nearby correctional facilities, like state prisons, house felony convicts with longer sentences.

When an individual gets booked into the county jail after an arrest, their details, mugshot, criminal charges, and bail/bond amounts get recorded as part of their inmate profile in the Lowndes County Jail Records. These inmate records are considered public data that can be accessed by friends, family, legal teams, bail bondsmen, and more with the right search methods.

Common reasons for conducting a Lowndes County Inmate Lookup include:

  • Locating an arrested loved one
  • Checking inmate bail and release eligibility
  • Scheduling jail visitations
  • Sending money for commissary accounts
  • Obtaining arrest/detention specifics
  • Monitoring case status

Fortunately, there are simple techniques for finding and communicating with incarcerated individuals detailed in the sections below.

Search the Lowndes County Inmate Roster

The quickest way to locate someone booked in Lowndes County Jail is by searching the public inmate roster or population list.

This comprehensive list gets updated every 24 hours to reflect all current detainees in Lowndes County correctional facilities. It includes vital data like the:

  • Inmate’s full name
  • Age and date of birth
  • Race
  • Assigned cell location
  • Arrest date
  • Projected release date
  • Total bail amount

To access this information, visit the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center website. Under the “Inmate Info” tab, select the “Who’s In Jail” link to open the full spreadsheet of all current jail inmates.

With this complete inmate list in Lowndes County, you can scan by hand for your subject’s name. Or use the browser “Find” function (CTRL + F) to quickly search the roster by first name, last name, middle name, etc.

Once matched, take note of your incarcerated party’s basic personal details and housing unit assignment. This data gets used later for locating arrest records, scheduling visitations, sending inmate money for commissary, and more.

Look Up Lowndes County Inmates Online

For the fastest and easiest method, take advantage of the free Lowndes County inmate lookup tool hosted on the Sheriff’s webpage.

This online search portal allows you to quickly hunt for incarcerated individuals using any of the following data points:

  • Full Inmate Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Arrest Date
  • Release Date
  • Housing Location
  • Inmate ID Number

With just a few pieces of information, it takes seconds to pull up a matching detainee profile with visitation/call privileges, bail status, booking charges, case details, and other key data.

Here are step-by-step instructions for utilizing this user-friendly web search:

  1. Visit LowndesSheriff.com
  2. Mouse over the “Administration” tab and select “Inmate Search”
  3. On the next page, enter the required details like first name, last name, etc. then hit “Search” to execute
  4. Any matches appear below instantly, along with vital inmate particulars
  5. If needed, click the blue case number to see even more thorough arrest specifics

This Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office inmate search works smoothly on both desktop and mobile. With versatile search filters, it’s the fastest route to finding current and recently released inmates.

Inmate Search Methods

If you need to cast a wider net due to common names or lack of identifiers, consider these additional inmate lookup tactics:

Browse Arrest Booking Photos & Mugshots

The Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office hosts a public “Mugshots” page with images of all recently booked arrestees. Alongside the headshots are details like full name, age, date arrested, and total bond amount.

Checking recent mugshot records can help locate hard-to-find detainees, particularly by matching photos instead of just names.

Sitewide Data Search Tools

For a thorough sweep search of all data listings on the LCSO site, use the global “Search” bars found at both the top and bottom of every page.

This checks all website content, including current and past arrest records, inmate legal cases, warrant info, visitation logs, and more. While not an inmate-specific tool, it can uncover extra information through wide search parameters.

Call the County Jail Directly

If online lookup attempts don’t produce the required inmate information, call the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center’s front desk directly:

(229) 671-2890

Explain who you are searching for and staff can verify if the individual is currently detained and share qualifying details over the phone. Have identifying data like full name and date of birth handy when calling.

Check Nearby County Jails

While the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center houses the majority of local suspects, it’s possible your search subject got relocated. Nearby overflow facilities like the:

  • Echols County Jail
  • Brooks County Detention Center
  • Lanier County Jail

All offer online inmate look-up sites to cover all bases. Widen your search parameters if needed.

Lowndes County Inmate Records & Charges

Once you’ve located your incarcerated party, the next step is gathering further case specifics from their Lowndes County Jail Records. Standard inmate profiles include:

  • Booking Details – Date/time arrested and processed, warrant number, booking officer, etc.
  • Arrest Charges – Full list of active criminal charges
  • Bail Terms – Cash bail amount, bond payment options
  • Court Case Number – Specific case and reference number
  • Scheduled Court Dates – Upcoming arraignment, pre-trial, etc.
  • Projected Release – If bond/bail gets paid
  • Sentencing Term – If found guilty at trial
  • Inmate ID Number – Unique identifying number
  • Fingerprint Profile – Criminal history summary
  • Detainer Info – Other jurisdictions/agencies involved

These specifications can be used to monitor case progress, hire defense lawyers, arrange inmate phone calls or visitations, get bail bonds assistance, and ultimately secure the release.

To find this information, check the inmate search profiles which contain basic booking data, then cross-reference with available public records like:

  • Criminal Court Case Records
  • Arrest/Incident Reports
  • Booking Documentation
  • Legal Recovery Notices
  • Traffic & Misdemeanor Citations

Build a complete case file by gathering intel from multiple sources. This assists legal teams with building strong defense strategies as well.

If locating records on your own feels overwhelming, consider hiring a local public records researcher or criminal case attorney to handle the sourcing and explain the implications.

Lowndes County Arrest Records & Mugshots

To look up older Lowndes County arrest records beyond what inmate lookups provide, utilize these criminal history search tools:

  • LowndesCountyMugshots.com – Private database with over 12 million historical mugshots, arrests, warrants, and more from Georgia counties and nationwide. Offer user-friendly search tools for finding hard-to-locate records.
  • Georgia Courts Case Search – Search the official Georgia Courts database for statewide criminal case files, calendar records, convictions, appellate outcomes, and more.
  • Georgia Open Records Request – Request police reports, inmate history details, case dispositions, and other documentation through manual records request. Does require proper ID verification and written request forms.

Compiling a complete offending history can be useful for resolving discrepancies, filling case knowledge gaps, evaluating eligibility for bail bonds services, and other applications.

Inmate Bail, Bonds & Release Process

The bail and bond processes allow individuals to secure temporary release while their criminal case progresses. However, navigating the various options and requirements can be confusing.

Below are key considerations for paying inmate bail bonds in Lowndes County to allow booking release:

  • Cash Bail – The amount is set by the judge. Only cash payments are accepted. Money must be provided by family/friends/defendant as a bond to ensure future court appearance. Fully returned after all hearings if attendance is compliant.
  • Surety Bonds – Same as cash bail but a premium percentage goes to the bail bond agent providing coverage service. Popular option but must get approval based on background, charges, and ties to the community. The agent handles monitoring.
  • Personal Recognizance Bonds – No money exchanges hands. The court takes your sworn word you will attend all required hearings. Typically only for minor offenses and low flight risks.
  • Bail Hearings – A judge reviews special situations on an inmate’s release eligibility. Common if uninsured but have extenuating circumstances like health problems requiring treatments, single parents, etc.

Inmates can also secure early freedom by serving their full misdemeanor sentence or paying all imposed fines on minor offenses. Connect with Accredited Surety and Casualty Company, Inc. to go over options suitable for your case specifics and budget.

Once bail terms get established AND fulfilled, the Lowndes County Clerk of Courts processes the release paperwork and orders the individual moved from holding. Under normal release protocols, you cannot “bail someone out” instantly like dramatic scenes from movies and television.

Patience is required for administrative processing but detained parties can expect to be released within 4 to 18 hours once bond payments clear. Timing varies based on staffing, schedules, and other practical processing factors.

Send Money to the Inmate Commissary or Trust Fund

To fund purchases for basic hygienic supplies, snacks, phone call credits, postage stamps, and other approved items, individuals can add money to an inmate’s commissary account or trust fund.

Follow these guidelines for sending Lowndes County inmate money:

  • Accepted Payment Methods – Cash, Credit Card, Money Order, Cashier’s Check
  • Daily Limits – $300 maximum across all transactions
  • Approved Senders – Immediate family and friends ONLY
  • Processing Time – 1 to 3 Business Days hold
  • Receipts Required – Keep physical or digital for records

To complete Lowndes County jail money transactions:

  1. Access the Inmate Trust Deposits webpage
  2. Enter the Inmate Name and Inmate ID
  3. Select Deposit Type and enter deposit amount
  4. Fill in personal details and payment data

Funds should be reflected in the connected commissary balance within 72 hours. Log in to the “inmate lookup” portal and navigate to the “Commissary” tab to monitor updated amounts.

Families can work together to ensure the continuous availability of money deposits for associated fees, medical copays, daily socks/underwear, phone usage, and other routine prison costs.

Schedule Lowndes County Jail Visitations

Maintaining positive connections with incarcerated loved ones is key to mental health and future rehabilitation. Thankfully, the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center offers both video visitation and on-site visitation programs:

  • On-Site Visiting – No-contact meetings with inmates for 1 hour. Occur Friday to Sunday. Must pass background checks, metal detection screening, and follow dress code.
  • Video Visiting – Remote visit via web portal or mobile app. 20-minute sessions, up to 2 visitors at once. Operates daily. Pre-registration and a prepaid account are required.
  • Inmate Visitation Schedule – Sign up based on the assigned cell block. Morning, afternoon, and evening slots are available 7 days per week.

When scheduling visits, be sure to reference your inmate’s housing unit info from the roster lookup. This ensures signing up for the correlating schedule.

Next, create a prepaid account and register all parties slated to attend visitations. Each visitor will need to provide personal details, ID verification, and Relation to Inmate confirmation.

With accounts set up, select the precise date/time, pick up the generated confirmation code, and then head to the Visitation Center at least 20 minutes early.

Staff will check your confirmation, and ID, and require passing metal detection screening. You may also undergo pat-downs and K9 searches to prevent contraband.

If you follow all preparedness rules and regulations, you are guaranteed productive visiting appointments. Maintaining morale and social bonds is critical to the physical and mental health of detained individuals awaiting trial outcomes.


Conducting a Lowndes County Inmate Search delivers fast answers during a troublesome time. Fortunately, friends and family now have more options than ever for locating incarcerated loved ones thanks to online lookup tools.

Additionally, understanding lookups, records requests, criminal charges, bail bonds resources, money deposits, and visitation policies helps support detained individuals.

Use this guide as a referenced roadmap that outlines the necessary steps and available services when dealing with the local legal justice system. With reliable information and practical search techniques, regaining clarity and making concrete plans is possible, even in difficult unknowns like jail detention.

FAQs – Lowndes County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Lowndes County jail?

Use the online inmate search tool at LowndesSheriff.com or call the jail at (229) 671-2890 to locate prisoners. You can search by first/last name, DOB, race, arrest date, release date, and other identifiers to find incarcerated individuals.

What is the Lowndes County jail phone number?

The main phone number for the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center (jail) is (229) 671-2890. You can call this line to inquire if someone is currently detained, ask bail/bond questions, and more.

Does Lowndes County jail have a website?

Yes, the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office website (LowndesSheriff.com) contains information and lookup tools for the county jail. Key features include inmate search, arrest records, mugshots, visitation schedules, and contact information.

How can I visit someone in Lowndes County jail?

To schedule visitations, register at LowndesSheriff.com or call (229) 254-4417. You must pass a background check and follow strict visitation policies. The facility offers both on-site, non-contact visits and remote video calls based on housing unit eligibility.

What are inmates allowed in Lowndes County jail?

Lowndes County jail inmates can have limited personal items such as toiletries, legal paperwork, books/magazines, prescription eyeglasses, religious texts, underwear, socks, and commissary food/drinks. Prohibited items include luxury items, cash, or contraband.

How do you send money to Lowndes County jail?

Go to Lowndescounty.gtldeposit.com to deposit funds remotely to an inmate’s commissary account, or visit the lobby kiosk at Lowndes County Adult Detention Center (jail) to add money in person via cash/card.

Can you bond yourself out of Lowndes County jail?

No, the Lowndes County Clerk of Courts must process all bail bonds paperwork and release orders before discharging inmates. The standard policy never allows self-bonding or self-release from jail.

How much is it to bail someone out of Lowndes County jail?

Bail amounts vary case by case based on criminal charges and flight risk levels. On average, release on bail costs between $100 to $10,000+ at Lowndes County jail. Only cash payments or surety bonds from accredited agents are accepted.

Where do you pay bail in Lowndes County?

Submit cash bail payments to the Lowndes County Clerk of Courts office, located at 327 North Ashley Street in downtown Valdosta. They handle all release processing paperwork and bond payment intake.

How much does it cost to make phone calls from Lowndes County jail?

Phone calls from the Lowndes County jail cost around $1.25 for automated collect calls, plus any long-distance fees. Special service fees may also apply when communicating with cell phones or recipients out of state.

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