Lee County Inmate Search

Searching for information on inmates incarcerated in Lee County facilities can be done through the Lee County Sheriff’s Department inmate search.

This online lookup allows you to find critical details on current inmates in Lee County jails, their booking status, bail bond information, mugshots, criminal charges, and more.

Read on to learn how to effectively navigate Lee County inmate records.

Lee County Inmates

Lee County is located in southwest Florida and has a population of over 770,000 residents. Like all counties, Lee County has criminal charges filed daily that lead to arrests and bookings into the county jail booking intake.

The primary facilities that house Lee County incarcerated individuals are:

  • Lee County Jail
  • Lee County Prison
  • Juvenile Detention Center

At any given time, these detention centers may hold 500-1000 inmates that can be searched in the Lee County Sheriff’s Office public inmate records.

Having access to Lee County inmate search records allows you to find critical information on someone who was recently arrested or is currently serving time in one of the Lee County prisons or jails.

Search for Lee County Jail Inmates

The most direct way to search for Lee County detainees is by using the Lee County Sheriff’s Office online inmate lookup search. This public portal allows you to search for inmates by:

  • Name – Search by full or partial first name and/or last name
  • Booking number – Unique number assigned at intake
  • ID number – Personal identification number

To begin your search, visit the Lee County Sheriff’s site and select the “Who’s In Jail” icon. From here you can enter the information above to look up inmates.

Once your search returns results, you can browse recent Lee County bookings including:

  • Booking date
  • Expected release date
  • Current facility
  • Criminal case details
  • Bail bond amount
  • Mugshot photo

This information allows you to find the detention status of someone recently arrested or research specifics on imprisonment status.

Lee County Criminal Charges

When searching Lee County inmate records, an important detail is the criminal charge tied to incarceration. The inmate lookup tool provides this info which outlines the alleged offenses resulting in arrest.

Some common criminal charges in Lee County include:

  • Drug possession
  • DUI
  • Assault
  • Theft
  • Probation violations
  • Domestic violence

Being informed on the alleged Lee County crime provides helpful context on an inmate’s background and detention status.

Lee County Inmate Details

Beyond a current snapshot on incarceration, there are additional inmate details available through public county records.

Lee County Arrest Records & Mugshots

The Lee County Sheriff’s Department maintains an online portal that provides:

  • Detailed arrest reports
  • Official Lee County mugshots
  • Criminal history files

These records allow you to research an inmate’s past Lee County arrests and charges. Photos can also be viewed or downloaded.

Lee County Court Dates & Records

To find upcoming court dates, sentencing details, and outcomes for Lee County inmates, visit:

  • Lee County Clerk of Court site
  • Lee County Court System online portal

These venues allow you to search by name to find calendars and public records tied to an incarcerated individual’s pending or closed case details and court events.

Lee County Jail Visitation Information

Each Lee County detention facility has its own visitation hours and rules to allow in-person meetings with inmates.

To find specifications on scheduling and policies for the Lee County Jail visitation process, contact the facility where your inmate is housed.

Generally, visitation sessions must be coordinated in advance given inmate housing units, security clearance, and availability. Be sure to verify specifications before attempting visits.

Lee County Bail Bonds Resources

If you need to coordinate bail bond services for a Lee County inmate, numerous private bond agents and companies operate locally to provide bonding assistance.

These Lee County bail bond services can facilitate release from custody quickly once associated fees and collateral are rendered. Independent research on ratings, reviews, and costs is recommended if exploring bail bond agents.

How to Send Money to Lee County Inmates

If you have a friend or family member incarcerated in a Lee County correctional facility, you may want to place funds in their commissary account. Sending money allows inmates to purchase items and services while incarcerated.

Here is a step-by-step overview of how to send money to Lee County jail or prison inmates:

Step 1 – Select Approved Payment Vendor

Lee County inmates have access to commissary ordering through approved third-party vendors. Some options include:

  • Access Corrections
  • Jail ATM
  • Touchpay Payment Systems

Each vendor has an online payment portal for funding inmate accounts, along with mobile app access and kiosks located in facilities. Independent research to select a vendor is recommended.

Step 2 – Set Up Account for Payment Transfer

Upon selecting a platform, you will need to create a registered account. This typically involves:

  • Name & Contact Information
  • Inmate Booking Number
  • Credit/Debit Card for Depositing Funds

Step 3 – Choose Deposit Amount

Next, select the dollar amount you wish to deposit to the inmate’s account. Minimum and maximum funding limits apply depending on the facility and vendor. Processing fees may also apply.

Step 4 – Schedule & Verify Transfer

Submit the transaction to initiate the money transfer. Confirmation of payment and delivery into the designated inmate account will be provided once processing is completed.

Generally, funds are reflected in accounts available to inmates within 1-3 days.

Step 5 – Communicate Details to Inmate

To ensure transferred monies appear as expected communicate details to the incarcerated individual including vendor, amount sent, confirmation numbers, and anticipated deposit timing. This allows them to track fund availability on their end.

Following these steps allows you to successfully provide money to Lee County inmates to use for commissary purchases and other approved services during their incarceration. Reach out to facility administration if you have any other questions on the process.


Finding people incarcerated in Lee County facilities involves searching the Lee County inmate lookup site maintained by the Sheriff’s Office.

Comprehensive inmate reports outlining current status, past arrests, court events, and booking details can be accessed through additional public portals integrated with the Lee County criminal justice system.

Leverage these inmate search tools and criminal records databases to look up critical incarceration information on someone jailed in Lee County prisons or detention centers.

FAQs – Lee County Inmate Search

How do I search for an inmate in Lee County?

You can search for Lee County inmates on the Lee County Sheriff’s Office website under the “Who’s In Jail” section. Enter the inmate’s first name, last name, or booking number to look up their record.

Is there a free Lee County inmate search?

Yes, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office provides free public access to search for and view inmate records on their website. No subscription or fees are required to use this inmate lookup.

Can you visit an inmate in Lee County jail?

Yes, the Lee County jails do allow in-person visitation during designated hours. Visitors must schedule visitation sessions in advance and check individual facility guidelines as policies differ across Lee County detention centers. Proper ID is also required.

How do I find someone’s court date in Lee County?

You can search for inmate court dates through the Lee County Clerk of Court site using an inmate’s first and last name. This will return any scheduled upcoming court hearings tied to the incarcerated individual.

Where are Lee County arrest records?

Lee County arrest records and related mugshot photos can be accessed through the Lee County Sheriff’s Office online records search. Arrest reports date back several years.

How do you find old mugshots in Lee County FL?

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office provides searchable access to old mugshot records and photos dating back at least 5-7 years. Use the online search tools to look up historical mugshots by name which are made publicly available.

How do you bail someone out of Lee County jail?

To bail someone out of Lee County jail you can contact and retain the services of a state-licensed bail bond agent operating in the county. They will coordinate the bail payment process directly with the detention facility holding the incarcerated individual.

What jails are in Lee County?

The main jails and correctional facilities in Lee County include the Lee County Jail Complex in downtown Fort Myers along with the South County Jail and Buckingham Road Jail. There is also a county Juvenile Assessment Center.

How much does it cost to bail someone out of Lee County jail?

Bail bond costs in Lee County vary case-by-case based on factors like criminal charges and court-ordered bail amount set. Typically bail fees range 10-15% of the total bail amount when facilitated by a professional bail agent or bondsman.

Who runs the Lee County jail?

The Lee County Sheriff oversees and manages jail operations throughout the county. Sheriff Carmine Marceno heads the Sheriff’s Office which conducts law enforcement efforts and runs county detention facilities housing inmates.

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