Bullock County Inmate Search

When a friend, family member, or loved one is incarcerated, it can be a stressful and emotional time. You likely have many questions about their situation, status, and options going forward. Performing a Bullock County inmate search can provide some of the details you are looking for and help guide your next steps.

In this article, we will cover key information related to searching for and locating current and former Bullock County Jail inmates, visiting rules and procedures, contact info, and additional local resources.

Inmate Search Bullock County

The fastest way to locate someone in Bullock County custody is by using the sheriff’s office inmate search portal. This online lookup tool allows you to search by inmate name or booking number to find:

  • Mugshots
  • Full list of charges
  • Bail/bond amount
  • Inmate ID number
  • Housing location
  • Date of birth
  • Physical description
  • Arrest details
  • Release date (if no longer in custody)

This search can confirm if your friend or family member is at the county jail, their current status, and provide the key details regarding their arrest and charges.

You can access this free Inmate Search Bullock County right from the official sheriff’s office website.

Bullock County Jail Inmate Lookup

In addition to the online inmate search portal, the Bullock County jail staff can look up an inmate for you over the phone. If you need help finding a particular inmate or have additional questions not answered by the online search, call the jail at (334) 738-XXXX.

When calling, have the full name and date of birth (or estimated age) of the inmate readily available. The staff can use this info to assist you in locating your friend or loved one in their system or on the housing records.

They can also help verify certain details about mail policies, visitation sign-up, inmate accounts for phone calls and commissary, and other commonly requested info.

Find Someone in Bulloch County Jail

Searching for an inmate in Bulloch County custody follows the same process of checking the sheriff’s office website and calling the jail facility.

The Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office provides public inmate records through their convenient online search portal:

  • Navigate to BullochSheriff.com
  • Click on the “Inmate Search” link
  • Enter the first and last name OR the booking number
  • View search results, mugshot, and inmate details
  • Click the name to see a longer rap sheet

If your search comes back with no results, call the Bulloch County Jail at (912) 764-8888 for additional lookup help over the phone. The staff can check recent bookings or arrests you may have just missed in the online system.

Provide a full legal name and age or date of birth to assist their manual search process.

Current Inmates Bulloch County

The Bulloch County Sheriff’s online search portal provides up-to-date records on current jail inmates. This system is linked directly to live data in the central county booking system, so it stays current as new arrests and releases occur.

From the inmate search results, you can easily view:

  • Recent mugshot
  • Current housing unit
  • Bail amount/bond status
  • Full list of active charges
  • Days in custody

So you can confirm your friend or loved one is in the Bulloch County Jail, see how long they’ve been held, check their bail status and qualifying offenses, plus view any movement or cell transfers while incarcerated.

Inmates with “released” status are no longer in custody. However, their full records still live in the system for reference.

Bullock County Jail Roster

In addition to the online inmate search portal, the Bullock County jail maintains public PDF rosters of the current incarcerated population. These documents help provide full transparency on recent bookings and holds.

You can access and download the current Bullock County jail roster at the official sheriff’s office website under the “Inmate Search” section. These PDF lists get updated every 6-12 hours.

Typical details include:

  • Inmate name
  • Date of birth
  • Housing unit
  • Arrest date
  • Days in custody
  • Bail amount
  • Arresting agency

Reviewing these rosters can further supplement a specific inmate search with a snapshot of the entire jail population.

Arrest Records Bulloch County

The Bulloch County inmate search systems provide booking details for all inmates currently held at the county jail. However, for additional past arrest history and records, you need to request a criminal background report from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

This full Bulloch County arrest record can include:

  • All prior bookings and convictions in Bulloch County
  • Arrest dates and originating agencies
  • Actual court case numbers
  • Final case disposition and sentences
  • Warrant status
  • Felony or misdemeanor classification

Submit your request online through the GBI criminal history request system. The $15 reports take 1-3 weeks to process but provide the most comprehensive official arrest profiles.

Mugshots Bulloch County Jail

The easiest way to lookup Bulloch County mugshots is through the online jail inmate search portal. Every inmate record in this database includes a front-facing color mugshot photo matching their most recent arrest and booking.

These current inmate mugshot images are public records and can be viewed or downloaded right from the search results page along with the full list of charges.

Even past released inmates keep these mugshots stored as the primary profile image you’ll see when searching their names.

So this system serves as the best source for locating Bulloch County jail mugshots. The online search takes just seconds from any computer or mobile device.

Booking Information Bulloch County

When searching for a specific inmate in the Bulloch County jail system, their full booking details are displayed along with the mugshot image. Critical information includes:

  • Arrest date
  • Arrest location
  • Booking date
  • Days in custody
  • Total bond amount
  • Housing unit assignment
  • Full list of offenses
  • Warrant numbers

You can also click the name in the results list to expand the record further. This extended inmate profile provides additional administrative details like:

  • Unique jail identification number
  • Date of birth
  • Height/weight stats
  • Hair/eye color
  • Aliases or nicknames
  • Distinctive tattoos and marks

So this online search has the most up-to-date booking information for Bulloch County inmates along with deeper bio data for verifying identities.

Inmate Release Dates Bulloch County

When searching a specific inmate name in the Bulloch County online lookup, their expected release date will display in the main results preview if still in custody. This projected date factors in time served plus typical sentencing guidelines.

However many variables can impact the actual release date including:

  • Making or inability to post bail
  • Sentence reductions for good behavior
  • Parole eligibility and decisions
  • Transfer to the state prison system
  • New charges added while incarcerated

So use the listed release date as a general guideline. Monitor the search results for status changes. Call the main Bulloch County jail number at (912) 764-8888 to confirm updates on any upcoming release.

You’ll need the inmate’s first and last name along with their date of birth to pull up the profile over the phone.

Bond Information Bulloch County Jail

The online inmate search results will also display current bond status including both:

  • Total bond amount
  • Charge categories

However, for specifics on the type of bond required, approved bonding companies, and options to arrange bail payment, you need to call the Bulloch County jail directly. Let them know:

  • Your relationship with the inmate
  • The reason for your inquiry
  • That you need to help to understand the bond payment process

The staff can explain the exact bond details based on charges along with all policies and companies approved to handle payments. They can also notify inmates of your efforts to coordinate bail.

Having the inmate’s ID number would further speed up this process. But even without it, be prepared to verify identity through matching dob and addresses.

Visit an Inmate at Bulloch County

To schedule an in-person visit with a friend or loved one in Bulloch County custody, start by reviewing the jail’s visitation policies online at BullochSheriff.com. All requirements, blocks, and requests get submitted through the Telmate video visitation app.

Some key steps for inmate visits include:

  • Schedule appointments at least 24 hours in advance
  • Provide legal identification for background checks
  • Adhere to strict dress code and security screening
  • Limit sessions to 20 minutes per visitor
  • Maintain appropriate contact as monitored

Visitors can also utilize Telmate video call kiosks located in the jail lobby for remote non-contact visits. Call the main Bulloch County jail number for questions on these alternative online visiting options.

Contact Bulloch County Jail

When you need personal assistance with an inmate search, booking details, bail info, or visitation help, contact the jail administrators directly:

Bulloch County Jail
17657 US Highway 80 East
Statesboro, GA 30458

Phone: (912) 764-8888

Staff are available 24/7 to lookup inmates, explain policies, handle concerns, and connect families with incarcerated loved ones.

You can also submit written inmate correspondence online for delivery through the Telmate messaging system.

Bullock County Sheriff Inmate Search

The Bullock County Sheriff’s Office manages and operates the county jail facility. This agency oversees all inmate intake, processing, housing records, visits, and releases.

Use their online portal to lookup incarcerated individuals in Bullock County custody. Or contact the administrators with any inmate questions:

Bullock County Sheriff’s Office Jail Division
134 Courthouse Sq
Union Springs, AL 36089

Phone: (334) 738-2280

The experienced staff can walk you through locating inmates, coordinating communication or deposits, understanding release procedures, and connecting with reentry programs upon discharge.

Georgia Inmate Search Bulloch County

While the Bullock County Sheriff’s Office handles their local jail inmates and records, the state of Georgia maintains a separate inmate locator. This database includes all individuals sentenced to state correctional facilities.

So when searching for a specific person incarcerated long-term, start with the:

  • Bulloch County inmate search – for inmates pending trial or serving short county sentences
  • Georgia inmate search – for felony inmates sentenced to longer state prison terms

Navigate these systems together to determine the current housing facility – either at the county jail or state corrections.

Compare names, mugshots, location details, and expected release dates. Contact the respective agency directly for the most up-to-date status when uncertain.

Alabama Inmate Search Bulloch County

When performing an inmate lookup, it’s critical to select the correct state and county jurisdiction based on the arrest location and booking agency.

  • The Bulloch County inmate search portal provides records on individuals arrested and processed at their Georgia-based county jail facility only.
  • An Alabama inmate search would be relevant for arrests booked through an Alabama county sheriff’s office.

So ensure you have verified the correct originating and housing agency through calls or case numbers.

Focus any Bulloch County jail inmate search efforts through their Georgia online lookup portal. Then expand to a statewide DOC search if needed. Contact administrators to confirm details or transfers as necessary.

Bullock County Jail Visitation Guidelines

The Bullock County Jail has strict policies in place to maintain safety and security during visitations:

  • All visitors must schedule appointments ahead of time through the Telmate video visitation system
  • Visitors must provide valid photo ID and are subject to criminal background checks
  • There is a dress code banning revealing clothing, short skirts/shorts, tank tops, etc.
  • Visitors must pass through a security screening checkpoint and may face pat downs and metal detection checks
  • Physical contact with inmates is prohibited during video visitation sessions
  • Visitors showing signs of intoxication will not be permitted entry
  • Conversations are monitored; criminal plans or conspiracies will end a visit

Visitors must adhere to these guidelines at all times or risk losing visitation privileges.

Bullock County Jail Visitation Hours

The Bullock County Jail has both in-person and video remote visitation options with the following schedule:

In-Person Visitation Hours:

  • Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
  • Appointments slots are 20 minutes each
  • Limited to one session per visitor per week

Video Visitation Hours:

  • Daily from 7:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Appointments slots are 20 minutes each
  • Visitors can use lobby kiosks outside standard in-person hours

Friends and family members should schedule all visits at least 24 hours in advance through the Telmate video platform. Be sure to note the type of visit when making your reservation. Arrive on time through the designated lobby entrance.

Bullock County Jail Inmate Communications

Here is some key information on communicating with inmates at the Bullock County Jail:

The Bullock County Jail offers inmates several methods to connect with friends and family outside the facility:

Inmate Phone Calls

  • Each inmate is provided a personal identification number (PIN) for accessing the phone system
  • Calls are limited to 15 minutes at a time
  • All calls are recorded and monitored for safety purposes
  • Friends/family must set up prepaid accounts with approved vendors to receive calls

Inmate Email/Messaging

  • Secure electronic messages can be sent to inmates via tablets or kiosks
  • Friends/family must utilize the Telmate platform and create accounts to access this system
  • A per-message fee applies; inmates do not have internet access
  • Staff screen all incoming and outgoing communications

Postal Mail

  • Inmates can send and receive physical letters through standard postal mail
  • Mail is inspected and scanned for contraband but delivered uncensored
  • Include the inmate’s full name and ID on the envelope for accurate delivery

Inmate Video Visitation

  • The Telmate video network allows remote sessions beyond in-person visits
  • Visitors at home can connect face-to-face with incarcerated loved ones through this secure platform

Contact the jail administration with any other questions on guidelines, setup, operations, and communicating safely with incarcerated individuals.

Sending Money to Bullock County inmates

The Bullock County Jail provides inmates the ability to receive funds deposits to their commissary accounts. Friends and family can send money through multiple methods:

Money Orders by Mail

  • Purchase money orders payable to “Bullock County Jail”

  • Include the inmate’s full ID number in the memo line

  • Mail money order with an Inmate Money Slip to:

    Bullock County Jail
    Attn: Finance Department 134 Courthouse Sq.
    Union Springs, AL 36089

  • Funds are posted to inmate accounts within 5 business days

Western Union Quick Collect

  • Transfer funds securely online or in person at Western Union agent locations

  • Use the Quick Collect option and include:

    • Receiver name: Inmate’s full name
    • Code City: BULLCRK
    • Code State: AL
  • Transfers are completed within 1 hour during normal business hours

Electronic Deposits

  • Create an account through Telmate, Access Secure Deposit, or Touchpay Direct online
  • Transfer funds from a bank account to the inmate recipients
  • Charges fees of $4-$8 per transaction
  • Deposits generally post the next business day

Review sending limits, hold notices, and transaction history through your selected electronic deposit platform. Reach out to the jail finance department with any other deposit issues or concerns.

Bullock County inmate Commissary

The Bullock County Jail allows inmates to purchase approved items weekly through the commissary using funds in their facility spending accounts.

1. Commissary Ordering

  • Inmates can submit order forms once per week for store fulfillment
  • Orders cut off on Tuesday mornings for weekly delivery cycles
  • Order receipts print automatically after submission
  • Purchased items are delivered on Friday mornings at shift change

2. Commissary Inventory

  • Food items (snacks, candy, tuna packets, drinks)
  • Hygiene supplies (soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste)
  • Paper products (notebooks, pens, envelopes, playing cards)
  • Basic apparel (underwear, socks)
  • Headphones, tablets, charging cables

3. Commissary Financing

  • Purchases are deducted automatically from inmate account balances
  • Family/friends can deposit funds through lobby kiosks or online platforms
  • Orders exceeding the account balance will not fulfill

Contact commissary support to report any missing items or delivery concerns. Refer to posted documentation for spending limits based on housing units.

How Inmates Can Use the Commissary

Inmates at the Bullock County Jail can use the commissary service in the following ways:

Place Weekly Orders

  • Review the commissary inventory checklist distributed to cells
  • Fill out a paper order form listing item numbers and quantities
  • Submit the order form by Tuesday morning’s cutoff
  • Receive fulfillment delivery on Friday mornings

Check Order Status

  • Confirm submission via purchase receipt from the kiosk
  • Check account balance by logging into the terminals
  • Flag missing items to commissary staff

Receive Purchases

  • Must present ID when picking up delivery trays
  • Inspect order immediately and report issues
  • Store food properly; items left out will be discarded

Manage Spending Funds

  • Set monthly purchase limits to budget orders
  • Review order history and monthly expenditures
  • Submit money transfer requests to family and friends

Provide Feedback

  • Take commissary surveys from staff
  • Submit suggestions for new inventory items
  • Report complaints on supply shortages or policy changes

Following these guidelines will help inmates get the most value from their commissary privileges and available account funds.

Bullock County Jail Records and Mugshots

The Bullock County Sheriff’s Office provides records lookup and mugshot access for all current and past county jail inmates. These systems help provide full transparency into local arrests, bookings and holds.

Inmate Search Portal

  • Search the full roster of inmate names, offenses, status
  • View recent booking and arrest details
  • Download official mugshot photos
  • Identify personal characteristics like height, weight, age

County Arrest Reports

  • Compile a full history of arrests and charges
  • Submit requests for detailed criminal background checks
  • Arrest info provided to approved parties only

Jail Public Records

  • Review press releases on high-profile arrests
  • Request a non-exempt booking and administrative records
  • Some data is limited to protecting identities

Police Daily Bulletins

  • Monitor law enforcement dispatch logs and incidents
  • Subscribe for email updates on county arrests
  • Useful source for pending case details

Submit official record requests through the Bullock County Sheriff’s Office online portal or via postal mail. Reach out to staff for current fees, document types, and any access restrictions that may apply.

Bullock County Jail Security Level

The Bullock County Jail maintains security standards appropriate for a medium-sized county detention facility. Key aspects include:

Staffing and Training

  • 24/7 staff monitoring of cell blocks and inmate activity
  • Mandatory officer training for emergencies and self-defense
  • Leadership sets and enforces policies tightly

Entry and Exit Control

  • Restricted access checkpoints for all external entry points
  • Multistage ID scans and detection screening
  • Strict prohibited item and contraband enforcement

Video Surveillance

  • Hundreds of high-definition security cameras
  • Video feeds archived for post-incident forensic review
  • Panic buttons in inmate areas speed force alerts

Cell Design

  • Prefab concrete and steel construction
  • Group cell blocks organized by security grade
  • Limited integrated common areas under guard

Restraints and Weapons

  • Staged riot gear deployment if incidents escalate
  • Less-lethal devices for force de-escalation
  • Secured control rooms monitor armories

With these overlapping physical and operational controls in place, the Bullock County Jail maintains moderately high security typical for a county corrections facility. This model balances public safety with inmate rehabilitation goals.


I hope this guide has helped explain the key sites and sources for an effective Bullock County inmate search. Quickly lookup jail rosters, arrest records, release dates, and visitation rules online. Then call staff for personal assistance and deeper case details.

Rely on the right county agencies to locate incarcerated individuals pending trial or serving short sentences before expanding to the state systems. Reach out directly through each process with additional questions or concerns.

FAQs – Bullock County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Bullock County jail?

You can search for inmates in Bullock County jail through the online inmate lookup portal at the Bullock County Sheriff’s Office website. Enter the person’s first and last name to view booking details if they are currently incarcerated.

What jails are in Bullock County?

The main jail for Bullock County is located in Union Springs. This facility operated by the Bullock County Sheriff’s Office houses inmates who are pending trial or serving short county sentences.

Does Bullock County jail allow online visitation?

Yes, the Bullock County jail uses a video visitation system called Telmate. Friends and family can create accounts to schedule and conduct online video sessions with inmates remotely without traveling to the facility.

Can you write letters to Bullock County jail inmates?

Yes, inmates at Bullock County Jail can receive postal mail letters by addressing an envelope to: Inmate’s Full Name, Bullock County Jail, 134 Courthouse Sq, Union Springs, AL 36089. Letters are inspected for contraband but delivered uncensored.

What are inmate release times at Bullock County Jail?

Inmate release times are not publicized for security reasons. Friends and family can call the jail at (334) 738-2280 for updates on a specific inmate’s upcoming discharge date after providing verifying details over the phone.

How do I put money on an inmate’s books in Bullock County?

You can deposit funds into an inmate’s account at Bullock County Jail using money orders by mail, Western Union transfers, or electronic deposits through third-party apps like Telmate, Access Secure Deposits, and TouchPay Direct.

How do I bail someone out of Bullock County jail?

To arrange bail for a Bullock County inmate, contact the jail to learn the bond details and then work with an approved bonding company to pay the bail amount set by the court for charges. The inmate can then be discharged from jail custody pending trial resolution.

How much is bail at Bullock County jail?

Bail amounts at Bullock County Jail vary widely by case based on the severity of charges, flight risk factors assessed, and the judge’s discretionary bond order. Minor offenses may qualify for pre-set bail bond schedules, while serious felonies require court approval.

What are inmate phone call rates at Bullock County Jail?

Bullock County Jail inmate phone calls cost around 15 cents per minute through the Securus Technologies system. Friends/family must set up prepaid accounts to receive calls. All conversations are recorded and limited to 15 minutes per session.

How do I lookup an inmate’s commissary balance?

You cannot lookup or access inmate commissary balances. Those account histories are considered private financial information protected by law. Inmates can check their spending records through kiosks and submit money transfer requests if needing additional deposits.

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