Clarke County Inmate Search

Locating a friend or loved one who has been incarcerated can be a challenging experience. This guide to the Clarke County Inmate Search provides key information for conducting an inmate lookup, understanding the Clarke County criminal justice system, and supporting incarcerated individuals at the Athens-Clarke County Jail.

Checking The Inmate Roster in Clarke County

The first step in locating an incarcerated person in Clarke County is to search the inmate list on the Athens-Clarke County Sheriff’s Office website. This database allows you to search by the inmate’s first and last name or their unique booking number.

When searching, it helps to have some key details:

  • The full legal name of the incarcerated individual
  • Date of birth
  • Other identifying information like age, race, gender
  • Approximate booking date

Having multiple details increases your chance of accurately locating the correct inmate.

The online inmate search in Clarke County is user-friendly. Simply visit and follow the directions to input a name or booking number.

Results include the inmate’s name, age, booking date and time, assigned cell location, bond amount, and visiting hours. No confidential information like social security numbers is provided.

Arrest Records and Booking Process

Being arrested in Athens starts the booking process at the county jail. The Athens-Clarke County Sheriff’s Office makes arrest records publicly available online within 48 hours.

You can lookup mugshots and details like physical description, home address, arrest location, charges, bond status, court dates, and more.

These records allow you to better understand what your friend or family member was arrested for. Knowing the specific charges can also help guide your search for legal resources (discussed below).

Arrest data is accessible on the Clarke County Jail’s website or third-party sites. Just input the name and review matches.

Important Inmate Details in Clarke County

Searching the inmate database reveals standard info like housing location, visitation policies, and inmate ID number. But you often need additional case information and logistics.

Bond Amounts

The online search provides bond amounts set by the court. Bonds allow pre-trial release instead of staying incarcerated.

Many utilize bail bonds in Clarke County from third-party companies that post bond with the court. This allows earlier release for a fee based on the total bond amount.

Release Dates

While bond data is included, actual release dates from Clarke County Jail are not posted publicly.

Your best resource is calling the facility at 706-613-3330 to inquire about upcoming court dates and possible discharge.


The Athens-Clarke County mugshot photo lookup tool allows easy access to inmate photographs. These help confirm identity when searching records.

Photos are only available once the initial booking process finishes. It may take 48 hours after arrest.

Criminal Histories

A Background Check and Criminal History Lookup of Athens-Clarke County arrest records or statewide data reveals previous run-ins with law enforcement.

This lookup through the Georgia Crime Information Center paints a fuller picture of the accused’s situation.

Inmate Commissary

To access necessities like food, hygiene products, and writing materials while inside the Athens-Clarke County Jail, friends and family can deposit money into an inmate’s commissary account.

Commissary orders are typically placed weekly. The online deposit system is fast and secure.

Phone Calls

Staying connected with loved ones is critical for mental health. The jail offers collect calls and voicemail access.

Get PINs and review the Athens-Clarke County phone list for cost details. Set up prepaid accounts for cheaper rates via companies like ICSolutions.

Attorney Visits

Speaking privately with a lawyer is an essential right while navigating the justice system. Schedule meetings by contacting the Public Defender’s Office at 706-369-6448 or local law firms.

If hiring outside counsel, pass contact details to the incarcerated individual to initiate visits.

Supporting a Friend or Family Member

Beyond searching records and locating Clark County inmates, friends, and families have opportunities to actively assist their loved ones during this difficult period.

Jail Visits

Maintaining connections is vital during incarceration. Schedule visitation to Athens-Clarke County Jail online up to seven days in advance.

Review policies about appropriate clothing, items allowed, etc. Visits range from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on security status.

Inmate Property

Individuals arrested have belongings taken during booking that need pickup. Bring your ID to the Clark County Jail for item retrieval.

Money Deposits

As highlighted above, money placed into commissary accounts lets inmates purchase necessary products during confinement. Make quick deposits via the access catalog’s website.

Re-Entry Prep

Eventually, most inmates leave county jail. Helping arrange critical resources ahead of release allows a successful transition back into the community.

Contact local groups like Reentry Partnership Housing for assistance in figuring out housing, jobs, healthcare, transportation, and more. Planning re-entry boosts future stability.

Legal Help

Finding affordable yet competent legal help is difficult for defendants. Beyond the overburdened Public Defender’s Office, search private options like:

Consultations with multiple attorneys help identify the best representation within budget constraints. Don’t hesitate to ask contacts for lawyer referrals too.

Clarke County Inmate Visitation Guidelines and Hours

To schedule an in-person visit with an inmate at Clarke County Jail, you first need to be on their pre-approved visitor’s list and personally know the incarcerated individual.

Visiting hours are 8 am to 11 am, 1 pm to 4 pm, and 5 pm to 9 pm daily. Arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled session to check-in. All visitors must present a valid, government-issued photo ID that matches the visitor list.

Only 2 adults (18+) are allowed per 15-60 minute visit. Appropriate clothing covering upper bodies and legs is required – no sleeveless shirts, crop tops, shorts, ripped jeans, etc. Colors restricted include orange, blue, and green that match inmate uniforms.

Lockers are provided to store prohibited items. Vending machine tokens can be purchased for inmates. Conjugal and contact visits are not allowed. Phone visits between attorneys and clients can also be arranged.

Review the Athens-Clarke County jail visiting policies online or call 706-613-3365 beforehand with any other questions to avoid issues accessing your loved one.

The visitation rules help facilitate positive experiences while maintaining security but don’t hesitate to clarify restrictions if concerned about gaining entrance.

Clarke County Inmate Communications

Staying in touch with incarcerated individuals is critical, yet can be confusing within jail facilities. The Athens-Clarke County Jail offers several communication options for inmates.

Collect calls can be received 24/7 by setting up prepaid remote accounts via companies like ICSolutions or Legacy Inmate Communications.

Friends and families should keep the inmate’s booking number handy to link a phone number for ongoing contact through their housing unit phones.

Inmates can also record a voicemail greeting for a small fee to personalize messages. Mail in the form of letters is accepted but scanned and photocopied before delivery while books and publications need pre-approval.

For privileged legal matters, inmates can request video or phone conferences with attorneys through the on-site professional visiting area as needed. Keep these communication tips in mind while supporting your loved one.

Sending Money to Clarke County Inmates

To send money to an incarcerated individual at the Athens-Clarke County Jail, friends and families can deposit funds into the inmate’s commissary account.

These accounts allow inmates to purchase approved items like food, personal hygiene products, writing supplies, and more during their stay.

To send money, go online to, select the Athens-Clarke County Jail facility, set up an account, and deposit money via credit/debit card or e-check.

You will need the inmate’s first and last name along with their 9-digit booking number to complete the transaction. Both online and walk-in kiosk locations are available.

Money placed into accounts is available within 48 hours in most cases. Take advantage of this secure process to fund essential inmate commissary needs while supporting your loved one behind bars.

Clarke County Inmate Commissary

The inmate commissary at the Athens-Clarke County Jail allows incarcerated individuals to purchase approved items during confinement using personal account funds deposited by friends and families.

Commissary orders are placed weekly with delivery a few days later. Available food items range from instant rice to packaged sandwiches, ramen noodle soups, snacks, and drinks.

Basic hygiene necessities like soap, toothpaste, and shampoo can also be ordered along with writing materials, postage, headphones, and other essentials.

Review the full commissary inventory and pricing on the Athens-Clarke County Sheriff’s Office website to help the incarcerated individual budget purchases.

Walk family members through the online money deposit process if they wish to fund commissary expenditures. Keeping commissary accounts active makes doing time more bearable.

Clarke County Incarceration Records and Mugshots

Here is a step-by-step guide for finding incarceration records and mugshots for Clarke County inmates:

Identify the inmate

  • Obtain the individual’s full legal name and date of birth if possible
  • The approximate date of arrest or booking is also helpful

Search for Incarceration Status & Record

  • Visit the Athens-Clarke County Jail website
  • Click on the “Inmate Roster” page
  • Input name or booking number to see if they are currently detained

Review Arrest Details

  • Navigate to the Jail Records Search page
  • Input name and any other details are known to pull up arrest information

Lookup Mugshot

  • If the arrest record is available, click the “View Mugshot” link
  • If no mugshot appears, try websites like

Access Additional Booking Details

  • Browse arrest info for charges filed, bond status, etc.
  • Lookup Criminal Background checks from other sources

Save Inmate Records & Mugshots

  • Print, download, or screenshot records found for future reference
  • Bookmark inmate pages to check status changes

Following this process allows comprehensive access to Clarke County incarceration records, mugshots, and related information concerning individuals who were arrested or jailed locally.

Clarke County Inmate Population

Like jails across Georgia, the Athens-Clarke County Jail houses inmates from initial arrest through trial or sentencing.

The average daily population is around 550 detained persons with a capacity of over 700. Historically approximately 9,000 individuals pass through intake and booking each year with an average length of stay around 25 days.

Males represent roughly 80% of the inmate population compared to 20% for females. Swelling inmate counts stem from factors ranging from a lack of pretrial diversion programs to restrictive bonding policies.

These population dynamics and their burden on local criminal justice systems can lead to progressive reforms. Concerned citizens should consult public data and advocate for their elected sheriffs and Commissioners to address overcrowding through alternatives to incarceration.

Reduced inmate populations increase safety for both detained persons as well as jail staff.

Clarke County Inmate Security Level

The Athens-Clarke County Jail classifies inmates by security risk to maintain safety and order within the facility. Housing assignments ranging from minimum to maximum security levels dictate privileges like recreation time and visitation rights.

Lower-risk individuals arrested for minor offenses like petty theft occupy large dormitory rooms. Gang members and those with violence charges face isolation in single cells on lockdown 23 hours a day.

Medium security prisoners receive limited work privileges if behavior warrants. Standard orange jumpsuits identify maximal security offenders.

All incoming detainees undergo assessment using factors like current charges, criminal history, escape attempts, medical issues, and police reports to assign an appropriate security designation.

This classification system helps families of incarcerated loved ones better navigate limited communication and visitation based on restricting housing levels.

Clarke County Jail Location and Contact Details

The following methods can be used to contact the Athens Clarke County Jail with any more questions:

  • Official Mailing Address:

Athens Clarke County Jail
3015 Lexington Rd
Athens, GA 30605
United States

When calling them, don’t forget to include pertinent details like the entire name of the prisoner and, if necessary, their booking number.


Having a friend or loved one incarcerated is stressful. Finding them in the Athens-Clarke County Jail system starts with a comprehensive online search using tips outlined here. But support extends beyond locating their booking record. Maintaining visitation, money deposits, and post-release aid is equally essential. Utilize community resources in Clarke County to smooth this difficult experience for all involved.

FAQs – Clarke County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Clarke County Jail?

You can search for someone in Clarke County Jail using the online inmate roster search at Input the person’s first and last name or booking number to locate them.

Does Clarke County have an inmate search?

Yes, Clarke County provides an online inmate search allowing you to look up individuals booked into the county jail.

How do I send money to an inmate in Clarke County?

Friends and families can deposit money into an inmate’s account at Clarke County Jail by going online to Have the inmate’s name and booking number.

How can I visit an inmate in Clarke County?

Plan in-person visits online. Qualified individuals can have 30-60 minute visiting sessions daily from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Does Clarke County Jail allow video visitation?

No, the Athens-Clarke County Jail does not currently offer remote video visitation. All visits must be scheduled in person.

What is the capacity of Clarke County Jail?

Athens-Clarke County jail capacity is over 700 inmates. The average daily population is around 550.

Can you bond someone out of Clarke County Jail?

Yes, individuals can pay the bond amount set by the court to secure an inmate’s release from Clarke County jail before trial.

How can an inmate call me from Clarke County Jail?

They can make collect calls from jail phones by setting up a prepaid phone account via companies like Legacy Inmate Communications.

How much does it cost to make phone calls from Clarke County Jail?

Prices vary but local calls start at over $1 and long-distance calls can cost up to 26 cents per minute from Clarke County.

What items can you have in Clarke County Jail?

Weekly purchases of approved commissary items by inmates at the Athens-Clarke County Jail include packaged foods, personal hygiene products, and writing supplies.

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