Cleburne County Inmate Search

Are you looking for an inmate in the Cleburne County Jail in Arkansas? This guide provides information on how to search for and locate inmates through the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office online system or by phone.

We cover topics like:

  • Free Cleburne County Inmate Search options
  • How to do a Cleburne County Inmate Search Online
  • Cleburne County Jail Lookup by Last Name
  • How to Find Someone in Cleburne County Jail
  • Inmate search by Booking Number
  • Looking up Cleburne County Mugshots
  • Finding Cleburne County Inmate Release Dates
  • Visiting an Inmate in Cleburne County Jail
  • Contact Info for the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office
  • And more…

So whether you want to find, visit, get release dates for an inmate, or simply access Arkansas Cleburne County public records, this guide has you covered.

Let’s begin!

Free Online Cleburne County Inmate Search

The Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office provides a free online inmate search service through its website. This allows you to search for inmates by:

  • First and last name
  • Booking number
  • Booking date range

To use the free Cleburne County inmate search:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Inmate Search”
  3. Enter the name or booking details
  4. Click “Search”.

This will display the inmate’s:

  • Booking photo
  • Full name
  • Age
  • Listed charges
  • Projected release date
  • Bond amount
  • And more

So if you want to find an inmate in Cleburne County Jail quickly and easily, be sure to use their free public inmate search system.

Cleburne County Jail Inmate Search by Last Name

You can also search for a Cleburne County Jail inmate using their last name and first initial.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Inmate Search”
  3. Enter the inmate’s last name and first initial
  4. Select the number of results to display
  5. Click “Search”.

This will display all Cleburne County Detention Center inmates with that last name.

You can then browse through the list of results to try and find the person you are looking for.

So if you only know an inmate’s partial name or common last name, this is a handy way to search.

How to Find Someone in Cleburne County Jail

If the Cleburne County online inmate search isn’t working, here are some alternative ways to find someone in custody:

Search by Cleburne County Booking Number

Every inmate booked into Cleburne County Jail is assigned a unique booking number.

So if you have this booking number, you can search by:

  1. Going to
  2. Click on “Inmate Search”
  3. Enter the booking number
  4. Click “Search”.

This will display the inmate’s details if they are still in custody.

Having this unique Cleburne County booking number assigned at intake can help fast-track your inmate search.

Call the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office

You can also call Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office at:

Phone: (501) 362-8143

Explain who you are searching for. The staff can check their system and let you know if this person is:

  • Currently detained
  • Has an upcoming court date
  • Has been released

So calling the Cleburne County jail directly allows you to speak with staff who may have further information on the inmate’s status, charges, and bond.

Hire a Licensed Investigator

As a last resort, you can hire a licensed private investigator (PI) to help locate someone believed to be in Cleburne County Detention Center.

A good PI will have access to arrest databases that provide alerts on recent bookings. They also have research tools to carry out advanced background searches.

While hiring a PI costs money, they have the resources and skills to track down hard-to-find people.

Cleburne County Mugshot Records

Mugshots are booking photos taken when someone is arrested and processed into jail.

The Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office publishes daily mugshots of recent bookings on their website.

You can browse through these photos to potentially identify someone recently detained in Cleburne County jail.

Search Cleburne County Arrest Warrants

An arrest warrant allows police to take someone into custody and hold them pending court or the posting of a bond.

Cleburne County warrant information can be found by:

  • Checking completed warrant returns at the county courthouse.
  • Contacting the circuit clerk’s office.
  • Requesting records under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
  • Searching on online public jail and court record services like VineLink

So if you believe there may be active warrants out for an individual in Cleburne County, these avenues can help confirm.

Cleburne County Inmate Release Dates

The projected release date indicates when an inmate may be discharged. However, several factors can impact exactly when release happens:

  • Serving Full Sentence: Release once the sentence term is complete.
  • Posting Bail: Getting bond money paid for release.
  • Overcrowding: Early discharge if jail space is needed.
  • Good Behavior: Earning time off for cooperation.
  • Parole Hearing: Getting approval for early supervised release.

To look up a Cleburne County inmate’s release date:

  1. Search for them on the CCSO Inmate Search
  2. Check their inmate profile for a projected release date
  3. Call CCSO at (501) 362-8143 for more accurate details

The VINELink service also provides free updates on an offender’s status, including release.

So be sure to check an inmate’s projection and confirm with staff on any changes.

Sending Money to Cleburne County Jail Inmates

Friends and relatives can deposit funds into an inmate’s trust account at Cleburne County Jail. This money can be used for:

  • Phone call charges
  • Commissary purchases
  • Medical co-pays
  • Restitution payments
  • Other fees

There are two ways to send money:

Online Deposits

Use inmate deposit service providers like Access Corrections, JailATM, or MoneyGram to securely transfer funds online into the inmate’s account. These third-party apps make contributing quick and convenient.

Onsite Kiosk

Travel to the Cleburne County Detention Center lobby to use the cash/credit card self-service kiosk. This allows in-person deposits during visitation without having to coordinate with staff.

Be sure to have the inmate’s ID number ready when processing any online or onsite transactions. This links the deposit directly to their account.

Phone call credits are typically available immediately while commissary purchases may take 24-48 hours to activate after receiving a deposit.

So whether at home or onsite, depositing money for commissary or communication is vital for an inmate’s well-being while incarcerated at Cleburne County Jail.

Cleburne County Jail Commissary Information

The commissary allows inmates to purchase approved items each week while incarcerated. Friends and family can deposit funds into an inmate’s account for these commissary buys.

Commissary Provider

Canteen and commissary services are outsourced to Trinity Services Group. They supply food, personal hygiene items, and other products to correctional facilities nationwide.

Ordering Schedule

Inmates can place commissary orders once per week. Order forms are distributed on Mondays for pickup later that week.

Order Delivery

Completed order forms are collected on Tuesdays, with fulfillment and delivery happening on Fridays.

Spending Limits

Inmates are capped at spending $60 per commissary order based on available account funds. Higher limits may apply for medical copays or other special items.

Popular Items

Bestselling commissary products include snacks, instant meals, prepaid phone cards, stamps, over-the-counter medicines, personal hygiene supplies, and more.

Keeping inmate accounts funded allows access to Commissary items that provide additional nutrition, comforts, and communication while serving their county jail sentence.

Cleburne County Jail Inmate Security Classifications

Cleburne County Jail houses inmates of various security classifications. This determines housing assignments, restrictions, privileges and more based on:

  • Nature of charges
  • Criminal history
  • Behavior and Conduct
  • Risk to facility safety and operations

The major security designations for Cleburne County Detention Center inmates include:

Minimum Security Inmates

Lower-threat inmates are approved for work duties, less supervision, and additional recreation. Often in the pre-release transition.

Medium Security Inmates

Inmates with minor to moderate offenses and disruptive histories. Balanced restrictions and conditions.

Maximum Security Inmates

High-risk or severe charges requiring special housing for closer monitoring. Tightest control and constraints.

Security classification affects living quarters, movement rules, correctional officer interaction, outside time, and eligibility for facility jobs, programs, and privileges.

Well-behaved inmates can earn upgraded status through good conduct over time. But serious violations mean demotion to more restrictive designations.

Proper security designations along with fair policies ensure institutional safety, harmony, and rehabilitation opportunities at Cleburne County Jail.

Contacting a Cleburne County Detention Center Inmate

There are a few options to get in touch with an incarcerated individual at Cleburne County Jail:

Inmate Phone Calls

Each inmate is given an account to make phone calls from the detention center. Friends and family can fund this account online or in person at the facility. This allows regular communication by phone.

Inmate Mail

Sending letters and postcards via standard mail is a cost-effective option. All incoming mail is inspected for contraband before disbursement. Be sure to include the inmate’s ID in all correspondence.

Address mail to:

Inmate’s Full Name and ID Number

Cleburne County Detention Center

566 Marion Anderson Road

Heber Springs, AR 72543

This allows ongoing communication via written letters while they serve their sentence term.

In-Person Visitation

As detailed previously, the Cleburne County Jail allows 20-minute in-person visit sessions on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Visitors must provide ID and follow the dress code.

Video Visitation

The facility has video call stations that allow longer virtual visitation without the need to travel onsite. Friends and family can schedule and prepay for remote video sessions through third-party providers.

So while incarcerated, Cleburne County inmates can connect with loved ones through phone, mail, in-person visits, and secure video calls.

Can I Visit a Cleburne County Jail Inmate?

Yes, you can visit an inmate held in Cleburne County Detention Center. Visitation schedules and rules include:

  • Days: Tuesday and Saturday
  • Times: 7 pm to 9 pm
  • Limits: 20 minutes and 2 adults + children
  • ID: Driver’s license required
  • Dress code: No revealing clothing.
  • Items: No purses, bags, or containers.

Visitors should arrive promptly at 7 pm to begin the visitation process. Be sure to bring a valid photo ID and fill out any required paperwork on arrival.

You can also arrange video visitation sessions and send money to the inmate’s phone account.

So maintaining that vital in-person contact with family and friends is possible within the CCSO facility rules.

Cleburne County Jail Inmate Visiting Hours

Day Visiting Hours
Monday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Tuesday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Wednesday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Thursday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Friday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Saturday 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Sunday 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Cleburne County Sheriff: Contact Information

Need to get in touch with the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office? Here is their contact information:

301 N Main St #19, Heber Springs, AR 72543

Phone: (501) 362-8143

Email: N/A


Social Media:

So whether you have a general question, need an update on an inmate, or want to provide information – you can reach out to CCSO staff through these channels.

Additional Cleburne County Inmate Search Tips

Here are some final tips for finding Cleburne County Jail inmates:

  • Check inmate lists and rosters on paid sites like Vinelink and ArrestFacts for added details
  • Call any Cleburne County bail bonds companies who may have helped process an inmate’s release
  • Search relevant Cleburne County public court records for conviction data
  • Hire an investigator or lawyer to assist with a formal background search


We hope this complete guide on finding and searching for Cleburne County jail inmates has been helpful. The key is using the official Sheriff’s Office inmate search site as well as phone and in-person checks.

This will allow you to locate incarcerated individuals as well as access broader public arrest data and records. Use the quick links and contact details provided above to get started.

FAQs – Cleburne County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Cleburne County jail?

The easiest way to find an inmate in Cleburne County Jail is to use the official Sheriff’s Office Inmate Search. Enter the inmate’s first and last name or their booking number to locate their record.

How long can someone be held in Cleburne County jail without charges?

Inmates at Cleburne County Jail can generally be held for up to 72 hours without formal charges being filed. For more serious crimes, prosecutors have longer to officially charge the suspect based on the ongoing investigation.

Does Cleburne County jail allow visitation?

Yes, the Cleburne County Detention Center has in-person visitation on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 7 pm to 9 pm. There are also options for scheduling paid video visitation sessions.

What happens when someone is released from Cleburne County jail?

Upon release from Cleburne County Jail, the former inmate will be transported to a designated pickup area. They must sign release paperwork, collect belongings, and will be subject to any probation terms if sentenced.

How do I put money on an inmate’s books in Cleburne County?

You can deposit funds into a Cleburne County inmate’s account online via or by mailing a money order payable to the detention center. Be sure to include the inmate’s name and ID number.

Can I visit someone in Cleburne County jail during COVID-19?

During pandemic conditions, the Cleburne County Jail may restrict or modify normal visitation rules to protect inmate and public health. Check for the latest policies.

How can I communicate with an inmate in Cleburne County jail?

Sending letters, funding phone accounts for calls, scheduling video chats, and adding money for commissary purchases allows communication with incarcerated individuals at Cleburne County.

How do I find an inmate in Cleburne County Detention Center?

The quickest way to find an inmate is to search by first and last name or booking number on the official Sheriff’s Office website at under the Inmate Search page.

How do I find someone’s release date from Cleburne County Detention Center?

The inmate search function on provides a projected release date for those in custody. You can also call the jail to confirm this date and any changes at (501) 362-8143.

How do I look up an inmate’s charges in Cleburne County jail?

To look up the charges faced by a current Cleburne County Jail inmate, search for their record on the online inmate search site. This will display their booking photo, full name, and list of documented criminal offenses.

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