Greene County Inmate Search

Are you looking for information on inmates incarcerated in Greene County facilities? Conducting a Greene County inmate search can provide valuable information, including inmate locations, booking charges, bail amounts, scheduled release dates, and visiting hours.

This guide will walk you through searching for and locating current and former Greene County jail inmates. We’ll also provide key information on sending money and messages along with scheduling in-person and video visitations at Greene County correctional facilities.

Search for Inmates in Greene County

Several options exist for conducting Green County inmate lookups:

Greene County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Search

The easiest way to find Greene County jail inmates is by using the official Greene County Sheriff’s Office online inmate search. This search allows you to lookup inmates by:

  • Name – Search by full or partial first and/or last name
  • Booking number – Unique ID number assigned at time of incarceration
  • DOB – Date of birth
  • Race and sex – Used to filter results

To access the inmate search visit the Greene County Sheriff’s Office website and click the “Inmate Search” link.

This search includes mugshots along with details on the inmate’s name, age, sex, race, height, weight, hair and eye color. You can also view their location in the Greene County Jail, booking date, estimated release date, bond amount, and court dates.

Lookup Greene County Inmates via VINE

Another option is to use the Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) system. This nationwide search provides custody and court case information on inmates.

To use the VINE system:

  1. Visit
  2. Select Greene County
  3. Enter the first and last name of the inmate
  4. Select the desired record from the results

This will display core inmate details along with mugshots, current location, release date, bond amount, charges, and next court dates.

You can also register for email or phone alerts via VINE whenever an inmate’s custody status changes, such as release or transfer to another facility.

Search Greene County Arrest Records & Warrants

Many online background check services provide access to Greene County arrest records and warrants. These paid services compile data from law enforcement databases and public records to create detailed reports on a person’s criminal history.

Most will let you search by first/last name along with filters like date of birth, city, and state. Full reports generally include:

  • Mugshots
  • Criminal charges – Current and past offenses
  • Conviction status – Guilty, not guilty, pending, etc.
  • Arrest/booking dates
  • Release dates
  • Bond amounts
  • Felony vs. misdemeanor classification
  • Sentencing details – Prison time, probation, fines
  • Warrant info – Issuing department and date

While these services aren’t free, they do provide quick access to comprehensive Greene County criminal records.

Greene County Incarceration Records and Mugshots

The public often has access to public data about an inmate’s incarceration, including charges, court dates, and release dates. The procedure for obtaining these records may differ, though.

Process of Obtaining Incarceration Records

Generally, you can get records of incarcerations by getting in touch with the Sheriff’s Office Records Division or by going to the relevant page on the Greene County Sheriff’s Department website.

The online inmate search option may also yield some information, such as the charges and the booking date.

Booking images, sometimes known as mugshots, are usually accessible as part of the public record. Mugshots are frequently viewable online using the jail’s website’s inmate search function.

However, there might be differences in the regulations governing the accessibility of mugshots, and there might be limitations.

Explanation of Mugshots and Their Availability

A mugshot is a picture that is taken of a person after they have been arrested and checked into a detention institution. Mugshots usually feature the subject from both a frontal and profile perspective.

They are included in the prisoner’s booking record, which is normally open to the public unless prohibited by law or a court order.

Recall that improper use of this material might result in legal repercussions, so utilize these resources with caution.

Send Money to Greene County Jail Inmates

If you need to send money to an inmate in the Greene County Jail or other detention facilities, JailATM is the approved vendor.

You can fund inmate trust accounts online or via mobile app 24/7. All deposits made through JailATM are immediately available to incarcerated loved ones to spend on phone calls, commissary items, etc.

To send money:

  1. Visit or download the mobile app
  2. Select Ohio and then Greene County
  3. Enter your info and inmate name/ID
  4. Choose the deposit amount and payment method

Keep in mind the Greene County Jail imposes a $5.95 fee per transaction when sending money to an inmate.

Contact Greene County Jail Inmates

If you need to get in touch with someone locked up in Greene County facilities, you have a few different options:

Mail Letters to Greene County Inmates

To send postal mail, letters must include the inmate’s full name and X-reference booking number. Address letters to the inmate care of:

Inmate Name & X-Reference Number
Greene County Adult Detention Center
480 Wilson Drive
Xenia, OH 45385

Be advised that all incoming and outgoing postal mail is inspected for contraband.

Schedule Phone Calls with Greene County Prisoners

Inmates at the main Greene County Jail in Xenia can schedule phone calls in 15-minute increments. Friends and family must call 937-562-6035 and pay associated phone fees.

Phone access is only provided to inmates who exhibit good behavior. Calls are limited to one session per day.

Send Electronic Messages to Greene County Inmates

The Greene County Jail uses TextBehind for electronic messaging. Friends and family can purchase “stamps” on this site to send emails and text-style messages.

Inmates can also respond directly back to incoming messages after stamps are applied to their accounts.

Set Up Video Visits with Greene County Inmates

To schedule in-person or video visitation with friends or family locked up at Greene County correctional facilities:

  • Go to GreeneCountyOhio.Gov
  • Click on “Inmate Visitation”
  • Review visitation rules and restrictions
  • Click the link to access the scheduling portal
  • Create an account
  • Schedule a video visitation session
  • Each session costs $12 for 20 minutes
  • Sunday visits must be scheduled by the end of the day Thursday
  • Monday-Saturday visits must be scheduled by 8 pm the day prior

Up to four people can join remotely per video visitation session.

Greene County Inmate Population

A range of stakeholders, including policymakers, researchers, and community members, need to understand the demographics and characteristics of the inmate population at Greene County Jail.

Current Population Statistics

Several hundred prisoners were housed at Greene County Jail as of the most recent report, while the exact number varies every day due to arrivals, transfers, and releases.

Average Inmate Stay Duration

Because the offenses and circumstances of each inmate are different, the average length of stay at Greene County Jail varies. While some prisoners are freed in a matter of days, others may be detained for weeks or months while they await trial or are serving brief terms.

Racial, Age, and Gender Demographics

A wide range of prisoners are housed in Greene County Jail. You may usually get information about the racial, age, and gender makeup of the prison population by contacting the Greene County Sheriff’s Office or other local government agencies.

Both male and female inmates are kept at the facility, and the distribution of racial backgrounds often mirrors that of the surrounding community. The majority of prisoners are of working age, however, the age range of the detainees spans from young adults to the elderly.

Greene County Ohio Inmate Locations

Individuals arrested in Greene County will typically start housed in the following locations:

Greene County Jail

  • Located in Xenia, OH
  • Houses male and female inmates
  • The current inmate capacity is around 334
  • Address: 480 Wilson Drive, Xenia, OH 45385
  • Phone: 937-562-6035

Fairborn Municipal Jail

  • Part of the Fairborn Police Department
  • Holds inmates awaiting trial or transfer
  • Houses 12 beds
  • Address: 135 South Broad Street, Fairborn, OH 45324
  • Phone: 937-754-3030

Upon conviction, inmates may serve out sentences or be transferred to state correctional institutions including:

  • Dayton Correctional Institution
  • Warren Correctional Institution
  • Ohio Reformatory for Women

Track Greene County Jail Population Stats

You can view up-to-date Greene County jail population statistics through the Greene County Sheriff’s Office website.

As of December 2022, the average daily jail population included:

  • 334 total inmates
  • 92.7% occupancy rate
  • 71 females on average
  • 263 males on average

The site also breaks down current inmate populations by conviction status:

  • 149 Convicted / Sentenced
  • 74 Convicted / Unsentenced
  • 111 Pretrial Defendants

Historical monthly average populations and peak populations are provided as well dating back to 2018.

These inmate population metrics can be downloaded into Excel or CSV formats.

Greene County Ohio Criminal Justice System

Navigating the Greene County criminal court process can be confusing if you’ve never dealt with the legal system before.

Here is a quick overview of how the process works after an arrest by Greene County law enforcement:

  1. Booking & Initial Appearance: Suspects are photographed, fingerprinted, and formally charged. An initial court appearance occurs within 48 hours.
  2. Arraignment: Defendant enters a plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest. The judge sets a bond amount.
  3. Preliminary Hearing: The prosecutor must show probable cause for the defendant who committed the crime to proceed.
  4. Pre-Trial Conference: Judge, prosecutors, and defense lawyers identify plea options and prepare for trial.
  5. Criminal Trial: Prosecution and defense present evidence and make cases before a judge or jury who determines guilt/innocence.
  6. Sentencing: If found guilty, the judge assigns conviction penalties and punishment terms.

Inmates will spend their pre-trial detention and/or sentence at Greene County jail facilities like the main county jail in Xenia or the Fairborn Municipal Holding Facility.

Initial court appearances occur at Xenia Municipal Court or Fairborn Municipal Court depending on the arrest jurisdiction.

Felony criminal trials and convictions are handled by Greene County Common Pleas Court located in Xenia, Ohio.

FAQs – Greene County Inmate Search

Can I visit an inmate in Greene County jail?

Yes, both in-person and video visitation options are available. You need to set up an account and schedule visits at least one day in advance through the online portal.

Where can I find Greene County jail mugshots?

The Greene County Sheriff’s inmate search includes mugshots along with VINE and some arrest record databases. You can also request booking photos and arrest records directly through the Xenia Municipal Court and Fairborn Municipal Court.

How do I look up Greene County arrest records?

The primary law enforcement agencies covering Greene County are the Sheriff’s office, Ohio State Highway Patrol and police departments in Xenia, Beavercreek, Fairborn, and other cities. Each agency can provide records on arrests they conducted. You may also find records through paid background check services or public record aggregator sites.

What are the rules for sending inmate mail in Greene County?

All postal mail sent to Green County inmates must include the inmate’s full name and booking number. Envelopes must be white and paper must be white or light-colored without decorations, stains, or lipstick marks. Photos are generally not permitted.

How do I find someone’s release date from Greene County jail?

The easiest way is by searching the inmate’s first and last name on the Greene County Sheriff’s inmate search site. This will display the estimated release date which factors in time served, sentence term, and good behavior credits.

You can also find inmate release dates using the VINELink online system.

What items can I send to someone in Greene County jail?

You may send paperback books, magazines, and newspapers as long as the materials are mailed directly from the publisher or bookstore. Used materials are not allowed.

How can I look up my own criminal record in Greene County?

You can request a copy of your criminal background report from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI). There is a $30 fee to process each report.

What reentry programs help inmates after release from Greene County jail?

The GREAT program provides case management, transitional housing, job assistance, and other reentry services to inmates leaving Greene County facilities.


Conducting Greene County inmate lookups provides valuable information if you have a friend or family member held in county correctional facilities. Most searches can find inmates by name, mugshots, booking details, release dates, bond amounts, conviction status, visiting rules, and more.

Use the Greene County Sheriff’s inmate search site, VINELink, or paid arrest record databases to look up incarcerated individuals. Learn how to send money, and messages, schedule video visits, and better understand the county criminal justice process.

This guide covers the essential tools and resources available related to the Greene County Jail inmate search system and local law enforcement agencies. Reach out if you have any other questions!

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