Jefferson County Inmate Search

Jefferson County in Alabama operates several jail and detention facilities that house inmates who have been arrested or are awaiting trial or sentencing. There are various ways for people to search for and locate information on current and past inmates in Jefferson County.

This guide provides key details on conducting a Jefferson County Jail Inmate Search, accessing Jefferson County Inmate Records Lookup, and finding Jefferson County Inmate Release Information.

Search for Inmates in Jefferson County Jails

Jefferson County manages inmate populations across multiple facilities, including:

  • Jefferson County Jail – Main county jail in Birmingham
  • Bessemer Jail – Secondary jail facility located in Bessemer
  • Birmingham City Jail – Houses inmates arrested in Birmingham

To Find Inmates in Jefferson County jails and detention centers, you can utilize the following search options:

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Search

The easiest way to look up Jefferson County jail Inmates is by using the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Search portal. Here you can search by:

  • Inmate Name – Lookup by full or partial first and/or last name
  • Booking Number – Unique ID assigned at time of arrest

This will return current Inmate population information, including:

  • Inmate Name & ID
  • Race & Gender
  • Age at Booking
  • Housing Location – Specific jail facility
  • Booking Date/Time
  • Projected Release Date
  • Bond Amount
  • List of Charges

So whether you want to Find Inmates by Name or Booking Number, this online search site provides an easy way to find Current Inmates in Jefferson County.

Birmingham City Jail Inmate Search

The Birmingham City Jail also provides its own online Inmate Search system where you view detainees specifically at the city jail, including:

  • Inmate Booking Reports
  • Arrest Information
  • Mugshots
  • Release Status
  • Bonds
  • Housing Location
  • Visitation Details

This allows you to check Birmingham Inmate Search data directly from the city’s jail management site.

Bessemer Jail Inmate Information

You can also call the Bessemer Jail at (205) 481-4366 to inquire about Inmates being held at that specific facility. They can provide details on:

  • Inmate Population
  • Booking Status
  • Housing Locations
  • Bail/Bonds
  • Release Dates

So whether you want to Find Someone in Jefferson County Jail or look up Bessemer Jail Inmate Records, these options allow you to search current and past inmate rosters.

Access Jefferson County Inmate Records & Arrest Data

In addition to searching current jail populations, you can also access public data on Jefferson County Inmate Records, Arrest Information, Warrants, Court Dates, and other details through the following sites:

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Records Search

The Sheriff’s Office Records Search allows you to look up:

  • Inmate Booking Reports – Arrest details, housing, etc.
  • Warrants – Active warrants for arrest
  • Sex Offender Registry – Database of convicted sex offenders

So this provides comprehensive Jefferson County Arrest Records, Inmate Records Lookup, Warrant Information, and related data.

Jefferson County Court Records

You can also search Jefferson County Court Records to find information on:

  • Upcoming Court Dates
  • Charges & Offenses
  • Case Status
  • Court liens, judgments, and documentation

These court records offer another source for details on inmates’ legal cases and status.

Jefferson County Jail View

Third-party sites like Jefferson County Jail View compile listings of recent Jefferson County Jail Inmates with details on:

  • Booking Date
  • Expected Release Date
  • Charges
  • Bail Amounts
  • Mugshots
  • Arrest Details

So this can supplement direct county inmate searches with expanded arrest data.

Inmate Personal Information in Jefferson County

When searching for info on specific Inmates in Jefferson County, you can find details like:

Full Name & Identification

  • Full Inmate Name – First, middle, and last names
  • Nicknames & Aliases – Other names used
  • Date of Birth – Verify identity/age
  • Booking Number – Unique jail ID
  • Race & Gender – Physical identification

Housing & Location

  • Housing Facility – County jail, Bessemer, etc.
  • Cell & Bunk Assignments – Specific housing location
  • Arresting Agency – Jurisdiction of arrest

Criminal History & Offenses

  • Booking Date – Inmate intake date
  • Expected Release Date – If bond posted, served time, etc.
  • Charges & Offenses – Complete list of charges
  • List of Active Warrants – Pending cases
  • Court Dates – Scheduled appearances
  • Mugshots – Booking photos

Legal Status & Bonds

  • Inmate Status – Awaiting trial, serving sentence, release, etc.
  • Bond Amounts – Bail/bond for release
  • Next Court Date – Scheduled appearances
  • Release Date – Expected or actual released after posting bond, serving time, case resolution, etc.

How to Locate Inmates in Jefferson County Jails

If you need to Find Someone in Jefferson County Jail or access records on a specific inmate, use these tips:

Search Jefferson County Inmate Lists

Start by using the official Jefferson County Inmate Search and Birmingham City Jail Inmate Search sites.

  • Try looking up the Inmate Name, Booking Number, etc.
  • Check inmate populations at the Main Jail, Bessemer Jail, Birmingham City Jail, etc.

You can also contact each facility directly to inquire about a specific inmate.

Check Arrest & Court Records

Secondly, browse available public records on Jefferson County Arrests:

  • Lookup Inmate Booking Reports for intake details
  • Search Court Dates & cases
  • Review Warrant Information

These documents can provide additional Inmate information.

Research Release Date Possibilities

Finally, research possibilities around potential Inmate Release Dates:

  • Check for Bonds & Bail – Posting bond can allow earlier release
  • Review Sentencing Guidelines for charged crimes
  • Check Early Parole Options per offense
  • Note Good Behavior Reduction eligibility

These can provide context around possible release timeframes for inmates serving sentences.

Using these methods, one can get comprehensive data on locating current and past Inmates in Jefferson County Jails.

How to Contact Jefferson County Inmates

If you have a friend or family member in Jefferson County Jail, there are options to reach out and contact them, including:

Jefferson County Jail Visitation

You can visit inmates housed at Jefferson County Jail by scheduling visitation online or calling (205) 325-5750. In-person visits may have restrictions like:

  • Set visitation hours – Check online for the schedule
  • Number of visitors allowed – Often 1 or 2 at a time
  • Approved items for visitors – ID required
  • Special instructions – Dress code, prohibited items, etc.

So review visit guidelines listed on the Jefferson County Jail Website before attempting an in-person visit.

Inmate Phone Calls & Voicemail

Inmates can also contact family & friends by phone (called MengoPhone) if they have calling accounts funded. You can:

  • Receive phone calls from inmates
  • Set up prepaid phone accounts for inmates via Payment Kiosks

Inmates can also record Voice Messages for family members that you can access online.

Jefferson County Jail Mail Guidelines

You can send physical mail and care packages to Inmates at county jails, following the rules:

  • Include full Inmate Name & ID
  • Only send approved items – Check mail guidelines
  • Label mail as coming from a friend/family
  • Note the return address for correspondence

Go to Jefferson County Jail Mail Guidelines for full instructions on letters, packages, eCards, etc.

So while inmates don’t have access to the internet/email, staying in touch via mail, phone calls, voicemails, and visits is possible.

Jefferson County Inmate Services

Jefferson County provides various services and programs for Inmates during their jail stay:

Inmate Accounts for Purchases

Inmates have Commissary accounts that allow approved purchases:

  • Personal Hygiene – Soap, razors, etc.
  • Food/Snacks – Ramen noodles, candy, etc.
  • Communication – Stamps, tablets, etc.

Family and friends can fund these accounts via Money Deposits at the facilities.

Jefferson County Jail Medical Information

The county provides health care for inmates including:

  • Medical intake screening
  • Ongoing care for conditions
  • Mental health services
  • Medication management
  • Dental care

If you have concerns about an inmate’s medical situation in Jefferson County Jail, you can call the Medical Unit at (205) 325-5700 for assistance.

Rehabilitation Programs

Jails offer some rehabilitative programs for inmates such as:

  • Education/GED classes
  • Job readiness training
  • Addiction/mental health counseling

These services aim to facilitate transition back into society upon release.

So Jefferson County offers various resources to serve inmate needs and support rehabilitation during and after incarceration.

Getting Released from Jefferson County Jail

During an inmate’s stay in Jefferson County Jail, their expected release date will depend on factors like:

Posting Bail or Bond Payment

  • If given a bail amount, inmates can pay to bond out.
  • Friends/family can post bond payments on the inmate’s behalf.
  • Upon payment, the inmate awaits trial dates out of custody.

Serving Jail Sentence Term

  • Inmates sentenced to jail time serve their full term.
  • With Good Behavior, inmates may qualify for earlier release.

Awaiting Trial or Court Dates

  • If denied bond, inmates await court hearings in jail
  • After the court date, the inmate may resolve charges or get sentenced

Be sure to lookup Jefferson County Jail Court Dates and Inmate Release Information to follow upcoming developments.

Inmates may also request transfers to other locations like state prisons. To confirm an inmate’s release from Jefferson County Jail, check the public inmate roster after their expected release date. If they no longer appear in the inmate search results, this confirms their release from custody.

Use all the above search tools and records to get the most up-to-date details on those In Jail in Jefferson County.

How to Send Money to Jefferson County Inmates

Here are the key details on how to send money to an inmate housed in a Jefferson County jail facility:

Deposit Money into Inmate Accounts

Jefferson County inmates have personal accounts that allow them to make Commissary purchases within the jail. Friends and family can deposit funds into these accounts remotely in two ways:

  1. In-Person Money Orders – Bring cash, money order, or credit card to an inmate account kiosk at County Jail or Bessemer Jail. Minimum $20 deposit.
  2. Online Deposits – Use a third-party website like to deposit into an inmate account using a debit/credit card or bank account.

When depositing funds, you will need the inmate’s:

  • Full Name
  • Booking Number – Unique ID assigned at intake

In-person kiosk locations and hours are listed on the Jefferson County Jail Website. Online deposits can be made anytime.

Funds allow inmates to purchase approved items from the jail Commissary like food, personal hygiene items, postage, and tablets. Friends/Family should save deposit receipts for records.

Phone Accounts for Inmate Calling

You can also set up prepaid phone accounts to receive calls from Jefferson County inmates by:

  1. Funding inmate phone accounts via Commissary deposits
  2. Creating a phone account directly with the service MengoPhone

Inmates access phone services via account codes. Phone time balances display immediately after deposits.

So whether you want to allow inmate purchases or phone privileges, setting up a prepaid account is easy. Refer to the Jefferson County Jail Website for the most up-to-date deposit options and phone account contact info to send money to an inmate.

Jefferson County Inmate Records and Mugshots Search

Here are the details on searching Jefferson County inmate records and mugshots:

Jefferson County Inmate Records Search

To look up inmate records and arrest details in Jefferson County, you can use:

  • Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Records Search – Search inmate booking reports, warrants, sex offender registry
  • Jefferson County Court Records – Find court dates, charges, case details

These official record databases provide comprehensive inmate documentation like:

  • Booking reports
  • Arrest details
  • Warrant information
  • Court case status
  • Charges and offenses
  • Sentencing details

So you can access a wealth of public data on current and past Jefferson County inmates.

Jefferson County Jail Mugshot Search

To look up Jefferson County Mugshots, you can use:

  • Birmingham City Jail Records – Search recent inmate mugshot photos
  • Jefferson County Jail View – Third-party site with inmate mugshot galleries

Save or download inmate mugshot images for identification records. The most recent booking photos should be available on these public jail and arrest websites.

Use these official record sources to find comprehensive documentation and mugshots for inmates currently or previously housed in Jefferson County jails.


Searching for inmates and records in Jefferson County Alabama is easy with the available online inmate searches, arrest reports, court records, and jail phone numbers. Citizens can access public data to:

  • Find Jefferson County Jail Inmates by first/last names
  • Lookup Inmate Booking Reports for arrest details
  • Send Mail & Packages to inmates
  • Schedule Inmate Visitations for face-to-face meetings
  • Get Updated on Release Dates as court cases resolve

Stay informed on incarcerated individuals by regularly checking these inmate databases and jail records. Being aware of inmate status changes, upcoming court dates, and release expectations can help you stay connected to jailed friends or family. Save time and quickly find the details you need to locate and contact those in the Jefferson County jail and detention system.

FAQs – Jefferson County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Jefferson County jail?

You can search the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Inmate Search site by first/last name or booking number to find inmates. You can also call the jail facility directly if you know where the person is housed.

Can you visit an inmate in Jefferson County jail?

Yes, Jefferson County Jail allows in-person visits that you can schedule online or by calling 205-325-5750. Be sure to review the visitation hours and guidelines on the Jail Website.

What is the Jefferson County Jail address and phone number?

The main Jefferson County Jail facility is located at 809 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N, Birmingham, AL 35203. You can contact the jail at 205-325-5700.

How do you send money to Jefferson County Jail inmates?

You can deposit funds into an inmate’s account for Commissary purchases by using cash kiosks at the jail or online deposit sites. You’ll need the inmate’s name and booking number.

Can you look up Jefferson County arrest records online?

Yes, you can search Jefferson County arrest reports and records through sites like the Sheriff’s Records Search and Court Records Search.

Where do you find Jefferson County mugshots online?

Online sources for Jefferson County mugshots and booking photos include the Birmingham City Jail Site and third-party sites like Jefferson County Jail View.

What information is included in Jefferson County inmate searches?

Jefferson County inmate searches provide info like full name, booking number, race/gender, age, housing location, booking date, expected release date, bail amount, charges, and more.

How can you look up Jefferson County inmate release dates?

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Inmate Search provides expected release dates for jail inmates. You can also call facilities directly. Review court records for sentencing details.

Where are Jefferson County warrants listed online?

You can search for active Jefferson County warrants using the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Records Search portal.

What are the visiting hours for Jefferson County Jail?

Visitation hours and schedules vary by facility. Review the jail Website Guidelines for the most up-to-date visitation details at the main jail, Bessemer jail, etc.

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