Hale County Inmate Search

Hale County in Texas operates a jail that houses inmates who have been arrested in the county or who are awaiting transfer to the state prison system.

If you need to find an inmate in Hale County jail or look up details about an inmate’s status, this guide provides the key resources and information to assist you.

Search for Hale County Jail Inmates Online

The easiest way to check for information on Hale County jail inmates is to use the online inmate search. The Hale County Sheriff’s Office provides a public inmate lookup on their website that allows you to search for inmates by:

  • First and last name
  • Booking number
  • Date of birth

The search will display basic details on any matching inmates, including:

  • Booking photo/mugshot
  • Inmate ID
  • Current housing location in the jail
  • Bail amount and bond status
  • Date of arrest and details on the arresting agency
  • A list of the criminal charges

So if you know the full name of an inmate, look them up directly through the free inmate search Hale County provides.

Having the exact booking number is also useful for finding a particular inmate accurately.

Hale County Jail Inmate Lookup By Name

When performing an inmate search in Hale County online, having the complete first and last name of the person provides the best chance for pulling up matching records.

You may need to try alternate or incomplete spellings to allow for errors or nicknames.

If searching for a common name, having additional intake details like arrest date or agency can also help pinpoint the right individual.

You can click on this link to learn how to find an inmate by name

Hale County Jail Inmate Lookup By Booking Number

When you perform an inmate search in Hale County, having the booking number provides the most accurate way to pull up details on a specific individual.

Since names can sometimes be duplicated or recorded incorrectly during intake, this unique ID number assigned at processing connects all records from arrest through release.

So if you have the official Hale County booking number, you can pinpoint any current or recently housed inmate even without additional personal details.

The public inmate lookup search allows this direct ID lookup option. Jail staff can also use it in their internal systems.

How To Find Inmates In Hale County Jail

Beyond using the online lookup tool above, there are a few other options for tracking down Hale County inmates:

  • Contact jail administration – You can call the Hale County Jail at (806) 291-5267 to inquire about a particular inmate. Staff can look up inmates by name or booking number and may provide additional details over the phone.
  • Visit the facility – Traveling to the jail at 916 Main St, Plainview, TX 79072 allows you to search for and visit inmates in person. Visitation policies, including hours and dress code requirements, should be confirmed ahead of visiting.
  • Hire a private investigator – For a fee, PIs can use investigative databases to locate inmates and provide detailed criminal and arrest reports.

So getting info directly from the Hale County Sheriff is typically the most affordable and efficient route.

Where To Find Hale County Mugshots

The Hale County inmate search online provides small jail booking photos. But they do not allow saving or sharing these mugshots.

To look up full-resolution and printable Hale County mugshots, third-party sites like MugshotsOnline.com or JailBase.com can be used.

These public mugshot sites purchase and publish booking photos from sheriff’s offices and jails nationwide, including Hale County Jail.

Search Hale County Jail Records

Official Hale County jail records allow you to look up basic inmate data through the public inmate search discussed above.

To get more comprehensive incarceration records, criminal histories, arrest warrants, and other confidential details concerning Hale County inmates, you need to go through other channels, including:

  • File formal records requests – The Texas open records laws allow public access to government records through written information requests. This process can access inmate histories, disciplinary reports, health conditions, and similar documentation.
  • Courthouse searches – Visit the Hale County District Clerk’s office to search through official court records connected to an inmate’s case. This can uncover case proceedings, sentencing outcomes, and legal judgments.
  • Background check services – Paid criminal history searches through BetterChecks.com and TruthFinder.com can provide detailed reports on an inmate’s run-ins with the law across Texas and nationally.

So pursuing court, police, and investigative channels is key for digging up more than just basic jail booking information on a Hale County inmate.

Public Inmate Search Hale County

The most transparent and accessible method for searching inmates in Hale County Texas is using the public jail records available online through the county sheriff, outlined at the start of this guide.

This official Hale County inmate lookup tool allows you to quickly navigate incarceration statuses and related aspects without any special access requirements or fees.

Alternative inmate finder sites provided by private data aggregation companies can also be helpful resources. But public officials should be consulted first for any urgent or strictly confidential searches.

Recent Arrests Hale County Sheriff

To find information on the most recent bookings at the Hale County Jail in Texas, you have a few options:

  • Check the online inmate search records, filtering by new arrivals or using arrest date sorting to see brand new intakes.
  • Follow local news sites like PlainviewDailyHerald.com for articles covering notable arrests by Hale County deputies and area agencies.
  • Call the non-emergency dispatcher line at (806) 296-1182 and ask if they can share details on the latest arrests.
  • Submit open records requests for arrest data over a given period.

Monitoring this real-time arrest activity through sheriff and media channels can supplement standard inmate lookups.

Current Inmate Population Hale County

To get a snapshot figure for the number of inmates currently housed in the Plainview jail, you can:

  • Check their public inmate search dashboard for a live tally of occupied cells across different wings and blocks. This total changes day-to-day.
  • Call the Hale County jail administration staff at (806) 291-5267 for inmate count numbers broken down by gender or special units.
  • FOIA requests their average daily jail population / ADP counts over recent weeks or years to gauge broader trends.

As a smaller county facility, the typical inmate capacity is around 130-150 at any given time. Significant incidents can cause spikes from standard averages.

Send Money To Hale County Jail Inmates

To add funds to a Hale County inmate’s account so they can purchase items from the jail commissary, you can:

  • Set up cash deposits through MoneyGram or Western Union using the inmate’s first name, last name, and booking ID.
  • Mail in U.S. postal money orders payable to the inmate’s full name and ID.
  • Set up remote account funding through third-party deposit services like AccessCorrections.com, JailATM.com, or RainMoney.com.
  • Call Securus Technologies at (800) 844-6591 for direct credit/debit card payments if eligible.

Be sure to follow the latest facility rules around senders, deposits, amounts, holds, etc. Inmates rely on these funds so coordinate carefully.

Inmate Release Dates Hale County

The public inmate search website for Hale County in Texas, unfortunately, does not provide upcoming release dates for jail inmates.

To find the expected discharge or transfer date for a particular individual, you would need to:

  • Contact Hale County jail administration directly to request release details on a given inmate. This may be restricted for security or privacy reasons.
  • Check with the inmate’s criminal defense lawyer, if they have one. Attorneys have access to sentencing terms, court orders, and case timelines.
  • Attend court hearings related to the inmate’s active case. The judge often indicates or confirms release plans and dates during proceedings.
  • For transferred state prisoners, contact the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for release statuses post-intake.

So getting reliable Hale County Jail inmate release dates requires going through court officials, lawyers, or jail staff with access. Public searches won’t display this discharge info.

How To Contact An Inmate Hale County

If you need to get in touch with someone held in Hale County Jail, you have a few options:

  • Send physical mail – Address envelopes to the inmate’s full name and ID with location details. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.
  • Schedule video visits – Create a Securus online account to virtually visit for 20-30 minutes weekly.
  • Call the jail – Ask staff to relay non-emergency messages to inmates during business hours.
  • Deposit money – Include short notes along with inmate commissary account deposits.
  • Email – Some facilities provide supervised messaging through third-party apps like GettingOut.com.
  • Hire a lawyer – Attorneys can coordinate calls and visits more readily than public individuals.

Reaching out to connect with incarcerated friends or family members requires some creativity and flexibility around facility regulations.

Hale County Jail Phone Number / Address / News

Here are some other useful administrative details concerning the Texas Correctional Center:

  • Physical address – 916 Main St, Plainview, TX 79072
  • Phone number – (806) 291-5267
  • Mailing address – Inmate’s Name & ID Number, 916 Main St, Plainview, TX 79072

This contact info is handy for visitors, bail arrangements, official requests, media inquiries, and other jail interactions besides just inmate lookups.

You can also find recent news reports concerning notable arrests, trials, releases, contraband discoveries, expansions, staff changes, lawsuits, scandals, and incidents occurring locally using those search terms.

Hale County Jail Visitation Rules / Hours

To maintain security and smooth operations in the jail environment:

  • The Hale County Jail visitation hours are Wednesdays through Sundays from 10 am to 4 pm. 30-60 minute windows, schedules vary.
  • All visitors must register at least 24 hours in advance, either online or through jail staff. Same-day requests are usually not allowed.
  • A valid government photo ID is required. Only visitors pre-approved by the inmate are admitted. Minors must be accompanied by a guardian.
  • Strict dress code enforced – avoid revealing clothing, no bright patterns or messages, no camouflage. Use clear bags.
  • No bringing contraband items into contact areas like weapons, tobacco, electronic devices, cash, medicine, etc. Expect search.

Abiding carefully by these rules makes visitation possible. Violations cause termination or loss of privileges for inmates and visitors alike.

Research the latest standards before attempting access. Arrive early with documentation ready. Dress simply and confirm identities patiently when asked by staff during screenings. This earns cooperation making conversations smoother.

Criminal History Search Hale County Inmates

Going beyond the current charges and jail records, you can uncover more details on an inmate’s complete criminal past through:

  • Hale County Court Archives – Search case files at the courthouse records office with proper request procedures
  • Local Police Records – Area departments may release select investigative histories per open records laws
  • State Repositories – Aggregate databases from Texas Department of Public Safety or Department of Corrections providing statewide histories
  • National Lookup Sites – Privately run background check services like Truthfinder aggregate criminal data nationally

The costs, requirements, and completeness of these criminal background data sources vary. However compiling case evidence from multiple past arrests, convictions, and incidents provides a clearer inmate profile.

Understanding the full prior record – including violations, sentences, diversion attempts, pending warrants, gang affiliations, etc – helps gauge inmate risks, needs, and trajectory both inside the jail and returning to the public.

This context aids lawyers, visitors, staff, probation officers, and communities in safety and rehabilitation efforts.

So exhaustively use free and premium channels to gather more granular Hale County inmate criminal histories before interacting or interpreting recent violations alone. Past informs the present.


Performing an effective inmate search in Hale County requires accessing the right records through patient yet persistent requests.

This guide outlines the best free public portals, paid services, legal administrators, and jail personnel able to provide the most transparent incarceration details.

Compiling current inmate data plus wider case histories paints a fuller picture. Approaching facilities and staff with empathy, respect, and an openness to understand regulations earns goodwill – even when news proves difficult. Prioritize in-person visitation once approved for deeper dialogue opportunities.

While daunting, remember that even lengthy jail stays eventually conclude. Support inmates in using mistakes as motivation for rehabilitative growth. Continue checks on release developments through disposition.

Hale County justice, like elsewhere, remains imperfect but incremental progress endures through constructive criticism not just complaint alone. All inmates retain fundamental worth.

FAQs – Hale County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Hale County jail?

Use the free public inmate search on the Hale County Sheriff’s Office website, searchable by name, booking number, age, gender, etc. Call the jail or visit in person if you need additional details.

Is Hale County Jail an ICE detention facility?

No, Hale County Jail is a local county jail run by the Hale County Sheriff’s Office, not a federal ICE facility. Undocumented immigrants may end up transferred to ICE afterward.

Where are Hale County arrest records published?

Hale County arrest information is released on local news sites like Plainview Herald Daily. Mugshots and booking reports can also appear on third-party sites like MugshotsOnline or JailBase.

Can you bond out of Hale County jail?

Yes, inmates can pay bail to bond out of Hale County jail unless they are denied bond for certain serious charges. You can call the jail for specific bond information.

How much does it cost to call an inmate in Hale County?

Hale County jail phone calls cost around $0.21 per minute for debit/prepaid calls and $0.25 per minute for collect calls under the Securus Technologies contract.

What items are inmates allowed in Hale County jail?

Hale County jail allows items like books, writing materials, cups, bowls, eyeglasses, OTC medicine, religious items, etc. Anything unauthorized is considered contraband.

Can you get married in Hale County jail?

Inmate marriages are generally not performed inside the jail facility. You would need approval and coordinated transport to the County Clerk’s office for the ceremony.

Is Hale County Jail ADA compliant?

Yes, Hale County jail provides ADA-accessible cells, bathrooms, and common areas to inmates with eligible mobility impairments or disabilities.

How much does Hale County Jail pay inmates?

Hale County Jail does not pay wages to inmates for work programs. Some prisons do have paid labor initiatives post-sentencing.

Who operates the inmate commissary at Hale County Jail?

Keefe Group has the contract to run commissary services for the Hale County jail in Texas, letting inmates purchase approved items.

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