Morgan County Inmate Search

Locating an inmate or getting background information on someone who was arrested or is incarcerated in Morgan County can be difficult without the right resources.

This Complete guide provides tips, tools, and key information for searching Morgan County jail search, using the inmate lookup Morgan County, finding inmates in Morgan County, accessing Morgan County arrest records, seeing who’s in jail in Morgan County, looking up current inmates Morgan County, viewing mugshots Morgan County jail, finding booking information Morgan County, locating inmate release dates Morgan County, contact inmates Morgan County, and more.

Morgan County Inmates and Jail

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office oversees the operations of the Morgan County Detention Center located in Decatur, Alabama.

This is the main correctional facility housing both pre-trial detainees and sentenced offenders in Morgan County.

At any given time, the jail houses approximately 300-400 inmates. Both male and female inmates are housed in the detention center.

The average length of stay is around 90 days for those awaiting trial or sentencing. For sentenced offenders, the length of stay depends on the crime and sentence handed down.

In addition to the physical jail, the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office provides public access to Morgan County criminal records and public records Morgan County through their online inmate search and databases.

These online public portals are key resources for finding current and prior inmates, arrest records, and background checks.

Search Morgan County Jail Inmate Records Online

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office offers a free Morgan County inmate search and a free online database to look up information on current and recent county jail inmates.

This includes access to inmate booking records, charges, bail/bond amounts, mugshots, and more.

To perform a search, users can visit and search by first or last name. Partial name searches are also supported. Results will display recent arrests and jail booking records with details like:

  • Full inmate name
  • Age and date of birth
  • Race, height, weight, etc.
  • Arresting agency
  • Booking date/time
  • Charges and bond amount
  • Mugshot photo
  • Current inmate status

Selecting an inmate provides even greater details from their booking record, including all formal charges, bond details, additional notes, descriptors, aliases, addresses, and physical details.

Most queries will display results instantly, delivering real-time Morgan County jail lookup by name. So it’s easy to quickly find someone in Morgan County jail.

This free public portal provides complete access to current and recent county inmates.

You can click on this link to learn how to find an inmate by name

Morgan County Jail Inmate Mugshots

As highlighted above, the online inmate search results display Morgan County inmate mugshots for matching records.

Mugshot photos are a key way to confirm an inmate’s identity and provide visual confirmation when searching jail records.

In addition to photos shown alongside individual inmate results, the Morgan County Jail system offers a dedicated mugshot database.

Visitors can browse through all recently taken inmate mugshots, which are organized by date added to the portal.

Mugshot records are kept online for approximately 90 days before being removed. So while this section doesn’t provide long-term incarceration records, it does allow transparent access to view recent arrests in Morgan County.

Lookup Morgan County Arrests & Inmate Releases

The online portals detail the current jail status for all inmates housed in the county detention center. This provides real-time visibility into who’s in jail in Morgan County. Statuses displayed for each inmate can include:

  • In Jail
  • Released
  • Transferred
  • Escape/Absconded
  • Other special release notes

By cross-referencing search results against the current status listings, site visitors can easily keep track of current inmates in Morgan County, plus identify any recent releases.

Inmate personal profile pages also include release date details inmate release dates Morgan County where applicable.

This projection estimates the anticipated timeline for release based on credits, sentencing status, and similar factors.

Checking inmate statuses and projected release dates is useful for tracking a particular person of interest or keeping informed about local recent arrests in Morgan County.

Morgan County Inmate Search Resources

Beyond the online portal on the official Morgan County Sheriff’s website, there are additional resources that can provide supplementary information related to searches for Morgan County jail search:

  • Alabama inmate search systems for querying state prisons and correctional facilities
  • Private online record aggregators that index public data sources
  • State court record archives with documents like indictments, sentencing memos, petitions, and other court records Morgan County
  • Sex offender registries and missing persons databases to aid certain criminal investigations
  • General crime statistics Morgan County and reports on the criminal justice system administration

Further resources for locating inmates, communicating with them, and tracking releases are covered in the following sections of this guide.

Sending Money to Morgan County Inmate

If you need to provide funds for a friend or family member being held at the Morgan County Detention Center, you can arrange for money transfers to their inmate trust account. Here are the key steps for sending inmate funds:

Set Up An Inmate Trust Account

To receive money, the inmate must have an existing trust account set up through the detention center’s inmate commissary Morgan County. This functions like a personal bank account behind bars.

To get an account established, have the inmate submit a request or contact commissary administrators directly:

Inmate Trust Fund
Morgan County Detention Center
180 Cannery Road SW Decatur, AL 35603
Phone: (256) 560-6290

This should activate a personalized account in the inmate’s name that can receive deposits.

Choose Your Inmate Money Transfer Option

There are two main options for sending inmate funds to their commissary trust account:

  1. Online Payments through third-party services like, or
  2. Walk-In Cash Payments are made on-site at the Detention Center lobby during business hours only.

Most families and friends elect to send money online for convenience compared to visiting the facility in person to make cash deposits directly.

Online payments are processed instantly 24/7 through partner payment platforms that charge small transaction fees. Just select the appropriate jail location and input the inmate’s first and last name to connect their active account.

Wrap Up the Money Transfer

Finish completing the transaction details through the online payment portal or make your in-person cash deposit with commissary staff. Processing times may vary.

Inmates can then access the funds to spend on phone calls, commissary food, hygiene items, medical fees, and other standard services via their trust account.

Following these instructions allows quick, reliable channels for families and friends to handle sending money to Morgan County inmates through remote online platforms or on-site cash deposits. Reach out to administrators with any other questions.

Morgan County Inmate Location, Housing & Contact

So you’ve completed an initial search and located an inmate matching your query parameters. But how do you find out more details like their location within the Morgan County jail system, housing unit assignment, and options to get in contact?

The online inmate search tools provide high-level booking details but generally lack housing specifics and contact instructions. Here are some tips for learning an inmate’s location and set up within the jail:

I. Identify the Inmate’s Housing Location

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office can provide information on cell block locations and housing unit assignments for current inmates. However specific locations and details are not available through the public online portals.

To find out housing details, interested parties will need to call or visit the main Morgan County jail facility and provide credentials to request information on an inmate’s location. Government-issued ID is required, and individuals may need to demonstrate legitimate interest, relationship, or need to access such details.

In general, visitation and administration services are available at:

Morgan County Detention Center
180 Cannery Road SW
Decatur, AL 35603

Phone: (256) 560-6200

So contacting the jail administrators directly is the only route to find specifics on cell/block assignments within the detention center.

II. Arrange For Inmate Visitations

While the Morgan County inmate lookup system is fully accessible to the public online, visitation operates differently. All in-person visits must be scheduled in advance through the Detention Center administration.

Visit requests are restricted and approved based on factors like the inmate’s security level, capacity limits, and good standing behavior. The jail’s visitation schedule in Morgan County varies based on housing units and other elements.

Family, friends, legal counsel, and other approved parties can get the latest policies, instructions, and scheduling assistance by calling the number above or visiting the lobby area during open office hours.

Government-issued photo ID, visitation forms, background checks, and other requirements must be satisfied before being approved. Visits are limited to video conference or no-contact booths.

III. Contact Morgan County Inmates Via Mail/Phone

For those unable to coordinate an in-person visit, the alternatives are sending physical mail or arranging phone calls. Each option has specific instructions provided by the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office:

  • Mail: Postal letters and postcards can be sent to inmates at the below address using their first initial and last name along with inmate ID. Envelopes, cards, photos, and other items may be prohibited:

Inmate’s Name and ID #
c/o Morgan County Detention Center
PO Box 668 Decatur, AL 35602

  • Phone Calls: Inmates can make collect calls or set up prepaid remote accounts for family/friends to receive calls. Interested recipients should call (800) PAY-TELL and enter the inmate’s first/last name to set up an account.

Following these steps for postal mail or phone communication enables indirect options to contact inmates in Morgan County.

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office and Police Departments

Decatur Police Department

Address: PO Box 488, Decatur, AL 35602
Phone: (256)353-2515

Falkville Police Department

Address: PO Box 407, Falkville, AL 35622
Phone: (256)784-5237

Hartselle Police Department

Address: 150 Chestnut St Nw, Hartselle,, AL 35640
Phone: (256)773-6534

Priceville Police Department

Address: 242 Marco Dr, Priceville, AL 35603
Phone: (256)355-5476

Trinity Police Department

Address: North Seneca Dr, Trinity, AL 35673
Phone: (256)355-1326

Morgan County Corrections Resources & Services

Inmates at Morgan County Detention Center have access to various programs, education opportunities, health services, religious guidance, and reentry initiatives coordinated by the jail administration. While friends/family cannot directly participate, they can look up information on available inmate resources.

Inmate Programs & Education

Inmates can participate in skills-building, treatment-based, continuing education, and vocational programs covering areas like:

  • GED coursework and testing
  • Job/trade skills training
  • AA/NA/PA substance abuse meetings
  • Critical thinking classes
  • Personal finance education
  • Parenting, anger management, and transition courses
  • Faith-based offerings
  • Individual development plans

These jail education programs and rehabilitative services aim to enrich inmates, lower repeat offense rates, and equip past offenders with tools to succeed post-release.

Administrators also coordinate intake, testing, and access to special education for qualifying inmates. Broad offerings are available to align with inmate needs and presentation levels.

Healthcare, Mental Health, and Wellness Services

The county jail system includes comprehensive medical services to care for inmate health issues, chronic conditions, medications, injuries, illnesses, and more during incarceration. This includes:

  • Medical triage, emergency care
  • Screenings, history evaluations
  • Lab testing, diagnostics
  • Ongoing ambulatory care
  • Prescription management
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Specialist referrals, inpatient coordination
  • Individual treatment plans

Similarly, administrators closely manage inmate mental health through trained counselors and clinical programs addressing:

  • Mental health screenings
  • Therapy sessions – individual and group
  • Psychiatric assessments
  • Medication management
  • Suicide prevention protocols

Supplemental wellness services also focus on holistic inmate vitality through nutrition guidance, light exercise, substance abuse counseling, and stress reduction tactics.

These comprehensive health and wellness programs attend to inmate medical services throughout incarceration.

Additional Inmate Services

Various administrative, vocational, religious, and routine convenience services round out inmate offerings at the detention center:

  • Library access
  • Barbershop haircuts
  • Pastoral counseling
  • Food commissary – Morgan County inmate commissary
  • Laundry exchange
  • Table games, TV room
  • Personal banking – deposits, payments

Inmates can also pursue getting legal forms, coordinating court appearances, and accessing counsel resources to navigate the judicial system for their cases.

Leveraging these services, in combination with the programming, healthcare, education, training, and enrichment opportunities facilitates inmate stability while preparing past offenders for release back into society through jail reentry services.


Conducting efficient searches for Morgan County jail search requires navigating inmate databases, public records, administrative policies, and related components. This guide provides orientation for stakeholders to look up individuals booked or incarcerated, track inmate housing assignments, arrange communication and connect with corrections staff.

While inmates themselves have access to programs and services coordinated by the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, external parties can call or visit the Morgan County Detention Center for assistance with their specific needs, like arranging visits or phone calls per policy.

Successful inmate information queries, effective communication, and coordination with jail staff all support client advocacy through this complex process. Accessing available public-facing resources online and offline aims to deliver transparency for all parties.

Equipped with this foundation, citizens can better understand the county inmate system and correctional resources.

FAQs – Morgan County Inmate Search

How do I find an inmate in Morgan County jail?

Use the online inmate search at to look up inmates by first or last name. This database provides real-time results on current and recently released county jail inmates.

Is there a way to look up Morgan County jail inmates online?

Yes, the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office provides a free public inmate search portal at allowing users to view recent arrests and current inmate status.

Where do I find Morgan County mugshots released daily?

The online inmate search results display mugshot photos for each matching record. You can also browse all recently uploaded mugshots organized by date on a separate page.

What info does the Morgan County inmate search provide?

Inmate search results deliver booking details like full names, vital stats, arresting agency, housing location, charges, bond amount, mugshot, and current custody status.

Can you search for someone in the Morgan County Detention Center?

Yes, visit the Morgan County Sheriff’s inmate search site, enter a first and last name and match results will show all recent bookings into the county jail along with current inmate records.

How can I look up if someone is in Morgan County jail in Decatur AL?

Perform a search by first and last name using the Morgan County Sheriff’s online inmate lookup portal to see recent bookings and active inmates in the Decatur detention facility.

What is the Morgan County Jail phone number and address?

The address is 180 Cannery Road SW, Decatur, AL 35603, and the phone number is (256) 560-6200. Call for admin assistance.

How do you send money to an inmate at Morgan County Detention Center?

Remote deposits can be made online via third-party services. You can also deposit cash in person at the jail lobby during business hours by coordinating with commissary staff.

Can you visit inmates at Morgan County jail?

Yes, in-person inmate visits must be scheduled ahead of time by contacting the Morgan County Detention Center administration to submit requests subject to approval.

How do I communicate with someone incarcerated at Morgan County jail?

Options include sending postal mail with inmates’ names/IDs, depositing funds for commissary phone calls per directions, or applying for scheduled visitation appointments coordinated through detention center staff.

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