Escambia County Inmate Search

Are you trying to find information on an inmate in Escambia County jail? Conducting an inmate lookup can provide important details like mugshots, booking information, and release dates. This guide explains how to search for Escambia County inmates online or in person.

Online Escambia County Jail Lookup

Searching for info on a friend or family member booked into Escambia County jail? The quickest way is by using the online inmate lookup tool on the Escambia County sheriff’s website.

To use the search:

  1. Go to

  2. Select “Inmate/Jail Inquiry” and then “Inmate Lookup.”

  3. Enter the inmate’s name, or try searching by booking number.

  4. Select the correct result to view the inmate’s:

    • Mugshot
    • Booking date
    • Projected release date
    • Bail amount
    • Charges/case info
    • Inmate location within the jail
    • Visit registration status

You can also call the Escambia County jail at 850-436-9630 for inmate details. Provide the name and booking number.

This online Florida inmate search only provides info on people currently detained in Escambia County jail. For records on past inmates, keep reading.

Escambia County Inmate Records Search

To find older inmate booking info and release date details for formerly incarcerated individuals in Escambia County, you can search official inmate records online.

The quickest and most thorough way is using a secure third-party inmate search website like Vinelink or MyMugShotSearch.

These sites compile publicly available data from multiple sources into one easy online search. Their inmate lookups connect records from local jails, sheriff offices, courts, corrections systems, and more.

To search Escambia County inmate records on Vinelink or MyMugShotSearch:

  1. Select Florida and Escambia County as the search locations.

  2. Enter the inmate’s first and last name.

  3. Refine by race, age, etc. if needed to isolate the right person.

  4. View matched inmate profiles showing:

    • Hundreds of booking/arrest records
    • Multiple mugshot photos
    • Charges and offenses
    • Sentencing details
    • Release date info
    • Arresting agency
    • Physical description
    • Aliases

These sites also provide recent Escambia County jail mugshots. And some let you sign up for arrest alerts when someone gets booked or released from Escambia County jail.

Lookup Escambia County Inmate Info in Person

If you need to meet an inmate face-to-face, you can look up their housing location and register for Escambia County jail visitation in person.

Inmate Locator Kiosks

Visit any Escambia County jail lobby and use the public inmate locator kiosks to search current inmate rosters. This will show the housing unit if they’re in custody.

Kiosks are available 24/7 at the:

  • Main Jail Lobby
  • Work Release Lobby

If the person has already been released, their name won’t appear in the inmate locator system. So check inmate records online instead.

Inmate Visitation Registration

To set up in-person visitation, proceed to the visitation center in the Main Jail lobby. Have the inmate’s name and booking number handy.

  • Address: 551 N Devilliers Street, Pensacola, FL
  • Phone: 850-436-9830

Visitation policies:

  • Occurs daily from 9 AM – 11 AM and 1 PM – 4 PM
  • First visit must be scheduled 24 hours in advance
  • Minors allowed for face-to-face visits
  • Online video visits are also available

Call or check the Escambia County Sheriff’s website for the most up-to-date visitation rules.

Send Mail to Inmates

Can’t visit in person? You can contact inmates by sending physical mail.

Address letters to the inmate’s full name and booking number at:

Inmate’s Full Name
Booking Number
David L. Morgan Escambia County Jail P.O. Box 18770 Pensacola, FL 32523

  • Send letters only, no care packages.
  • Enclose a return address so inmates can write back.

Be sure to look up the current inmate locator info first to confirm they’re in Escambia County jail. Mail sent to released inmates will be returned to sender.

Search Escambia County Arrest Records

Many people beyond family members want to look up Escambia County arrest searches. Common searches include:

  • Employers vetting applicants
  • Landlords screening tenants
  • Concerned parents monitoring kids
  • Victim advocates tracking offenders

These groups can utilize online inmate search tools to access publicly available Escambia County criminal court records and see a person’s:

  • Arrest dates
  • Charges
  • Case outcomes
  • Sentencing terms
  • Probation status
  • Multiple past mugshots

Bulk arrest record searches (i.e. for pre-employment checks) require paid account signup.

But anyone can search single names for free. This allows occasional lookups to discover basic Florida criminal records as needed.

Some top sites providing Escambia County arrest searches include:

Just input a name, city, and state to view criminal history information sourced from county-level inmate data across Florida.

Lookup State-Level Inmate & Arrest Info

To cast a wider net, use Florida inmate search tools that aggregate records from county jails and Department of Corrections systems statewide.

This connects data sources like:

  • The Florida Department of Corrections inmate database
  • County courts and arrest records
  • Local jail booking intake logs
  • Prisoner transport info
  • Parole and probation archives

Top sites compiling Florida inmate records into one search include:

  • Vinelink
  • MyMugShotSearch

Here you can lookup current and past inmate booking information across multiple counties plus state prisons.

Enter a first name, last name, and any other details on hand to find matches. Results show comprehensive inmate profiles with mugshots plus details on current incarceration status if still detained.

Using broad state-level inmate searches can help find people shuffled around Florida’s prison systems or transferred across county jails.

International Inmate Search

What if someone gets incarcerated out of their home state while traveling abroad? Or do they move abroad after serving previous sentences back home?

In these cases, a Florida inmate search may not pick up on more recent arrests if they occur over state lines or internationally.

Instead, use a website like Intelius which provides worldwide inmate record lookups.

Simply enter the person’s name and select matching records to view incarceration details. If no inmate records appear, broaden the search location for a wider scope.

Escambia County Jail Records

When searching Escambia County inmate details online, you may encounter unfamiliar terms. Here’s help understanding key records:

  • Arrest/Booking Date: The date the person entered jail after charges filed
  • Release Date: Approved or anticipated date exiting jail
  • Charges: Criminal offenses filed by police/prosecutors
  • Case Number: Specific identifier number for legal proceedings
  • Bail Amount: Money needed to exit jail pre-trial
  • Bond: Similar to bail, arranged with a bail bond company
  • Disposition: Outcome of case/charges (guilty plea, acquittal, etc)
  • Sentence: Punishment term for the guilty verdict (jail time, probation, etc)

Call the Escambia County jail at 850-436-9630 if you need any info clarified.


Searching for information on incarcerated individuals often begins with an inmate search. For current or released detainees in Escambia County jail, online lookup tools provide the quickest way to find mugshots, charges/sentences, and other important records.

Use the Escambia County sheriff’s website to look up inmates still in custody. Or visit third-party arrest search websites for deeper records covering current plus already-released detainees. Understanding search best practices and key terms helps ensure the most accurate and actionable findings.

FAQs – Escambia County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Escambia County jail?

Use the inmate lookup on the Escambia County sheriff’s website or call the jail at 850-436-9630. Enter the inmate’s first and last name or booking number to search.

How can I look up an inmate in any Florida jail?

Use statewide inmate search sites like Vinelink or MyMugShotSearch. Select Florida and enter the inmate’s details to see matches from county jails, state prisons, and more.

Does Escambia County jail have an inmate roster?

Yes, the inmate locator kiosks in the jail lobby provide public access for searching current inmate rosters. Or call the jail to ask about specific inmates.

Can you visit an inmate in Escambia County?

Yes, visitation is allowed daily. First visits must be scheduled 24 hours in advance by calling 850-436-9830 or visiting the Main Jail lobby.

How do you find out if someone is in Escambia County jail?

Check the online inmate search on the sheriff’s website, call the jail, or visit a public inmate locator kiosk in the lobby. Search by name or booking number to see if they are currently incarcerated.

What happens if an Escambia County inmate cannot make bail?

Inmates who cannot afford bail remain in jail pending their court case outcome. Those sentenced to jail time will serve out their full sentence term unless released early.

How do you look up inmate charges in Escambia County?

The online inmate search shows current charges. For full case details use third-party sites providing free arrest record searches. This reveals case numbers, full charges, disposition outcomes, and sentencing details.

Where do you find mugshots for Escambia County inmates?

Mugshots for current inmates appear on the sheriff’s office website inmate search. For multiple past and present mugshots use third-party arrest search websites.

How do you find someone’s release date from Escambia County jail?

The online inmate lookup shows projected release dates for those currently jailed. For past inmates call the jail or check arrest search sites which may list the actual exit date.

How do you send an inmate mail in Escambia County?

Address physical letters to the inmate’s full name, booking number, and facility address: Escambia County Jail, PO Box 18770, Pensacola, FL 32523. Calls and online messages may also be permitted.

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