Macon County Inmate Search

Performing a Macon County inmate search can provide valuable information on the current and past inmates incarcerated within the Macon County jail system.

This guide will cover how you can search for Macon County jail inmates, locate inmate records and mugshots, view the Macon County inmate roster and booking reports, and access additional inmate services for those detained in Macon County, Illinois.

Macon County Jail & Inmate Search Options

The Macon County Jail is located in Decatur, Illinois, and is operated by the Macon County Sheriff’s Office. This county detention facility houses inmates who are awaiting trial or sentencing. It also holds sentenced offenders serving short-term sentences as well as some pre-trial detainees held for federal agencies.

At any given time, the Macon County Jail houses an average of 300+ inmates. All new detainees arriving at the facility are booked and processed at the Inmate Reception area before being assigned to a housing unit.

During the booking process, an inmate record is created which includes the inmate’s ID/booking number, full legal name, vital statistics, mugshot photograph, fingerprints, list of charges, and bail/bond information.

There are a few search methods available for locating current and former Macon County jail inmates:

  • Macon County Inmate Lookup Tool – Search by inmate name, booking number, or other identifiers to locate someone in custody or recently released. This lookup is available directly from the Macon County Sheriff’s Office website.
  • Macon County Jail Roster – View a searchable roster list of all inmates currently housed in the Macon County Jail. The roster provides basic information such as inmate name, booking date, assigned cell, and more. Updated daily.
  • Macon County Arrest Records Search – Perform a database search for Macon County arrest records, warrants, criminal charges, and conviction data. Arrest logs may provide detention status and future court dates.
  • Illinois Inmate Locator – Check statewide inmate population search tools that aggregate county jail rosters and IDOC prisoner data. Expand your search to locate Macon County inmates transferred out of the county system.

Read on for guidance on utilizing these Macon County inmate search systems and tools to find incarcerated individuals in the county.

For more information about prisoners visit this site ADOC Inmate Search

Searching for Macon County Jail Inmates Online

The Macon County Sheriff’s Office provides an online Macon County Jail inmate search portal where you can look up individuals currently detained or recently released from custody. This lookup is useful for locating incarceration status as well as basic personal details, mugshots, charges, and bail amounts set.

Follow the steps below to perform an online search for Macon County inmates:

  • Visit the Macon County Sheriff’s webpage for Inmate Search
  • Select whether you will search by:
    • Inmate Last Name and First Name
    • Inmate Booking Number
    • Inmate ID Number
  • Enter the required inmate details. Bookings from the past 7 days will be searchable.
  • Click on the inmate record returned to view their mugshot photo and details such as full name, birth year, race, sex, booking date, expected release date, total bond amount, and list of active charges.
  • From this record, you can also add money to the inmate’s account, send an email, or schedule a video call or onsite visitation if eligible.
  • If needed, you can call the Macon County Jail at 1-217-424-1311 for additional confirmation on an inmate’s detention status or other updates not reflected online yet.

So in summary, the Macon County Sheriff inmate search allows you to quickly look up inmates within the Macon County jail system by name or prisoner number.

If your search does not return the desired inmate, you may need to expand your search parameters (recent bookings may not yet be searchable online or you may search by nickname vs legal name for example).

Viewing the Macon County Jail Inmate Roster

Another option to locate Macon County jail inmates is to browse the public inmate roster published by the county jail facility. This prisoner roster is updated daily to provide details on recent bookings and releases.

Below are steps to access the current Macon County jail inmate population list:

  • Go to the Macon County Jail webpage. Select the In Custody List to view inmates in custody.

  • The searchable roster will display important inmate details such as:

    • Inmate Name
    • Inmate ID Number
    • Date of Birth
    • Booking Date
    • Expected Release Date
    • Bail Amount
    • Housing Location (cell and block)
  • Scroll through the list by inmate last name or use filters to narrow results. Recent bookings are found towards the bottom.

  • Choose an inmate record to access their mugshot, charges, and other personal information pulled from their file.

So the published Macon County inmate roster offers a snapshot of the current jail occupancy and data on all individuals incarcerated at the county detention center. Check this list regularly for updates on new intakes, inmate housing assignments, and release dates.

Macon County Arrest Information & Records

In addition to current jail occupancy, you may also conduct searches for historical arrest records and related Macon County criminal information through private online statewide networks.

These paid search tools compile public indexes covering Maine arrest logs, court dockets, warrants issued, upcoming hearings, convictions, probation records, and more.

A few sites providing access to Macon County arrest records and background checks include:

By searching these criminal record databases for Macon County, Illinois, you may uncover crucial information on a person’s past or ongoing criminal case matters such as:

  • Mugshot Photos
  • Criminal Charges Filed
  • Felony or Misdemeanor Classification
  • Warrant Status
  • Conviction Data
  • Probation Sentences
  • Upcoming Court Dates
  • Final Case Disposition

So turning to statewide arrest record sources opens up access to the wider court and criminal justice system data for Macon County. Here you can verify certain legal facts and events related to a Macon County criminal case.

Just remember that usage of these sites to access official state arrest records may require paid subscriptions or account registrations. So there is often a small fee involved.

Macon County Jail Visiting Guidelines & Hours

The Macon County Jail allows both in-person visitation and video visitation with inmates, subject to certain rules and restrictions. Understanding the jail’s visitation policies and schedule ahead of time will ensure your visit goes smoothly.

In-Person Visitation


  • Saturday & Sunday: 8:00 am to 11:00 am and 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm


  • Visitors must have a valid photo ID and go through check-in procedures
  • All visitors and vehicles are subject to search
  • Visitors must be on the inmate’s approved list
  • Minors must be accompanied by a parent/guardian
  • Maximum 4 visitors at one time
  • Visits are limited to 15 minutes duration
  • No exchanges of items or transfer of contraband
  • Appropriate dress required – no revealing clothing
  • Visitors showing signs of intoxication will be denied
  • Visitors violating rules will lose visiting privileges

Video Visitation

  • Available daily from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm through video terminals
  • Sessions must be pre-scheduled and prepaid online
  • 20-minute video sessions are $10 per visit

Contact the Macon County Jail at 217-424-1311 for questions on visitation arrangements with inmates. Be sure to have the inmate’s name and identification number ready when you call.

Communicating with Inmates at Macon County Jail

If your friend, family member, or loved one is currently incarcerated at the Macon County Jail, maintaining communications with them is important. Here is a quick guide to the communication channels available for inmates held in this county correctional facility.

Sending Mail

One way to keep in touch is to send physical letters or postcards to inmates. Be sure to include the inmate’s full name and ID number, and mail items to:

Inmates Full Name and ID Number
Macon County Jail
333 S Franklin St
Decatur, IL 62523

All mail is inspected by staff before delivery to the inmate.

Phone Calls

Inmates at Macon County Jail can make domestic phone calls using the facility’s landline phones. You will need to set up a prepaid phone account and fund it to receive calls from the jail. Call Securus at (800) 844-6591 for account assistance.

Video Visitation

Schedule virtual video visitation sessions through the ICSolutions online system. From this platform, you can pre-pay and organize 20-minute video visits with incarcerated friends or relatives. Rates start at $10 per session.

In-Person Visits

You can visit inmates at set days/times:

  • Saturday & Sundays
  • 8:00 am – 3:30 pm
  • 15-minute visits

A valid ID is required and you must be on the approved visitor list.

Contact Macon County Jail at 217-424-1311 if you need help arranging communications or scheduling video link and in-person visitation appointments.

Sending Money to Macon County Jail Inmates

If your friend or loved one is being held at the Macon County Jail, you have options for funding their prepaid inmate account so they can access essential commissary items along with certain jail services while incarcerated.

Prepaid Inmate Accounts

Inmates at Macon County Jail have access to a personal prepaid account used to pay for phone calls, commissary goods, medical fees, and more. Making regular deposits into this account allows them to cover expenses incurred during their period in custody.

You can fund this account in three ways:

  1. Online Payments – Visit to set up a profile and make online deposits into the inmate’s account securely by debit/credit card
  2. Phone Payments – Call 1-800-574-5729 and follow prompts to make account payments over the phone (fee applies)
  3. Onsite Kiosk – Visit the lobby kiosks at the Macon County Jail at 333 S Franklin St, Decatur, IL 62523 to make cash or card payments

Be sure to have the full inmate name and ID ready when funding the account through any method. Transfers typically take 24 hours to reflect in the available balance.

Commissary Purchases

Adding funds to the prepaid accounts allows inmates to order approved commissary items like snacks, toiletries, stationery, clothing, over-the-counter medicines, etc. These routine purchases greatly supplement their access to daily necessities while incarcerated.

So keeping money deposited into your incarcerated loved one’s account helps provide them access to important spending needs, communication abilities, medical treatments, and other essentials during this difficult period. Contact the Macon County Jail at 217-424-1311 with any account funding questions.

Macon County Incarceration Records and Mugshots

When someone gets in trouble with the law, some documents and pictures keep track of what happened. These are called “incarceration records” and “mugshots.”

How to Get Incarceration Records

  • Go to the Macon County Sheriff’s Office website.
  • Follow the instructions for asking for public records. This might mean writing a letter or filling out a form online.
  • Give as much information as you can about the person you’re looking for, like their name, birth date, or booking number.
  • After you ask, they’ll tell you how to get the records.

What Mugshots Are and How to See Them

A mugshot is a picture taken of someone right after they’re arrested. It has two views – one from the front and one from the side. Mugshots help the police remember what someone looks like when they’ve been arrested.

In many places, these pictures are considered public records, and anyone can see them. But it depends on the rules in that area and what the local police decide. To find out if you can see mugshots, it’s best to ask the Macon County Sheriff’s Office about their rules.

Expanding Your Inmate Search to the State of Illinois

If your Macon County inmate lookup efforts have not yielded the incarceration status details you need, the next step is to check Illinois inmate locators that compile data across all county jails statewide.

This aggregated set of records can help identify if a Macon County offender was perhaps transferred to another detention center outside the county. There are a few Illinois inmate search systems to try:

  • Illinois County Jails Inmate Search – Centralized inmate population locator allowing you to browse rosters by each IL county jail or IDOC facility.
  • Illinois State Prisons Inmate Search – Look up incarceration status and location details across the state correctional system.
  • VINELink by Appriss – Free victim notification service that delivers nationwide incarceration and custody status updates.

Utilizing the various Illinois prisoner locators available can help answer questions such as “Where is this Macon County offender incarcerated?” or “Has he been transferred out of county?” These systems track inmate transfers and location changes statewide.

So when your initial Macon County jail inmate search comes up empty, try again with the expanded Illinois search tools next. This may produce the needed information on their current incarcerated status and location.

Macon County Inmate Services

Beyond running inmate searches and look-ups online, there are many other related services available to assist friends and families of Macon County jail inmates:

Macon County Jail Mailing Address & Phone Number

Keep the following Macon County Jail contact details on hand to call or mail letters to incarcerated loved ones:

Macon County Jail
333 S Franklin St
Decatur, IL 62523
Phone: 1-217-424-1311

Be sure to address any mail sent to inmates in custody using their full legal name and Macon County booking identification numbers.

Scheduling Visits with Inmates

You can schedule personal or video visit sessions with Macon County jail inmates through the Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) online system. Pre-registration is required along with a valid ID.

Inmate Trust Fund Accounts & Commissary

Add money to an incarcerated individual’s inmate trust account to pay for commissary goods, phone services, medical copays, and other expenses while in custody. Deposits can be made online, over the phone, or onsite.

Macon County Inmate Release Information

You may be eligible to receive automated phone or email notifications for inmate release updates through the VINELink platform. This system delivers notifications on release times and also probation, parole, or community supervision status changes.


This guide covers the main methods available for conducting efficient Macon County jail inmate searches:

  • Use the Macon County Sheriff’s inmate locator to search recent bookings by name or ID
  • View the public Macon County Jail roster list for real-time population counts
  • Run wider searches for Macon County criminal records to uncover background arrest profiles and court case data
  • Check Illinois-wide inmate locators in instances where the offender has transferred into another detention facility outside Macon County
  • Finally, use the additional Macon County jail resources for visitation, prepaid accounts, release alerts, and access programs for incarcerated loved ones

Performing thorough research across these sources provides the most reliable path to locating incarcerated persons within the Macon County jail system or statewide.

These search tools and inmate management networks will secure you the needed updates on an individual’s detention status, criminal matters, and communications access throughout their period in custody.

FAQs – Macon County Inmate Search

How do I search for an inmate in Macon County for free?

You can search for inmates for free on the Macon County Sheriff’s Office website using their Inmate Inquiry tool. You can filter by name, booking number, and in-custody status.

Can I see mugshots of Macon County inmates?

Yes, some Macon County inmates’ mugshots may be available on the Inmate Inquiry tool. However, due to privacy laws, not all mugshots are publicly accessible.

How do I find out the charges against an inmate in Macon County?

The Inmate Inquiry tool typically lists the charges against an inmate, or you can obtain them by contacting the Macon County Sheriff’s Office directly.

How do I visit an inmate at the Macon County Jail?

Each person wishing to visit an inmate must go through a pre-approval process. You can find information on the visitation process, including schedules and required documentation, on the Macon County Sheriff’s Office website.

How do I put money in an inmate’s account in Macon County?

You can deposit money into an inmate’s account online or in person at the Macon County Jail lobby. Instructions and accepted payment methods are available on the website.

What is the address and phone number for the Macon County Jail?

The Macon County Jail is located at:

Macon County Jail
333 South Franklin Street
Decatur, IL 62523
United States

The phone number is (217) 424-1341[General inquiries].

How do I contact an inmate in the Macon County Jail?

Inmates can receive emails and letters with specific format and address guidelines. Check the Macon County Jail website or contact the jail directly for instructions on inmate correspondence.

How can I find out an inmate’s release date from Macon County Jail?

Release dates may not always be readily available but the Inmate Inquiry tool may list them. For specific information, we recommend contacting the Macon County Sheriff’s Office directly.

What are the bail options for inmates in Macon County?

Contact the Macon County Jail or a local bondsman to obtain bail information, including bond amounts and approved bondsmen.

Can I post bail for an inmate in the Macon County Jail?

Yes, bail can be posted for eligible inmates through a licensed bail bondsman. You can find a list of bondsmen on the Macon County Sheriff’s Office website or in the local phone book.

Can I send mail or packages to an inmate in the Macon County Jail?

Yes, specific guidelines and limitations for sending mail and packages are available on the Macon County Sheriff’s Office website.

What resources are available for families of inmates in Macon County?

The Macon County Sheriff’s Office website provides contact information for local organizations that offer support and resources for families of inmates.

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