Sumter County Inmate Search

Are you looking for information on an inmate being held at a correctional facility in Sumter County, South Carolina? Conducting a Sumter County inmate search can provide valuable information, such as an inmate’s charges, bail amount, booking date, expected release date, court dates, visitation schedule, and more.

This guide will walk through how to perform an inmate search in Sumter County and access public records in Sumter County related to people who have been arrested or incarcerated in Sumter County.

So if you need to find or look up information on a current or former Sumter County inmate, read on for helpful guidance on where to look and what public records are available.

Sumter County Inmate Search

If you believe someone you know may be incarcerated in a Sumter County jail or prison, you can search for them directly on the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office website. This online lookup lets you enter the inmate’s first and last name to check if they are currently being held.

Sumter County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Search

Go to and enter the first and last name of the Sumter County inmate you are searching for. Hit “Search” and it will display all matches.

If the person is in the Sumter County jail system, their photo, name, age, gender, race, booking date, and a link to their charges will be shown.

This is the quickest way to determine if someone is a Sumter County inmate and see their mugshot along with basic booking information.

However, it will not provide extensive details such as expected release dates, bail/bond amounts, arrest records, upcoming court dates, and more.

Sumter-Lee Regional Detention Center Jail Roster

The Sumter-Lee Regional Detention Center in Sumter County provides an online jail roster search at

This shows similar information to the Sumter County inmate search above, displaying photographs and charges for current inmates.

Additionally, on their website, you can view the daily jail roster in Sumter County which includes recent bookings and releases from the detention facility.

This allows you to check for someone’s inmate release date in Sumter County if they have been transferred or let out on bond.

Sumter County Jail Roster

The most direct method is checking the jail roster in Sumter County on the sheriff’s office website. This online list gets updated once per day with basic details on current inmates such as:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Arrest date
  • Expected release date
  • Housing location
  • Bond amount

While simple to use, the roster has limited search parameters. You can only lookup Sumter County inmates by first or last name.

Expand Search to Neighboring Counties

If your Sumter County inmate search comes up empty, expand to checking for incarceration records in nearby counties.

Someone may be held in a different jurisdiction if they committed crimes across county lines or the Sumter County jails happen to be at high capacity.

Some nearby counties to also search for jail records and inmate lookup options include:

  • Richland County, SC inmate search
  • Kershaw County, SC detention center lookup
  • Clarendon County, SC jail roster
  • Lee County, SC inmate finder

So be sure to widen your search geographically if you cannot locate the wanted Sumter County inmate immediately in the local records and databases.

You can click on this link to learn how to find an inmate by name

Search Sumter County Arrest Warrants

Active arrest warrants in Sumter County can be searched on the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office website as well. This allows you to look up open criminal warrants that have been issued authorizing the arrest of a wanted individual.

Online Warrant Search

Go here for the Sumter County warrant search page:

Enter the first and last name of the person you want to search for open warrants on. Hit “Search” and it will return all active arrest warrants in Sumter County SC associated with that individual.

It will display the name, date of birth, last known address, warrant number, issue date, bond amount, and list of charges related to the warrant.

This allows you to easily learn whether someone has an outstanding bench warrant for their arrest in Sumter County.

It can tell you what offenses they have been charged with by police and prosecutors. Lookup warrant records routinely to check for any updates on wanted persons of interest.

Statewide Warrant Repository

South Carolina maintains a statewide criminal warrant repository listing felony and misdemeanor arrest warrants from all counties and jurisdictions across the state.

To check for any existing warrants beyond just Sumter County, search the centralized South Carolina warrant repository here:

This covers thousands of active warrants, so also enter the birth date if possible to get an accurate match. SC warrant records can provide critical information about wanted persons’ outstanding criminal charges and arrest orders.

Sumter County Inmate Records Search

If you have successfully located a current or recently released Sumter County inmate in the detention facility databases, you likely want to pull further details from their full inmate record.

Additional inmate records from Sumter County that may be available online or through public records requests include:

  • Booking photographs/mugshots
  • Criminal history (arrest records Sumter County)
  • Fingerprints
  • Expected release date
  • Bail/bond amounts
  • List of jail visitation hours
  • Cell and housing location
  • Codefendants
  • Related civil and criminal court case filings
  • Probation status

Making open records requests to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office or courthouse can provide more comprehensive documentation from an inmate’s file if it’s not fully available through the online record systems.

Search Sumter County Court Cases & Dockets

Individuals who are currently or have previously been Sumter County inmates likely have open civil litigation or criminal court cases on record with the county.

Learning what charges they are facing, the status of proceedings, upcoming court dates, verdicts, sentences, and probation requirements can be valuable.

The South Carolina statewide court records database provides public access to search and look up records from all Magistrate, General Sessions, Family, Probate, Municipal, and Circuit court dockets.

Go here to search criminal court Sumter County cases by name across the court system:

This can uncover details on past and future court appearances, specific criminal counts filed, warrants requested, judgments entered, hearing results, and more. Be sure to run searches regularly for ongoing cases to see all recent activity and filings.

Additionally, records of civil lawsuits involving Sumter County inmates and detention facilities can be researched here, which may pertain to incidents occurring in jail, violations of constitutional rights complaints against police, personal injury claims, and more.

Sumter County Traffic Tickets & Violations

Many people held in Sumter County jail or prison have prior motor vehicle infractions that landed them there, such as DUI, reckless driving, driving on a suspended license, and other such offenses. Learning someone’s history of local traffic tickets can uncover reasons for a current incarceration.

Enter the ticket or docket number, license plate, or driver’s license number. It will display matches for any unpaid citations, fines owed, court dates, and disposition status. Traffic violations will show whether they resulted in license suspension or other penalties.

Be sure to also search statewide court records for related motor vehicle criminal charges filed for serious driving arrests beyond basic civil infractions. This look into Sumter County traffic tickets history can help explain jail booking reasons.

Sumter County Arrest Records & Mugshots

After locating a Sumter County inmate through a jail search, you likely want to view their actual arrest records and book mugshot photos.

These documents should be available by public records request in their criminal offender file, along with fingerprints and other identifying information.

Typical information found on Sumter County arrest records would include:

  • Inmate name
  • Date and location of arrest
  • Arresting agency (Sumter Police, Sheriff’s Office, Highway Patrol)
  • Offense(s) charged
  • Warrant number(s)
  • The bond amount and whether it was posted
  • Mug shot photo(s)
  • Prints
  • DNA swabs
  • Identifying characteristics (height, weight, markings, tattoos, etc.)

Submitting Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests can unlock these records for review and analysis.

Online inmate lookups may show limited selected mugshots, but official arrest packets will provide full documentation from booking through the legal system.

Analyzing these reports offers insight into the movements, associates, locations, and physical appearance of incarcerated persons leading up to imprisonment.

Sumter County Public Records Overview

Beyond just current and former Sumter County inmate data from the detention facilities, there are many additional public records available providing background information and documentation of someone’s civil and criminal history within the county.

Here is an overview of other types of Sumter County public records accessible through government websites, online record providers and formal records demands:

  • Criminal history reports – Official rap sheets from the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) listing all SC arrests, charges, convictions, incarcerations and parole details
  • Felony and misdemeanor court case records – Indexes and case files for all proceedings through Magistrate, General Sessions, Circuit and higher courts
  • Sex offender registration data – Photos, addresses, and conviction info of all registered SC sex offenders locally and statewide
  • Probation status – Active adult and juvenile probation caseloads, violation proceedings, and disposition orders
  • Jail incarceration records – Local jail booking and release reports, detention locations, bail amounts, mugshots
  • 911 incident response calls and dispatch logs
  • Law enforcement arrest, incident, and investigation reports
  • Field interview (FI) records collected by police/sheriffs
  • Local ordinance and traffic violations
  • Animal control bite reports
  • Code enforcement violation records
  • Death certificates – Confirm deaths and review causes/circumstances as documented
  • Marriage & divorce records – Current marital status and history, dates of unions/dissolutions
  • Birth certificates – Legal proof of birth details in Sumter County
  • Property deed transfers – Open records tracking all local real estate buying/selling
  • Tax liens and foreclosures – Financial judgments and property seizures
  • Business licenses issued – Active companies operating locally
  • Health inspections – Foodservice compliance reports
  • Public benefits status – Public Assistance Recipients Search System (PARS)
  • Missing persons database – Active missing persons list in SC

This collection of additional Sumter County public records beyond the inmate data allows for thorough background screening and documenting incidents, relationships, movements, and behavior patterns when researching a person more comprehensively.

Sumter County Sex Offender Search

Individuals convicted of sex crimes like rape, child pornography, molestation, and other such offenses are required to register on public sex offender databases in South Carolina.

The sex offender registry in Sumter County makes it easy to search for any registered offenders living or working locally in the area.

This statewide database maintained by the State Law Enforcement Division allows lookups by name, address, or using an interactive map of your neighborhood.

Clicking on a specific registrant provides personal details like known aliases, photographs, listed residence address, physical details, conviction history with status violated, and sentencing details.

Be sure to routinely search the sex offender registry in Sumter County when moving into a new home or traveling around the area.

This public record categorizes convicted sex criminals for ongoing monitoring of their current locations and compliance with court orders.

Statewide South Carolina Inmate Search

After checking for local detention in the Sumter County facilities, also be sure to search the South Carolina statewide inmate records as well.

This covers over 60 county jails, state prisons, correctional institutions, and rehabilitation centers where someone could be held in custody.

You can enter personal details like name, date of birth, ID number, or search by correctional facility. It will display photography, listed release date if scheduled, and all conviction details in the SC Department of Corrections system along with health and disciplinary reports.

Having this wide visibility across detention centers throughout the state allows you to cast a wider net when tracking down a specific wanted felon or person of interest. Use it in conjunction with searching the localized county jail roster for maximum results.

Georgia Inmate & Probation Databases

In some cases during an investigation, it’s necessary to search beyond just your immediate county and state for potential matches on a missing, wanted fugitive, or arrested individual.

Be sure to also look up available inmate search GA and probation supervision resources in neighboring states like Georgia when scraping for records on a person of interest. Two sites with good repositories for searches are:

Do not rule out search possibilities in nearby states that could produce a positive match. Lots of transient movement happens between county lines and state borders in the modern world.

Using Public Records in Inmate Search

This guide provides several personalized record databases that can aid in locating current and released Sumter County inmates, along with extensive supplemental public information surrounding their cases.

Combine searching Sumter County public records like court dockets, arrest reports, traffic violations, criminal histories, warrants, and sex offender registries together for effective profile investigation and tracking of missing, wanted, or incarcerated persons of interest locally.

Sending Money to Sumter County Inmates

Friends and relatives of incarcerated individuals often want to send money to the inmate’s account while they are housed in a Sumter County jail facility.

Providing funds allows the inmate to purchase commissary items, pay certain fees, make phone calls, etc.

There are a few ways to deposit money for a Sumter County inmate:

  • Money orders – Mail a money order payable to the Sumter County Detention Center with the inmate’s name and identifying number written on it for proper crediting. Send to the detention center address care of the inmate. This is the slowest method but the lowest fee option.
  • Jail ATM – For a family and friends convenience fee, use a portal like or The payment gets credited to the inmate balance instantly. Can use credit cards, debit cards,s or e-checks. Useful for emergencies but high fees.
  • Western Union – Using Western Union’s in-person Quick Pay transactions, cash can get sent to detention facilities with fast delivery and tracking. Need the Money Transfer Control Number and county/state codes. Lower fees than the ATM services.

When sending money to Sumter County inmates, be sure to follow all mailing address formats, account numbering, and other instructions carefully to avoid delays in crediting a loved one’s account. Having spending money while incarcerated makes life behind bars less stressful for all parties.

Sumter County Inmate Visitation Guidelines and Hours

Maintaining critical social ties with a loved one in Sumter County Jail and ensuring access involves understanding key visitation rules. It is important to grasp important policies, including:

Visiting Hours at Sumter Detention Center

  • Days: Saturday and Sunday
  • Times: 9 am – 11 am and 1 pm – 4 pm

Identification Needed

  • Valid government-issued photo ID like a driver’s license
  • Must be on inmate’s approved visitor’s list

Visitor Dress Code/Security Rules

  • No revealing clothing (crop tops, tank tops, etc.) allowed
  • Leave personal items secured in vehicles
  • Pass through metal detector screening

Special Visits

  • Attorney meetings are permitted 7 days a week
  • Clergy visits allowed after the application
  • Minor children only with guardian supervision

By following these Sumter County inmate visitation guidelines plus other posted regulations, families can maintain vital in-person contact. Be sure to arrive early, with proper ID, and appropriate dress to avoid denied entry.

Double-checking the official detention center visiting hours and policies results in smooth entry supporting prisoner rehabilitation.


Conducting efficient Sumter County inmate search lookups along with expanded public records access provides critical information on the status, charges, convictions, locations, and release timing for imprisoned individuals in your investigations.

These public access portals make it easy to gain visibility on persons currently or previously institutionalized in the regional justice system.

Keep checking back routinely on persons of interest as more records get updated from ongoing case processing. Public records access delivers transparency and awareness for community safety purposes.

Sumter County Sheriff Offices and Police Departments

Livingston Police Department

  • Address: 502 Lafayette St, Livingston, AL 35470
  • Phone: (205)652-9525

York Police Department

  • Address: 602 2 Ave, York, AL 36925
  • Phone: (205)392-5261

FAQs – Sumter County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Sumter County jail?

You can search the daily Sumter County jail roster on the Sheriff’s Office website, or use a third-party inmate search site for more flexible lookups by name, age, arrest date, etc.

What is the Sumter County inmate search website?

The primary Sumter County inmate search is available at: Additional sites like Vinelink also consolidate records from the county jail.

Does Sumter County have an inmate lookup?

Yes, Sumter County provides an online jail roster allowing first/last name searches for currently incarcerated inmates at the Sumter-Lee Regional Detention Center and smaller city facilities.

How do you look up jail records?

Online search tools like Vinelink compiles data from county jails and detention centers. Government sites publish daily rosters. Private background check services have more comprehensive incarceration records.

What is inmate search net?

Inmate Search Net is a website providing a free public nationwide inmate locator consolidating data from thousands of federal, state, and county facilities across the US.

How much does it cost to visit someone in Sumter County jail?

Sumter County jail does not charge for visitation. However, visitors must pass security checks and follow dress code rules when seeing inmates during approved days/times.

Can you get released early from Sumter County jail?

Sumter County may release inmates before their sentences end through parole, earn good behavior credits, pay bond fees (for pre-trial cases), negotiate plea bargains, or implement releases due to jail capacity overcrowding.

How much is bail at Sumter County jail?

Bail and bond amounts at Sumter County Detention Center vary by offense charged and individual determination of the judge. Minor charges may involve hundreds of dollars while serious felonies may have bail in the thousands or higher.

Where do you find mugshots in Sumter County SC?

Paid background check sites like SCRAMM and Truthfinder, which compile booking photos from county records, serve as the primary source for current and past Sumter County mugshots. Additionally, newspapers occasionally publish mugshots.

What is the phone number for Sumter County jail?

The phone number for the Sumter-Lee Regional Detention Center that serves as the main Sumter County jail is (803) 436-2000. Family and friends can call this number to get inmate information.

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