Pike County Inmate Search

Performing an inmate search can provide valuable information if you have a friend, family member, or loved one currently incarcerated in Pike County.

This guide will cover how to locate Pike County inmates, use the inmate lookup system, view the jail roster, and search current and past inmates in Pike County.

The search allows users to find details such as the inmate’s name, booking date, arrest number, age, and even information on released individuals.

We’ll also discuss arrest records, booking information, mugshots, and how to contact and visit detainees at the Pike County facilities.

How to Perform a Pike County Inmate Search

The Pike County Sheriff’s Office manages the county jail and provides an online inmate search system to look up current and recent inmates in Pike County. Using this resource, you can:

  • Find inmates in Pike County
  • Identify who is incarcerated in Pike County
  • Look up arrest records and booking information
  • View inmate mugshots
  • Check bond status and upcoming court dates

To get started, visit Pike Sheriff’s Inmate Search webpage and click on the “Inmate Population Search” button. From here, you can browse recent bookings or search by:

  • Inmate name
  • Booking number
  • Date of birth

The search will display all matches, including the inmate’s mugshot, full name, age, race, gender, booking date, release date (if applicable), bond amounts, and a link to view all charges.

For additional details on a particular inmate, click on their name in the search results. This will show more comprehensive information, such as additional aliases or tattoos.

You can click on this link to learn how to find an inmate by name

Pike County Jail Inmate Mugshots

The Pike County Sheriff’s Office provides booking photos and mugshots for current and recently released jail inmates through their online inmate search portal.

You can browse recent bookings that display small ID mugshots or search by name, birth date, or booking number to pull up the matching inmate complete with a front-facing mugshot, charges, bond amount, and other details. Third-party sites also compile historical Pike County jail booking mugshots and criminal records.

So if you cannot locate a mugshot on the official sheriff’s site, try resources like the Pike County Arrest Records Database available through paid subscription services that aggregate historical booking photos and charges. Always confirm the accuracy and reliability of any secondary mugshot sources.

Pike County Jail Records

In addition to the Pike County inmate search portal, there are third-party sites that provide supplemental jail records and criminal records about current and past Pike County jail detainees.

These services compile data from public records to create an inmate roster, and mugshot database and provide further resources for investigating a person’s background. Records available may include:

  • Pike County arrest warrants
  • Court cases
  • Booking process details
  • Cell and housing locations
  • Visitation and communication options
  • Release dates
  • Criminal activity history

So while the official Pike County Sheriff’s site focuses on who is currently detained, other inmate lookup tools can provide additional background about an individual’s criminal records in the county.

Search Pike County Jail by Booking Number

When someone is arrested and processed into the county jail, they are assigned a unique booking number that identifies them in the inmate search system.

So searching by this identifier can be an efficient way to quickly find someone’s status.

To perform a Pike County jail inmate search by booking number:

  1. Go to the inmate search page
  2. Select the “Search by Booking Number” option
  3. Enter the assigned booking number
  4. Click Search to view the results

If matched, the system will display the inmate’s name, ID photograph, charges, and other data as described above. This lookup method is helpful if you don’t know the exact spelling of an inmate’s first or last name.

Contacting Inmates at the Pike County Jail

If you need to get in contact with someone detained at Pike County jail, here is the facility and communication information:

Pike County Jail
101 East Front Street, Salisbury, Maryland 21801
Phone: (410) 742-4116

Inmates can receive letters, postcards (no padded envelopes accepted), and books directly by mail. Keep in mind all correspondence is opened and inspected for contraband.

You can also deposit funds into an inmate’s account to cover phone calls, commissary items, medical needs, and other expenses.

For more details, contact the above number regarding the commissary provider’s deposit options and instructions.

While the Pike County jail has very limited in-person visitation, you can schedule both on-site video visits and remote video visits by contacting the facility to verify availability and Reserve a session.

Can I Visit Someone in Pike County Jail?

The Pike County Detention Center only provides non-contact video visitation, so you can see and speak with an inmate but there is a physical barrier preventing any direct interaction. Rules for the county jail visitation program include:

  • A photo ID is required for all visitors
  • Only immediate family permitted
  • No weapons or contraband
  • Appropriate dress code enforced

Sessions must be scheduled in advance through the Pike County video visitation service. You can request either an on-site video session at the detention center or an at-home remote video visit. The website also covers any fees associated with using the service.

While awaiting pre-trial proceedings or serving shorter sentences, alternative options to pass time include reading, exercising, access to cable television service, law library, religious services, and approved educational programs based on an inmate’s classification status.

How to Post Bail Bond in Pike County

If someone you know has been arrested in Pike County and a dollar amount has been set for bail, you may be interested in helping them through the bail bond process.

This involves paying the determined fee to the court to temporarily release them from jail until their scheduled court date.

The most affordable and common option is using a commercial bail bonds company, which will post the full bail amount on the defendant’s behalf in exchange for a non-refundable 10% fee.

This allows someone to get released without paying the bail amount up front or using collateral assets.

To get started, contact a local Pike County bail bonds agent, provide details on the incarcerated individual and charges, and they’ll explain your payment options.

The bondsman will also outline the legal agreement regarding ensuring the defendant shows up as required by the court.

Always verify bondsmen are licensed to operate in Pike County before using their services. Reputable companies belong to the Professional Bail Agents of the United States organization.

Pike County Arrests and Inmate Releases

The Pike County Sheriff’s Office website features a jail activity section that provides details on recent bookings and releases from their detention center facility.

Browse the listings by date to view newly arrested individuals, including details about their charges and bonds, as well as information about inmates who have been released after posting bail, serving their time, or getting transferred.

This public information allows residents to monitor law enforcement activity and keep updated on local arrests and detentions in the community.

Third-party sites compile more complete arrest data and release details for those incarcerated in Pike County over longer periods than what the sheriff’s site furnishes.

Getting Legal Help Related to Pike County Jail

Being arrested and detained in jail can be an extremely difficult experience full of uncertainty and complex legal processes. To assist with navigating the system, there are Pike County legal resources available including:

  • Public defender – Those unable to afford legal costs may qualify for representation through the statewide public defender program, including defense services related to Pike County court cases.
  • Pike County Bar Association – For attorney referrals or guidance, contact the Maryland State Bar Association to connect with Pike County lawyers who can provide counsel.
  • Legal aid organizations – Not-for-profits like the Maryland Legal Aid assist eligible clients with civil matters like landlord conflicts, benefits access, domestic issues, healthcare rights, and more.

Getting professional legal advice can make a major difference in understanding your rights, plea options, defense tactics, and procedural help when facing criminal charges in Pike County.

Crime Statistics for Pike County

Examining the latest crime statistics and news reports is one way to stay informed on public safety and recent criminal activity in Pike County. These figures and stories offer transparency regarding factual trends, address problem areas, and delineate the scope of ongoing issues impacting residents.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation collects and aggregates crime data from law enforcement agencies like the Pike County Sheriff’s Office as part of their Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program. This includes information on rates for incidents like assaults, burglaries, theft, and more.

You can browse these annual statistics which are publicly published through databases like USAFacts. Distilling where problematic criminal activity occurs can be useful for keeping citizens vigilant and responsive.

Local news outlets similarly report on notable arrests, investigations, court cases, and other recent crime news impacting the region. Monitoring sites like the Salisbury Daily Times keep the public informed on emerging public safety issues or incidents.

Sending Money to Pike County Inmates

You can deposit funds into an inmate’s commissary account to cover expenses like phone calls, food items, medical copays, and other costs while incarcerated in Pike County jail.

Contact the facility at (410) 742-4116 for instructions on how to send money through approved third-party apps and kiosks that allow remote deposits, usually for around $5 per transaction fee.

When sending funds, make sure to include the recipient’s first and last name, along with their unique eight-digit booking ID number, to ensure proper application of the money to their account.

Keep the receipt for your records. Inmates can then access deposited money through their commissary account managed by the jail vendor.


Navigating the inmate search and background check process for someone arrested in Pike County can seem intimidating.

Hopefully, this guide provided useful advice on options to find inmates, look for mugshots, resolve warrants, connect family members through visitation services, access criminal records, post bail bonds, obtain legal help, and better understand local public safety conditions through examining crime statistics.

Utilizing every available resource helps ensure your loved one receives fair treatment and care during this difficult time as they move through the local criminal justice system.

FAQs – Pike County Inmate Search

How do I find out if someone is in Pike County jail?

To find out if someone is in Pike County jail, you can use the inmate search function on the Pike County Sheriff’s website to check current detainee records and mugshots at their detention center.

What is the Pike County jail address?

The address for Pike County jail is 101 East Front Street, Salisbury, Maryland 21801. This houses the main county detention center for local and state law enforcement arrests.

What is the phone number for Pike County jail?

The phone number to call Pike County jail is (410) 742-4116. You can use this information to inquire about an inmate, schedule jail video visitation, or ask questions related to bail bonds or commissary accounts.

How do I visit someone in Pike County jail?

To visit an inmate at Pike County Jail, you must schedule a non-contact video visitation session through the online portal due to in-person restrictions. Both on-site and remote video visits must be arranged at least 24 hours in advance.

Can I call an inmate at Pike County Jail?

Yes, you can call an inmate at Pike County Jail by having them add you as an approved number for their calling list, then arrange payment into their commissary account to cover costs based on the detention facility’s phone service policies.

How do I post bail for Pike County jail?

To post bail at Pike County jail, you can work with a state-licensed bail bond agent from the region who will file the bail bond paperwork and charge a small non-refundable fee, allowing release without paying full bail costs upfront pending trial.

How do I send money to an inmate in Pike County?

You can send money to Pike County inmates remotely by depositing funds through jail-authorized apps or kiosks that apply payments safely to an individual inmate’s account using their verified personal information.

How do I look up someone’s criminal record in Pike County?

To look up someone’s criminal record in Pike County, perform a search on the public court records site for Maryland Judiciary Case Search using their name and birthdate or perform a background check using their full legal name.

Where do they take people who get arrested in Pike County?

Law enforcement agencies in Pike County initially take and book arrested individuals at the main county detention facility managed by the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, located at 101 East Front Street, Salisbury, Maryland.

How can I find someone who was arrested in Pike County jail?

To find information on someone recently arrested and detained in Pike County jail, utilize public inmate search sites like the official Sheriff’s portal which provides booking data on current and past detainees.

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