Franklin County Inmate Search

Franklin County, located in central Ohio, is home to the state capital and largest city of Columbus. With a population of over 1.3 million residents, Franklin County operates a sizable jail and detention system to house inmates, suspects, and incarcerated persons.

Knowing how to search for and locate specific inmates in Franklin County can be important for various reasons. Friends and family may want to look up and visit a loved one who was recently arrested or who’s in jail.

Attorneys and bail bondsmen need access to client booking and inmate details. The public may want to check Franklin County arrest records and pending cases out of curiosity or safety concerns.

Fortunately, Franklin County provides a public inmate locator and online services for finding prisoners in the county jail system. This article explains the various options available for searching and locating Franklin County Jail inmates.

Franklin County Inmate Search Options

There are a few different options when it comes to locating and searching for Current Detainees and prisoners held in Franklin County jails:

Franklin County Corrections Center Inmate Locator

The primary option is to use the official Franklin County Detention Center Locator. Known officially as the Franklin County Corrections Center, this database contains information on most people booked and held in Franklin County jails, including:

  • Inmate names
  • Date of birth
  • Booking date
  • Projected release date
  • Bail amount
  • Mugshot photo
  • Arrest details and charges

To perform an inmate search using this database, visit the Franklin County Corrections Center website and click on the “Inmate Search” button.

From here, you can search by either:

  • Inmate name – search by first name, last name, or both
  • Booking number

After entering your search details, simply click “Search” and the system will return matches based on your criteria. You can then click an inmate’s name to view their full details including mugshot, charges, and projected release date.

This system provides real-time data on most inmates currently detained in Franklin County, making it easy to find inmates and determine their status.

Franklin County Clerk of Courts Case Records

Another option for finding information is to use the Franklin County Clerk of Courts online case lookup. This system contains an index of all criminal and civil cases filed in Franklin County Common Pleas Court and Municipal Court.

To search court records, visit the Clerk of Courts Case Lookup website and search by either:

  • Defendant name
  • Case number

This system can be used to look up active cases and charges for a known inmate or person arrested in Franklin County. However, it does not display booking photos or inmate location information.

Franklin County Jail Rosters and Logs

Some local news media outlets occasionally post-jail roster logs received through public records requests to the sheriff’s office. These logs may contain additional inmate details beyond the official inmate locator.

However public jail logs and rosters can quickly become outdated as inmates are transferred, released, or have their information protected. They should not be relied upon as a primary source for current inmate status.

Franklin County Arrest Records and Warrants

Arrest reports and details on outstanding warrants can also indicate if a person has been detained in Franklin County. Resources for finding these records include:

  • Franklin County Municipal Court public records search
  • Columbus Police public records
  • Background check services

However, like jail rosters, publicly available arrest data requires frequent updating and manual searching to determine current inmate status.

The Franklin County Corrections Center Inmate Locator remains the most reliable and up-to-date option.

How to Lookup an Inmate in Franklin County Jails

Looking up an inmate using the resources above involves just a few quick searches. Here is the basic process:

  1. Navigate to the Inmate Search page on the corrections center website
  2. Enter the first and/or last name of the inmate you are searching for
  3. Click on “Search” to view matches
  4. Scan through the list of results and click on the desired inmate to view their details
  5. Verify you have selected the correct person using details like age, location, photo, etc.
  6. Review the inmate dashboard to see mugshot, charges, bail amount, and projected release date

Following these steps allows anyone to quickly find inmates in Franklin County jails and lookup specifics on their status and offenses.

Franklin County Inmate Records

When searching for and locating inmates using the various record systems mentioned, it can help to understand what details are typically provided on Franklin County detainees:

Inmate Full Name

The complete first and last name of the inmate. Middle names or initials may also be included. Useful for verifying identity and connections.

Inmate Booking Number

A unique ID number is assigned to each inmate upon booking. Can be used to search and identify inmates across systems.

Date of Birth

The birth date of the inmate, including month, date, and year. Helps confirm identity and age.

Booking Date

Date the inmate was processed and admitted into the jail system after arrest. Indicates how long they have been detained.

Expected Release Date

The target date for release from custody is based on charges, sentence status, and bond eligibility. Provides insight into time remaining.

Housing Location

Specific Franklin County jail facility where the inmate is being held.

Arresting Agency

The department is responsible for the arrest, indicating which police force made the apprehension.

Criminal Charges

Official list of charges and offenses leading to arrest and detention in the jail.

Bail Amount

The bond or bail amount required to potentially secure release from custody.

Mugshot Photo

A booking photo was taken of the inmate upon intake. Confirms identity and appearance.


Physical details include age, height, weight, hair color, and eye color.

How to Locate a Franklin County Inmate After Release

When initially searching for a recently arrested inmate in Franklin County, you may find that the person no longer appears in the Corrections Center locator. This typically means they have been released back into the public.

However, it can be difficult to determine what happened to them after release. Here are some options for locating and finding updated information on previously detained inmates in Franklin County who no longer show up in jail records.

Check Franklin County Court Records

As mentioned previously, the Clerk of Courts case lookup system contains details on past and upcoming court appearances for criminal defendants in Franklin County.

You can search this database by inmate name even after release to find info on any pending charges, convictions, sentencing results, and future court dates.

This can confirm whether they are out on bail pre-trial, have received probation, paid fines, or have been sentenced to parole/community control sanctions.

Search Local Arrest Reports Again for Details

Sometimes supplementary arrest reports and public booking details may include additional information related to the inmate’s release.

Checking these records again can potentially reveal bond payment data, sentencing and plea specifics, or other release circumstances not shown in the inmate locator.

Contact Franklin County Pre-Trial and Probation Offices

Certain low-level crimes and sentences may result in authorities discharging inmates into pre-trial services, such as ankle monitoring or probation programs.

The relevant county supervision offices can potentially provide confirmation and details in these instances.

Check with the Ohio Department of Corrections for Prison Transfers

If an inmate had serious charges listed before, their absence from county records may suggest that authorities transferred them to a state corrections facility to serve a longer sentence term.

The Ohio Department of Corrections has an inmate search system to look for prisoners transferred to institutions around the state.

Locating Friends, Family & Loved Ones in Franklin County Jails

Searching for information on a friend, family member, or other loved one who you believe was recently incarcerated or arrested in Franklin County? Follow these best practices using the inmate lookup options covered above:

Have Their Name & Possible Charges Ready

Begin your search with key details like their first and last names along with any known recent charges or case details. This focuses the search and improves matching.

Check Court Records for Additional Facts

Before initiating a general name search in the inmate locator system, cross-reference court files which may list specific recent cases. This can provide helpful identifiers like case numbers, arresting agencies, and offense class levels.

Use Multiple Search Variations

Try different name variations like full middle name, middle initial only, etc. when searching databases. Spellings can vary across systems.

Contact Facilities to Confirm the Housing Location

Once found in inmate records, call the listed facility to guarantee they are housed there before attempting an in-person visit. Transfers can occur.

Bookmark and Re-Check for Updates

Bookmark inmate pages to check back for changes to the release date, charges, and other details as the case progresses. Sign up for victim notifications if relevant.

Conclusion: Easy Inmate Lookup in Franklin County

Franklin County and Central Ohio’s large inmate population means many locals end up needing to search for loved ones and access records frequently.

Hopefully, this guide provides a helpful breakdown of the various available online search tools and options to locate current detainees and prisoners held in Franklin County Sheriff’s facilities and detention centers.

With user-friendly interfaces for browsing recent inmate mug shots and booking details, Franklin County has made checking inmate status a quick and simple process for those with an immediate need. Just be sure to bookmark pages and re-check for ongoing updates.

So whether you need to coordinate visitation with an incarcerated friend, look up case status for active clients, or just browse recent arrests – a wealth of Franklin County inmate information sits at the public’s fingertips.

FAQs – Franklin County Jail & Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Franklin County jail?

Use the online Franklin County Corrections Center Inmate Locator and search by first name, last name, or booking number. This database provides real-time information on inmates housed in Franklin County jails.

What jails are in Franklin County Ohio?

The two main jails are the Franklin County Corrections Center Jail at 370 S. Front St. and the Franklin County Corrections Center Jail 2, also called Jackson Pike Jail, located at 2460 Jackson Pike.

Does Franklin County Jail allow visitation?

Yes, both Franklin County jails allow in-person visitation but you must schedule visits in advance online or by phone. Check the visitation policies page for more details.

Can you bond someone out of Franklin County jail?

If the inmate is eligible for bail, you can secure their release from Franklin County Jail by posting bond payments through approved bond agents.

How can I communicate with someone in Franklin County jail?

Options include scheduled video visits, phone calls using inmate calling services, or by mail through the postal service to the inmate’s facility.

How much does it cost to bond someone out of Franklin County jail?

Bond and bail amounts can vary greatly from case to case. Approved bail bond companies typically charge around 10% of the full bail amount. Inquire directly to get an exact quote.

How do I send money to Franklin County jail inmates?

Franklin County has accounts with third-party vendors like Access Corrections and Stored Value Services that allow you to deposit funds online/by phone to an inmate’s commissary account for purchases.

Can you look up Franklin County Jail mugshots?

Yes, the online inmate search results provide booking mugshots for all detainees along with charges. Some independent sites also host FC jail mugshots.

What happens if you miss Franklin County Jail virtual court?

Failure to appear for scheduled virtual court hearings can negatively impact an inmate’s case and may result in additional charges for contempt of court.

How do I visit someone in Franklin County Correctional Center?

Schedule jail visits online or by phone in advance providing inmates first/last name and ID number. Both video and onsite in-person visits require approval.

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