Coosa County Inmate Search

Locating information on inmates incarcerated in Coosa County jails and detention centers can be a difficult and frustrating process.

This guide provides helpful instructions and resources to easily search for current and former Coosa County Jail Inmates, access their booking reports and mugshots, look up criminal charges, send commissary funds, schedule video visitations, and more.

With the right online tools and understanding of in-custody services like collecting calls, you can quickly find any Alabama Inmate Lookup details needed.

Searching for Coosa County Inmates by Name

The easiest way to look up someone detained in Coosa County correctional facilities is by searching directly on the sheriff’s office’s official inmate roster.

The Current Inmates in Coosa County listing provides booking details on most individuals after arrest and processing. However, recent arrestees may not appear immediately until formally charged and housed.

The Coosa County Sheriff’s Office inmate search webpage allows you to look up inmates by:

  • Full Name – Search by first and last name to find matches.
  • Booking Number – Unique ID number assigned at intake.
  • Booking Date – Calendar day the inmate was processed.
  • Scheduled Release Date – Expected day of discharge from custody.

After finding the right detainee, you can view their:

  • Mugshot – Booking photo taken during intake
  • PhotoInmate ID Number – Unique system ID in addition to the booking number
  • Arrest Details – Initial suspected charges and bond amount set
  • Housing Location – Specific facility and cell number
  • Booking Status – If the inmate has been released

For individuals recently detained but not yet fully processed, you may need to call the Coosa County Sheriff’s Office directly to check their current incarceration status. Provide the inmate’s full name and any alternative known aliases to help deputies and administrative staff conduct accurate record searches on your behalf.

Federal inmates arrested on charges linked to Alabama Courts, along with those transferred to other county facilities can also be difficult to lookup immediately on the Coosa roster. Expand searches to statewide networks like the VINE Inmate Locator if needed.

Finding Incarcerated Individuals in Rockford, AL

The county seat and most populous municipality within Coosa County is the town of Rockford. The Rockford Jail and Courthouse serves as the main detention facility and sheriff’s office headquarters in the region.

Use the instructions above to look up Coosa County Jail Inmates housed specifically at the Rockford correctional. Recent arrestees will likely get booked here first before potential transfers to other surrounding area institutions if necessary.

You can also call the Rockford Jail at (256) 215-2228 for immediate status checks and updates on inmates of interest. The administration staff can search current rosters and provide information on upcoming bond hearings, expected release dates, and related incarceration details.

Reviewing Coosa County Mugshots and Booking Records

Mugshot Search sites like BustedMugshots and JailBase allow you to look up Coosa County inmate mugshot records online. Browse recently processed booking photos and charges to help identify arrested individuals.

However, these third-party services may not include the entire jail roster or the most up-to-date information in all cases. Confirm key details directly through the sheriff’s office for guaranteed accuracy.

For additional background on an inmate’s criminal history within the county and statewide, consider conducting an official Criminal Records Search:

  • Coosa County Court Records – The circuit court clerk can provide filed case information for a fee.
  • Alabama Criminal Background Check – State-approved channels like Alabama Criminal Records let you search an individual’s complete criminal record.

Formal records requests typically have processing delays but offer the most reliable reports sourced straight from the courts and justice system databases.

Arrest Information and Charges for Coosa County

The initial booking record of Coosa County Jail Inmates will provide details on the suspected criminal offenses linked to their apprehension. Specific charges frequently seen include:

  • Drug Possession – Illegal narcotics or prescription medication.
  • DUI/DWI – Driving under the severe influence of drugs and alcohol.
  • Theft – Shoplifting, robbery, stolen property, etc.
  • Domestic Violence – Physical abuse and assault.
  • Weapons Charges – Unlawful carrying/discharge of firearms.
  • Probation Violations – Failure to comply with court-ordered supervision terms.
  • Failure to Appear – Missed court hearing date.

Research the Alabama legal code to look up minimum and maximum sentencing guidelines for all documented violations. Charges can also change or get added after intake following further investigation by the Coosa County Sheriff’s Office and connected prosecutorial offices.

Consult with a local criminal defense lawyer to discuss the inmate’s violations in detail as well as options regarding the ongoing legal matter.

How to Locate Detained Individuals in Coosa County Jail

Knowing where an inmate is being housed inside Coosa County correctional facilities can make visits, phone calls, sending letters, and booking specialized services easier. The main adult detention centers in the region include:

Coosa County Jail

  • 6861 US-280
  • Rockford, AL 35136
  • (256) 377-2220

This medium-sized county jail serves as the primary custodial and processing hub for Coosa County. All local arrests get initially booked and held here unless capacity issues require external transfers.

In addition to the traditional inmate population, the jail also runs specialized Alabama court-ordered programs like electronic monitoring and community correctional services for qualifying offenders.

Childersburg Work Release

  • 150 AL Highway 77
  • Childersburg, AL 35044
  • (256) 378-4081

Low-risk minimum-security inmates like those approved for probation or nearing release may get moved to the Childersburg Work Release Transition Center. This smaller adult facility helps detainees nearing the end of their sentence gain new job skills and reintegrate before discharge.

Call either incarceration site above directly for inmate placement confirmation if needed. And check statewide reporting like VINE again if the individual transferred outside Coosa County.

Running Criminal History Search by Inmate Name or Booking Number

Access an inmate’s entire background within the Coosa County Jail system using their unique booking number or name identification details. Provide either the assigned intake ID, full legal first and last names, known aliases, and approximate booking dates to jail staff for deepest search capabilities.

The Coosa County Sheriff’s Office maintains internal databases covering the complete local incarceration paper trail on all past and current detainees. This includes compilation booking reports, violations, sentencing details, program enrollment, and release paperwork copied over from area regional jails and state correctional facilities after any external transfers.

Formal public records requests for these verified documents may require written approval and processing fees. But calling and speaking directly with records management personnel can still provide plenty of quick verbal background. Officers always have access to critical warrants, charges, convictions, emergency contact, and disciplinary action resources right on hand to coordinate essential public safety operations.

How to Verify Incarceration Status in Coosa County

Before traveling on-site to either Coosa County jail for visitation or other administrative tasks, it helps to double-check the inmate remains at the same location. Populations fluctuate routinely because of inmate transfers, emergency medical treatments, court appearances, and releases.

Call the intended incarceration facility and provide the inmate’s first and last name and booking number. The staff will search the detainee management system and confirm if the person still resides on the premises.

If alerts come up showing the individual moved to another facility, ask for additional details including:

  • Updated housing assignment
  • Reason for transfer
  • Expected return date

Staying in constant communication with various Coosa County Jail personnel can help avoid wasted trips and keep visitation or phone call privileges running smoothly until the inmate’s ultimate release.

Reviewing Coosa County Jail Population Statistics

Maintaining safe and humane detention center conditions relies on keeping inmate populations below maximum capacities. The average daily total of Current Inmates in Coosa County fluctuates seasonally but generally ranges between:

  • 150 – 225 detainees

These occupancy statistics also break down uniquely across the different incarceration sites:

Coosa County Jail

  • 128-bed main jail
  • 18-bed work release center

Childersburg Work Release

  • 64-bed minimum-security capacity

When accounting for segregated assignments between misdemeanor and felony level detainees, along with male and female prisoners, finding open bed space gets more complicated. Temporary overflow solutions like transferring custody to other Alabama facilities help during peak enrollment periods.

Public Safety administrators also track average individual inmate lengths of stay, which typically run:

  • Pre-Trial Detentions – 13 days
  • Sentenced Stays – 70 days

Monitoring all these population figures lets staff plan budgets properly for necessities like food, healthcare, programs, security, booking, and discharge. Justice system officials factor in the trends when considering pre-trial release recommendations, probation terms, or community corrections placements.

Lookup Bond and Release Information for Coosa County Inmates

Getting accurate updates on the Coosa County Jail Inmates expected length of stay and release date depends on their unique incarceration status:

Pre-Trial Detainees

Individuals arrested and held pending official charges or trial outcomes may qualify for monitored release without initially posting full bail bond amounts. This provides opportunities for probationary freedom typically based on:

  • Nature of charges
  • Prior convictions
  • Overall flight and public safety risk factors

But meeting judge or sheriff set probation expectations is mandatory or bond forfeiture and re-arrest can occur.

Sentenced Inmates

Those convicted and serving active jail time will get discharged automatically upon completing their court-ordered term of commitment. Any related fines must get paid as well before authorities will approve formal release paperwork.

Good behavior and participation in certain rehabilitation programs may slightly shorten sentences or transition individuals to minimum security early. However, communicating directly with the supervising judge is necessary to review specific options.

Jail administrators prioritize bed space for pre-trial detainees first. So some low-level offenders may need to complete stints wearing electronic monitoring braces at home instead.

How to Check Visitation Schedule and Regulations for Coosa County Jail

Maintaining close communication with incarcerated friends or family members plays a major role in helping inmates face challenges, prepare for court, and ultimately transition back into society successfully.

In-Person Visits

Both Coosa County Jails allow 20-minute long in-person visitation sessions weekly based on the following schedule:

  • Days: Sunday Only
  • Times: 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Visitors should dress appropriately and arrive early because the lobby closes promptly when maximum room occupancy is reached. Be sure to bring a valid photo ID too since all guests must pass strict security checks and metal detector screenings before temporary visitation room access gets allowed.

The dress code prohibits revealing clothing, hats, bandanas, shorts, and flip-flops. Minors can visit when accompanied by a parent/guardian already listed in the inmate’s approved guest list as well. However, the use of offensive language and physical contact remains prohibited during the short visits.

Video Visits and Messaging

As an alternative for friends and family unable to visit the facilities during the limited hours, both jails provide remote video visitation and electronic messaging options:

  • ICSolutions Video Visitation – Schedule and conduct secure online video sessions with inmates for a fee through this service.
  • GettingOut – Look up select facility profiles for any available tablet-based messaging platforms authorized locally.

Utilize these premium virtual communication channels to bridge geographical distances and stay engaged with incarcerated loved ones regularly before release.

How to Contact the Coosa County Sheriff’s Office Regarding Inmates

Reaching the sheriff’s office administrative personnel with questions or vital information regarding current detainees requires knowing each facility’s key contact resources:

Coosa County Jail

  • Address: 6861 US-280, Rockford, AL 35136
  • Phone: (256) 377-2220

This number connects you with staff overseeing central booking operations, transfers, court appearances, and general inmate oversight for the entire county. Call to request arrest report copies, ask about pending charges, or provide tips related to open cases.

Childersburg Work Release

  • Address: 150 AL Highway 77, Childersburg, AL 35044
  • Phone: (256) 378-4081

Contact this smaller minimum-security transition center directly about lower-threat inmates preparing for discharge back into the outside community. Discuss work program eligibility and reporting violations observed here exclusively.

Knowing the proper channels to reach key personnel can help you resolve concerns efficiently. However, understand staff may be limited in what legal information they can disclose over the phone regarding protected inmate records.

How to Access Inmate Commissary and Phone Services

Sending money to incarcerated individuals remains vital for them to purchase basic hygiene items, snacks, phone usage credits, educational materials, and other essential commissary goods required for adequate daily survival behind bars. Like caring for family or friends, you must set up pre-approved accounts with vendors accepting deposits specifically for the intended Coosa County detainee’s use.

Inmate Commissary

Securely fund inmate trust accounts electronically 24/7 using Union Supply Group. This leading U.S. correctional vendor coordinates closely with facilities around the country to allow families online convenience paying for commissary goods.

Deposits made before 2:00 pm Central Time typically arrive in account balances within 24 hours on business days. Consumers can even order custom packages if desired and Union Supply handles delivering the bundle directly.

Detainee Phone Calls

Alabama mandates that all inmate telephone systems be operated by the state through a single provider. Securus Technologies currently maintains this exclusive contract.

You must set up a pre-funded account with Securus to receive calls from incarcerated parties. The funds get drawn down as they connect completed calls on their end from jail. So maintaining adequate balances remains vital for consistent communication abilities.

Plans offer voicemail options too and online account controls allow remote deposit funding 24/7 when needed urgently. Be sure to register the number you want the inmate to contact as part of the authorization process.

Stay determined learning everything possible about successfully locating incarcerated individuals from arrest through release. This knowledge helps alleviate natural frustrations navigating all the Alabama Courts, correctional facilities, sheriff administrators, and support service bureaus needing outreach. Maintaining awareness of available resources brings better clarity for all involved.


This complete guide covers all the essential details relatives, close contacts, legal representatives, and general public citizens need when searching for information on current detainees within Coosa County Jail locations. Know that mergers between state, regional, local, and private lockup sites mean fluidity in finding where inmates get housed day to day.

But you now have the background on navigating inmate locators, public records databases, sheriff rosters, mugshot galleries, visitation policies, phone and commissary accounts, and directions for contacting various administrator personnel when necessary.

Empower yourself by putting these instructions into practice immediately if you or a loved one faces an incarceration crisis. Remember, maintaining patience and determined advocacy often produces the most favorable outcomes long run when confronting these correctional system complexity challenges.

FAQs – Coosa County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Coosa County jail?

You can search for inmates in Coosa County jail through the official sheriff’s office inmate search site by providing the person’s name or booking number. You can also call the jail to check if someone is currently detained there.

What jail is Coosa County AL?

The main jail for Coosa County is the Coosa County Jail located at 6861 US-280, Rockford, AL 35136. This serves as the central booking and detention facility for local arrests made within the county.

Does Coosa County have a jail?

Yes, Coosa County operates a main county jail along with access to an additional state-run work release center. These facilities are based in Rockford and Childersburg and house inmates arrested locally.

How do I send money to an inmate in Coosa County AL?

You can deposit funds for a Coosa County inmate electronically using the online services provided by Union Supply Group. Just register for an account and select the specific individual incarcerated to securely send spending credits.

How do I visit an inmate in Coosa County jail?

The Coosa County Jail allows 20-minute in-person visits each Sunday from 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm only. You must arrive early to pass security checks and sign up before maximum capacity gets reached in the lobby each week.

What do inmates use tablets for?

Inmates can use secured jail tablets to access phone calls, video visits, limited internet, educational content, entertainment, messaging services, law library materials, religious services, Commissary ordering, and more (availability varies by facility).

How much is bail in Coosa County jail?

Bail amounts in Coosa County jail vary case by case based on factors like current charges against the defendant, flight risks, and prior records. Judges have discretion in setting bail terms during initial hearings.

Is Coosa County Jail a federal jail?

No, Coosa County Jail is a local county jail under the administration of the Coosa County Sheriff’s Office and Alabama state justice system. It primarily houses inmates accused of state criminal offenses only.

How old is Coosa County jail?

The current main Coosa County correctional facility opened in 1982 after taking a couple of years to complete initial construction. Expansions and updates improved security and operations over the subsequent decades.

How do I look up warrants in Coosa County AL?

You can check for outstanding arrest warrants at the Coosa County Circuit Court clerk’s office located inside the courthouse annex building or call the sheriff’s office warrant division for status inquiries.

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