Winston County Inmate Search

If you are looking to find information about inmates in Winston County, Alabama, you can easily do so by visiting the official website of the Winston County Sheriff’s Office.

Once there, simply go to the ‘Inmate Search’ section, and enter the required details such as the inmate’s last name or booking number.

This will help you get access to the relevant information about the inmate that you are looking for.

Winston County Jail Roster

In addition to the search tool, the Winston County Sheriff’s Office publishes a daily Winston County Jail inmate lookup pdf document on its website containing the full jail roster.

This Winston County Jail inmate search roster provides information like inmate names, cell locations, booking dates/times, expected release dates, offenses, case numbers, etc.

You can scan through this Winston County Alabama inmate search roster to check if someone got booked into the county jail recently. However, this list only shows current inmates, so you won’t find any historical records or releases.

Phone Search

If you cannot find the incarcerated person through the online Winston County inmate search options above, call the jail at (555) 123-4567 during office hours.

A staff member can manually check by name and provide you current housing unit location and bail bond specifics.

This telephone inmate search in Winston County method allows you to speak directly and get confirmation rather than relying solely on digitized records which may have errors or omissions.

Just make sure to have the full legal name and some additional identifiers like date of birth ready when calling the Winston County Jail.

In-Person Search

As a last resort, you can visit the Winston County Jail at 123 Main St., Winston County, AL 12345 in person and request assistance from the corrections staff.

Bring a valid photo ID and be prepared to explain your relationship or purpose for needing to find the incarcerated individual.

The on-duty officer can access up-to-date booking systems not available to the public and radio to cell blocks if needed to pinpoint whether your acquaintance resides in the county jail.

This physical verification also allows depositing commissary account funds for Winston County inmates.

You can click on this link to learn how to find an inmate by name

Free Winston County Inmate Lookup

Online inmate searches offer a free way to look at Winston County Jail inmates. As mentioned above, this is currently only available for the Alabama county’s jail.

Their website offers a public portal allowing users to search the inmate roster by:

  • Inmate name – Lookup by full or partial last name
  • Booking number – If you have the specific booking ID number
  • Date Range – Search by booking date range

This free Winston County inmate lookup provides key data like:

  • Booking photo
  • Full name and aliases
  • Age and date of birth
  • Charges – Current charges the inmate is booked for
  • Booking date
  • Assigned cell – Where the inmate is housed within the jail
  • Projected release date – If available

So if you already have key details about an inmate, the online system is the easiest way to confirm if they are in custody and view associated records.

Search for Inmates by Name in Winston County

To search for a Winston County Jail inmate by name, the process will differ slightly depending on which county you need:

Winston County, Alabama

Use the Winston County Jail Inmate Search site. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the inmate search page
  2. Click the dropdown menu for “Last Name”
  3. Select the first letter of the inmate’s last name
  4. This will display a list of all inmates matching that letter
  5. Browse through alphabetically or use Ctrl + F to search the list for the specific name needed

If unable to locate the inmate here, you can call the jail to double-check. Provide the full name and any other details like date of birth or arrest date.

Winston County, Mississippi

With no online search available, you will need to contact the Winston County Sheriff’s Office by phone or visit in person.

Calling ahead is recommended to confirm they have the inmate in custody before making a trip to the Sheriff’s Office.

Be prepared to give the full name of the inmate and any other identifying details. The staff can manually check their jail roster and let you know if that individual is currently detained there.

Winston County Inmate Records and Arrest Information

Beyond the current housing location within the Winston County Jail, you may seek deeper criminal records, arrest details, upcoming court hearings, and more legal information for a prisoner.

Here are helpful resources to find such Winston County inmate records and background checks:

Winston County Court Records Search

The website of the Winston County Circuit Clerk contains an online portal to search court dockets and records database.

This includes both civil and criminal case files such as plaintiff/defendant names, filed charges, hearing schedules, motions, judgments, decisions, etc.

Utilize the official Winston County court records search to look up an inmate’s past or upcoming case history along with specific court dates if they are involved in any proceedings.

Having the case number speeds up finding precise records.

Winston County Jail Booking Reports

Arrest reports, booking blotters, and intake logs for the Winston County Jail offer vibrant details into an inmate’s detainment.

They note arresting agency, location, type of offense, bond amount set, warrants served, and biographical information.

Media outlets and other third-party sites compile these public Winston County jail booking reports and mugshots on time. Search engines help surface these off-site collections.

Winston County Arrest Log

Local newspapers publish the county sheriff’s frequent arrest log summary in print and on their websites.

This Winston County arrest log covers the newest bookings into the jail, including defendant name, apprehension date/time, bail amount, warrants, etc.

Checking this frequently updated Winston County recent arrests log allows tracking brand new intakes to see if any acquaintances appear. Archives of these news sites unlock finding past incidents too.

Alabama Criminal Records Search

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency lets approved persons conduct statewide searches for criminal histories via authorized accounts like background check firms.

That database contains arrests, charges, dispositions, mugshots, warrants, probation records, and more from all counties.

Hiring such professional AL criminal record search services provides comprehensive insight into an inmate’s full Winston County criminal records background, beyond just their current incarceration. This complete rapport aids in making legal, hiring, or rental decisions.

Mugshots of Inmates in Winston County Jail

For Winston County, Alabama, you can access mugshots of jail inmates through the online records system.

When searching by name or booking number, the results display the inmate’s booking photo if available.

Keep in mind that mugshots are not always taken immediately upon booking. It takes a few days for the photo to be uploaded and accessible online after the arrest and booking process.

To obtain mugshots for the Mississippi County jail, contact the Sheriff’s Office directly and ask whether any booking photo is available for a particular inmate.

Bond Information for Winston County Inmates

To find out whether a Winston County inmate has a bond and in what amount, first check whether this information is available through the online search system for Alabama. Typically it will be listed if a bond has been set.

If bond information is not shown or you require facts about a Mississippi prisoner, contact the relevant Winston County Sheriff’s Office.

Their jail staff should keep records of each detainee, including whether a bond was granted, the amount set, and maybe other conditions.

They may also be able to provide information on:

  • If the inmate has posted bond/been released
  • If the inmate is still waiting to go before a judge for bond consideration
  • When the next court date is scheduled if the bond assessment is still pending

Sending Money to Inmates in Winston County Jail

If you need to send funds to an inmate being held in the Winston County Jail, the process differs slightly depending on whether they are located in the Alabama or Mississippi facility.

Here are the options and procedures for both.

Winston County Jail in Alabama

To send money to an inmate at the Winston County Jail in Double Springs, Alabama, you can:

Use the Kiosk System

The easiest way for friends and family to add money to an inmate’s account is through the jail lobby kiosks. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the jail lobby during visitation hours
  2. Select the option to deposit money
  3. Input the PIN or inmate booking number
  4. Insert cash into the machine
  5. Select the amount to deposit onto the inmate account

A kiosk convenience fee does apply to all transactions.

Mail a Money Order

Money orders can also be mailed to the jail and made payable to the inmate. Include a note with the inmate’s name and booking number to ensure funds are added correctly.

Mail money orders to:

Winston County Jail
Attn: Inmate Name and Booking #
795 West Main Street
Double Springs, AL 35553

Winston County Jail in Mississippi

To send money to an inmate at the jail in Louisville, Mississippi, contact the Winston County Sheriff’s Office at (662) 773-5881 for instructions on sending postal mail payments.

Policies may vary, so calling to ask about requirements is advisable. Typically mailing a money order made out to the inmate would be standard.

The key considerations for both jails:

  • Make sure to include the inmate’s name and identification number
  • There may be limits on the amount that can be deposited
  • Funds are used by inmates to purchase items from the commissary or to make phone calls

So check with each facility for their latest policies to efficiently send funds to an incarcerated loved one in the appropriate Winston County Jail.

Contacting and Supporting Jailed Inmates

Once you confirm a friend or family member resides as an inmate within the Winston County Jail, likely you’ll want to contact them directly and provide resources for their confinement.

This section explains avenues for communicating with prisoners and assisting with their needs through official channels.

Winston County Jail Phone Calls

The most straightforward way to speak with an incarcerated loved one is by scheduling phone time via the jail’s telephone system provided by GTL.

You must set up an advance pay account with GTL by website or phone to fund collect calls from inmates.

The Winston County Jail phone number for inmate calls is (555) 765-4321. With a prepaid balance, you can receive calls from prisoners during the jail’s phone scheduled times. Call duration and rules depend on the housing unit.

Winston County Jail Visitation Hours

To visit an incarcerated individual in person, arrive at the jail’s front entrance gate during official weekly visitation hours slotted by cellblock.

You must submit a visitation application in advance, either online or by calling (555) 123-4567 to pre-arrange meeting the Winston County inmate on your list.

Valid ID checks occur upon entry. The Winston County Jail visitation schedule varies based on the housing unit, so verify the timing for the specific block. Visitors must follow strict security and decorum rules throughout sessions.

Winston County Jail Inmate Mail

Sending physical letters is another avenue for communicating with inmates in Winston County. Address postal mail clearly with the recipient’s full incarcerated name, Winston County Jail ID, plus facility address:

Inmate Full Name
Booking Number
Winston County Jail
123 Jail Street
Winston, AL 12345

The staff screens all incoming mail for contraband before distribution to the jail cells. Be aware envelopes, stamps, and photos are allowed but certain content restrictions apply so review policies.

Winston County Jail Inmate Funds

You can deposit money into a locked commissary account for a jailed loved one through third-party services.

Companies like Access Corrections allow creating online accounts, setting up recurring payments, and transferring digitally to inmate balances.

These Winston County Jail inmate funds go towards purchasing approved items like snacks, personal hygiene products, calling credits, etc from their facility store orders. Transfer receipts list spend details.

Free Legal Resources

If an incarcerated individual cannot afford an attorney, free legal aid organizations like Alabama Legal Help may assist inmates with understanding case factors, and court procedures, negotiating pleas, and filing appeals if qualified. Inmates can apply directly.

The Winston County Public Defender Office also provides legal counsel for qualifying low-income individuals facing local criminal changes. Usage varies case by case.

Contact Information for Winston County Jail

To find complete contact information for Winston County Jail, refer to:

Winston County Jail in Alabama

Winston County Jail
795 West Main Street
Double Springs, AL 35553

Phone Number: (205) 489-2101

Winston County Jail in Mississippi

Operated by Winston County Sheriff’s Office

Winston County Sheriff’s Office
303 Market Street
Louisville, MS 39339

Phone Number:
(662) 773-5881

The phone number is the best contact to call with any inmate record requests or questions.

Recent Arrests in Winston County

To find out about recent arrests in the county:

Online Search

  • For Alabama – Check the Winston County Jail inmate search and browse individuals who were recently booked. This often provides the arresting agency and date as well.
  • For Mississippi – No web search is available.

Local News

  • Search for local news and arrest reports on sites like or by checking newspaper crime reports

Sheriff’s Office

  • Call the Winston County Sheriff’s Office to ask about notable recent arrests. However, they may not release certain details.

Police Records

  • Formal arrest reports and records would have to be obtained directly through the arresting law enforcement agency or court records.

Winston County Alabama Inmate Search vs. Mississippi Inmate Search

When looking for information on inmates detained in Winston County, it is essential to know which state’s county jail you need to search.

As covered above, Winston County in Alabama offers an online inmate search right on their Sheriff’s website. This public portal allows free lookups to find inmates currently housed in their jail.

For Winston County Mississippi, an online inmate search is not available. Instead, you would need to contact the Sheriff’s Office by phone or in-person to inquire about records on a specific inmate.

So the process differs considerably depending on which Winston County jail the person is (or may be) booked in.


Finding incarcerated individuals and contacting prisoners housed in the Winston County Jail requires using online search tools, phone assistance, and in-person visits at the facility.

Official inmate lookup engines, arrest logs, and court records aid in confirming inmate presences, background, and upcoming legal timelines while communication avenues like phone calls, video sessions, postal mail, and commissary funding sources allow direct jail supporter interaction.

FAQs – Winston County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Winston County Jail?

To find someone in the Winston County Jail, use the online inmate search tool for Winston County, Alabama, or call the Winston County Sheriff’s Office in Mississippi to inquire about inmates by name. Be prepared to provide details like first and last name, booking number, age, etc.

What is the phone number for Winston County Jail?

The phone number for Winston County Jail in Alabama is (205) 489-2101. For the jail in Mississippi, contact the Sheriff’s Office at (662) 773-5881.

Can you see who is in Winston County Jail online?

For Winston County Jail in Alabama, you can view and search current inmates online through their Sheriff’s Office website. For Winston County, Mississippi, there is no online inmate lookup option.

Is there video visitation for Winston County inmates?

Options for remote video visitation should be checked directly with each Winston County Jail facility. In-person visit policies and availability can vary at each, so calling ahead is advisable before scheduling any visit.

How do you search for an inmate in jail?

To search for a jail inmate, first identify the specific county or city detention facility. Look up whether they offer an online inmate lookup tool for that jail. If not, contact the facility by phone to inquire about specific inmates by providing their full name and any other identifying details available.

Where are Winston County arrest records?

Winston County arrest records involving jail inmates may be on file at the County Sheriff’s Office or Circuit Court records.

Formal charges are typically accessible through court records after prosecution. Recent arrests may also be published in local news crime reports.

How far back do inmate searches go?

Inmate searches typically display only the period of current incarceration and active booking details. They do not show the full history or previous jail stays.

For more extensive background on arrests and sentences, formal criminal record searches through courts or law enforcement agencies would be required.

Where do you find old jail records?

For records of previous arrests and jail stays no longer accessible through an active inmate search, you would need to formally request archival records through the Sheriff’s Office, court system records, or other law enforcement agencies. Availability and privacy restrictions vary.

What is the fax number for Winston County Jail?

To confirm the current fax number to send documents to the Winston County Jail administration, contact the Jail facility directly by phone:

Winston County Jail Alabama: (205) 489-2101 Winston County Sheriff MS: (662) 773-5881

How do you find out if someone has been released from Winston County Jail?

To check if someone has been released from Winston County Jail, first try searching their name through the online records system for Alabama, which will show if they are still in custody. You can also call either Winston County Jail to ask for updates on a specific inmate’s case status.

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