Mobile County Inmate Search

The Mobile County Jail, located in Mobile, Alabama, and operated by the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, houses inmates who are awaiting trial or sentencing.

Knowing how to search for inmates in Mobile County can help friends and family members locate incarcerated loved ones and find information on their status.

This guide provides key details on conducting a Mobile County inmate search, accessing records like mugshots and criminal charges, understanding bail and release dates, contacting inmates, and utilizing additional inmate lookup resources in Alabama.

How To Find Someone in Mobile County Jail

There are a few methods for how to check if someone is in jail in Mobile County:

  1. Mobile County Jail Roster Search – The quickest way to search for an inmate in Mobile County is by checking the online jail inmate search roster provided by the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office. This Mobile County jail lookup shows the most recently updated list of all current inmates in custody, along with basic details like full name, race, sex, age, booking date, assigned cell, and bail amount set.
  2. Mobile County Jail Mugshot Search – Search for Mobile County jail mugshots to match a photo to confirm if someone is incarcerated. The online roster does not include inmate photos.
  3. Alabama Inmate Lookup – If someone was recently arrested, they may not yet appear on the current roster. Check the website for the Alabama Department of Corrections which provides a statewide inmate search online for those in the prison intake process.
  4. Criminal Record Check – Access arrest records and check for new criminal charges by running a personal criminal background report through a site like TruthFinder. Look for new arrests and recent bookings.
  5. Contact the Facility – You can call the Mobile County Metro Jail directly for assistance with confirming inmate custody and booking information for Mobile County arrests. Provide the full name and date of birth or previous booking number if available.

Follow these important tips for the best results when using these Mobile County jail inmate search methods:

  • Try multiple name spellings and combinations. Use first name, middle name, and last name.
  • Check reports regularly, as new bookings can take time to appear in jail roster records.
  • For privacy reasons, limited personal inmate details may be available without valid credentials.
  • If all search efforts provide no record of the individual, it likely indicates they are not currently incarcerated in Mobile County.

Mobile County Jail Inmate Search Online

Use the online Mobile County jail lookup to find current Metro Jail inmates:

  1. Go to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office website
  2. Click on the “Inmate Search” section
  3. Enter the first and/or last name of the incarcerated person
  4. Select the search button to run the inmate locator check
  5. Results will display all matching names in the Mobile County jail inmate list
  6. Expand the details shown to confirm if this is the correct person

This public portal into the jail roster updates regularly as bookings, releases, and transfers occur. If the inmate does not appear, they may have been recently let out or moved to another detention facility.

Contact Metro Jail to verify by calling 251-574-2423. They can check alternate name spellings or provide additional tracking if the person is no longer showing as an active Mobile County inmate.

Mobile County Inmate Details

Mobile County jail inmate search results, whether from an online locator or background check report, provide key information about a person’s incarceration. Understand these details:

Names and Aliases

  • Full committed name – The formal name used by the facility. Varies from legal name if aliases were provided.
  • Previous names – Other first, middle, and last name variants.


  • Age – Current age (at the time incarcerated)
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Height/weight
  • Hair Color
  • Eye color
  • Any scars/marks/tattoos

Arrest Data

  • Booking date – Date placed in custody of jail
  • Arresting agency – The Department that made the apprehension
  • Expected release date – If available
  • List of current criminal charges in Mobile County
  • Bail bond information like amount set, if posted
  • If the inmate has or was a parole violation

Custody Details

  • Housing location within the jail facility and cell/bunk assignment
  • Inmate release program eligibility
  • Visitation schedule and approved visitor list
  • If the arrested individual was listed as a missing person before the arrest
  • Access legal resources and schedule video “visit” sessions

Monitoring this information provides greater awareness of an inmate’s situation. Significant details like upcoming court hearings, status changes, or dates prepared for release help family members support their incarcerated loved ones.

Mobile County Jail Mugshots

In Alabama, jail mugshots are considered public records. However, the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office website does not contain an online mugshot search.

To get an inmate’s booking photo once they are located through the jail search, you must contact the Records department directly. Submit identifying information like full name and date of birth or booking date.

The Records Division can supply official mugshots from the Mobile County Jail detainee file. Fees and processing time to receive digital or printed photos vary.

Mugshot websites like show recent arrests from police databases across Mobile County. However, these independent sites are not endorsed or maintained by the actual Sheriff’s Office. Confirm any unofficial mugshots match the inmate’s description before assuming accuracy.

Mobile County Jail Booking Information

When someone is booked into Mobile County Jail, a report is created documenting vital processing details. This includes:

  • Full name of the arrested individual
  • Date and time brought into custody
  • List of active warrants or charges
  • Bond amount set
  • Mugshot photo
  • Criminal history summary
  • Cash, property, and other items collected for safekeeping

Booking reports help provide context on the circumstances behind an inmate’s detention. To get copies of this info for someone in Metro Jail:

  • Call Records at 251-574-2423
  • Submit relevant identifying details on the incarcerated person
  • Pay any required fees for records requests
  • Reports can be picked up or mailed from the department

Officers at the Mobile County jail intake and processing desk can also answer questions regarding recent booking events.

Mobile County Jail Visitation Hours

To maintain safety and order at the detention center, the Mobile County jail has strict visitation policies. Hours and eligibility vary based on each inmate’s classification and housing unit.

General population inmates may qualify for two visits per week, up to one hour for each session. Visitors must be on the approved list provided during intake. Minors can visit when accompanied by an adult guardian.

The current Metro Jail visitation hours are:

  • Wednesdays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
  • Saturdays from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Special visits outside these schedules may be allowed in certain circumstances. Contact the front office at 251-574-2423 to ask about exceptions.

Visitors should review the full visitation rules on the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office website before attempting to access the jail. Be prepared to show a valid ID, go through security screening, and follow all facility guidelines.

How to Find Someone in Mobile County Jail

Searching for an incarcerated friend or family member can be difficult without the right locator tools. Here are some tips for tracking down Mobile County jail inmates:

  • Check the public inmate search on the sheriff’s site
  • Search names on independent mugshot sites
  • Contact the jail’s front desk for lookup assistance
  • Ask records clerks to cross-reference bookings or release reports
  • Hire an Alabama private investigator for detailed incarceration tracking

Having identifying details like full legal name, birthdate, booking date, home address, or criminal case numbers can aid inmate searches in Mobile County’s network of jails.

Mobile County Jail Release Dates

The Mobile County jail inmate search shows basic booking details on current detainees in the jail roster, including projected release dates. However, these dates are not always precise. Many factors impact actual exit timing from the county jail system.

Inmates may get out earlier than listed if they:

  • Post-designated bond amounts
  • Serve full-sentence terms
  • Get released by court order

Conversely, release can get delayed by:

  • Additional charges or warrants filed
  • Disciplinary infractions
  • Holds or detainers applied

To confirm upcoming and past release events from Mobile County Jail, contact records clerks to request inmate release reports. These documents state actual exit dates and times.

Victims can also enroll in Alabama’s VINE system to get notifications if an offender is released from the county jail.

Mobile County Jail Bail Information

During booking, the Mobile County jail sets standard bond amounts based on the initial charges. However, at the first court hearing, judges may adjust bail requirements for detainees.

To check the current monetary or non-monetary bond terms assigned to a Metro Jail inmate, contact the records office. They can access the central inmate database and provide current amounts needed to facilitate jail release.

Inmates must work with bondsmen, family members, or other outside affiliates to pay these sums and finalize bonds before the county jail initiates exit proceedings. Detainees short on bail funds may qualify for the pre-trial release program instead.

The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office website also lists licensed bondsmen operating locally who can arrange bail payments.

Mobile County Jail Address

The Mobile County Metro Jail central facility is located at:

510 South Royal Street
Mobile, AL 36603

This address houses the main inmate intake and processing center, as well as the records division and sheriff’s administration offices.

Several other smaller Mobile County jail compounds are positioned around the city and handle overflow, transport, and specialized inmate populations. Contact the central downtown location for all public search and background check requests.

Mobile County Sheriff’s Office Website

The MCSO online portal contains helpful resources regarding jail procedures, active warrants, sex offender tracking, and more.

Sections include:

  • Inmate Search
  • Visitation Rules
  • Fugitive Apprehension
  • Crime Prevention Tips
  • Employment Opportunities

Visit to access all available public-facing information, forms, and lookup tools managed by the county sheriff.

For urgent assistance, call the 24-hour dispatch office at 251-574-8633.

Sending Money to Mobile County Inmates

When a loved one goes to jail, one of the first things family and friends often want to do is put money in their commissary account. Sending funds to inmates while incarcerated allows them to buy necessities and comfort items.

The Mobile County Metro Jail provides friends and relatives directions on how to send commissary money to Mobile County inmates.

Why Send Money to a Mobile County Inmate?

Mobile County jail inmates rely on money transfers to cover spending needs for:

  • Hygiene supplies like soap, shampoo, toothpaste
  • Food items such as snacks, instant coffee, candy
  • Communication needs including stamps, envelopes, writing materials
  • Medical copays for doctor visits, prescriptions
  • Clothing like underwear, shoes, supplementary uniform items

Without money to afford these jail commissary products, inmates face reduced resources and more difficult living conditions. Sending funds helps ease an incarcerated loved one’s sentence.

How to Send Money to Mobile County Jail Inmates

The Mobile County Corrections Department authorizes three options for family and friends to choose when depositing money for Alabama inmates:

Lobby Kiosk at Facility

Visit the Mobile County Metro Jail lobby during open hours to use the deposit kiosk. Have the full committed name or prisoner ID and deposit cash funds. Daily limits are imposed on kiosk transactions.

Online via Inmate Commissary Service

Access the Inmate Commissary website or mobile app and select the “Deposit Funds” feature. Enter personal details to create an account and link it with an inmate profile using their ID. Complete checkout to pay electronically.

Mail-In Cashier’s Check or Money Order

Send funds by mailing a postal money order or cashier’s check (payable to “Mobile County Metro Jail”) to the facility:

Mobile County Metro Jail
510 S Royal St
Mobile, AL 36603

Include the inmate booking name and identification on the payment. A 10-day hold applies before credited to the inmate’s account.

Tips for Sending Mobile County Inmate Money

Follow these key guidelines to ensure commissary fund transfers to imprisoned loved ones go smoothly:

  • Verify the facility name, address, and inmate ID before sending money orders. Errors delay funds.
  • Cash deposits may carry higher fees but offer immediate availability versus checks held 10 days.
  • Online platforms provide electronic payment convenience but add service charges. Compare costs.
  • Know the jail’s rules – deposit limits, hold durations, and methods allowed. Inmate accounts have restrictions.
  • After sending money, save confirmation numbers and check transfers posted successfully to correct any issues.

Funding a Mobile County inmate gives critical financial support during a difficult stint in jail. Utilize available venue options to reliably send money that imprisoned loved ones can access for vital commissary needs.

Alabama Inmate Search Online

Beyond the local county jail inmate locators, Alabama maintains a statewide DOC portal to track prisoners housed across the entire correctional system.

Use the online Inmate Search tool available through the Alabama Department of Corrections website to look up convicted offenders. This covers inmates serving sentences or awaiting transfer from county jails to long-term state facilities.

Search by first name, last name, AIS number, or other identifiers to retrieve matches. Result details provide conviction history, projected release timing, and current facility locations.

Having access to both the local county inmate databases as well as the Alabama DOC system allows comprehensive tracking of detained individuals moving through the criminal justice network.

Alabama Department of Corrections Website

The ADOC manages Alabama’s network of state prisons and correctional programming initiatives. Beyond just the inmate search tool, their site offers resources regarding:

  • Facility Locations and Visitation Policies
  • Victim Services like VINE Notification
  • Re-Entry Initiatives
  • DOC News and Statistics
  • Employment Opportunities

Whether you are looking for a loved one in the prison system, conducting academic research, or seeking a career in corrections, this online portal contains in-depth information on Alabama’s inmate management, sentencing, and rehabilitation efforts.


Searching for incarcerated individuals is often stressful for families. This guide on how to find someone in Mobile County jail simplifies the lookup process using available online locator tools.

Getting inmate booking data, release dates, visitation rules, contact procedures, and related jail resources becomes more accessible with transparent portal sites managed by both the county sheriff and statewide DOC network.

Compiling arrest details also aids legal preparations. Reach out to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, Metro Jail, or Alabama Department of Corrections for any further assistance tracking incarcerated persons moving through the local and state-level detention system.

FAQs – Mobile County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Mobile County jail?

Use the online Mobile County Jail inmate search roster or conduct a free inmate locator lookup on the Alabama Dept of Corrections website by name. Call the jail for assistance.

Is Mobile Metro Jail the same as Mobile County Jail?

Yes, the Mobile County Metro Jail and Mobile County Jail refer to the same adult detention facility located at 510 S Royal St in Mobile, AL operated by the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

Who runs the Mobile County Jail?

The Mobile County Jail is managed and operated by the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Division. The current Mobile County Sheriff is Sam Cochran.

Does Mobile Metro Jail have a website?

Yes, the Mobile County Metro Jail website with inmate search, contacts, and visitor information can be found at under the Corrections tab.

How can I visit an inmate in Mobile County Jail?

To visit an inmate at Mobile County jail, go to the lobby check-in with a valid ID during public visitation hours as listed on the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office website or call for the current schedule.

What is the address for Mobile County Jail?

The address and contact details for Mobile County Metro Jail is 510 S Royal St, Mobile, AL 36603 and the phone number is (251) 574-2479.

Can you write letters to Mobile County Jail inmates?

Yes, you can write and send letters to inmates at Mobile County Metro Jail. Address envelope with prisoner’s full name and ID and jail address. Letters are inspected before distribution.

How much does it cost to bond someone out of Mobile County Jail?

A judge sets the bail bond costs in Mobile County Jail, and they are indicated on the inmate search details. Typically, bonding out an inmate requires 10-15% of the total bail amount if they are not eligible for own recognizance release.

How long can you be held in Mobile County Jail without charges?

Inmates at Mobile Metro Jail can be held for up to 72 hours without formal charges filed. Extensions allow charges to be filed within 30 days if necessary. Consult an attorney about lengthy detention concerns.

Who is responsible for medical care at Mobile County Jail?

Medical care for inmates at Mobile County Metro Jail is provided under a contracted agreement by Crossroad Correctional Health, a division of Crossroad Correctional Services.

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