Chambers County Inmate Search

Chambers County, situated in eastern Alabama along the Georgia border, is served by the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office, overseeing the Chambers County Detention Center in Lafayette.

This facility detains individuals awaiting trial or serving misdemeanor sentences. For those seeking to locate an inmate in Chambers County, several options are available.

This guide offers information on conducting a Chambers County jail inmate search, accessing inmate records, finding Chambers County jail mugshots, and utilizing the Chambers County jail app. Stay informed about Chambers County arrests today and explore features such as the Chambers County jail commissary.

Learn more about the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office, including details on their pay scale in Alabama. If you’re looking for broader information, you may also inquire about Harris County inmate search.

Conduct an Inmate Search of the Chambers County Jail

The easiest way to determine if someone is currently incarcerated at the Chambers County Detention Center is to use the Chambers County jail inmate lookup online tool provided on the Sheriff’s Office website. This online lookup lets you search by inmate name or booking number to find info such as:

  • Inmate’s full name and date of birth
  • Booking number search Chambers County
  • Date booked into jail
  • Projected release date
  • Bail amount and bond status
  • Mugshot photo
  • Visitation schedule
  • Current inmates in Chambers County

To access this database, go to and click on the “Inmate Roster” link.

If you don’t find the person you’re looking for in the Chambers County system, expand your search to the Alabama Department of Corrections database. This statewide search includes inmates serving felony sentences at state prisons who were originally arrested in Chambers County.

You can also contact the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office directly at 334-864-4333 for assistance with an inmate search. Staff can look up individuals by name, date of birth, booking date, or other details.

Additional Sources for Inmate Info

Beyond the official Chambers County online lookup tool, some unofficial websites aggregate inmate data from sheriff’s offices and detention centers across Alabama. These private lookup sites compile information that is publicly available to provide expanded search options.

Some major inmate search websites that include data on the Chambers County jail include:

  • Alabama inmate lookup:
  • Inmate information Chambers County:

When searching for an inmate on one of these unofficial websites, be aware that data may not be updated as frequently as the official county jail roster. However, these sites do enable expanded searches by multiple fields which can help track down specific individuals.

Mugshot websites like Mugshot Lookup Chambers County also compile booking photos and charges. However, mugshots are generally only published for new arrests before conviction so they may not include all jail inmates.

Inmate Information Available to the Public

In the state of Alabama, members of the public have legal rights to access certain information about inmates at county jails and state prisons. This data is considered a public record.

Typical public inmate records Chambers County and other Alabama detention facilities may provide include:

  • Full inmate name and aliases
  • Age and date of birth
  • Booking date
  • Expected release date
  • Housing location in the jail
  • Current inmate status (detained, released, transferred)
  • Arresting agency and booking officer
  • Criminal charges Chambers County
  • Bail amount and bond status
  • Mugshot photo
  • Physical description (height, weight, identifying marks, etc.)

Personal details such as full date of birth, address, and Social Security Number are confidential.

Inmates also have the right to privacy when it comes to their medical records, phone logs, visitor logs, commissary purchases, and program participation while incarcerated.

How to Locate Someone Arrested in Chambers County

If you believe a friend or family member was recently arrested in Chambers County, there are a few quick ways to try to find out their status:

  • Check the Chambers County Detention Center inmate roster online
  • Search for fresh Chambers County booking numbers and mugshots on sites like
  • Call the Chambers County Sheriff at 334-864-4333 for assistance locating a new arrestee or confirming if they have been detained
  • Contact local police departments (Valley Police Dept, Lafayette Police Dept, etc.) if arrest details are unknown
  • Search the inmate database on which may have new arrests faster than the official county roster
  • Check court dockets and calendars – new arrests may already have court dates scheduled for charging

Having key details about the arrestee – such as full legal name and approximate arrest date – will make finding them faster and easier.

Locate Chambers County Mugshots & Criminal Charges

When searching for a Chambers County inmate or arrestee online, mugshot photos and details on the criminal charges Chambers County they are facing are often available.

Mugshot lookup Chambers County can typically be found on:

  • Independent mugshot sites like
  • Commercial online inmate lookup services like
  • News media crime reports
  • Official law enforcement press releases
  • Chambers County court records and dockets listing the charges

Having access to an inmate’s booking charges and mugshot photos can supplement the basic information provided on inmate rosters. However, having a mugshot does not necessarily mean someone is currently detained. Images are often left online even after an inmate is released.

You’ll typically need specific personal identifiers like complete name and arrest date to successfully match a mugshot photo to a particular inmate’s record.

Search for an Inmate by Chambers County Booking Number

Chambers County booking numbers are assigned to arrestees when they go through intake processing at the county detention facility. This unique identifier can help inmates and their families track a case through the system.

A booking or “control” number will also enable much easier searches rather than trying to locate a common name.

Booking number search Chambers County sites that aggregate inmate data from multiple agencies typically allow lookup by this identifier. The county website itself also supports searching its jail roster by either inmate name or booking.

Asking the Sheriff’s personnel for an arrestee’s booking number when inquiring about their case can make ongoing status checks simpler.

Make sure to record this reference number right away if found on a site like since news outlets only keep very current arrests posted for a short period.

Booking numbers also do not change if an inmate is transferred to another detention facility, deported, released on probation/parole or re-arrested later. So keeping this number is vital.

Get Information on Bail & Release Dates

Two important details family members often wish to know about a jailed loved one are bail requirements to potentially secure their early release and the inmate’s possible or scheduled release date.

The most reliable source for bond amount search in Chambers County and projected inmate discharge is the official county Chambers County jail inmate lookup online. This search will provide the current bail status – which may state:

  • Bail amount required
  • If bail is allowed or denied
  • If released on own recognizance (signature bond)
  • If still awaiting arraignment
  • If released to another agency/jurisdiction

Projected release dates are based on sentencing guidelines, credit for time served, and case progression. Actual discharge dates can vary based on multiple external factors.

Those able to pay bail Bond information Chambers County on behalf of an inmate will need to contact a bail bondsman Chambers County. These agents can arrange bail payments and bonds to the court. Expect fees up to 15% of the bail amount.

Independent sites like also provide inmate status updates. Historical release data is available through VINELink by offender name or booking number.

Contact an Inmate at the Chambers County Jail

Keeping in touch with a friend or family member while they are incarcerated is vital for mental health and reduces recidivism rates after release. There are a few options available for communicating with prisoners at the Chambers County Detention Center:

  • Send letters/postcards to inmates – Incoming and outgoing non-legal mail is permitted. All mail is inspected for prohibited materials.
  • Schedule video visitations online – 25-minute remote video visits can be booked in advance for a fee via the TurnKey Corrections website
  • Onsite visitation – 30-minute non-contact onsite visits must be scheduled 24 hours ahead for approved visitors
  • Phone calls – Inmates can only call out using Securus prepaid accounts set up by friends/family

The Chambers County jail visitation rules page outlines detailed policies, schedules, and instructions for all visitation and communication methods.

Be aware that calls and video chats from inmates may carry fees, including creating prepaid phone accounts that fund prisoner calls. Visitors must also pass background checks and may face dress code restrictions.

Send Money to Inmates to Purchase Commissary Items

Friends and loved ones of inmates have options for sending money to an inmate at Chambers County jail to allow them to buy items at the commissary store, purchase prepaid phone cards or tablet usage, or pay medical co-pays while incarcerated.

Approved ways to credit money to a prisoner’s account in Chambers County include:

  • Depositing cash at lobby kiosks in the detention center
  • Utilizing MoneyGram or Western Union money transfers – Recipient is Keefe Commissary Network with inmate name/ID
  • Mailing a money order to the jail – Must include Remitter and Receiver information
  • Using Keefe Commissary deposit services online or via mobile app – Can transfer funds 24/7

All processes require knowing the specific inmate’s identification details such as name and booking number. There are fees associated with most money transfer options.

Cash or personal check deposits are prohibited. Funds deposited go directly to prisoners’ Keefe accounts at the Inmate commissary Chambers County. Inmates can then purchase approved items through commissary order forms.

Research Courts & Criminal Defense Assistance

Navigating the courts and legal system process on behalf of an incarcerated loved one or constituent can be confusing and complex.

Chambers County criminal court dates for active cases being prosecuted can be researched using public court records to track case status. Upcoming appearances, filing deadlines, negotiated plea deals, sentencing expectations, and final case resolutions will occur on these court dates.

The 15th Judicial Circuit covers Chambers County and provides public access terminals to search records or request assistance from courthouse staff. Individual court dockets and schedules can also be checked online using Alabama’s statewide Alacourt database.

Those needing professional legal guidance like criminal defense attorneys in Chambers County should seek private representation immediately upon arrest and detention. Public defenders are assigned only to qualifying inmates unable to afford paid counsel. Ask jail staff about options.

The Alabama State Bar Association provides referral services to licensed local lawyers. Retained attorneys can negotiate charges and sentences, file motions, and submit evidence.

Get Support and Resources for Inmates & Families

Having a loved one incarcerated puts emotional and financial strain on their support network outside. Thankfully there are options for inmate families to get assistance while their loved one navigates the justice system in Chambers County.

  • Alabama CURE – a Non-profit with chapters across AL provides prisoner re-entry transition assistance and advocacy
  • Aid to Inmate Mothers (AIM) – Charity group gives childcare, parenting classes, and more to incarcerated mothers with custody cases
  • Alabama Prison Birth Project – Support for pregnant prisoners with prenatal education, doula care, etc.
  • ADAP – State substance abuse recovery resources including programs in some correctional facilities
  • ConnectionAL – Search tool for community re-entry assistance programs statewide

There may also be options like work release, education release, substance treatment programs, or community service sentencing that inmates can utilize within Chambers County and the Alabama Department of Corrections. These initiatives aim to facilitate successful societal reintegration.

Victims of crimes can also seek counseling and compensation assistance from groups like Victim Assistance Programs in Chambers County. The Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission offers financial help with medical bills, lost wages, and recovery needs.


Having an incarcerated friend or loved one is a challenging situation. Accessing inmate information and communicating with prisoners housed in the Chambers County jail or Alabama prisons enables vital connections.

As covered in this guide, the public has access to certain data like mugshots, bail status, expected release dates, and more. Contact by mail, phone calls, video chat, and commissary money transfers are also possible following strict detention center policies.

Legal assistance from defense lawyers provides inmate advocacy. Support groups work to ease family difficulties during incarceration while reducing rates of recidivism through re-entry guidance.

These resources empower families to locate arrested individuals using tools like inmate search and current inmate rosters. Knowledge reduces helplessness. Maintaining positive connections, addressing critical needs, and planning for a successful future after release remains key.

FAQs – Chambers County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Chambers County jail?

Use the online inmate search at or call the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office at 334-864-4333 for assistance locating someone in custody at the jail.

Where do they house inmates in Chambers County?

Inmates in Chambers County are housed at the Chambers County Detention Center located at 8 Court Square W. in Lafayette, AL.

What is the inmate search website for Chambers County Jail?

The official website providing online inmate search functions for the Chambers County jail is

Can you visit an inmate in Chambers County jail?

Yes, in-person non-contact visits must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance by approved friends/family members. Video visitation is also available.

How can I put money on an inmate’s books in Chambers County?

Options to add funds to an inmate’s account in Chambers County include depositing cash at jail lobby kiosks, using money transfer services, mailing money orders, or utilizing the Keefe Commissary online system.

How much is bail at Chambers County jail?

Bail amounts vary widely case-by-case in Chambers County. The online inmate search provides the set bail for individual prisoners if bail was granted at all.

Does Chambers County jail have video visitation?

Yes, 25-minute remote video visit sessions can be scheduled online via the TurnKey Corrections system for a fee based on visitor status.

How can I find new arrests in Chambers County AL?

Checking news outlet crime reports, law enforcement press releases, and commercial mugshot/arrest sites can provide info on recent Chambers County arrests.

Is Chambers County jail mailing address PO Box 448 Lafayette, AL 36862?

Yes, inmate mail should be addressed to PO Box 448 Lafayette, AL 36862 with the prisoner’s name and booking ID included.

How much does it cost to make phone calls from Chambers County jail?

Chambers County inmates must set up prepaid Securus phone accounts. Call rates start at $1.65 plus tax for calls up to 15 minutes. International calls are higher.

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