Clay County Inmate Search

Finding information on inmates housed in the Clay County Jail can be a difficult and frustrating process. This guide provides helpful tips and resources to assist you in searching for Clay County inmates. We cover topics such as:

So whether you need to verify bond status, look at inmates’ charges, view mugshots, or find visitation hours – this guide has you covered. Read on to learn more about performing an efficient Clay County inmate search.

Searching for Clay County Jail Inmates

The Clay County Detention Center in Liberty, Missouri houses hundreds of inmates at any given time. Performing an inmate lookup search is an essential first step for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Locating friends or family members
  • Checking the status of a case
  • Obtaining arrest records or mugshots
  • Confirming bail/bond and release information
  • Finding visitation hours
  • Getting phone and mailing contact info
  • Viewing current and past charges
  • Initiating public records requests

Thankfully, Clay County provides a free public inmate search via their online Sheriff’s Office website. But where do you begin when searching the Clay County inmate population? Here are some tips:

Search by Inmate Name

To look up an inmate in Clay County by name, visit the Clay County Sheriff’s inmate search page and enter the first and last name into the designated fields. Make sure to try alternate name spellings if you don’t get immediate results.

You can also filter by gender, race, age range, and other parameters to isolate your search if you only have partial identity information.

Search by Booking Number

Every inmate booked into the Clay County jail system is assigned a unique booking number. Having this booking number readily available can expedite the process of locating accurate matches.

To perform an inmate search by booking, enter the full booking number with no spaces or dashes. Partial booking numbers may also return results but having the full identifier guarantees precise matches.

Who’s Currently In Jail?

To view the most up-to-date roster of inmates currently detained in Clay County, use the online lookup and select the ‘Currently In Custody’ status filter. Always double-check names for accuracy when dealing with common surnames.

Verify Release Status

The easiest way to check if someone has been released from Clay County’s custody is by performing a quick search by name or booking number. If the search returns no records found, chances are that the individual has been released.

However, you can also filter inmate search results by release date ranges if you need to pinpoint exact release details.

Clay County Inmate Details

A Clay County inmate search provides more than just names and booking numbers. Listed below are some key pieces of additional information commonly obtained from these lookups.

  • Clay County Jail Address: Clay County Detention Center 901 South Liberty Street Liberty, MO 64068
  • Mugshot Photos: Mugshot images are displayed next to each inmate listing.
  • Criminal Charges: Pending and past offenses will be shown with offense type and bond amounts.
  • Booking Dates: The date and often time of booking will be provided.
  • Court Dates: Upcoming court dates associated with a case will be listed.
  • Bail/Bond Info: Current bail/bond status and amounts can be quickly verified.
  • Inmate Status: Shows if the detainee has been released, transferred facility, etc.
  • Visitation Schedule: Hours and rules for in-person visits are detailed.
  • Inmate Phone Calls/Mail: Phone number and mailing address provided for contact.
  • Inmate Release Dates: Projected release date estimates can be viewed.
  • Clay County Fugitives: Wanted persons are searchable in the Sheriff’s records.
  • Clay County Most Wanted: High-profile fugitive details and rewards listed.
  • Clay County Crime Stats: Data on area crime rates searchable by type.
  • Public Records Requests: Information on requesting records from the county.
  • Clay County Warrant Search: Active warrants listed in public database searches.
  • Additional Legal Resources: Links provided for inmate legal aid services.

As you can see, Clay County offers comprehensive inmate details across dozens of data points. Having all this information readily available in a user-friendly search platform is extremely valuable for the public.

Checking Clay County Inmate Status and Release Dates

If you have successfully identified a specific inmate, the next step is tracking their status and release date. Here are some tips:

  • The Clay County Jail inmate roster provides real-time updates on the inmate’s housing unit and bond status. Check here first for the current status.
  • Call the Clay County Jail at (904) 529-6029 to verify bond status or release date with personnel directly.
  • Some online record sites like VINELink allow you to sign up for alerts when the inmate has an updated release date or is transferred.
  • Depending on charges, an inmate’s expected Clay County release date may also be available on the public roster or arrest records. However, these dates are not always precise.

Understanding an inmate’s release date and any holds or pending charges is useful for contacting them or planning a visit after release.

Contact Clay County Sheriff’s Office to verify dates and get more personalized information on the inmate’s status from staff.

Contacting Inmates at Clay County Jail

To be able to call or mail a letter to someone detained in Clay County Jail, follow these steps:

  • Call (904) 529-6029 for the Clay County Jail phone number and mailing address.
  • Have the Clay County inmate’s name and identification number ready for reference.
  • Be prepared to set up an approved prepaid account for phone calls.
  • Mail a letter including the recipient’s full name and identification for delivery.
  • Send an e-mail through the Clay County Sheriff’s Office Communication Portal.
  • Inmates may have access to video visits and messaging depending on housing unit restrictions. Ask jail staff for details.

Phone calls and mail should always reference the full inmate name and ID number to ensure accurate delivery. Be aware that all communication is subject to monitoring and recording.

Contact Clay County Jail Administration for the most up-to-date policies on correspondence.

Visiting Hours and Rules for Clay County Jail

To visit an inmate in person at Clay County Jail, visitors must adhere to the following visitation program rules:

  • Visiting hours are on Sundays from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Visitors must register through Visitation Scheduling in advance
  • Visitors must have valid, government-issued photo ID
  • Minors must be accompanied by a parent/guardian
  • Items permitted: Identification, cash, car keys
  • Physical contact is strictly prohibited
  • Inappropriate behavior may lead to denied entry

Visitors are encouraged to dress modestly and avoid wearing grey or orange colors. Be sure to contact the Clay County Jail Administration with any other visit-related questions before scheduling. Compliance with all posted regulations ensures the process runs smoothly.

Tips For Clay County Inmate Searches

  • Always try multiple name spelling variations
  • Use middle names/initials to isolate common names
  • Search by booking number for definite matches
  • Note booking dates to determine release status
  • Check court dates for case status updates
  • Double-check bail/bond amounts when posting
  • Lookup rules before scheduling visitations
  • Verify mailing address for sending letters
  • Check the visitation calendar before traveling to the facility
  • Search recent bookings for the latest entries

About the Clay County Sheriff’s Office

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office manages and operates the Clay County Detention Center and inmate population.

As an accredited law enforcement agency, their team of sworn officers provides key safety and security services to residents across Clay County’s diverse communities.

Contacting the CCSO

Address: 901 South Liberty Street
Liberty, MO 64068

Phone: (816) 407-3700


Citizens can call or email the Clay County Sheriff’s Office for non-emergency assistance, questions about the inmate lookup process, public records fulfillment, warrant confirmations, sex offender registry verification, and other services.


I hope this guide has helped explain the various options and strategies for performing a comprehensive Clay County inmate search. Whether you need to lookup a family member or friend, verify a warrant or release date, find mugshots, or simply research the inmate population – the tips outlined above should set you on the right path.

Remember to bookmark the Clay County Sheriff’s Office website and inmate search portal for quick future access. And don’t hesitate to contact them via phone or email if you have any unresolved questions.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your Clay County inmate information searches!

FAQs – Clay County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Clay County Jail?

Use the online Clay County Jail inmate search portal, or call the jail to inquire about an inmate by providing their first and last name or booking number.

Where is Clay County Jail located?

Clay County Jail is located at 915 North Orange Avenue, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043.

Can I visit an inmate in Clay County Jail?

Yes, Clay County Jail offers in-person visitation on Sundays from 9 AM to 3 PM. Visitors must register in advance online and provide a valid photo ID.

Can I call an inmate at Clay County Jail?

Yes, you can call an inmate at Clay County Jail by setting up a prepaid account and having the inmate’s name and ID number to reference during calls.

How can I send money to a Clay County inmate?

Money can be deposited into an inmate’s account online, over the phone, at lobby kiosks, or through money orders/cashier’s checks mailed to the facility.

What information do I need to find someone in Clay County Jail?

At a minimum, you need the inmate’s first and last name. Additional details like date of birth, booking number, or ID number may help locate the right inmate.

How do I get arrest records from Clay County?

Clay County arrest records can be obtained from the Sheriff’s Office website portal, third-party sites like JailBase, or by formal records request to the Sheriff’s Records department.

How do I lookup Clay County arrest mugshots?

Mugshot photos can be found along with corresponding arrest details through the Sheriff’s inmate search portal or arrest database.

Where are Clay County criminal records located?

Clay County criminal records are maintained by the Clerk of Courts Office and can be searched through their online case lookup.

How do I find court dates for a Clay County inmate?

Upcoming court dates may be available on the inmate roster. You can also contact the appropriate Clay County courthouse that is handling the case.

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