Lamar County Inmate Search

Are you trying to find information on someone currently incarcerated in the Lamar County Jail in Mississippi? Conducting a Lamar County inmate search can provide valuable insights into an individual’s recent criminal history, charges, bail status, and other important details.

This guide will walk through the key things to know about researching Lamar County jail inmates, from understanding inmate records to looking up vital information to find inmates in Lamar County.

Inmate Search Options for Lamar County Jail

The primary avenues for searching for Lamar County inmates are through the Lamar County Sheriff’s website and third-party online inmate look-up services. Both options allow you to search for inmates by name or booking number.

Lamar County Sheriff’s Office Website

The official Lamar County Sheriff’s Office website hosts an online jail inmate search function.

To use the Sheriff’s inmate locator:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “I want to… ” drop-down menu.
  3. Select “Inmate Search.”
  4. A roster of current Lamar County Jail inmates will appear.
  5. Use the search filters or browse the list alphabetically.
  6. Click on an inmate’s name for full arrest details and mugshot.

This free public inmate look-up displays active Lamar County Jail inmates’:

  • Booking date
  • Expected release date
  • Bail amounts
  • Mugshot
  • Full list of charges

One downside is that this Lamar County Sheriff inmate search only shows current detainees. It does not provide records on past prisoners or Lamar County arrest records.

For those, you’ll need to use a third-party search site.

Online Inmate Search Websites

Paid inmate lookup services have complete Lamar County jail records beyond the current inmates listed on the Sheriff’s roster.

These sites gather public data from the Lamar County court system and jail to create full detainee profiles. Their inmate records typically include:

  • Mugshots
  • Criminal charges
  • Bail and bond status
  • Release date
  • Arrest details
  • Conviction history
  • Incarceration sentences
  • Visitor Policies

This additional information allows you to conduct detailed searches for past and current Lamar County Jail inmates.

Top third-party Lamar County inmate search sites include:

  • Vinelink – Free search portal run by the state of Mississippi
  • JailBase – Paid inmate records database
  • Intelius – Public records search engine with jail lookups
  • CarePackages – Inmate care package delivery service with roster

These third-party services compile their Lamar County inmate data from public court and arrest logs to create detailed prisoner profiles.

How to Locate Someone in Lamar County Jail

If your search turns up no records on the Lamar County Sheriff’s inmate lookup or third-party sites, the person may have been:

  • Released
  • Transferred
  • Never booked under the name you searched

Other steps to take in your efforts to find someone in Lamar County Jail include:

  • Expand your search parameters – Try alternate name spellings, middle names, aliases, etc.
  • Contact the jail – Call the Lamar County Detention Center at 601-794-1005. The staff can check booking records and locate specific inmates.
  • Check court records – Look for recent cases involving the individual to see if they were arrested and bonded out or faced formal charges.
  • Contact area law enforcement – The arresting agency, like the Purvis Police Department, may have additional information on detainees.
  • Hire a private investigator – Licensed PIs have access to expunged and non-public records that jail search websites don’t include.

Being persistent is key, as locating someone in jail sometimes involves piecing together records from multiple sources.

Lamar County Inmate Records

When searching Lamar County inmate records and mugshots, it helps to know what each element of a detainee’s profile means so you can obtain useful information.

Inmate Housing Location

The Lamar County Jail is located at:

701 Shelby Speights Drive
Purvis, MS 39475

The jail’s phone number is 601-794-1005.

Inmates are housed according to security classification, with separate cell blocks for:

  • Minimum security detainees
  • Medium security
  • Maximum security
  • Holding cells for new bookings
  • Medical unit
  • Disciplinary segregation
  • Protective custody

Knowing an inmate’s cell location provides insight into the severity of their charges and overall profile.

Booking Date

An inmate’s booking date tells you when they were incarcerated in the Lamar County Jail. Comparing this to arrest records and case files indicates if they were denied bail, failed to bond out, or bonded out and later recommitted.

Recent bookings may still be awaiting arraignment or formal charges by the District Attorney’s Office. Old booking dates signify the detainee has been behind bars for longer pre-trial or was sentenced on previous convictions.


Lamar County Sheriff’s Office inmate mugshots provide visual identification of detainees along with:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Distinguishing marks like tattoos

Mug shot photos are taken during intake booking procedures. Newer images indicate a recent arrest while older mugshots may show physical changes over longer incarceration periods.

Criminal Charges

Lamar County Jail inmates face a variety of misdemeanor and felony allegations like:

  • Drug crimes
  • DUI
  • Assault
  • Theft
  • Weapons offenses
  • Domestic violence
  • Probation violations

The charging statute and offense descriptions demonstrate the type and severity of crimes the detainee was arrested for. Multiple charges likely mean they will face stricter bail terms and sentencing if convicted.

Bail and Bond Status

Searching Lamar County bail bonds and inmate bonding information informs you if the prisoner has been:

  • Released pre-trial on bond – They paid the full bail amount to the court and were discharged with instructions to return for later court dates.
  • Out on surety bond – The inmate or their surety (co-signer) made a pledge or payment to a bail bonds company, who posted the full bail amount with the court to secure their release.
  • Currently behind bars with granted bail – Judges have set bail terms but the inmate has not made bond payment arrangements yet.
  • In jail with no bond – No bail was set, meaning the detainee must stay incarcerated until trial or sentencing.

If you cannot locate a recently arrested inmate in the Lamar County Jail, checking their bond status tells you if they have bonded out or were transferred to county, state corrections, or federal detention.

Projected and Actual Release Dates

Every Lamar County inmate’s record will feature a projected release date estimate, calculated based on their average length of stay and processing times. This date factors in pre-trial confinement periods, potential plea deals, and typical sentences for their alleged crimes.

However, actual release times depend on many variables:

  • Making bail
  • Case dismissal
  • Plea bargains
  • Parole eligibility
  • Overcrowding releases
  • Good behavior reductions
  • Completed jail terms

Once a detainee is physically released, their online inmate profile is removed from the active roster. Checking release data informs you if an inmate is still behind bars, completed their sentence, or exits ahead of schedule.

How to Lookup Lamar County Arrest Records, Warrants, and Criminal Charges Online

The Lamar County criminal court system maintains additional incarceration and arrest records beyond the jail’s inmate roster.

These court networks feature publicly searchable databases for current and past:

  • Inmates
  • Arrest records
  • Warrants
  • Charges
  • Case proceedings
  • Criminal histories/rap sheets

Official statewide criminal record repositories that hold Lamar County information include:

These sources contain Lamar County court files not found in the basic jail inmate search systems. Third-party background check services also pull data from the county court network.

Formal arrest records, case proceedings, warrants issued, charges filed, and final case outcomes provide a much fuller profile than a detention center booking blotter can deliver on its own.

How to Lookup Lamar County Sheriff’s Office Jail Roster Contact Info

The Lamar County Jail makes inmate contact straightforward for approved friends, family, and attorneys.

Use the following Lamar County Sheriff’s Office jail communication channels:


In-person visit hours are:

Mondays from 1 pm to 5 pm
Saturdays from 8 am to 12 pm

Visitors must have verified ID and approval on the inmates’ authorized guest list. Minors must be accompanied by an approved guardian.

Phone calls

Inmates can only place phone calls through the jail’s private provider – IC Solutions. Call rates start at $1.50 for the initial minute and 8-10 cents per minute after.

Recipient phone numbers must be registered on the detainee’s pre-approved list. Each prisoner gets 300 minutes of call time per month.

Money transfers

Inmates cannot receive money directly. You can deposit funds digitally into their Lamar County jail commissary account using:

  • MoneyGram
  • Western Union

Commissary account money lets prisoners buy approved items like snacks, writing supplies, and basic hygiene products.


Inmates can receive approved mail at:

Inmate’s Name
Lamar County Detention Center
701 Shelby Speights Drive
Purvis, MS 39475

All mail is inspected for prohibited materials and subject to delivery delays.


The Lamar County Jail does not offer inmate email services.

Lamar County Inmate Services

If you have a friend or loved one serving time in the Lamar County Detention Center, this inmate services breakdown tells you what services are provided and how they operate:

Medical Care

A healthcare provider is onsite and inmates have access to medical attention for illness and injuries along with:

  • Triage services
  • Medications
  • Crisis intervention
  • Substance abuse support

Serious medical issues result in detainee transfers to area hospitals.

Meals and Dietary Accommodations

All inmates get three meals per day that meet basic caloric and nutritional requirements.

Diet accommodations are made for:

  • Medical issues
  • Religious needs
  • Vegetarian preferences

Commissary and Property Storage

Purchases from the Lamar County Jail commissary supplement standard jail meals and issue items. Friends and family can deposit funds digitally into a prisoner’s spending account.

Inmates store unauthorized personal property in secured storage onsite. Items are inventoried, cataloged, and accessible for retrieval upon release.

Inmate Privileges

Model inmates at the Lamar County Detention Center can earn additional privileges like:

  • Extra visitation
  • TV access
  • Game availability
  • Commissary incentives
  • Program Participation

Privileges encourage compliance and allow inmates to serve their time productively.

Rehab Programs

The jail provides access to faith-based ministry services and union trade readiness initiatives.

FAQs – Lamar County Inmates

Can I get an inmate out of Lamar County Jail?

If you want to get an inmate released from Lamar County Detention early, your options are limited to:

  • Posting their set bail amount
  • Hiring defense counsel to petition for bond reconsideration or release on recognizance
  • Providing evidence to incentivize a plea bargain with reduced or suspended sentencing

Are Lamar County Jail phone calls recorded?

Yes, all Lamar County inmate phone conversations are digitally monitored and recorded, except for privileged legal communications.

Can you visit someone in Lamar County Jail?

Yes, approved visitors can attend visitation sessions on Mondays and Saturdays at the Lamar County Detention Center. You must submit the required ID verification and paperwork to get visitation approval for specific inmates.

Does Lamar County Jail provide transportation to court?

Yes, Lamar County Sheriff’s Office transports jail inmates to required municipal, district, county, state, and federal court appearances.

What items can you bring to Lamar County Jail inmates?

You cannot directly give anything to Lamar County detainees. Approved items must be purchased through the inmate commissary system.

Families can digitally deposit funds in prisoners’ facility spending accounts to let them buy permissible commissary products.

How can I locate someone who was arrested in Lamar County?

You can search for arrest records on the Lamar County Sheriff’s website, Vinelink, or using a third-party inmate locator service that compiles booking data from the County jail.

Does Lamar County Jail have an online roster?

Yes, the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office website hosts a free inmate lookup tool that displays active detainees in their jail facility.

Where do I call to find out inmate release dates in Lamar County?

Contact the Lamar County Detention Center records office at 601-794-1005 to inquire about specific inmate release dates that are not posted publicly online.

How much is bail at Lamar County Jail?

Bail and bond amounts vary widely based on the detainee’s charges and prior records. The simplest way to check a specific inmate’s bond status is by searching their name on the Sheriff’s inmate roster.

How long can you be held in Lamar County Jail without charges?

Inmates can generally only be detained for 48 hours without formal charges being filed. Detainees must then be released or brought before a judge, magistrate, or grand jury.

What online system does Lamar County Jail use for records?

The Lamar County Sheriff’s Office uses an on-premise agency management system to store and access booking data records, mugshots, warrants, and inmate files.

Where are Lamar County arrest records published?

Arrests made by Lamar County Sheriff’s deputies are a matter of public record. Arrest logs may be published in local newspapers or available through online criminal record searches.

How far back do online inmate search records go?

Online prison lookup sites may house data for the past several years. However historical records are most accessible from the County Court network or Mississippi State repositories.

What can disqualify visitors to Lamar County Jail?

The jail may bar visitors with past convictions, incomplete applications, dress code violations, lacking ID, contraband, or that pose security risks.

Does the state or county operate Lamar County Jail?

Lamar County Sheriff’s Office manages and oversees the local county detention center that houses pre-trial detainees and county-sentenced inmates.


The Lamar County Sheriff’s website and third-party prison records services allow you to successfully search inmates housed in the local jail.

Understanding key information like housing assignments, booking dates, bail status, mugshots, criminal charges, and release data gives you valuable insights into detainees.

Checking court system networks provides their complete Lamar County arrest records and warrants. Contacting the jail supplies options for visitation, phone calls, money transfers, mail, medical care, and getting answers to FAQs.

With the inmate search tips provided here, you can now easily navigate Lamar County incarceration records.

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