Dale County Inmate Search

Searching for an incarcerated individual in Dale County, Alabama can be done easily online through the Dale County Jail inmate lookup. This guide provides information on how to locate inmates in the Dale County Jail system, view mugshots and criminal charges, search by booking number or name, and find additional criminal records and court case information.

Finding Inmates in the Dale County Jail

The main facility for holding inmates arrested in Dale County is the Dale County Jail located in Ozark, Alabama. To search the inmate population and lookup information on someone housed in this correctional facility, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Dale County Sheriff’s Office website inmate search page. This can be found at www.dalecosheriff.com.
  2. Click on the “Inmate List” link in the “Quick Links” menu on the left side of the page. This will open the Dale County Jail Inmate Search lookup.
  3. You can browse the full inmate list alphabetically, or search by first name, last name, or booking number if known.
  4. Search results will display the inmate’s name, age, booking date, expected release date, total bond amount owed, and current housing location within the jail. Mugshots can also be viewed if available.
  5. You can click an inmate’s name to pull up the full booking report with additional details like arresting agency, date of birth, a complete list of pending charges, case numbers, and next scheduled court dates for ongoing legal proceedings.

This online lookup allows you to easily search inmates in Dale County and find key data like full names, mugshots, booking details, charges, offenses, and release dates for those incarcerated. Information is provided directly by the Dale County Sheriff’s Office the operator of the county jail system.

Searching Dale County Inmate Records by Name

When performing an inmate search in Dale County Alabama, you can lookup current and past inmates directly by name through the online lookup search fields:

  • Use the text search boxes to look up inmates by first name, last name, or both together.
  • Search by common nicknames or aliases if the legal name is unknown.
  • Search by first initial if the full legal first name is unclear.
  • Use partial last name spellings or similar spellings to cover name variations.
  • Attempt multiple searches with different name spellings to account for errors.
  • Middle names and suffix abbreviations can also be used to refine name searches if known.
  • Without a name, locate inmates just using the booking reference number.

Name searches make finding a specific person’s incarceration status quick and easy. The broad Alabama inmate search across multiple counties and prison facilities can be difficult, so using this Dale County-specific lookup by name helps isolate inmate matches within just this county’s system.

Finding Inmates in Dale County by Booking Number

Every inmate who passes through intake and booking into the Dale County Jail is assigned a unique reference number for tracking within the inmate management system. This number can be used to quickly find inmates in Dale County through the online search:

  • Enter the Dale County booking number in the designated search field.
  • Numbers are typically 8-12 digits long, with letters and dashes sometimes included.
  • Booking numbers stay associated with an inmate through their entire stay, including after release.
  • Past inmates can also be searched using this permanent identification number.
  • If unknown, booking numbers can be obtained from court records, arrest details, or law enforcement case files related to incarceration.

Having the exact booking number will display the matching inmate instantly without needing any additional information. This number serves as the top way to locate inmates in Ozark, Alabama as well as narrow down your specific incarcerated individual of interest.

Viewing Dale County Jail Mugshots

Along with locating basic inmate identification details, you can also access & view mugshots of Dale County inmates through the online lookup site. Steps include:

  • Perform inmate name or booking number search to bring up a specific inmate match.
  • On the inmate’s detail record, scroll down to the “Main Photo” section.
  • Click the “Click to view larger image” link.
  • This opens the inmate’s mugshot in a separate browser tab/window.
  • Right-click the mugshot image and “Save image as…” to your computer or device.
  • Images are .jpg files stored by the inmate’s name and/or booking number.
  • Mugshots provide visual confirmation of incarceration and inmate identity when available.

Mugshots complete an inmate lookup search by connecting a name and records to the individual’s current booking photo. This can help confirm you have matched the correct Dale County inmate based on visual identification.

Searching Inmate Details

Beyond just locating an incarcerated person by name or number, the Dale County Jail Inmate Search system provides additional key details in every inmate booking record:

  • Age – Date of birth is included, with current age calculated based on incarceration booking date.
  • Housing Location – Specific cell number and housing unit within the county jail complex.
  • Booking Date – Date and time of initial booking and intake processing into the facility.
  • Projected Release Date – Estimated date the inmate may be discharged based on charges, bail/bond status, and sentence timeframes.
  • Arresting Agency – The Department responsible for the arrest leading to booking, such as Ozark Police, Dale County Sheriffs, Alabama Highway Patrol, etc.
  • Assigned Cell Number – If transferred internally, the new jail cell location is updated.
  • Court Dates – Scheduled appearances before a judge for ongoing case proceedings and sentencing.
  • Charges – Complete list of current offenses and associated case numbers causing incarceration.
  • Mugshots – Booking photos showing inmate appearance during the intake process after arrest.
  • Bond Amounts – Total bond or bail dollar amounts owed for potential inmate release pending trial or hearings.

These additional inmate details go beyond just a name to provide actionable information on those booked and processed for detainment within the county corrections system.

How to Lookup Dale County Inmate Charges and Offenses

Arrest charges and criminal offenses are key components of Dale County inmate search Alabama reports. This information on incarceration reasons and case details can be valuable for a variety of needs, like:

  • Seeking details on loved ones or acquaintances who were arrested.
  • Conducting background searches on potential employees, contractors, or tenants with possible criminal histories.
  • Research by legal professionals and criminal justice personnel for case management requirements.
  • Assisting bail bonds companies and incarceration support groups in helping arrange representation and release options.
  • Investigating incidents that led to someone’s arrest and detainment by law enforcement officials.
  • Reporting by media and journalists looking into notable arrest cases or developing crime trends.

On an inmate’s detailed record, pending charges are typically displayed along with related court case numbers, such as:

  • Charge Name – Descriptor of the type of criminal offense, like “Domestic Assault” or “Possession of a Controlled Substance”.
  • Charge Counts – Number of charges that person is facing for that specific offense if more than one violation.
  • Level – Classification based on severity, such as misdemeanor, non-person felony, or class-level felonies graded by state definitions.
  • Case Number – Specific reference number assigned by the court system to track the legal proceedings related to that charge.
  • Case Agency – Indicates which law enforcement agency made the arrest or referred the case details to prosecutors that led to booking.
  • Warrant Numbers – Associated active arrest warrant reference numbers may also be listed if applicable.

Having access to open charges and case details provides clarity into what specific offenses resulted in incarceration within the Dale County Jail following an arrest.

This information combined with mugshots and personal characteristics makes online inmate reports a comprehensive source for background research purposes.

Searching Current Inmates in Dale County

At any given time, there are typically 50-200 inmates that are currently being detained in Dale County Jail in Ozark pending hearings, trials, or serving short county-level sentences. When performing an inmate search in Dale County Alabama, you can filter results to only display these current on-site inmates:

  • From the homepage, use the “Currently Housed Inmates” link under the Search menu.
  • This will bypass inmates who have already been released or transferred out of the facility.
  • Search filters can then be used to look up inmates from this current roster just like regular search results.
  • Current housing location, booking status, projected release dates, and on-site mugshots help confirm “currently incarcerated” status details versus past inmates no longer held in the county jail.
  • By focusing searches on present bookings only, lookup accuracy is improved when trying to find someone in custody.

Knowing an inmate is still actively detained within the county system provides better clarity on their case status, ability to have visitations, and eligibility for participating in bail bond or release programs.

How to Lookup Inmate Release Dates

After looking up a specific current or past inmate, their expected release date is listed on the online inmate search results from the Dale County Jail system. Upcoming release dates are important for:

  • Friends and relatives awaiting a loved one’s discharge from the facility.
  • Victims and concerned citizens monitor offender custody status pending any other ongoing cases or charges.
  • Legal aid groups assist with re-entry planning and support programs leading up to release.
  • Third-party services arrange transportation upon discharge.
  • Law enforcement agencies and probation offices track offender status, sentences, and turnover reporting statistics.

Release dates help coordinate timely pick-ups, schedule follow-up hearings, ensure sentencing requirements are met before discharge, and allow for a smooth transition back into the community upon completion of an inmate’s detainment.

Some key factors that impact actual inmate release dates in Dale County include:

  • Bail/Bond Payments – A bond amount set by the court, availability of bond payment, and completion of the bail process.
  • Case Resolutions – Guilty pleas, charges dropped/dismissed, court decrees on sentences to be served.
  • Good Behavior Credits – Time credits for good conduct and program participation while incarcerated.
  • Jail Transfers – Movement from jail to prison facilities under the state corrections department.
  • Community Supervision Terms – Probation, parole, or supervised release programs with transition planning.

An ongoing review of projected release timing is recommended, as many circumstances can change final discharge dates for Dale County inmates leading up to their freedom.

How to Find Inmate Court Dates and Hearing Details

While incarcerated in the Dale County Jail, inmates have various court dates and hearings scheduled as their criminal cases are processed through the local judicial system. These courtroom appearances and associated case events include:

  • Arraignments – Inmate enters initial not guilty/guilty plea for charges after arrest.
  • Preliminary Hearings – Proof of probable cause for charges is presented by the prosecution.
  • Pre-Trial Conferences – Case evidence is reviewed and plea deals may be negotiated with judge input.
  • Trial Dates – Full trials by jury or bench trials by a judge only take place.
  • Sentencing Dates – Final punishments are handed down by the court upon conviction.
  • Status Conferences – Check-ins between all parties to assess case progression as needed.

To lookup upcoming court events for a Dale County inmate, check their:

  • Booking Report – The next court date/time is shown for the latest scheduled hearing.
  • Case Numbers – Match court dates on public docket calendars available online or by calling the clerk’s office.
  • Charges List – Associate upcoming hearings shown on court schedules with specific case numbers.
  • Court Proceeding Type – Arraignments first, preliminary hearings next leading up to trials, and sentencing later on.

Closely monitoring court events ensures you don’t miss any critical case activities or court-mandated appearances for the inmate.

Quick access to this court schedule information aids legal coordinators, family members, public records search specialists, and other interested parties supporting active inmate cases.

Inmate Search by Criminal Charges in Dale County

Digging deeper into actual criminal offenses and associated case details can be done using the Alabama inmate search resources specific to Dale County:

  • Dale County Court Records – Search by name or case number to find exact charges filed, case documents, future court events, convictions, and final sentencing statuses imposed by the courts.
  • Dale County Arrest Records – Arrest records detail original charges recorded by law enforcement at the time the inmate was taken into custody and list arresting agency report numbers for additional case background details and evidence.
  • Alabama Criminal Records Search – Statewide databases can provide a full history of prior convictions across multiple counties, cities, and correctional facilities to uncover previous offenses not just limited to recent arrest charges.
  • Alabama Sex Offender Registry Search – Special databases exist listing convicted sex crime offenders with mugshots, full names and aliases, last known addresses, conviction histories, and employer information details to aid in public awareness and safety.

Digging deeper into court and arrest records by specific charge types and case numbers provides more comprehensive insight into the exact offenses and legal violations resulting in jail time for Dale County inmates.

How to Find Mugshots for Inmates Booked in the Dale County Jail

Along with connecting records and offenses to incarcerated individuals, the inmate lookup system also provides digital mugshots of Dale County Jail inmates through the online booking system. Once matched to a specific inmate, steps to access their mugshot photo include:

  • Locate the desired inmate using name search or booking number search.
  • On the inmate’s detail profile page, scroll down to the “Main Photo” section.
  • Click the link to “Click here to view larger image”.
  • The mugshot image will open in a separate browser tab/window.
  • Right-click the image and choose “Save image as…” to download the photo file to your computer.
  • Photos are stored as. JPG files with inmate’s name and/or booking number.
  • Images show inmate appearance at the time intake booking process.

Having the visual mugshots to match the incarcerated individual to data records and charges filed against them provides further confirmation you have identified the correct person of interest.

Options to Lookup Inmate Records for Free

All lookup services provided through the official Dale County Sheriff’s Office inmate search website are fully free including:

  • Inmate Booking Reports
  • Pending Charges List
  • Case Numbers
  • Projected Release Dates
  • Court Events Schedules
  • Housing Locations
  • Arresting Agency Details
  • Admission & Release Dates
  • Basic Personal Characteristics
  • Visual Mugshots
  • Browsing Full Jail Roster
  • Search By Inmate Names
  • Search By Booking Number

No login accounts, membership fees, or account subscriptions are needed. The public information provided aims to promote the free exchange of inmate data as required by open records laws and facilitate community assistance programs.

Third-party inmate search services also typically offer this Dale County inmate lookup for free with registration:

  • Bail Bonds Assistance Resources
  • Legal Aid Associations
  • Government Re-Entry Partners
  • Personal Background Screening
  • Public Record Aggregator Sites

However, some sites do charge user fees for unlimited use, advanced background reports, phone and messaging notifications, and custom research assistance. Yet initial inmate searches are largely provided gratis as a starting point across most online services.

Searching for Dale County Inmates by Other Criteria

While searches by name and booking number make finding a specific inmate easy, you can also look up Dale County Jail inmates by using filters:

  • Gender – Results can be limited to only female or male inmates.
  • Age – Filter by minimum/maximum age ranges for narrower results.
  • Housing Location – Specific area of the jail facility.
  • Inmate Status – Only still “currently housed” inmates versus past releases.
  • Date Range Filters – By booking dates and release date estimates.
  • Charges – Some broad filtering by major offense categories.
  • Mugshots – Scan for possible visual matches as well to aid identification when needed.

Using a combination of filters in addition to just names or booking data expands options to drill down results to find incarcerated individuals matching very specific parameters.

Obtaining Copies of Dale County Inmate Records

After locating specific Dale County inmates online, additional steps are required to pull full legal copies of their records from county offices:

  • Booking Jackets – Arrest details, intake forms, bail/bond paperwork, medical/property forms, mugshot prints.
  • Criminal Court Case Files – Motions, evidence exhibits, testimony transcripts, attorney filings, final dispositions.
  • Jail Medical Records – Health evaluations, diagnosis notes, lab tests, prescribed medications, substance abuse assessments.
  • Psychiatric Evaluations – Competency reports, mental wellness notes, and specialist observations (if separate from medical reports).
  • Incident and Discipline Reports – Infarction, use of force events, administrative penalties charged while incarcerated.

Requesting Copies of Inmate Records

To obtain full legal copies of inmate records from the Dale County Sheriff’s Office, you must print and complete an Inmate Records Request Form available online at:

  • www.dalecosheriff.com (scroll to “Inmate Records Request” section)
  • The form asks for general requester info, signature, and desired documents to release
  • Inmates can request their records with signed release consent
  • Third parties need certified court orders or POA consent forms
  • Government agencies have some direct access exemptions
  • Medical/mental health records need additional HIPAA release waivers
  • Criminal histories require signed privacy waivers from involved parties

Authenticated record copies involve admin fees per page rates, copy/printing charges, and notary or certification issuance fees mandated by county and state statutes.

Getting Background Check Authorizations

To order inmate histories legally, certain background check consent forms completed by involved inmates are needed such as:

  • FCRA Permissible Use – Fair Credit Reporting Act form for employment/tenant screening background checks.
  • GINA Disclosures – Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act form.
  • ABSS Release – Authorization form specific to criminal record lookups.
  • HIPAA Release – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act form for medical histories.
  • FERPA Release – Educational records consent under Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act laws.
  • Auditing Agreements – Ensures searching agencies stay compliant with electronic access monitoring rules while pulling specified records.

These permission documents ensure the background search process follows both federal and Alabama open records laws. Private lookup services normally provide the necessary consent templates that just need inmate signatures authorizing formal release.

How to Lookup Alabama State Inmates

While this guide focused on inmates housed in Dale County, AL facilities, those looking to find records on current or past inmates held in Alabama Department of Corrections facilities should use:

  • ADOC Website – Online lookup tool for state prisons:
  • Call the Main Records Office
    • (334) 353-3883
  • Submit Records Request Form
    • Printable on the ADOC website
  • State-level inmate details
    • Convictions, movements between facilities, releases
  • Different search/records access procedures
  • Support parole boards, transitional programs
  • Interactions with county jail sentences

At the state level, inmate population volumes, data policies, operational jurisdictions, and records protocols differ significantly from Dale County jail processes.

Yet coordinated lookups between state and county systems provide a full picture of an Alabama inmate’s complete incarceration and criminal history statewide.


Conducting efficient Alabama inmate search lookups for Dale County requires accessing the official online records system operated by the county sheriff’s office available at www.dalecosheriff.com. Search filters and inmate name/number lookups on these free public records allow anyone to quickly find specific individuals detained locally.

Understanding the county jail booking process, reviewing inmate mugshots, and listing offenses filed provide transparency into the local criminal justice system.

These inmate search resources improve public safety awareness while supporting legal defenses, conviction appeals, background investigations, bail assistance groups, corrections reform programs, and post-release transitional support – helping improve systemic outcomes overall.

FAQs – Dale County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Dale County Jail?

Use the online inmate search at dalecosheriff.com or call the Dale County Jail at 334-598-2360 for assistance locating inmates.

Is Dale County Jail private or public?

The Dale County Jail is a public government-run correctional facility overseen by the Dale County Sheriff’s Office located in Ozark, Alabama.

Who runs the Dale County inmate search site?

The official Dale County inmate records search is powered and maintained by the Dale County Sheriff’s Office IT department servers.

Where do they send Dale County inmates after sentencing?

Inmates sentenced on state charges go to an Alabama Department of Corrections prison facility, while those with county sentences serve time at Dale County Jail or surrounding county jails.

How do you use Jailbase for inmate search?

Jailbase is a third-party inmate locator covering multiple states and counties including some Alabama jails, but does not include current access to Dale County inmate records.

Is there a way to look up inmates online for free?

Yes, the official Dale County Sheriff’s Office provides free public inmate record searches on their website at dalecosheriff.com with no login or account required.

How can I look up statewide Alabama inmates?

The Alabama Department of Corrections website provides a free public inmate search tool for those incarcerated in Alabama state prisons at http://www.doc.alabama.gov.

Where are Dale County criminal court records available?

Physical Dale County court files can be accessed at the courthouse, while digital records can often be found using online public court access portals with possible lookup fees depending on usage.

Where can I find the Dale County Jail mugshots online?

Inmate mugshot photos can be viewed and downloaded when searching individual inmate results using the Dale County Sheriff’s Office online lookup tool.

How do I look up criminal charges and convictions?

Search court system records, request a personal background check report, or have law enforcement agencies conduct fingerprint-based criminal history searches to uncover past cases resulting in convictions.

Can someone look up my criminal record without me knowing?

If consent allowances are not explicitly given, unauthorized searches against your name and data in restricted databases like the FBI could violate privacy laws with some third-party monitoring in place.

Is providing criminal background checks legal?

Yes, when properly authorized through consent forms or public records all mandated procedures are followed by national and state-level regulations.

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