Walker County Inmate Search

Locating an incarcerated person in the Walker County Jail or accessing their records can be a difficult process if you don’t know where to look.

This complete guide provides information and resources for searching for current and former inmates in Walker County, visiting rules and schedules, bail and bond assistance, inmate services, and more.

We’ll cover everything you need to know to utilize the various Walker County inmate search options.

How to Find Someone in Walker County Jail

If your friend, family member, or loved one has been detained in Walker County, there are a couple of options for locating them.

The fastest and most efficient way is by using the official Walker County Jail online lookup tool. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to www.walkersheriff.com
  2. Click on “Jail Inmate Search”
  3. Enter the inmate’s first and last name OR booking number
  4. View matching records with mugshot, charges, bond amount, etc.
  5. Click the booking number to access visiting rules and additional details

This free online lookup system allows you to search current Walker County Jail inmate records directly from the Walker County Sheriff’s Office website. For assistance from jail staff, you can also call 256-302-2715.

You can click on this link to learn how to find an inmate by name

Check Walker County Booking Records and Arrest Info

The Walker County Jail maintains public booking and arrest records on its website that you can access to learn more about a particular inmate’s charges, bond amounts, mugshots, and related info.

To look at Walker County booking records online:

  1. Go to www.walkersheriff.com
  2. Click on “Jail Records Search”
  3. Use first and last name OR booking number to search
  4. View arrest details including offenses, bond amounts, mugshot, etc.
  5. Use the booking number to look at related court dockets

Accessing these public booking records allows you to see the inmate’s list of charges, find their mugshot image, look at bond amounts, and identify expected court dates.

The Walker County inmate search and booking reports get updated immediately as detainees are processed through booking and intake procedures at the jail.

So checking regularly can provide the fastest updates.

Inmate Lookup by Booking Number

Every inmate who gets booked and processed into the Walker County Detention Facility is assigned a unique booking number for reference in jail and court records.

This booking number acts as an identifier and case file number that can be used to look up inmate details instead of a name if available.

To perform an inmate search by booking number in Walker County:

  1. Go to the official inmate search site
  2. Click the option for booking number search
  3. Enter 8 to 9-digit booking number
  4. View inmate details associated with that intake number

Being able to reference specific inmates by their Walker County booking number provides the most reliable search method if you have the exact number.

Jail staff can also use the number to look up inmate accounts, records, housing assignments, etc.

Search Mugshot Archives in Walker County

Many public records services provide search access to Walker County mugshot archives alongside criminal record history reports.

These sites compile booking mugshots and felony or misdemeanor photographs that you can browse to identify a specific inmate if needed.

Some top services for accessing mugshot records in Walker County include:

  • Georgia Arrests
  • SearchQuarry
  • Georgia Mugshots
  • Mugshots.com

Keep in mind that official law enforcement sources like the county jail provide mugshots for free, while third-party sites may charge access fees.

Find Release Dates for Walker County Inmates

The expected release date for Walker County jail inmates depends on the specific charges and whether they were provided bail/bond amounts.

Pre-trial inmates not yet convicted may wait months or longer before trial or entering pleas.

To look at individual inmate release dates in Walker County:

  • Call jail administration at 256-302-2715
  • Search for inmates on an online lookup tool
  • Identify the expected release or next court date
  • Contact the bail bonds company if the bail amount shown

Inmates sentenced after convictions generally serve a specific number of days determined during the trial before being released.

Jail staff handle all inmate discharges and can address specific release date questions.

Getting released from the county jail also depends on the inmate’s behavior and following rules. Major violations or new charges could extend their stay.

How to Visit an Inmate in Walker County Jail

To maintain security and proper operations, the Walker County Detention Center has strict inmate visitation rules and schedules in place. If you want to plan a visit, here is what you need to know:

Visitation Hours

  • Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • Monday through Friday visits by request only

Identification Needed

  • Valid government-issued photo ID
  • Must match Walker County inmate visitation list

Other Walker County Jail Visitation Rules

  • No weapons or contraband
  • Subject to search at entry
  • Must behave properly throughout the visit
  • Failure to follow rules/staff orders may lead to loss of visitation privileges

Be sure to consult the Walker County Sheriff’s Office website for additional visiting regulations and requirements. You can also call 256-302-2715 ahead of the visitation session.

Having an incarcerated loved one can be stressful. However, adhering to the correctional facility’s visitation policies is crucial so you don’t lose the privilege of seeing them while they serve their time.

Send Money to Inmate Commissary Accounts

In addition to organizing visitation, family and friends can also deposit funds in Walker County jail inmate accounts to pay for commissary goods, medical copays, phone services, and more.

To send money to an inmate, you must:

  • Create an account on www.GovPayNow.com
  • Specify the facility (Walker County Detention Center)
  • Enter inmate name and 9-digit booking number
  • Select the deposit amount and complete the payment

Money orders can also be mailed to the Walker County Jail (PO Box 357, Jasper, AL 35502) with the inmate’s name and booking ID written on them.

For questions on inmate accounts, you can call the jail administration line at 256-302-2715 or email them at [email protected].

Commissary funds allow those incarcerated to call loved ones, supplement their diet, and take care of basic hygiene needs.

How to Post Bail or Bond at Walker County Jail

Inmates booked on bailable offenses will have a bond amount set by the presiding judge to allow pre-trial release until case resolution or sentencing.

The responsibility of coordinating bail payments falls on friends, family members, or a hired bonding company who work on the detainee’s behalf.

The main options for posting bond/bail at Walker County Jail include:

  • Cash Bonds – Pay the full bail amount as set by the court.
  • Surety Bonds – Pay a bondsman a 10-15% fee instead of the full sum.
  • Property Bonds – Use property you own as collateral for the bond.

Bonds can usually be paid at the Walker County Jail finance office (PO Box 357, Jasper, AL 35502) by certified check, money order, or cash.

To expedite bail, hire a local bondsman who can write surety/signature bonds quickly.

The process of posting bail bonds for Walker County inmates often needs to move fast so detention stays remain as short as possible pre-trial or sentencing.

Search Walker County Arrest Warrants

When an individual in Walker County is wanted after committing an offense or missing a mandatory court appearance, judges can issue an active arrest warrant authorizing law enforcement to detain them.

Friends and family members searching for their whereabouts may want to look up if any open Walker County warrants exist in their name.

You have two options for checking for active Walker County warrants:

  1. Call the Walker County Sheriff’s criminal warrants division at 256-302-2715. Provide name and DOB for a warrant check.
  2. Search the online Walker County court records portal for any issued arrest warrants.

If active arrest warrants appear under the individual’s name from Walker County courts, it signals they missed a court date or probation meeting and that officers will apprehend them on sight to resolve the legal matter.

Lookup Walker County Crime Statistics

In researching county jails and inmate populations, many look for available Walker County crime statistics and data around arrests, convictions, incarcerations, and law enforcement activity.

Some of the best online resources for finding Walker County crime data include:

  • FBI Crime Data Explorer – arrest totals and trends
  • US Crime by County Explorer – annual totals by type
  • CityProtect.com – metrics maps and graphs
  • Homefacts.com– rates compared to state/national
  • Local Crime Statistics – data specific to the county jail

Evaluating these Walker County crime figures alongside inmate populations and trends can provide useful context. As can reviewing data across surrounding counties and communities in Alabama.

Contact Walker County Sheriff’s Office

If you still have questions regarding locating a specific Walker County jail inmate, scheduling visitation, providing bail assistance, or accessing records, you can contact the county jail administrators directly:

Walker County Sheriff’s Office
1410 19th St
Jasper, AL 35501

Phone: 256-302-2715

Email: [email protected]

The responsible Walker County Sheriff’s deputies and staff aim to deliver transparent access to incarcerated individuals along with resources to support inmate rehabilitation and successful reentry when sentences are complete.

Reach out to them with any Walker County inmate search or jail-related questions.


Finding public records on current and former Walker County jail inmates requires accessing the right online lookup tools, mugshot archives, court dockets, crime statistics portals, and law enforcement search options covered here.

Whether you are looking up a family member or researching an unfamiliar name from your local community, this guide provides both free and paid pathways to secure the information needed from Walker County incarceration and arrest records.

Remember to utilize official government tools like the Walker County inmate locator and court records portal as primary sources alongside trusted background check services if needed to run a comprehensive statewide search for fines, felonies, misdemeanors, and related criminal history documentation.

FAQs – Walker County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Walker County jail?

The easiest way is to use the Walker County Sheriff’s Office online jail inmate search tool at www.walkersheriff.com. You can search by first and last name or booking number. Or call the jail at 256-302-2715 for inmate record assistance.

Is there an online inmate search for Walker County jail?

Yes, the Walker County Sheriff’s Office provides an online jail roster search at www.walkersheriff.com where you can look up inmate records by first name, last name, or booking number.

What information is included in Walker County inmate records?

Walker County inmate records provide booking date, expected release date, mugshot photo, list of offenses charged, bond amounts, next court dates, and related criminal case details.

Can anyone visit an inmate at Walker County Jail?

Inmates housed at Walker County Detention Facility can have visitors during scheduled hours, but all visitors must be on the approved visitation list provided by the inmate and have valid photo ID.

How do I add money to a Walker County inmate account?

Friends and families can deposit funds in a Walker County inmate’s account online via GovPayNow.com or by mailing a money order to the Walker County Jail Finance Office (PO Box 357, Jasper, AL 35502).

How do I locate someone’s arrest records in Walker County?

You can search for Walker County arrest records on the Sheriff’s Office website jail records search or use background check services that compile statewide arrest data. Arrests are public records.

Where are Walker County arrest records and warrants listed?

The Walker County court clerk records portal lists active warrants. The Walker County Sheriff’s Office website updates arrest records on the jail records search shortly after booking.

What can friends or family do if someone is arrested in Walker County?

If someone recently got arrested in Walker County, friends or family members can use the online inmate search to find booking details and bail requirements.

They can then call 256-302-2715 or visit the jail if they need further assistance.

How can I look up Walker County inmate release dates?

Walker County inmate release dates depend on the specific charges and case factors. You can call the jail administration at 256-302-2715 or look up an inmate on the online search tool and identify the expected release or next court date.

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