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Free DeKalb County Inmate Search

Finding out vital information about an inmate incarcerated in the DeKalb County Jail system can bring peace of mind to friends and families. There are several ways to perform a DeKalb County Inmate Search and access arrest records, mugshots, release dates, visitation policies, and more.

This guide provides instructions on how to search DeKalb County inmates by photo, name, booking date, and ID number through the official DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office database and third-party search sites. We will cover conducting a DeKalb County inmate search on Facebook as well as using the DeKalb County inmate search app for mobile access.

How to Find Someone in DeKalb County Jail

If your loved one has been arrested in DeKalb County, Georgia, you likely want to locate them quickly to offer support. Here are the best ways to search for a person within the DeKalb County Jail system:

  • Use the DeKalb County Inmate Search Online – The quickest way to find an inmate is by using the DeKalb County Sheriff’s online search tool available on their official website. All you need is the inmate’s first and last name.
  • Search by Booking Date – Search for recently booked inmates in DeKalb County by entering a booking date range into the online search form.
  • Lookup by Inmate ID Number – Every inmate booked into the DeKalb County Jail system is assigned a unique ID number, which can be used to search for their records specifically.
  • Browse Recent Mugshots – The DeKalb County Jail may publish recent inmate mugshot photos and details on third-party sites like which allows searching DeKalb County mugshots by date.
  • Check the Release Schedule – If you are unsure of an inmate’s release date, call the DeKalb County Jail to inquire or check release calendars published online by some third-party sites.
  • Facebook Search for Inmates – Search for DeKalb County inmates on Facebook to see if they have recent activity or messages from friends and relatives about their arrest.

Overall, the quickest and most reliable method is using the official DeKalb County online search system. Read on to learn how to use this and other inmate search tools effectively.

DeKalb County Inmate Search Online

The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office provides official online inmate lookup services on its website for quick and reliable searches. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Hover over “Jail Division” and click on “Inmate Population Search”
  3. Enter the inmate’s first and last names
  4. Select optional filters like gender, race, age, etc. to refine the search
  5. Click “Search” to lookup inmates matching your criteria
  6. Scan the results for your inmate and click their name
  7. View detailed arrest information including mugshots, ID #, charges, bond amounts, case numbers, etc.
  8. Call the DeKalb County Jail at 404-298-8200 for further questions

The DeKalb County inmate search system is updated in real-time to include newly arrested and released inmates. Make sure to double-check all information before taking any legal action.

Search DeKalb County Inmates by Photo

Photos of arrested inmates in DeKalb County Jail can provide visual confirmation that you have located the right person in your search. Here are some ways to lookup mugshots:

  • The DeKalb County Sheriff’s inmate search results page will display the most recently taken mugshot photo of an incarcerated person along with their ID #, physical description, and charges.
  • Independent sites like maintain large databases of mugshot photos and data aggregated from county jails nationwide including DeKalb County. Search filters like name, age, eyes, hair color, etc. can be applied to find matching mugshots.
  • is another resource publishing recent DeKalb County bookings complete with mugshot galleries that can help match a face to an arrest.
  • For maximum visibility, mugshots of high-profile arrests in DeKalb County may be shared by local news sites in their reporting.

Save or print any mugshots you need for confirmation, identification, or other purposes. Just be aware that republishing may have legal restrictions.

DeKalb County Inmate Search by Booking Date

To lookup inmates booked within a certain date range:

  1. Go to the DeKalb County Sheriff’s inmate search site
  2. Leave the name fields blank
  3. Enter a booking date range under “Date of Birth Range”
  4. Click “Search” to populate the results
  5. Browse all inmates booked between your selected dates
  6. Use filters like gender, race, etc. to narrow results

This search method helps look up very recent bookings into the county jail from the past few hours to a month depending on your needs.

How to Find Inmates by ID Number

Every inmate processed at DeKalb County Jail receives a unique identification number which remains constant throughout their period of incarceration. To lookup by ID:

  1. Go to the DeKalb County inmate search portal
  2. Leave the name fields empty
  3. Enter the 7-digit ID number in the field labeled “Inmate Number”
  4. Click “Search” to return results for that specific inmate
  5. Verify details like name, age, booking date, and charges match expectations

Having an exact inmate number will retrieve their record faster than a name search. Phone numbers to call for more information are provided as well.

DeKalb County Jail Release Schedule

While the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office inmate search provides booking and charge data, it does not include inmate release dates or schedules. However, there are a few options to find upcoming release information:

  • Call the DeKalb County Jail at 404-298-8200 to inquire about a particular inmate’s release date or status
  • Some third-party sites like allow you to register for automated custody status updates and release notifications via email or phone
  • Occasionally release calendars may be posted on jail news sites but these are not always reliable or up-to-date

Inmates may be released on “own recognizance”, transferred, have multiple holds, parole violations, etc. complicating release planning. Official release confirmation often happens hours beforehand.

Search DeKalb County Inmates by Charge

When researching an arrest in DeKalb County, you may want to lookup other inmates detained on similar charges for comparison. To search by offense:

  1. On the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office site, leave name fields blank
  2. Scroll down to the “Charges” section
  3. Select the charge type like “Drugs/Narcotics” from the dropdown menu
  4. Click “Add Charge”
  5. Add any other applicable charges
  6. Click “Search” to populate results filtered by specific charges
  7. Browse the list of similar offenses and cases
  8. Repeat to refine by multiple charges if needed

Having context around typical bail amounts, sentencing, and releases for the alleged offenses can be helpful for legal preparations.

Latest Bookings DeKalb County Jail

To look up the newest bookings into DeKalb County Jail custody:

  1. Go to the DeKalb County Sheriff’s inmate search page
  2. Leave name fields empty
  3. Under “Date of Birth Range” select a short 1-3 day custom range
  4. Click “Search”
  5. View the most recently jailed inmates in DeKalb County
  6. Click individual names to see details on the brand-new bookings
  7. Repeat search to update results each day

Recently booked inmates may still be undergoing medical screening, warrant confirmation, and formal processing. New charges and mugshots can take up to 72 hours to fully update online records.

Check if Someone is in the DeKalb County Jail

If you believe someone may be detained in DeKalb County Jail but want to quickly verify custody status, follow these recommended steps:

  1. On the site, search DeKalb County records by inmate’s first and last name
  2. Register for automated custody and release alerts
  3. Download the VineLink mobile app and activate notifications
  4. Check the DeKalb County Jail site for inmate matches
  5. Call 404-298-8200 to directly ask about recent bookings
  6. Search recent DeKalb County arrests on news sites
  7. Scan court dockets and case files for formal charges being filed

Activating alerts and periodically searching records can help monitor if someone has become incarcerated and their case status. Official jail confirmation provides reliable updates.

DeKalb County Inmate Search Mobile

The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office website featuring its inmate lookup search tool is mobile-friendly, allowing users direct access from iOS and Android devices.

Additionally, specialized mobile apps provide added convenience for checking inmate status updates on the go:

  • VieLink – VineLink’s mobile app for Apple and Android devices includes search access for DeKalb County inmates plus automated custody alerts.
  • JailBase – This inmate search app consolidates booking records and mugshots from thousands of county jails across America including DeKalb County.
  • DCR Inmate Search – Mobile optimized web app tailored for DeKalb and regional Georgia inmate searching needs with streamlined interfaces.

Mobile search options provide flexibility to check for inmate updates remotely when traveling or away from a desktop. Apps like VineLink also enable real-time custody alerts.

Recent Arrests in DeKalb County

To look up the latest people booked and charged in DeKalb County custody:

  1. Visit Georgia arrest data sites like and filter results to only show DeKalb County
  2. Look for the “Recently Booked” section of and set the location filter to DeKalb
  3. Check the past 2-3 days of DeKalb County Jail intake logs
  4. Scan local news outlets like for articles on recent notable DeKalb arrests
  5. Search DeKalb County court and docket websites for newly filed cases
  6. Sign up for Google news alerts on “DeKalb County arrests”

Comparing multiple sites capturing fresh intake and booking flows can confirm emerging cases faster than depending on a single source.

Facebook Search for DeKalb County Inmates

Facebook can potentially assist in locating individuals arrested in DeKalb County through social connections providing updates. To aid in searching Facebook for inmates:

  • Use Facebook search tools as well as Google to lookup the individual’s current or past Facebook profile
  • Check recent posts and comments from friends potentially mentioning legal issues
  • Message close connections listed for any details they may know
  • Lookup local Facebook groups like “DeKalb County Mugshots” that may feature new booking photos
  • Enable Facebook notifications on official DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office posts
  • Browse Facebook check-ins from courthouses and jails geotagged in DeKalb County

While Facebook can provide supporting information, official jail booking confirmation from DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office website or phone inquiry is still recommended.

DeKalb County Inmate Search App

In addition to the standard mobile browser version, Vinelink offers an official app voters can use to quickly register. Key features include:

  • Name and date-of-birth search for DeKalb County inmates
  • One-click sign-up for release alerts
  • Custom notifications via email, text, and voicemail
  • Nationwide inmate records across state and county systems
  • Save multiple searches for one-tap updates
  • iOS and Android compatibility
  • Free to download and use

VineLink keeps information like cell assignments, disciplinary actions, and holds updated in real-time while providing a user-friendly mobile interface.


We have explored all the primary methods available to the public to search for inmates within the DeKalb County Jail system. Online tools provide the fastest and most reliable lookup access in real-time, while supplemental options like Facebook, news alerts, and mobile apps can contribute additional supporting details on individual cases.

Keeping apprised of inmate status changes and upcoming releases enables better preparation by friends and family. We encourage readers to bookmark helpful resources like the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office website while taking advantage of automated alerts offered by some third-party services. Conducting periodic checks against multiple information sources is key to getting the timeliest updates on a loved one’s journey through the DeKalb County justice system.

FAQs – DeKalb County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in DeKalb County Jail?

Use the online inmate search tool at or call 404-298-8200 to locate someone in DeKalb County Jail. Enter their first and last name or booking details to look up records.

Does DeKalb County Jail have an inmate search?

Yes, the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office provides an online inmate population search on their website to look up current jail records.

How do I visit an inmate in DeKalb County Jail?

Inmates at DeKalb County Jail can have in-person visits daily from 9 AM to 9 PM by appointment only. Schedule visits online or by calling 404-298-8145 at least 24 hours in advance.

Does DeKalb County Jail allow video visits?

Yes, DeKalb County Jail has an online video visitation system allowing scheduled remote visits with incarcerated inmates from home for a fee. Create an account and book sessions online.

How can I send money to an inmate in DeKalb County?

Friends and families can deposit money into an inmate’s account electronically or through money orders/cashier’s checks mailed to the DeKalb County Jail, 4415 Memorial Dr. Decatur, GA 30032.

What is the inmate search website for DeKalb County Jail?

The official website for searching inmates at DeKalb County Jail is Click on “Jail Division” then “Inmate Population Search”.

How can I find recent arrests in DeKalb County?

Look up recent DeKalb County bookings and mugshots on sites like or view local news sites for articles on notable arrests.

How do I look up warrants in DeKalb County?

Active warrants can be searched on the DeKalb County Sheriff’s website under the Warrants division or checked against databases on third-party sites like SearchQuarry.

Can you bond someone out of DeKalb County Jail?

Yes, inmates at DeKalb County Jail can be bonded out by paying the full bail amount set by the court to secure their release from custody.

How can I add money to a DeKalb County Jail inmate’s account?

Friends and families can deposit funds into an inmate’s account electronically through or MoneyGram or by mailing money orders to the jail facility.

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