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Looking to find an inmate in Alabama or Arizona? Want to search the ADOC or Arizona DOC system to locate someone incarcerated in these states? The Alabama Department of Corrections Inmate Search and Arizona Inmate Data Search can help.

Using the ADOC and Arizona DOC portals, you can look up prisoner details like mugshots and locate where someone is being held in the prison system. These complete guides will provide steps for using the inmate locators, as well as tips for getting the information you need.

We’ll cover how to search by name, ID number, race, sex, age range, and other options. With over 20,000 people incarcerated in Alabama and Arizona, the ADOC and Arizona DOC inmate searches are essential tools for finding someone in custody and checking their release date.

The ADOC also provides correctional officer salary data. Keep reading to learn how to use these portals to find Alabama and Arizona inmates!

Accessing ADOC Inmate Records

Both ADOC agencies make inmate data available through online search portals on their websites. Users can access them for free inmate lookup purposes without having to file formal public records requests.

The ADOC inmate search systems allow citizens, community members, victims, and family/friends of inmates to search for specifics on incarcerated individuals’ current status. Users can find ADOC inmates’ locations within the state prison system to locate inmates in ADOC prisons and connect with or support them.

These public inmate lookups also aid in background checks and criminal history verification of offenders. Officials, employers, landlords, or other interested parties can confirm whether someone has served time.

Overall, the ADOC inmate search portals provide a convenient, secure way to access online inmate data contained in the public records databases.

Search Functions and Options

The ADOC inmate lookups offer several search functions to find prisoner information efficiently. Users can browse all inmates or search by:

  • Name – Quickly look up a specific ADOC inmate
  • ID Number – Find an inmate by their unique identification number
  • Case Number – Search by the court case number associated with their conviction
  • Location – See all inmates at a certain ADOC prison facility

These parameters allow targeted, specific searches to find the desired incarcerated individual easily. Users input the information they have on hand to pull up the matching inmate profile.

Is [Name] incarcerated in ADOC? Basic name searches quickly reveal if someone is in the ADOC system. Users simply input their first and last names to check the databases.

The Alabama DOC offers additional search filters like gender, race, age range, and admission date. So users can further narrow down inmate results.

Understanding the Information in Inmate Profiles

Once users locate an Alabama or Arizona inmate, the ADOC search tools provide extensive details about the inmate profiles. The record displays a wealth of information on each incarcerated individual, including:

  • Basic Information – Full name, identification number, date of birth, gender, ethnicity, height, weight, hair color, eye color, etc.
  • Photo – A DOC inmate mugshots help identify individuals.
  • Location – The name and address of the correctional facility currently housing them. Indicates where ADOC inmates are housed.
  • Assigned Cell – Specific cell number within their assigned prison.
  • Admission Date – Date incarcerated into the ADOC system.
  • Projected Release Date – Expected end date for sentence with estimated inmate release date calculator.
  • Charges/Offenses – Details on the crimes committed or charges filed against them. Search ADOC inmates by the offense to understand the exact infractions resulting in imprisonment.
  • Sentence Details – Information on the length, terms, and status of their court-ordered correctional punishment (e.g. 25 years, eligible for parole in 10 years).
  • Court Cases – Official case number, originating county, sentencing details, and convictions associated with their incarceration. View ADOC prison records and court documents linked to an inmate’s status.

Additionally, by clicking on the case numbers, users can access full court records related to an inmate’s conviction and gain further insight into their criminal history.

Alabama Inmate Search Mugshots

Here is a section specifically focusing on accessing Alabama inmate mugshots from the ADOC search portal:

Accessing Alabama Inmate Mugshots

One unique feature of the Alabama DOC inmate lookup site is the ability to view booking photographs, also known as mugshots, of incarcerated individuals directly through their profile.

Alabama inmate mugshots provide visual identification of prisoners to confirm their identity and facial features. Having the inmate’s photo accompanies the other personal details like name, age, height, weight, etc. to cross-reference descriptors and match the record to the actual person.

When searching for a specific Alabama inmate, users can click on their profile once found in the results list. Within the detailed inmate profile, a button for “Image” will be present beside their physical statistics. Clicking this button pulls up the latest mugshot taken of that prisoner during intake processing.

These inmate mugshot images are updated over time. Upon transfer between state facilities or return from court appearances, new booking photos may be taken to reflect changes in appearance – whether age, weight fluctuations, changes in hairstyle or facial hair, new tattoos or scars, etc. So the mugshot provides a fairly recent snapshot of identifying visual markers.

Having this photographic evidence makes identifying an Alabama inmate easier and more reliable than just biographical data alone.

Mugshots also enable users to share the image with others who may be trying to locate or confirm the imprisonment of the same individual through the ADOC system.

So beyond accessing key inmate information like their location, release date, case number, etc., the ability to independently pull up and review imprisonment mugshots represents a convenient feature for public records access.

The Alabama DOC inmate search portal strives to provide community members, victims, and families with complete tools to lookup incarcerated individuals’ status and confirm details.

ADOC Inmate Search By Name

Here is how to specifically search for an ADOC inmate by name:

To look up an incarcerated individual in the Arizona Department of Corrections system by their name, use the inmate search on the ADOC website at

Start typing the inmate’s first or last name into the search field labeled “Inmate’s First and Last Name”. As you type, a dropdown will appear below the search bar with name matches from the ADOC inmate directory. Select the appropriate match to be directed to that prisoner’s profile page.

If your search returns multiple inmates with similar names, you can use filters on the left side of the results page to narrow it down by race, gender, age range, location, and other parameters until you pinpoint the specific person you are looking for.

Once on the inmate’s profile page, you will find details like their ADC number, current facility and housing assignment, projected release date, convicted offenses, sentence terms, photos, physical description, and more.

If you still cannot successfully locate the Arizona prisoner after attempting a search by name, you may need to inquire with ADOC staff directly to see if they can check internal records or provide additional guidance. Use the main site contact form or reach out to personnel at the facility where you believe the inmate is being housed.

I hope these tips help explain the name search function specifically within the ADOC’s online statewide inmate lookup system. Let me know if you need any other details about tracking incarcerated individuals in Arizona state prisons.

ADOC Inmate Search AZ

Here are the key details for searching for inmates under Arizona Department of Corrections (ADOC) custody:

The easiest way to lookup someone incarcerated in an Arizona state prison is to use the ADOC Inmate Datasearch available online at:

This free public inmate finder allows you to:

  • Search for prisoners by first/last name or ADC number
  • Filter Results by offense type, location, release date, and other parameters
  • View inmate records with details on convictions, sentence terms, housing facility, and more

To recap, the steps for an ADOC inmate search are:

  • Go to the ADOC Inmate Datasearch website
  • Enter the inmate’s name or ID number
  • Refine the search using filters if needed
  • Click a result to see full details from that prisoner’s record

The ADOC inmate lookup provides substantial background on all offenders in Arizona state prisons. It also has resources for victim notifications, communicating with inmates, and other services.

ADOC Inmate Search Arkansas

It seems you may have the state correctional systems mixed up. ADOC stands for the Arizona Department of Corrections, which maintains records and inmate lookups for Arizona state prisons and prisoners.

If you are looking to search for an inmate in Arkansas, you should use the Arkansas Department of Corrections (ADC) system instead.

Here is the information for searching Arkansas DOC inmates:

The ADC online inmate search can be accessed at:

To perform an Arkansas inmate lookup:

  • Go to the Arkansas DOC inmate search page
  • Select whether you want to search by inmate ID number or name
  • Enter the requested details
  • Use filters like gender, race, location, or offense type if needed
  • Click through to view full records on matched incarcerated individuals

ADOC is for Arizona inmate searches, and ADC is for Arkansas inmate searches. Hopefully, this clarifies which correctional system you need to use to find inmates and records in either state.

ADOC Inmate Search Near Phoenix AZ

Here are some tips for using the ADOC inmate search to find prisoners housed near Phoenix, Arizona:

The main complexes closest to Phoenix are:

  • Arizona State Prison Complex – Phoenix (ASPC-Phoenix)
  • Arizona State Prison Complex – Lewis (ASPC-Lewis)

To search for inmates housed at those specific facilities:

  • Go to the ADOC Inmate Datasearch site
  • Open “Additional Search Options”
  • Under Location, select “Phoenix” or “Buckeye” (where ASPC-Lewis is located)
  • Click Search to see matching inmates

You can further filter by factors like custody level, conviction county, or release date range to narrow your search.

The search will provide full details on the incarcerated individual including the current housing unit within the complex.

You can also lookup the visitation policies and contact information for the specific prison they are assigned to near Phoenix.

ADOC Inmate Search Date

Here are tips for doing an ADOC inmate search by date parameters:

Specifying dates in your search criteria can help you find Arizona Department of Corrections prisoners based on key timeline details.

Some ways you can search by date include:

  • Intake (Admission) Dates: Select a custom range for admission dates to see inmates admitted in that timeframe.
  • Projected Release Dates: Choose a release date range to locate inmates with exits projected during those dates.
  • Birth Dates: Use the age filter to search for inmates only within a certain age range, which corresponds to the date of birth.
  • Offense Dates: Dates for alleged crimes can sometimes be found in offense descriptions and court case details.
  • Historical Housing Dates: An inmate’s profile shows past facility assignments by date.

Admission dates, release dates, birth dates, and offense dates allow targeting ADOC inmate searches by multiple relevant date parameters.

ADOC Parole Dates

Unfortunately, the ADOC inmate search does not provide details on parole dates or parole hearings. However, here is some background information on the parole process for Arizona state prisoners:

  • The Arizona Board of Executive Clemency (ABEC) determines parole eligibility for inmates sentenced to Arizona DOC custody.
  • ABEC schedules initial parole hearings approximately 6 months before an inmate’s earliest projected parole date.
  • If granted parole at the initial hearing, the release date is set for the inmate’s parole eligibility date.
  • Parole certificates with set release dates are issued by ABEC 30-60 days before release.

So while the ADOC inmate finder does not document upcoming parole hearings or parole release dates, inmates are made aware of timeframes and decisions through official notifications from the Board of Executive Clemency.

Additionally, registered victims can get notifications from ABEC on parole determinations through the ADOC Victim Services program.

But in general, future parole decisions and release dates are not information published online through the public-facing Arizona state prison inmate records.

Additional Resources Related to ADOC Inmates

Beyond inmate lookup, the ADOC portals provide supplemental information and resources related to prisoners.

Inmate Communication and Visitation

The Alabama and Arizona DOC websites detail approved forms of inmate communication and instructions for visitation. Citizens can learn proper procedures for connecting with incarcerated loved ones. Resources explain:

  • Phone Calls – Making calls to inmates
  • Video Visits – Scheduling virtual visitation sessions
  • In-Person Visits – Arranging face-to-face visitation

This information empowers families to connect with loved ones behind bars. Users understand policies like: Can I visit an inmate in ADOC?

Financial Services

ADOC provides resources on sending funds to inmates through approved channels. Friends/family can conveniently look up instructions for how to send money to an inmate in ADOC to help them purchase commissary items.

Rehabilitation and Reentry Programs

The ADOC systems promote the agency’s mission to prepare those incarcerated for successful community reintegration. Sites spotlight the various:

  • Education programs – GED preparation, adult basic education, vocational training
  • Rehabilitation programs – Substance abuse treatment, anger management, life skills
  • Reentry planning – Transition coordination, community resources

These inmate education and rehabilitation programs in ADOC aim to provide second chances and enable returning citizens to lead productive, law-abiding lives post-release.

Legal Resources

For questions related to parole eligibility, release determination factors, and supervision terms, ADOC directs people to state-specific parole boards/websites.

Additionally, Arizona offers an Inmate Grievance Procedure section outlining formal complaint processes for prisoners. Inmate grievances and complaint procedures in ADOC provide official channels for inmates to report issues related to their rights, confinement conditions, medical care, or safety concerns. This resource helps inmates advocate for their rights.

Alabama DOC lists legal service providers that offer legal assistance for incarcerated individuals in ADOC to help them access justice.

Community Information

Beyond supporting inmates, ADOC focuses on public education and safety. The sites provide:

  • Victim notification services – Automated alerts about inmate status changes
  • Sex offender registration – Lookup convicted sex offenders
  • Most wanted fugitives – Identification of escapees
  • Volunteer opportunities – Ways for citizens to aid rehabilitation programs

Victim notification and parole information in ADOC helps community members stay informed on inmate cases relevant to them. Citizens can also explore volunteer opportunities within ADOC prisons as a way to make a difference in inmates’ lives.

Through these resources, ADOC facilitates community awareness, participation, and collaboration in the criminal justice process.


In summary, the ADOC inmate search systems serve as far-reaching public databases to lookup state-specific prisoner information. From finding basic details like ADOC inmate mugshots to confirming specifics like locations, release dates, offenses, and court cases, these online portals empower wide citizen access. Friends, families, victims, community corrections staff, and other interested parties can utilize ADOC inmate search to locate incarcerated individuals.

Beyond inmate lookup functionality, the websites provide additional inmate resources related to communication, programs, legal services, financial transactions, and community safety. With powerful search functions and complete inmate profiles, ADOC inmate search portals contain valuable public records to promote transparency, awareness, and support around the inmate population.

Alabama Counties

CountyJail RosterPhoneAddress
Autauga County Inmate SearchClick Here334-358-3417136 North Court Street, Prattville, AL, 36067-3049
Baldwin County Inmate SearchClick Here251-937-0202,


200 Hand Avenue, Bay Minette, AL, 36507
Barbour County Inmate SearchClick Here334-775-3434,


24 Robertson Airport Drive, Clayton, AL, 36016
Bibb County Inmate SearchClick Here205-926-9581,


183 SW Davidson Drive, Centreville, AL, 35042
Blount County Inmate SearchClick Here205-625-4133,


225 Industrial Park Road, Oneonta, AL, 35121-2758
Bullock County Inmate SearchNot Available334-738-2222,


217 North Prairie Street, Union Springs, AL, 36089
Butler County Inmate SearchClick Here334-382-3321800 Walnut Street, Greenville, AL, 36037
Calhoun County Inmate SearchClick Here256-241-8030,


400 West 8th Street, Anniston, AL, 36201
Chambers County Inmate SearchClick Here334-864-4336Sheriff James C. Morgan Detention Facility 105 Alabama Avenue West, Lafayette, AL, 36862
Cherokee County Inmate SearchClick Here256-927-6435,


100 Cedar Bluff Road, Centre, AL, 35960
Chilton County Inmate SearchClick Here205-755-1053,


500 2nd Avenue North, Clanton, AL, 35045
Choctaw County Inmate SearchNot Available205-459-3937217 South Hamburg Avenue, Butler, AL, 36904
Clarke County Inmate SearchClick Here251-275-8132149 Clark Street PO Box 913, Grove Hill, AL, 36451
Clay County Inmate SearchClick Here256-354-771341771 Highway 77, Suite 2, Ashland, AL, 36251
Cleburne County Inmate SearchNot Available256-463-7336140 Lambert Drive, Heflin, AL, 36264
Coffee County Inmate SearchNot Available334-894-62004 County Complex, New Brockton, AL, 36351
Colbert County Inmate SearchClick Here256-386-8550107 West 4th Street, Tuscumbia, AL, 35674
Conecuh County Inmate SearchNot Available251-578-1260104 Liberty Street, Evergreen, AL, 36401
Coosa County Inmate SearchNot Available256-377-2211,


1 School Drive PO Box 279, Rockford, AL, 35136
Covington County Inmate SearchClick Here334-428-2640290 Hillcrest Drive, Andalusia, AL, 36420
Crenshaw County Inmate SearchNot Available334-335-3860186 Justice Avenue, Luverne, AL, 36049
Cullman County Inmate SearchClick Here256-735-24001900 Beech Avenue SE, Cullman, AL, 35055
Dale County Inmate SearchClick Here334-774-5402100 Court Square PO Box 279, Ozark, AL, 36361
Dallas County Inmate SearchNot Available334-874-2585988 Sellfield Road, Selma, AL, 36703
DeKalb County Inmate SearchClick Here256-845-85652801 Jordan Road Southwest, Fort Payne, AL, 35968
Elmore County Inmate SearchClick Here334-567-55468955 US Highway 231, Wetumpka, AL, 36092
Escambia County Inmate SearchClick Here251-867-0304316 Court Street, Brewton, AL, 36426
Etowah County Inmate SearchClick Here256-549-5410,


827 Forrest Avenue, Gadsden, AL, 35901
Fayette County Inmate SearchClick Here205-932-3205113 1st Avenue NW, Fayette, AL, 35555-2627
Franklin County Inmate SearchClick Here256-332-8820,


111 Limestone StreetPO Box 400, Russellville, AL, 35653
Geneva County Inmate SearchClick Here334-684-5670101 Commerce Street, Geneva, AL, 36340
Greene County Inmate SearchNot Available205-372-3152111 Greensboro Street, Eutaw, AL, 35462
Hale County Inmate SearchClick Here334-624-151770 Corrections Drive, Greensboro, AL, 36744
Henry County Inmate SearchNot Available334-585-3131166 East Williams Street, Abbeville, AL, 36310
Houston County Inmate SearchClick Here334-712-0762901 East Main Street, Dothan, AL, 36301
Jackson County Inmate SearchClick Here256-574-1884545 Parks Avenue, Scottsboro, AL, 35768
Jefferson County Inmate SearchClick Here205-481-41601822 2nd Avenue North, Bessemer, AL, 35020
Lamar County Inmate SearchNot Available205-695-74701118 County Road PO Box 770, Vernon, AL, 35592
Lauderdale County Inmate SearchClick Here256-760-5771,


653 S Seminary St, Florence, AL 35630
Lawrence County Inmate SearchClick Here256-974-2550242 Parker Road, Moulton, AL, 35650
Lee County Inmate SearchClick Here334-737-3581,


PO Box 2407, Opelika, AL, 36803-0688
Limestone County Inmate SearchClick Here256-232-0111101 West Elm Street, Athens, AL, 35611
Lowndes County Inmate SearchClick Here334-548-2222,


653 State Hwy 21 South PO Box 157, Hayneville, AL, 36040
Macon County Inmate SearchNot Available334-727-2503,


246 County Road 10, Tuskegee, AL, 36083
Marengo County Inmate SearchNot Available334-295-2257101 Dunn Street, Linden, AL, 36748-0698
Marion County Inmate SearchClick Here205-921-7433280 Winchester Drive, Hamilton, AL, 35570
Marshall County Inmate SearchClick Here256-582-2034423 Blount Street, Guntersville, AL, 35976
Mobile County Inmate SearchNot Available251-574-14502315 Costarides Street, Mobile, AL, 36617
Monroe County Inmate SearchClick Here251-743-2502,


215 North Mount Pleasant Avenue, Monroeville, AL, 36460
Montgomery County Inmate SearchClick Here334-832-1386,


250 South McDonough StreetPO Box 4599, Montgomery, AL, 36103-4599
Morgan County Inmate SearchClick Here256-351-4800,


119 Lee Street Northeast, Decatur, AL, 35601
Perry County Inmate SearchNot Available334-683-6636202 Pickens Street, Marion, AL, 36756
Pickens County Inmate SearchNot Available205-367-2006202 Cemetery Street PO Box 226, Carrollton, AL, 35477
Pike County Inmate SearchNot Available334-566-4360120 East Church Street, Troy, AL, 36081
Randolph County Inmate SearchClick Here256-357-4546,


1 Main StreetPO Box 347, Wedowee, AL, 36278
Russell County Inmate SearchClick Here334-298-8621307 Prentiss DrivePO Box 640, Phenix City, AL, 36868-0640
Shelby County Inmate SearchNot Available205-669-3990381 McDow Road PO Box 736, Columbiana, AL, 35051
Sumter County Inmate SearchClick Here205-652-2841115 Franklin Street PO Box 773, Livingston, AL, 35470
Talladega County Inmate SearchClick Here256-761-2000150 East Renfroe Road, Talladega, AL, 35160
Tuscaloosa County Inmate SearchNot Available205-349-31315941 12th Avenue East, Tuscaloosa, AL, 35405
Walker County Inmate SearchClick Here205-384-48742001 2nd Avenue, Jasper, AL, 35501
Washington County Inmate SearchClick Here251-847-2202403 Court Street PO Box 307, Chatom, AL, 36518
Wilcox County Inmate SearchClick Here334-682-9394,


240 Highway 265 South, Camden, AL, 36726
Winston County Inmate SearchNot Available205-489-520511 Blake Drive PO Box 10, Double Springs, AL, 35553

FAQs – ADOC Inmate Search

How do I find someone in ADOC?

You can search for ADOC inmates using the Alabama Dept. of Corrections public inmate search portal online.

Where are ADOC inmate records?

ADOC Inmate Records ADOC maintains records on current and past inmates. You can request records by contacting the specific facility where the inmate was housed.

What prisons are in Alabama?

List of prisons in Alabama Major state prisons in Alabama include Holman Correctional Facility, Kilby Correctional Facility, Limestone Correctional Facility, and Tutwiler Prison for Women.

How can I send money to an inmate in Alabama?

Send money to inmates in Alabama You can send money to ADOC inmates electronically through JPay or Access Corrections by setting up an account online.

How can I visit an inmate in Alabama?

Visit an inmate in Alabama To visit an ADOC inmate, you must be on their approved visitation list. Schedule visits in advance by contacting the specific prison facility.

How can I send mail to an ADOC inmate?

Look up the inmate to find the facility they are in, address mail clearly with sender/recipient details, and follow mail guidelines on restricted content.

How do I call an inmate in an Alabama prison?

phone calls to inmates in Alabama Set up an account with the approved Alabama prison phone service providers to call inmates. Calls are limited to 15 minutes.

Are Alabama prisons overcrowded?

Yes, Alabama’s prison system is considered the most overcrowded in the country, operating at over 150% capacity systemwide.

Do federal prisons have inmate lookup?

Federal inmate locator Yes, you can search for federal inmates using the Federal Bureau of Prisons online inmate locator.

How long can you be in solitary confinement in Alabama?

There are no strict limits in Alabama, but 15-30 days is common. Indefinite solitary has essentially been phased out amid human rights concerns.

What is the difference between jail and prison in Alabama?

Jails are locally run short-term facilities, while prisons are longer-term facilities run by the state corrections system.

What are visiting hours at Alabama prisons?

Visiting policies vary by facility, but weekends and holidays are the most common visiting hours at ADOC prisons, usually in multiple scheduled blocks.